(i'm sad and ranty)

i’m laying in my bed, trying not to cry. my mom just called and told me my cousin (who’s living with her) told her that i took some of her pain pills. my mom has had an extensive horrible past with drug abuse, pills, and most recently quitting pills and leaving her abusive husband. so basically my life for the past 4 years has been revolved around drug abuse and such. so to be lied on about such a fucking stupid and ignorant thing is disgustingly sad. i’m really sorry if this annoys you or you think i’m whiney i’m just really sad and hurt and shocked and i just needed to relieve some stress by ranting i guess

listen. lsiten. ok listen idk why this is happening. i was okay for my first 3 years of this website but then last year i was like “holy dang i need to remake because my likes are broken!!!” and i didn’t care at all about that stuff before then. i remade i think. 4 times in the past year lmao and like. i think i broke my likes again because stuff just isn’t showing up. heck

i know you all think i’m a freaking weirdo and making a big deal out of absolutely nothing, and i know i am too, but i can’t stop it? i’m trying really hard to but??? i can’t??

  • katy’s new song is a promo single for the olympics; no word about #kp4
  • we can assume gaga is singing to her crops, but we’re not sure if mark ronson or redone are recording those vocals and making a bopular smash beat for #lg5
  • nicki minaj is MIA
  • p!nk and christina aguilera have released 2-3 songs each in the past 4 years since their last albums, but their are no signs of new albums coming from either of them 
  • taylor swift is in her lair crafting songs and promotional strategies with the other higher ups of Taylor Nation™, but her traditional 2-year release cycle seems to have finally been broken 
  • kesha is still legally locked up and can’t release the music she wants
Pokemon GO is a God sent

Anyone who tells me differently can shut up.
My cousin who is a drug addict, and has had at least 4 OD in the past half year, hasn’t touched his drugs since the game came out. His gf was able to get rid of the drugs and he hasn’t even noticed when before he would have been up in arms in about two or so hours.
My little brother who is over weight and at risk for diabetes, and who would stay inside all day playing video games, is now walking 2 to 3 miles or more a day thanks to Pokemon GO. He has lost a couple of pounds too.
My family, which has been drifting apart, has now made Pokemon GO a family outing and we are closer then ever (well most of us).
I have bad anxiety and wouldn’t leave the house for anything do to it but Pokemon GO has given me the instinctive to go out, meet people, be active and have fun.
Pokemon GO is one of the best things that has happened in a good long while.

I LOVE transformation! Do you know why I love transformation? Because it shows a person hard work, willpower, strength, & accomplishments! There is nothing better than seeing a person transform their body into something they have always wanted!

Tonight I was scrolling through some old photos & was in shock at how different I look. I know my body has changed physically in the past 4 years but you never really understand how much it’s changed until you compare! I have always been an athlete but food was my best friend, and it still is today! The only difference is now I know how to make healthy food taste good, I know what to look for on a label, I know how much food I should be eating, & I’m ENJOYING my food! Four years ago I was eating crap & feeling like crap!

It’s amazing how a little change in your lifestyle can transform you mentally and physically! Exercise is something I genuinely enjoying doing & healthy nutritious food is something I LOVE to eat!

While I do believe that looks aren’t everything, I do believe that if you fuel your body with nutritious REAL food & workout, your body will look amazing & people will see a difference! Trust me, it’s never not worked for the people I coach!

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Tbh the reason I don’t have a clue as to what I want to do with my life is bc I didn’t thINK I’D LIVE PAST 16. SO I DIDN’T PLAN THAT FAR AHEAD.

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I'm pretty sure that at some point in the past 4 years Sehun has flirted with every member of EXO for jokes, just to see their reaction. And I'm sure that at least once one of them *cough Baekhyun *cough has flirted back causing Sehun to lose his shit and run away. And I really hope that this is what triggered the butt biting incident!!!!



Hey look, it’s me for the past 4 years...

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Guys, calm down!

There is no reason for them to break up. There have been breakup rumors since the day they met, and none of them were true, as you can see. 

The only evidence we have is that she’s not wearing her ring, and that they haven’t been together for a month or so. But in the past 4 years, they had really long periods apart and nothing happened. also, Gaga’s ring is really expensive, she has been wearing it all the time since she got engaged, maybe she wanted to give it a break now that she’s especially busy, and she doesn’t want to ruin it. 
She didn’t wish happy birthday to Taylor on social medias because it wouldn’t be fair on a day when a tragedy happened in France.
(remember that she has never followed him on instagram, don’t believe the rumors)

From what we can see, they’re happy, just living their life. Gaga has beenn busy working in L.A., Taylor (we never know what he’s doing or where he is, such a gypsy) should be in his hometown spending time with his family, after a long period filming in Chicago. They’re always been a very independent couple, and we love this about them. They can spend long periods apart, they don’t depend on each other, their relationship has always been like this and they’re used to it. 

If you keep making these assumptions, you’re only going to be more and more worried about nothing. Don’t be scared. It has already happened before, we all got worried, but nothing happened. This time is not different from the others. We just have to wait. I know it’s hard, but we can do it, we have done it many times before. Don’t listen to rumors, they are never reliable, websites and papers just want to make money with fake news. Look with your eyes and feel with your heart, don’t trust anyone else.