FanFiction Appreciation

To all the amazing and incredible fanfiction writers who go out of their way to create stories that allow us to experience are OTPs and ships. Here are some of my favorites.

When Damon Grieves He Drinks by bisbeth 

The Power of Love by ncbexie( Klaus and Bella Crossover)

The Things by 26Chapters

We Are The AfterLIfe by Cherrybee365

Dear Elena by Zesty Bod

Perfect Strangers by BellaFortuna

Lapis Love: Differences, Vigne, GIft, Stolen, Cards Left To Play,                                       Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

a little drop of poison by not the bees (Klonnie)

The Power Within by lovemeforeverandever

waitingforyouonce  has a lot of great stories but their mostly Stefonnie so does  oatsandroses  and Swamy

CheleOnRage712  has lot of good Klonnie stories 

Effervescent by RoseGoldExile  Hands down one of the best Bamon stories I’ve ever read

Oblivion and Stefan’s Diary by queenbima

Lana Archer: Is This It?, Better Than Forever (My favorite of hers),                                      Feel Again,Talking In My Sleep, Have I Gone Mad?,                                       All I Ever Wanted, Forever For Bonnie Bennett

you know I will adore you (til’ eternity) by Tarafina

venusnv80 and Bertie Bott

Detente and Resentment by jezzy2easy

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by Spudzmom (Crossover Jasper X Bella, and a Daddy Damon)

Shattered and it’s Sequel Fix You by AllyDLV  (Crossover Damon X Bella) 

Thanks you writers




In today’s video, I perform a rough cover of edwardspoonhands‘ “Marilyn Hanson”


The Universe Is Weird!

The Perfect Stranger

Picture This.

You’re sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book.

And then they walk in.

You’ve never seen them before. You don’t know anything about them and normally you wouldn’t care.

    But then your eyes meet; and life as you know it stops. And nothing really matters except that moment and the way your heart beats fast.

    You’re not fascinated by them. You’re not even curious. Because it feels like you’ve known them all your life. Because it feels like you’ve been waiting for them all your life.

    And like that, the perfect stranger enters your life. And you fall in love quickly and everything feels like magic. You see fireworks every time they smile at you, and when you kiss, it’s like heaven on earth. Everything seems perfect with the perfect stranger. But perfection isn’t real. And the reason why they’re strangers is because you haven’t known them all your life. And you realize you still don’t know them. So as you can imagine, the perfect stranger breaks your heart.

    But they also put you that much closer to finding your one and only soulmate. Because all the heartache that those perfect strangers caused you made you into the person you are. And so maybe it was a pleasure to have your heart broken by them.

    And it’s alright to think that the perfect stranger is your soulmate, but trust me when I say they’re not. That’s why they’re called the perfect stranger. Real love isn’t perfect and real love should feel like home.

    The perfect stranger is that summer romance in Rome. It’s your first one night stand or that person you met at your best friend’s wedding. The perfect stranger represents infatuation and young love. It also represents doomed love and broken hearts.

    Because your soulmate isn’t a stranger at all. Your soulmate is home after a long vacation. They are your other half.

    They’re the person you meet in the record shop, that grabs your favourite record at the same time as you. And when your eyes meet, life as you know it doesn’t stop. Life as you know it doesn’t need to because you don’t want or need to stay in that moment forever. Because in your heart you know that your life will go on, and the way you feel about them in that moment, will be how you feel for the rest of your life.

    They fascinate you and the more time spent with them, the more time spent being curious about the way their mouth curls up when they smile, or the scar above their eyebrow and they way their eyes light up when they talk about the best moment in their life. You fall in love with them slowly; taking in everything they do and everything they say.

    And things with them aren’t perfect. And they aren’t perfect. Sometimes they make you mad and sometimes they make you cry. But you still see fireworks when they look at you, and when you kiss, it’s even better than heaven on earth.

    Being with them is being infinite. And you don’t care that they aren’t perfect. Because they’re real. And your love is real. And suddenly, the perfect stranger is just a stranger; someone you used to know, but not your soulmate. Because your soulmate is someone you know now and someone you’ll continue to get to know for the rest of your fairy tale life.

    Because your soulmate helps you live happily ever after.

Your Fave Is Problematic: Pro-Lifers

Racist and appropriative “#CallHimEmmett” campaign comparing aborted fetuses to Emmett Till

Appropriation of the name of the “Freedom Riders” civil rights movement to try to convince people that their anti-abortion bus campaign showing perfect strangers graphic images of fetuses is for civil rights

Racist pro-life billboards claim that “the most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb”

White pro-lifers comparing black people who get abortions to slave owners

Appropriated #BlackLivesMatter into #UnbornLivesMatter because they care so little about black lives they have to focus on fetuses instead

Claim embryos and fetuses are innocent, but black teens are almost certainly thugs and deserve to be killed

Racist and anti-semitic comparisons of sentient, autonomous black people and Jews to non-sentient, non-autonomous embryos and fetuses

Anti-semitism in comparing people terminating their own pregnancies to Nazis killing Jews in the Holocaust

