BTS as things panda has said
  • Seokjin: you know what would make me happy french fries
  • Hoseok: do you think seaweed has feelings
  • Yoongi: i got no sleep last night hello yes i do indeed feel dead inside
  • Namjoon: wELL guess who just had a 20 minute adventure with the smoke detector
  • Jimin: nearly everyone here is shorter than me this is a surreal experience
  • Jungkook: alright time to sin
How I picture their encounter in MCU universe.. (Though it would never happen) 😂
  • Pietro: Who are you?
  • Eric: I'm Eric lehnsherr. I'm looking for my children.
  • [everybody gasps]
  • Wanda: You lost your children?
  • Eric: Yes. Many years ago.
  • Pietro: We lost our father.
  • Eric: I'm very sorry.
  • Twins: Thank you.
  • [pause]
  • Eric: Well, good luck to you.
  • Wanda: You too. I hope you
  • find your children.
  • Eric: And I hope you find your father.
  • [they both walk off, everyone facepalms]

I made this version of We bare bears in the Fairly odd parents’ style =) I don’t know, just think is cute. I guess Chloe could have fairies because she doesn’t have friends and she goes to the university and that means she lost part of her chilhood. I don’t know, is just a drawing I wanted to do. All started with me thinking about NomNom dressed like Cupid…


More TiPo Soulmate AU! (Surprise @aileenprestice! ;D Bringing this AU back!) 

Do you guys see the reference I made, from the KFP3 story boards with Mei Mei’s goodie basket? 

(I was listening to Interpol and The Beatles, hence their t-shirts, though you can’t see Po’s Beatles shirt.) 


@kawee-chan made this epic doodle of Panda (Reaper Form/ with all souls) and Sans with a Book of Life spin on it (Based on The Apology Song).
I really had to do a companion illustration of the idea because she struck me with a lot of inspiration to do and complete this. >v< Thank you Kawee!!! 
traditionally drawn/ digitally colored


Happy Birthday

Characters:  Seungri X Reader (You) X Jiyong, Some of the BIGBANG members

Length:  2,262 words

Genre:  Angst

Plot:  You and Seungri like each other; however, Jiyong, Seungri’s best friend and expressed his interest in you too.  What a whirlwind of emotions, yeah?
(I suck at giving out plots ugh)

“(Y/N)-AH!!”  Seungri shouted as loud as he can as you got out of the car.  You smiled and he engulfed you in his panda bear hug.

“I am soooo glad that you made it.  I thought that you are going to ditch me on my birthday.” He smiled and you slap his chest lightly.

“Why would I?  You’ve been a good friend, at least for me.”  You winked at him.

“Aish, I am good to everyone; you still don’t know that, do you?”  He whined and you laughed at him.  He guided you inside the café when all of a sudden a pair of arms grabbed you and hugged you by your shoulders, holding a bouquet of flowers in front of you.

“For you.”  Jiyong whispered on your ear and you smiled heartily.  You grabbed the flowers from him and he spins you around to face him.

“How are you, Princess?”  He pinched your nose and you pouted.

“I am well, oppa.  Thank you for the flowers.  These are my favorite.”  You took a sniff on the flowers and closed your eyes in delight.  Jiyong put on his signature smile before wrapping his arms around you.

“How was the flight and drive here, are you fine?  Did you have a jet lag?”  He asked worriedly and you shook your head.

“I am perfectly fine, oppa, no need to worry.  Travelling is part of my job so I’m so used to it.” You answered as you made your way towards the crowd and settle on one of the couches overlooking the ocean.

You and Jiyong aren’t really a couple, but Jiyong has been very vocal that he likes you, but wanted to take things slowly so you are still in the courting process.

You like Jiyong, no doubt about that.  He is like the perfect man for every girl.  Handsome, popular, kind, caring, etc., definitely a good package.

However, you cannot deny the fact that in spite of your attraction to Jiyong, your heart yearns for someone else.


Seungri has been your friend since you met him about three years ago.  You were introduced by a common friend and you being a VIP find it very amusing.  You instantly clicked and became very good friends in spite you being a foreigner.

Your relationship with Seungri didn’t escalate to the next level because of how comfortable you guys already are in your current status. You definitely like him, he likes you a lot too, but both of you are too afraid to speak your hearts out, scared that your friendship will lose if you will admit your true feelings.

The day finally came when he introduced you to the members.

Jiyong caught your eye and expressed his strong interest in you at the very first day that he saw you.  You cannot deny that he really is attractive so you were in constant communication with him ever since.  You were thinking that if you keep in touch with Jiyong, Seungri might think that he loves you more than just a friend and may be afraid to lose you to Jiyong, but that wasn’t the case.

You sat beside Seungri and he giggled next to you.

“Looks who just received flowers from one of the most handsome men in Korea?”  He wiggled his eyebrows and you smiled at him.

“Me!!”  You shouted, trying to fake your giddiness, which you were good at.  He put on a disappointed look.

“Tch, I didn’t know what Jiyong-hyung see in you that he likes you so much.  I even told him that you eat more than all of us BIGBANG members combined, but he doesn’t give a fuck.”  He joked and you glared at him.

“Why the hell did you say that to him!!!?”  You slapped his chest and he whined.

“I was just joking you idiot.  Why would I tell that to him, that wasn’t true –“you were about to smile and thank him when he continued.

“Because you eat twice the amount that all of us can eat in one go.”  He stood up and ran around the café while you try to catch him.

“KIDS!  STOP PLAYING AROUND!”  Daesung shouted as you reach for Seungri’s arm and giving him a smack on the head.

“That’s what you get for teasing me.”  You stick your tongue out and you both sat down with the guidance of Daesung.  Jiyong suddenly sat next to you as the food began to be served.

Seungri smiled as he massages his head where you hit him.  He is staring at you and Jiyong.

