By the time Penelope caught up with Rhys she could tell he was angry.  Whether it was directed at her or something else she didn’t know.

Penelope: What was that all about?  You were completely rude to my friend back there!

Rhys: You mean your boyfriend?

Penelope: What?  He’s not my boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he’s gay.

Rhys: *sighs* I don’t know.  I just saw you with him and I just got a little…jealous I guess.

Penelope: Why would you be jealous?

Rhys: Come on, Pen.  It’s not obvious yet that I like you?

Though Penelope had often imagined Rhys saying those exact words to her she couldn’t ever imagine the wonderful feeling she felt when she heard them.  Though, Penelope couldn’t help but feel annoyed by this as well.

Penelope: You do?  Well you don’t show it!  If you like me so much then why not ask me out?!

Rhys: Okay, fine.  Then will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?

Penelope: Wha-I…yes.  Fine, yes I will go on a date with you.

Rhys: Okay.  Good.

Penelope wasn’t sure whether she should be happy or confused by the turn the conversation had taken.