Largest-known night parrot population found in Queensland
Scientists have discovered a new population of night parrots in Diamantina National Park, giving a large boost to the known range of the critically endangered bird.

THINGS ARE LOOKING up for one of Australia’s rarest birds, with a new night parrot community found in central-west Queensland representing a significant increase in the known population and distribution of the mysterious bird.

Scientists with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy discovered active birds and nests in Diamantina National Park in central-west Queensland, with their findings later independently verified by renowned bird scientist and author Lloyd Nielsen.

In total the scientists were able to confirm – at seven locations in Diamantina – three nests with birds in the vicinity, one pair of night parrots spotted drinking, and three records of bird calls heard by two observers…

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So I'm reading this book called Bird Sense:

What It’s Like to Be a Bird, because I’m a bird nerd (it’s by Tim Birkhead for anyone who wants to check it out it’s actually a pretty easy to read book, as in not boring, and I have ADD sooo)

Anyway, it’s got some great lines in it like:

“The great grey owl’s greatness is partly an illusion; its enormous size is a consequence of its fabulous fluffy plumage. In reality, it is a midget in a vast, downy coat”.

And I don’t know, I just thought that description was great, but then it gets really cute with:

“The captive great grey owl whose ears I examined lay in the arms of his owner, looking up at me like a wide-eyed baby”.

And also,

“…they have learned each other’s calls from before the chick even emerged from the shell: as soon as the first hole appears in the egg, the chick and adult start calling to each other”.

But there’s also some really beautiful (at least in my opinion) lines too

“For marine birds it is the sound of the sea crashing against the cliffs of the colony; for birds breeding in reed beds it is the rustling of a profusion of reeds; for those in rainforest it is rain falling on a million leaves”.

And then it gets back to stuff I found funny (sue me)

“Striking evidence of the ability of birds to hear the fine details of song involves the so-called ‘sexy syllables’ in canary song.”
“…Eric Vallett manipulated different components of the sexy syllables…”

Like okay bird scientists, that’s what you decided to call them? Really?

It’s also got some weird/cool facts like about cave swiftlets of South East Asia who construct their nests out of their own dried saliva, which is harvested by people to make bird nest soup!!!

And then this, as a parrot owner, I can completely relate too:

“In terms of keeping your fingers intact, if you want to examine a birds bill-tip organ, a duck is a much safer option than a parrot”.

Like yeah dude you can say that again. The safest option is just stay far away from that beak.

Anyway, maybe you all enjoyed this, I’m just gonna add to this post every time I come across a sentence I like


“To understand how this is possible, first catch a duck”.

Alright, I’ll go do that

Okay, so there’s a penguin called a macaroni penguin! Why did I not know of this!

A  VERY  DESCRIPTIVE  &  DETAILED  PROFILE  OF  YOUR  MUSE. repost  with  the  information  of  your  muse,  including  headcanons,  etc.

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NAME : Romulus Slag
AGE : Manufacturing age is somewhere in the 50′s
GENDER : Identifies as male
ORIENTATION : Asexual/Demiromantic 

EYES : Yellow optics
HEIGHT : 8′0″
ANY PETS? : Parrot he lost in a game of Blargian Roulette to The Smuggler
SPEED : 4/10 
COLORS : Silver, brown, red, orange
SMELLS : Metal, ocean breeze
FOOD : Lombax or any other kind of meat

SMOKES ? :  YES  [ ]   ||   NO  [ ]   ||   OCCASIONALLY [x]
DRUGS ? : YES  [ ]   ||   NO  [x]   ||   OCCASIONALLY [ ]
DRIVER LICENSE ? :  YES  [ ]   ||   NO  [x]   ||   OCCASIONALLY [ ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ? : YES  [x]   ||   NO  [ ]   ||   OCCASIONALLY [ ]

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