15 Sept 2012

A thing to change:

The Panda Made Me Do It is a campaign all about you. The natural world is in trouble, but if we all take action we can make a difference.

Join with the World Wildlife Fund. They have a list of ways you can protect the natural world. It’s simple. Check it out at:


“-Woah, Zaou-kun does it came from girls?
-Yep, pretty impressive right?
-So lucky!
-I want chocolates too!
-yeah from girls, girls called Io.”
“-Yumoto are you sure you’re okay.
-But, but, it was so cute, it grabbed a sushi with little paw, and, and, *sniff* it eat it and and made su-s-such a *sniff* such a cute face!
-Yumoto, do you realise it was just a red panda?
-So cuuuute *sniff*.”
“-Prepare for trouble
-Make it double!
-For the sake of Gora-san!
-We’ll cover ourselves!
-*both* IN CHOCOLATE!”
-Da fuq?”
“-And then he made me promised I would tell anyone.
-Do you realised you just told me?
-Yeah but you already knew so it doesn’t count.
-Fair enough.”

Honestly if the chocolate on the table are chocolate sent anonymously to the defense club i’m gonna scream. Imagine if it’s Yumoto first Chocolates. Anyway, Valentine day in an all boys school, sounds gay as fuck.

|| Back to town yo.

Hewwo to you all!! I’m finally back! *crow sounds in the backgroud* 

Okay so…. I’m sorry it took me more than I’ve actually thought to come back on this blog, but so many things has happened during these days I was off wahhh and I was also waiting to change my theme and yai, now I have a new cool theme, thanks to @littlxlamb and her fantastic skills in editing!

I’ve passed wonderful holidays, the best in my life and I hope you guys did too and that you’re still doing all cool! Imma start slowly replying to my asks and drafts, thanks for those who kept following this dead blog and a special thanks to my new followers! I hope that with the new RP blogs our muses will have a chance to interact soon.

P.s.: if I lost any thread or you know I have to reply to one please contact me, lately I might even forget my name so….



Hi guys, I really need to sell my things so I can pay for my medical bills and living expenses! If you’re interested, please message me! Reblogs are appreciated as well. (Please don’t judge, a lot of these were dumb purchases I made as far back as middle/high school. Also I’m sorry for the horrible quality. My phone is awful.)

Prices do not include shipping.
I prefer to ship only in the US, but I can consider worldwide.

-DMC4 Art Book …$60 (Imported from Japan, so it’s all Japanese)
-Jean Kirschstein/Kirstein (SnK/AoT) plushie …$40
-Panda hat …$20

-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Team Rescue …$35
-Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia (Boxeless) …$25
-Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire (Boxless) …$20
-Mario Pinball Land (Boxless) …$20
-Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer …$40

-Manga: Worn are $5, New are $10, Paper folds are $13
-Shounen Jump are $6 each!
-Posters: Hetalia $6 each. ACHHD $15
-Austria Bookmark $5

$15 for each of them
-2 White, short ones. Good for Allen Walker esque cosplay.
-A short, black, layered wig. Good for Kogami Shinya cosplay.

Dear K,

I just saw that my previous letter was posted on here. 
I know you’ll never read these so I guess that is what makes me write them. 

I went to your dorm today, because we still talk and we’re friends who can spend time together. 
Who can lay in bed next to each other, or even cuddle a bit. 
Who can laugh and be stupid together, tease each other in a friendly way.
Who can watch the new kungfu panda, feeling nostalgic.
And for half an hour being with you made me feel at peace. It made me forget about my exams and all the stuff I still needed to learn. You’ve got that effect on me. 

But you’ll stop studying in this town soon. 
After this summer, you won’t have your dorm and you won’t be here anymore.
I don’t know what I’ll do… I don’t know how I’ll be able to cope with not seeing you at all.
It’s even hard to survive the weekends when you’re at home because I’m so used to seeing you everyday. 

It’s hard to sleep at night without you next to me. I just lay awake for several hours. Thinking about the time we had together.

I guess I’m not that over you after all. 

I really wish we had gotten more time… 
I guess that’s why it’s so hard to leave your dorm every day. Because every time we have that final hug at your door, I’m just hoping that time itself will stop. And allow me to have this moment with you forever. 
Because in your arms is the place I find peace. 

I wish I was your peace too. 

Love, pruts. 

Tag game yay

Thank you @dovedapple for tagging me ^^

The rules (if you wanna do this) are you answer the ten questions, and tag ten people.

last movie you saw: Kung FU Panda (such a good movie! Po is so precious) 
last song you listened to: Girl Crush by Mamamoo
last show you watched: One piece (only because I made an awful deal with my friends) or Stranger thing (with my sister)
last book you read: Lustrum by Robert Harris  
last thing you ate: breakfast
if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: ahh so many places. Either this one forest in Wales or inside with a skylight while there is a thunderstorm.
where would you time travel to: 3rd century BC (so I could sneak in and look around the ancient library of Alexandria)
first thing you would do with lottery money: hmm probably buy some clothes and stuff, then save the rest of money for uni/the future and give some to charity 
fictional character you would hang out with for a day: !!!!! Definatly Bokuto!!! It would be so fun. 
time right now: 10:18 am

tag:  @thegiftofnothing @arepeegee  @chenlightning @comma-in-the-sky @idkbooksiguess @margywolvs @nightfurytrainerofberk @nopoodles @crowley-my-king @scrapyardcat

My first day in rehab has gone so smoothly!
Everyone’s so lovely and looked after me so much as I’m their ‘little girl’ of the house being the youngest by near on ten years 🙈
I have a great room to do my art in at night time and some relaxation to myself.
My first day’s been so well and I’ve been made to feel a bit more at ease by them even though my anxiety is still stupidly high 💕

@deluxekyluxtrashcan did a tag thing to list 10 things I love SO


my cat
turning off my alarm at the end of my work week
new, untouched notebooks
new pens
the Loki build-a-bear that @ferrific made the outfit for
my Disneyland Half Marathon medal from 2015 (it was my first half!)
the purple Ultrasaber I got for use with my Mara Jade cosplay
the Open Sea exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (it’s so soothing)

if anyone wants to do this you can!!! or just message me something that is your favorite that something on my list made you think of!! or if you like the same thing as something on my list!