The Plural Of Vinyl Is Vinyl

The Plural of Vinyl is Vinyl is a new print series from Bad Timing Records to 1) show the importance of grammar and to 2) give you a nice poster to hang above your record player or on the ceiling above your bed to make you dream of sweet, sweet music. Each print option sells for $12, which includes the price of the poster tube and shipping. You can order The Plural of Vinyl is Vinyl prints here and check out the poster designs below.

Full Disclosure: Bad Timing Records is half owned and operated by Zack Zarrillo, founder of PropertyOfZack.

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The man, the legend. Mr. Goro Stern rocking my “Vinyl Is The Plural Of Vinyl” shirt. This is a guy who I have a lot of respect for as far as his insane collection and musical knowledge. I also have a lot of admiration for him as far as his awesome super-positive attitude. If you’re not subscribed to him on YouTube, get to it!

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