All the thoughts become tangled, crossing  over into each other, twisting their arms together, joining hands, becoming one. I have no idea which thoughts were growing and which were stagnant, which were flush with life and which were brittle and broken. It is all scratching at broken ideas and unfinished sentences, pawing at the blank spaces between fragmented paragraphs.They reach across the space that once separated them, seeking each other out, fingers in search of something other than what they are, even if its destructive. The snapping and crackling as they clash and fight before giving is maddening and I welcome the quiet that comes when they’ve bridged the gap, even if it means I no longer understand anything those old bones are telling me. The tangled quiet is better than the cacophony of noise.

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I was tagged by tostonera

1) Name: mara/brandon
2) Nickname: mar / brando
3) Birthday: september 21st
4) Star Sign: virgo
5) Gender: bigender 
6) Height: 5′8″
7) Favorite Color: blue
8) Time Right Now: 6:46pm
9) Average Number of Hours I sleep: 9 - 10 hours
10) Lucky Number(s): 11
11) Last Thing I Googled: pictures of plants
12) Word That Comes To Mind: yogurt
13) Happy Place: my room
14) Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 2 sometimes 3
15) Favorite Fictional Character: idk
16) Favorite Famous Person: i have alot
17) Celebrity Crush: zayn malik
18) Favorite Book: i dont read
19) Favorite Band: ofwgkta i guess 
20) Last Movie I Saw: superbad
21) Dream Vacation: IDK
22) Dream Job: fashion designer or registered nurse
23) Wearing: tank top and shorts

im not tagging anyone you can do this if you want