“An original vintage photograph of Desha Delteil, the dancer, muse, and artist’s model. This dates to the 1910’s and features Desha in a Roman inspired full body costume, with winged feet and a headdress. The light play in this pictorialist view is astounding, her shadow becomes another character in the dance.” caption from source: grapefruitmoongallery where you can find more information about Desha Delteil


Infrared Photography turns Poland into a Winter White Wonderland of Magical Trees

Przemyslaw Kruk is an amateur landscape photographer whose career began with analogue photography. The artist is based in Poland and the series of stunning photographs below show the incredible countryside and natural beauty of the land, seen through IR photography which turns the green pigments into a serene white shade, resulting in photographs that look like a magical white landscape.

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A walk in WashingtonMukilteo, WA 2014


Takayama Masataka

Description from Wiki:  Masataka Takayama (高山 正隆, Takayama Masataka; 15 May 1895 - 14 April 1981) was one of the most prominent Japanese photographers in the first half of the twentieth century.

Takayama was born in Tokyo, Japan. As an amateur photographer, he published many of his works in the magazine Geijutsu Shashin Kenkyū (芸術写真研究), beginning in the 1920s. He remained an active photographer even after World War II.

He was talented at pictorialist (art) photography and took many photographs using a soft focus lens and deformation and “wipe-out” techniques.

Takayama usually used a “vest-pocket” Kodak camera (a very compact folding model taking 127 film) with a single-element lens (a tangyoku lens in Japanese). These cameras (and Japanese derivatives such as the Rokuoh-sha Pearlette and Minolta Vest) were popular in Japan at the time for snapshot use, and called ves-tan (ベス単, in Japanese pronunciation besutan) cameras; “ves” coming from “vest” and “tan” from tangyoku. Takayama’s works are thus said to belong to the “ves-tan” (besutan) school. (via: wiki) (images: dassai2.p2.weblife)