ok but can we talk about the fact that penelope alvarez wasn’t okay when her daughter first came out, just for the fact that her daughter being gay wasn’t something that she expected, but she never let elena know that. she went out there and did research on lesbian culture, went to a gay club and talked to people about her feelings and was even more affectionate toward her daughter than she usually is just so elena wouldn’t notice her struggle and feel bad about it. she wanted her daughter to know that she’s loved and accepted so penelope went through the entire adjustment period without ever letting elena feel anything but supported. she struggled to accept that change but was still supportive of her daughter from the very first moment and anyway my point is that penelope alvarez is the best kind of parent and i love her


If you’re not watching One Day at a Time on Netflix you’re seriously missing out

The reboot has deviated from the ‘70s original in a couple of obvious ways. For one, the new Netflix version features a Latino cast (Cuban-American Penelope Alvarez is a single mom of two with a live-in mother of her own). But equally important is one of the central story lines, which focuses on the sexual orientation of Penelope’s daughter, Elena. In the first season, the feminist teenager comes out to her family. Throughout the ensuing episodes, her family struggles with the news in complicated, but meaningful ways.

Shout out to Penelope Alvarez, this woman is a gift and tries so hard, protect her (even though she can 100% protect herself).

Shout out to Lydia Riera, her life story is amazing and she is so supportive, she is an icon. 

Shout out to  Elena Alvarez, my gay feminist smol bean is trying so hard to change the world. She’s doing amazing. 

Shout out to Alex Alvarez, he is so kind when he needs to be, please get him better friends. 

Shout out to Schneider, he doesn’t mean to be so clueless, he’s learning. 

Shout out to  Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, he is trying so hard to help Penelope and Lydia, a p decent dude. 

Shout out to Carmen, she’s going through so much but still came through to support her friend, she also has a great aesthetic. 

Shout out to Josh, he found out the girl he’s been crushing on for a year is gay and he was so supportive and chill, was still there for her, a good bro. 

Shout out to Riley, she is trying to help Penelope and spent lots of money trying to get a light up toy sword. Too Precious for this world but could 100% kick your ass.  

Shout out to  Ramona, she tries to give good advice but is too distracted by ladies, 100% ray of sunshine but also 100% badass. 

No shout out for Victor he can choke