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I've noticed that the past few 3-4 year "generations" of CN have been defined by a usually pair of flagship shows. 06-09 had Chowder and Flapjack; 09-12 had Adventure Time and Regular Show; 13-16 had UG, SU, and Clarence. What will the next generation of shows have to offer?

Yea, I wonder what shows will the producers of TAWOG, RS and AT create now…

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Wasn't the another man interview done when Harry was filming Dunkirk? So at the MOST he could have been casually songwriting music wise since he was constantly on set

Well yeah, he’s been casually writing songs for the past 3-4 years but that doesn’t mean he intends on performing them himself. The thing with an album (especially a solo debut) is that it generally is a cohesive collection of songs with a message and is a presentation of the artist. And knowing harry, I think he wants to take how he’s presented very seriously and present an album that’s true to himself and authentic. Look at Sia for instance. She’s been a massive songwriter for years and the majority of the stuff she writes goes to other artists. So just because they’re writing doesn’t necessarily mean they have an album ready.

ETA: I missed your point about him being on set lol. But yeah, at most all he’s done is writing so far.
The Reason

Now… In the past 4.5 years I have changed a lot. I went from being the closed hearted high school freshman to a way too open be hearted member of my society. I’m now very affectionate and extremely emotional. I use to be proud of it but lately it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.

All my life I’ve recieved hate. In Kindergarten I was bullied, pushed around, lied on, and I had no friends. That has always followed me. Through high school I really had no one.

But back then there was always… I don’t know… something. Hope? You see I’m what a lot of people may classify as a hopeless romantic. I could let my imagination run wild all day and set up perfect dates between two people. I’ve played match maker and I’d day dream some more.

Not of fancy cars, millionaires, or the fast lane kind of life, but something simple. Like a night under the stars looking up and identifying the constellations. Or picnics in a secret place all our own. Cuddles and hot chocolate on rainy or snowy days. Movie marathons as if we were back in the 1950s. Slow dances to songs that make us feel special. Shopping together. Eating together. Living together.

My big heart and I couldn’t help but spoil you whenever I got the chance. To surprise you occasionally with a relaxing bath. Or have you follow a trail of roses to something you always wanted. To take you to dinner as my treat. Or just generally take time to look deep into the eyes of who ever swept me off my feet and whisper “thank you for being mine”.

Unfortunately I don’t have that. I’m the path I’m walking, I don’t get the happy ending I could only dream of. I can only sketch the thought of waking next to the same disoriented sleepy person in lonely sketchbooks riddled with sadness.

People tell me that I have so many years ahead of me and that I shouldn’t worry about it. But tomorrow was never guaranteed for any, let alone me. I’d rather have something a week from now and a future than die years from now knowing that I haven’t lived with kids, or marriage, or thrills, or a person that makes my heart skip a beat.

But even with a heart as big as mine. There are some things you just can’t change. I can’t make a happy ending for myself… So… I accept. I accept rejection in it’s finest and most noble of forms. If nothing is meant to be then surely nothing will be. There is no point in going after something if it isn’t possible.

Did I mention how heart-wrenching it was when Snow’s granddaughter started unbraiding her hair when he said any symbols of the Mockingjay would be considered treason?

Because she honestly believed that he wouldn’t even make exceptions for his loved ones.

Because that’s probably true.

the tumblr art scene as I’ve seen it for the past 4 years
  • Aesthetique ™ you’re not a true cool kid until you draw on graph paper or on overlapping sticky notes. You’ve taken pics of your sketchbook next to an aloe or cactus plant at some point. 
  • The Fanartist That one artist pretty much everyone who evenly remotely likes the show/book/movie/whatever knows. You watched their empire rise and you might watch their empire fall. Is that guy who somehow makes a full on illustration 20 min after the episode airs. 
  • The Portrait Artist The paintings are stylized just enough, everyone uses their photoshop brushes, and their art is so good you don’t realize all they do is draw the faces of hot people facing left.
  • The Professional Their stuff is so good. It is sO GOOD WHY ARE THEY SO GO– oh they’re an art director who has been in the industry for 25 years ok makes sense. 
  • The Sketcher: You’ve never actually seen a finished product from them, but you don’t actually care. Sketchbook pages packed top to bottom just to make you feel inadequate
  • That Asshole: *insert photorealistic painting* Caption: “drawn in PS. 5 hrs so it’s messy.”
  • The New Kid: They just bought a tablet, they still think art is fun, bless their little hearts. Every post comes with a 2 paragraph long explanation/apology. Motivate them, they’re still learning. 
  • That girl who just draws cartoon characters beat up I don’t know why That’s a thing why is this a trend

the legend of korra fandom is definitely not for those that like stability and continuity because  you’ll wait like two years for one season and then two seconds for the next one with some leaks mixed in and a platform change mid season airing from a messy company obsessed with talking sponges

listen 5sos have done HUNDREDS of interviews, and the Rolling Stone - a magazine notorious for creating hype against bands and exaggerating situations - is the first to catch this persona? no way. if the guys truly acted this unhappy, objectifying, and sex crazed, it would’ve shown in the past 4 years. take it all with a grain of salt, listen to Invisible & Jet Black Heart, and understand that these are the same four boys you loved before you read a confusing, poorly written article in a shitty magazine.


24/10/15 I met my inspiration in life. Since pretty much the start of his YouTube career, I have watched and supported his stupidly hilarious videos. People may not understand how much he means to me but he has helped me through so much shit in the past 4 years. To people who don’t watch him or haven’t seen his videos, they may think he is just some person online who plays games everyday. To all of his bros, he is more than that. He is the main reason I’m so happy all the time, and yesterday I got the chance to meet him. Thank you so fucking much Felix, you mean so much to me and all the bros💙