But imagine Wanda accidentally swapping the consciousnesses of the Avengers

-Natasha suddenly finding herself in Steve’s body. Seeing this as a pranking opportunity that comes once in a lifetime she begins taking a massive amount of embarrassing selfies and vines

- Tony realizing he is in Bruce’s body and immediately attempting to turn into the Hulk just to see what will happen. Realizing he is just too giddy for the anger switch to work he starts bashing his head against the TV hoping this will trigger the change

- Thor is in Natasha’s body but seeing as how his brother has already turned him into a woman hundreds of times during their life he is completely comfortable with it and merely compliments Natasha on how well trained she is

- Bruce finding himself in Thor’s body. Not being used to being so tall and strong while he is himself he is constantly hitting his head everywhere, can barely walk and destroys everything he touches. Also he can barely see anything from all that hair

- Steve being in Tony’s body. Steve realizing that alcohol affects him now. Steve realizing that Tony’s body has been drinking from early in the morning. Steve being hella drunk for the first time ever

-Clint and Maria coming back with the food to witness the most hilarious thing they have ever seen

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This documentary “Parrot Confidential” is the “Blackfish” for parrot captivity made by PBS. It’s not perfect, but it definitely highlights the major problems with parrot captivity and is a great first step to understand the situation.

Anybody who loves parrots, has parrots, or wants parrots should watch this.