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( M!A: Amnesia ) "Excuse me sir, you dropped your keys," A slender hand took his arm, the other holding his keys delicately between her fingers. The woman the hands belonged to looked a lot more relaxed than she ever did, expression open.

Earl had been walking home from the store when it happened. Even if he didn’t feel like eating Rodger still had to come home to a filled fridge and dinners. The hand felt all too familiar when she wrapped it around the very spot that was now slightly sore form her shoving him out of  the apartment. Still the shock didn’t hit him until he turned to look at her. 

His blood shot tired eyes widened as he looked her up and down. She looked happy and wasn’t growing angry. She looked at him like he was a perfect stranger. But she should recognize him face forward, right? That was what explained the ‘sir’ or her even talking to him in the first place. 

“…Erm…Thanks…Erin.” He mumbled softly, a mixture of sadness, confusion, and uncertainty in his voice. Now being back to a slightly older self that fear of women kicking back in. 


13 December 1984 George visits friends from the group, Deep Purple and jams onstage during a performance of “Lucille” (as ‘Arnold From Liverpool”) at the Sydney Entertainment Centre during their “Perfect Strangers” World Tour

Photo Credits: (top) “Lucille” - Peter Carrette (center) backstage: Bob King (bottom) Backstage with Roger Glover (left) and Jon Lord (right) Credit: Bob King

The Perfect Stranger

I’ve never approved of blind dates. I find that kind of arrangement too desperate and creepy. However, after almost a year of eating mac-and-cheese alone and playing solitaire on Friday nights, I decided to give it a try. Agreeing to it proved to be a wrong move though, because my date turned out to be total jackass. That’s why after “accidentally” spilling some wine on him, I sat on the bar alone. I don’t really drink, but it just felt like the appropriate thing to do at that time. So there I sat, thinking about the poor life choices I’ve made and how low I’ve sunk.

I’m not sure how much I drank that night, but somehow I must have been really drunk because at that time I witnessed an apparition. An angel appeared and sat beside me. He was really beautiful and was dressed to the nines. I could only gape at this marvellous creature that sat beside me and flashed me the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

I sat very still after that. I couldn’t concentrate on my drink. All I could think about was how awful I look sitting beside such beauty. I was a wreck and I should probably have left, but I couldn’t. I wanted to bask in the presence of this handsome demigod. He probably noticed how my hands were trembling because he turned to me and asked if I was okay. His sensual accent made it hard for me to move without effort. I could only turn my head halfway and smile meekly when I replied, “Could be better.” I probably should’ve just smiled at him at not bother to give him an actual answer as he was, I’m sure, just being nice and didn’t really care how I was feeling. However, I was caught off guard when he frowned a little and asked me to explain. Why would this man care?

For an hour or so we talked about how my life wasn’t going the way I hoped it would and how hard it was to find someone who’s actual worth my time. Every time he opens his mouth to say something, I find myself admiring him more. He was really smart and very nice – a killer combination. And when he laughs, God, I swear I could feel tingles on my toes. I was really into the guy. He was the man I’ve always dreamed of. Jackpot.

He was such a catch. Too good of a catch, in fact, that he’s taken. Oh, God, How could I have even thought I had a chance with the guy? Surely he was off the market! Plus I didn’t think I was his type so I guess I was just being entirely foolish thinking our little encounter would have lead to something more. He was only here for a week to surprise his wife for her birthday, which I thought was awfully sweet. They were supposed to meet in that same restaurant but it turned out that his wife had to finish something important and was running late.

Two hours have passed and still no sign of his wife. I began to wonder if maybe fate was giving me an opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted since this beautiful stranger came along. Maybe fate wanted me to take a chance before I wake up from the dream. So as he was explaining to me how they made their relationship work, I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith. I leaned into him and kissed him. I expected him to shove me off, but he didn’t. He didn’t kiss me back either, in case you were wondering. He just sat still and let me do what I wanted to do. When I realized how much of a fool I was making myself out to be, I let go. It was probably the most embarrassing thing I have ever done in my entire life and he just sat there and smiled.

After apologizing for what seemed like an eternity, he lifted up my chin and told me it was alright. He told me he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like it, but he knew he had boundaries he shouldn’t cross. Being the perfect gentleman that he is, he let me down slowly and told me what I wanted to hear. He told me how beautiful I really was and how much he adored my personality, but that there’s someone else out there for me. He told me how I should be patient and that someday I’d find someone who’d go out of his way to surprise me for my birthday as well. In his words, he told me how I didn’t deserve to be just a one-night stand to a married foreigner. I deserved so much more than that.

When the door of the restaurant swung open, a plain looking lady came in and waved at him. He told me his wife had arrived and offered to introduce me to her. I declined and said that I really had to go. We had a perfect two hours without even exchanging names, and I wanted to leave that wonderful moment the way it was.

On my way out of the restaurant, I thought about the blissful two hours we’ve shared. Tonight I met the perfect stranger and he turned out to be an angel. A French angel who was sent to lift my spirits up and restore my faith to the world. So before I started to walk home, I turned to look at him through the window and said, “Au revoir étranger.”


the perfect stranger

Let me tell you about the perfect stranger who strolled in front of me on a spring afternoon.

His green tinted pants and his minimalistic white shirt captivated my attention when he walked in front of my car like a majestic creature. There was nothing extraordinary about this guy. He was roughly 5'6" with luscious hair that radiated in the daylight. His sun kissed skin kept my gaze as he managed to cross the road. He clutched a red apple in his left hand and he nearly looked at me but never met my thirsty eyes. Like a predator waiting to capture his prey, I stood in silence in my car as I simply looked at him go about his way.

Since crossing paths, I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I want to see him again. I want to know what his passions are and what his family is like. I want to get to know who he is when he faces danger. I want to know everything about him and in return I’ll give him everything I can offer. I’ll give him my heart.

I just want to love him.

I really like movies with a twist, and this one certainly did. I really liked this and recommend it to anyone who likes thrillers/dramas. It makes you think which I think every thriller should. Halle Berry did grade B acting. Nothing over the top. Bruce Willis isn’t in it as much. But he does the “same o same o” acting. The supporting actor did very very well with his role. Great movie. See it if you haven’t.

3/5 stars

So I was waiting at the bus stop and this girl crosses and asks if shes at the right stop. I tell her yes and then she asked me if I work In the area and I tell her I go to school over here. Then she tells me she just quit her job. Next thing you know she just starts venting to me. Thirty minutes pass and were just talking about life after school, being pressured by her family to get married, she spent 4 years in college doing something she hated cause she had no choice. She wanted to be a doctor but she wasn’t a citizen so she had to do computer science. I didn’t mind her venting at all. It was actually nice listening to her and hopefully in some way it helped her. I always heard it was good to vent to a stranger. Sometimes you really just need someone to listen. I’ll probably never see her again but I hope everything works out for her.

I never talk about my writing on here so if u don’t know that I love to write I wouldn’t be surprised unless you’ve been following for ahwile. But I lost my second draft of the perfect stranger and I’ve been so depressed ever since. I tried to write and I’m so uninspired. I miss writing so much but it’s like I have the worst case of writers block I’ve ever had.