Ableist insistence that people who are suicidal should continue their pregnancies

Ableist displays of potentially triggering photos and videos in public areas

Homophobic thinking that same sex marriage should not be legalized because they care less about queer people’s happiness than they do about the utterly bizarre prediction that same sex marriage would cause 900,000 abortions

Stalk and harass people who confront them in front of abortion clinics

Gaslight by calling these harassers “sidewalk counselors”

Establish fake clinics that give out false medical information so that pregnant people can’t make accurately informed decisions about their reproductive options

Sexist appropriation of feminist terms and concepts to push anti-woman and anti-human rights agenda

No seriously, they try to portray being anti-choice as somehow being beneficial for pregnant people

Would force 12-year-olds, 10-year-olds, and 9-year-olds who were raped to undergo physical and mental torture and probable death for an embryo of fetus

Opposed funding the HPV (cervical cancer) vaccine because “we cannot keep vaccinating our children against bad behavior”; in other words, if you have sex in a way pro-lifers don’t like, you deserve to get cancer

Pepetuate lies about fetuses being able to jump, dance, clap their hands to a beat, and do other motor activities even born infants several months old aren’t capable of doing

Perpetuate lies about abortion causing breast cancer, infertility, and depression

Perpetuate the lie that most people regret their abortions

Perpetuate lies about legal abortion being dangerous with high risks of death and serious complications

Perpetuate lies about the developmental capabilities of embryos and fetuses and how far along in gestation most abortions take place

Literally called women “machines” to create babies

Advocate for the death of pregnant people

Advocate for the death of people who get abortions

Really don’t care about pregnant people at all tbh

Like, really

Not even a little bit

God, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Think people who were raped need to continue to suffer violation of their bodies and physical and emotional torture for the sake of an embryo or fetus

Murdered at least eight people connected with providing abortion services, and have attempted many more murders

Committed at least 153 incidents of assault or battery in the United States alone

Committed at least 100 butyric acid attacks in the United States

Committed at least 373 physical invasions in the United States

Committed at least 41 bombings in the United States

Committed at least 173 arsons and 91 attempted arsons or bombings in the United States

Committed at least 3 kidnappings against abortion providers in the United States

Murder and attempted firebombing in Australia

Four attempted murders and one firebombing in Canada

Have an active freaking terrorist organization committing acts of violence in North America

Created a thinly-veiled hitlist website with “wanted” posters for various prominent abortion providers, highlighting the names of those who had been wounded and striking out the names of those who had been killed

Say they care about life, but want to cut programs to help low-income people eat

Say they care about life, but support the military killing people and breaking things

Say they care about saving fetuses, but continually promote policies designed to punish the pregnant person for having sex rather than save the fetus

Say they care about saving fetuses, but oppose comprehensive sex education and easy access to contraception, two things that actually reduce abortion rates

Their entire movement in the US was created as a shady political maneuver to unite various factions of Christians in sexism and misogyny

Have put many people in prison for having miscarriages at this point and don’t seem to care that this is the logical consequence of pro-life policies

They’re trying to take away pregnant people’s basic human rights, which is inherently problematic

The Perfect Stranger

I’ve never approved of blind dates. I find that kind of arrangement too desperate and creepy. However, after almost a year of eating mac-and-cheese alone and playing solitaire on Friday nights, I decided to give it a try. Agreeing to it proved to be a wrong move though, because my date turned out to be total jackass. That’s why after “accidentally” spilling some wine on him, I sat on the bar alone. I don’t really drink, but it just felt like the appropriate thing to do at that time. So there I sat, thinking about the poor life choices I’ve made and how low I’ve sunk.

I’m not sure how much I drank that night, but somehow I must have been really drunk because at that time I witnessed an apparition. An angel appeared and sat beside me. He was really beautiful and was dressed to the nines. I could only gape at this marvellous creature that sat beside me and flashed me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

I sat very still after that. I couldn’t concentrate on my drink. All I could think about was how awful I look sitting beside such beauty. I was a wreck and I should probably have left, but I couldn’t. I wanted to bask in the presence of this handsome demigod. He probably noticed how my hands were trembling because he turned to me and asked if I was okay. His sensual accent made it hard for me to move without effort. I could only turn my head halfway and smile meekly when I replied, “Could be better.” I probably should’ve just smiled at him at not bother to give him an actual answer as he was, I’m sure, just being nice and didn’t really care how I was feeling. However, I was caught off guard when he frowned a little and asked me to explain. Why would this man care?

For an hour or so we talked about how my life wasn’t going the way I hoped it would and how hard it was to find someone who’s actual worth my time. Every time he opens his mouth to say something, I find myself admiring him more. He was really smart and very nice – a killer combination. And when he laughs, God, I swear I could feel tingles on my toes. I was really into the guy. He was the man I’ve always dreamed of. Jackpot.

He was such a catch. Too good of a catch, in fact, that he’s taken. Oh, God, How could I have even thought I had a chance with the guy? Surely he was off the market! Plus I didn’t think I was his type so I guess I was just being entirely foolish thinking our little encounter would have lead to something more. He was only here for a week to surprise his wife for her birthday, which I thought was awfully sweet. They were supposed to meet in that same restaurant but it turned out that his wife had to finish something important and was running late.

