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Wikitree powers a new kind of wiki website

Wikitree is server software developed by [Aden Earth Inc.], the organization behind the creation of The Plant Encyclopedia. Wikitree offers a highly organized and beautiful wiki. It has been specifically built to create a very structured yet completely flexible, easy to edit, wiki website.  It allows even non-computer savvy users to contribute.  A Wikitree website actually organizes itself and categorizes it’s own entries, as it’s used by it’s contributors, all into beautifully styled pages. Have you ever seen a wiki that looks this good? 
A Wikitree site is a fast, efficient, easy place for reference and a place to categorize information correctly. Unlike Wikipedia and other more comprehensive wiki sites, you’ll see that a Wikitree website’s pages are more restricted in content and therefore store, and serve information in highly specialized ways. This “Tree” of connected pages, branching out, was actually modeled after the “tree of life” structure behind the scientific classification of plants and is specially suited to any website that needs to keep it’s pages organized as “branches from the trunk” as it scales to a large user-base. A WIkitree site can have millions of pages, created quickly, all organized and open-authored. A Wikitree site will never have an orphaned or disconnected page!  The various levels of permissions make Wikitree suited to public authoring, or a private restricted user base such a collaborative company intranet.

[edit]Wikitree may be available Free-Of-Charge for your project with very reasonable installation fees.

Installations for a nominal fee per project. A value worth what would, in other web development models, be millions of dollars worth of costs.This extremely sophisticated innovative, and always evolving platform is built under the philosophies of open-source not-for-profit collaborative technology innovation. This package is available free to projects of our choosing. Ask Aden Earth Inc. if your organization is eligible and ask about our fees for installation service.  Aden Earth Inc’s talented experts are available to install and manage this package customized for your organization’s needs, as well as creating new functionality. Aden Earth’s designers are here to create graphics and white-label a Wikitree website to appear as your organization’s own.Features:
  • Easy-To-Use Forms create beautiful pages.  Buttons, checkboxes and straight-forward text fields, guide users easily to create well structured content on pages.
  • No Coding Needed. Unlike other wiki software, Wikitree provides a website where even non-computer savvy users can contribute. Administration tools are comprehensive and easy.
  • Clean Automated Structure. A Wikitree site structures and builds itself in an organized architecture as users contribute content. 
  • Dynamic Changes. When an editor makes a change, that change, such as a page name or an image, is updated site-wide in as many instances as there may be. Even if there are millions of them. This all happens smoothly without the editor needing to see any more than what is front of them at that moment.
  • Powerful SEO & Web Presence. Google loves Wikitree. 
  • Excellent Search Functionality.
  • Complex, yet always easy to follow Navigation.
  • Semantic Data. Welcome to “Web 3.0”. Your website can serve content from other websites, databases, and vise versa, all seamlessly. The underlying semantic technologies of Wikitree means that data can be constantly, updated, upgraded, and coordinated from what’s called “the semantic web”.  
  • Always Evoloving with free upgrades and improvements. Being a package constructed from open-source technologies, this means that all these technologies are constantly receiving new no-charge updates. This keeps your website on the technical forefront at all times. No © Vendor-Locked-In platform can match this level of open innovation. This is one of the reasons why open-source platforms are becoming so prevalent on the internet.
Licensed under (CC BY-NC-ND)Wikitree is protected under a creative commons license as a specialized package. Wikitree is available to your organization free-of-charge when installed and customized by Aden Earth Inc.Development History.Wikitree was built from the original platform Mediawiki, the same platform that powers Wikipeida. Through research and development, the addition of semantic technologies and user interface enhancements, this package now serves a very specialized purpose.

Aden Earth Inc assists only large-scale web development projects of our choosing.

Please feel free to address any questions directly to A. Traviss Corry at Aden Earth Inc:


This month, The Plant Encyclopedia will have listed 300,000 plants.

That’s all plant species on Earth with names accepted by botany globally.

03.11.2011– Currently The Plant Encyclopedia is in beta testing phase, and lists over 25,000 plants.

Within the month of March 2011 300,000 more plant pages will be ‘seeded’ by the organization Aden Earth. This will help speed the public authoring process and upon launch of these pages, The Plant Encyclopedia will immediately be the most comprehensive global plant information resource ever made available to the public.

The long-term goal is to serve a plant page for 1.25 million plant species. This will cover all plant species discovered on Earth. These 1.25 million pages will be presented in a friendly, mobile resource that’s faster and easier to use than a gardening book.

For more information on this project please see Aden Earth’s press kit - Plant Encyclopedia Resources For Journalists