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Alright! So far I have quite a few applications and even better I have accepted all of them so far! They have all been great!! Here are the current characters, and all the available ones

Main Character: Cody Lee by pokeprofessor-blue

Companion 1 to main character: Zoey Jones by pokeprofessor-blue

Companion 2 to Main character: Simion Grace by joshanthony44

Rival to Main Character: Still available

Rival Companion 1: Still Available

Rival Companion 2: Still Available

United States Champion: Still Available

World Champion: Still Available

Recurring Characters:
Emily Magnolia by yourownonlinebff

Ken Toma by azuretomato who also has volunteered to do some art for it for me!!! c:

Sara MacAulay by dowhattdewott

Anyways!! I can always add in recurring characters, and I need the rival people applications and the champions! 

anonymous asked:

Just yesterday I was reporting a literal nazi blog

Oh my fucking God I know. Sometimes they try to reach out to me when I make depression posts because that’s what they do to try and champion people for their “side.”

And it’s fucking scary because there will be impressionable people on this website who will be like “wow, this person was nice to me when I was depressed, and they are a nazi, so nazis can’t be that bad!” And then, once you’re their friend, they hit you with literature or something fucking literally along the lines of “You know who loved animals too? Hitler.” It’s almost laughable.

FYI please report “National Socialists” if you see them on tumblr! DO NOT talk to them or engage them or let them try to talk to you!

50 years ago today, 22-year-old challenger Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) battered the heavily favored heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in a bout that shook the boxing world. The fight ignited the career of one of sports’ most charismatic and controversial figures, whose bouts often became social and political events rather than simply sports contests. (Neil Leifer/SI)

GALLERY: Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston I

GALLERY: SI’s 100 Greatest Photos of Muhammad Ali


Twenty-first century genetic engineering will not only eradicate the siamese twins and the alligator-skinned people, but you’re going to be hard-pressed to find, uh, a slight overbite or a not-so-high cheek bone.