Two hours have passed and still no sign of his wife. I began to wonder if maybe fate was giving me an opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted since this beautiful stranger came along. Maybe fate wanted me to take a chance before I wake up from the dream. So as he was explaining to me how they made their relationship work, I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith. I leaned into him and kissed him. I expected him to shove me off, but he didn’t. He didn’t kiss me back either, in case you were wondering. He just sat still and let me do what I wanted to do. When I realized how much of a fool I was making myself out to be, I let go. It was probably the most embarrassing thing I have ever done in my entire life and he just sat there and smiled.

After apologizing for what seemed like an eternity, he lifted up my chin and told me it was alright. He told me he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like it, but he knew he had boundaries he shouldn’t cross. Being the perfect gentleman that he is, he let me down slowly and told me what I wanted to hear. He told me how beautiful I really was and how much he adored my personality, but that there’s someone else out there for me. He told me how I should be patient and that someday I’d find someone who’d go out of his way to surprise me for my birthday as well. In his words, he told me how I didn’t deserve to be just a one-night stand to a married foreigner. I deserved so much more than that.

When the door of the restaurant swung open, a plain looking lady came in and waved at him. He told me his wife had arrived and offered to introduce me to her. I declined and said that I really had to go. We had a perfect two hours without even exchanging names, and I wanted to leave that wonderful moment the way it was.

On my way out of the restaurant, I thought about the blissful two hours we’ve shared. Tonight I met the perfect stranger and he turned out to be an angel. A French angel who was sent to lift my spirits up and restore my faith to the world. So before I started to walk home, I turned to look at him through the window and said, “Au revoir étranger.”


Jealous ex

A/N : “Hi, you don’t know me but my ex is standing over there so could you please act like we’re having a great time and oh my god I think I’m falling for you” Captain Swan AU (you’ll recognize bits from the show). 

“I need your help,” a voice interrupted Killian’s drinking as someone dropped on the stool beside him. He lifted his head, curious to see what the owner of the blonde mane and long legs could possibly need help with. 

“See this guy over there ?” she resumed once he was completely focused on her. Killian turned around and quickly spotted the man, who was glaring at him. “He’s my ex,” she revealed, apparently not caring that she was sharing personal information with a perfect stranger. 

Killian didn’t know what to answer. What did Miss Gorgeous want from him ? “I’m happy to help, love, but what is it you need ?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. 

“Well, I didn’t know he would be here, and he won’t take no for an answer. I was supposed to meet my friend but she’s stuck in traffic and won’t be here for another hour,” she explained, her voice growing more hesitant with her speech. “So… will you pretend you’re here with me ?” she asked, looking him straight in the eye despite the awkwardness. 

He looked away, scratching the spot behind his ear. “It would normally be my pleasure to help you, love, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very good company,” he apologized, taking another sip. 

“I’ll pay for your drinks,” she offered, getting desperate. 

Killian sighed, not knowing what to do. If she were so desperate she was ready to pay for a stranger’s drinks, she wouldn’t mind his mood. “I’ll do it,” he said, shrugging. “But I’m not taking your money,” he told her before gesturing to the bartender. “What’s your poison, love ?” 

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the perfect stranger

Let me tell you about the perfect stranger who strolled in front of me on a spring afternoon.

His green tinted pants and his minimalistic white shirt captivated my attention when he walked in front of my car like a majestic creature. There was nothing extraordinary about this guy. He was roughly 5'6" with luscious hair that radiated in the daylight. His sun kissed skin kept my gaze as he managed to cross the road. He clutched a red apple in his left hand and he nearly looked at me but never met my thirsty eyes. Like a predator waiting to capture his prey, I stood in silence in my car as I simply looked at him go about his way.

Since crossing paths, I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I want to see him again. I want to know what his passions are and what his family is like. I want to get to know who he is when he faces danger. I want to know everything about him and in return I’ll give him everything I can offer. I’ll give him my heart.

I just want to love him.

I really like movies with a twist, and this one certainly did. I really liked this and recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers/dramas. It makes you think which I think every thriller should. Halle Berry did grade B acting. Nothing over the top. Bruce Willis isn’t in it as much. But he does the “same o same o” acting. The supporting actor did very very well with his role. Great movie. See it if you haven’t.

3/5 stars

So I was waiting at the bus stop and this girl crosses and asks if shes at the right stop. I tell her yes and then she asked me if I work In the area and I tell her I go to school over here. Then she tells me she just quit her job. Next thing you know she just starts venting to me. Thirty minutes pass and were just talking about life after school, being pressured by her family to get married, she spent 4 years in college doing something she hated cause she had no choice. She wanted to be a doctor but she wasn’t a citizen so she had to do computer science. I didn’t mind her venting at all. It was actually nice listening to her and hopefully in some way it helped her. I always heard it was good to vent to a stranger. Sometimes you really just need someone to listen. I’ll probably never see her again but I hope everything works out for her.