Seungri remembered that one day when he introduced you to his members, it was the same day that he was about to tell you what he truly feels about you.  He planned it to be a surprise for you, and for the members, letting them know that he’s finally in love and ready to be in a relationship again.  The members, knowing that Seungri was really hurt on his previous relationship, will be very happy when they learn that he is finally in love again.

However, Seungri didn’t expect that his best friend and hyung, Jiyong, will have an interest in you.  Knowing his hyung, once he likes someone, he won’t hesitate to tell her and will really act on it, and that happened pretty fast that even Seungri wasn’t sure if he was able to catch on everything.

All of his plans of telling you and his hyungs that he loves you were thrown out of the window when he saw that look in your eyes when Jiyong approached you that day, being aggressive enough to ask if he can drive you home, get you drinks, everything that you need.  He saw the glint in your eyes that shows attraction.

Maybe he was wrong ever since.  He thought that you might be feeling the same thing.  However, how will he do it now?  Jiyong is obviously head-over-heels on you and you seem to be very happy about it.  He cannot dare to fight his hyung since he’s very important to him.

He let out a sigh as he quickly changed his expression from staring at nowhere to the jolly and humble Seungri that everyone likes to see.

After you guys eat, the BIGBANG members performed at the café and you and the rest of the guests began to dance to the music and party the night away.  The members greeting Seungri for his birthday as well as the other guests repeatedly and it kept his hands full for the night.

Finally, after interacting with several other people, Seungri found you sitting on one of the couches near the bar.  He approached you and you gave him a hug.

“Happy Birthday, idiot!  I thought I won’t have the chance to see you again and give this to you.”  You whispered at him and handed him a box.

“Wow, that’s so sweet of you, _____.”  He smiled widely and was about to open the box when you stopped him.

“Nope.”  You wiggled your index finger at him.

“No opening of presents here, my friend.  Open that once you arrive home.  You know the rule, right?”  You raised your eyebrow at him.  He sighed and ruffled your hair.

“Mkay, MOM.”  He stuck his tongue out and went to place the box inside his bag.  The two of you were just staring at each other when the music stopped abruptly.  The next thing you know is that there is already a spotlight above your head, making you shine from everyone else in the small room.  Seungri was still in front of you, holding both of your hands with worry masked on his face.  As soon as the other spotlight shone over his hyung, Jiyong, you look at Seungri and then to Jiyong, Seungri slowly releasing your hands from his grip.

You looked at him despite the darkness, almost begging for him not to let go, but he still did.  He smiled at you and nodded.  You smiled as well and tried to mask the hurt that you suddenly felt with his hands leaving yours.

“_____-ah!”  Your name was called by Jiyong and you turned to face him.  He was smiling from ear to ear and he gestured for you to come up the stage.  You turned to Seungri’s direction but didn’t see him there.  The crowd went wild as you began to walk towards the stage, still feeling uneasy for not seeing Seungri in the same place where he was earlier. You clutched your chest when you’re finally in front of Jiyong.

“What is this about, oppa?”  You asked innocently.

“I know that I’ve been very vocal about what I feel about you, ____-ah.  It’s been six months since we’re going out and I have to admit that you are the best girl that I’ve met in my life.”  He knelt before you and took your hand and brought it to his lips.  The crowd went wild with loud voices cheering and shouting. He reached for his back pocket and held out a ring.

“_____-ah, will you be my girl?”  He said as he put the ring on your left ring finger.  You look around, tears flowing from your eyes, not sure if it’s because of Jiyong’s proposal, or because of the fact that you are about to give up on Seungri.  Your eyes met Seungri after a few seconds of trying to search for him.

Even through the darkness, you could see him.  Smiling and clapping and shouting with all his might, even raising a drink for the two of you.  You close your eyes; tears are running down your cheeks, this is really happening.

“YES!  I want to be your girl, oppa.”  You responded as you look at Jiyong’s eyes.  He smiled widely and hugged you tight, closing the distance between your lips. The crowd roared and the lights were all lit up again as Jiyong engulfed you in his warm embrace.  You breathed in his chest and you felt comfortable.

This should work best for us.

The party soon ended and the guests left one by one. Seungri found you and you smiled at him.

“Congratulations, young lady!”  He ruffled your hair.  

“Yah, I’m not getting married yet, Ri.  I am just in a relationship!” You joked and he laughed.

“By the way, I need to go; I have another party to attend to.”  He winked at you and hugged you.  You hugged him back, trying to stop the tears from falling from your eyes once more.

“Do not drink too much, okay?  I may be your hyung’s girlfriend but I am still your best friend, I can knock you down anytime I want if you don’t go by the rules that we have!”  You shouted and he released you from the hug.

“Aish, are you really my friend or my Mom?  You’re even stricter than her and Hana combined!” He shouted and I pouted at him.

“Yah!  You better listen to me!”  I glared at him and he nodded enthusiastically.

“Arasseo, arasseo, ______-ah.”  He said, sounding annoyed.  You watched him as he walk towards the door of the café.  Before he completely step out, he looked back and waved at you goodbye.  You waved back and discreetly wiped the tears from your eyes.

Goodbye, Seungri.


Seungri lay on his bed, groaning loudly.  He cannot deny the happiness that he saw in your eyes when you said yes to his hyung, on how happy the two of you look like while you’re in each other’s arms.

Tears start to roll down his cheeks and on to the bed. If only he told you earlier about how he felt, things might have been different.

After about what seem to be forever, he remembered your gift.  He grabbed his bag from the floor and grabbed the box and opened it immediately.  He was surprised seeing a heart stuffed toy in the box, with his name written on it.  He took it out of the box and found a letter underneath.  He grabbed it and began reading.


You might be surprised with my gift.  Allow me to explain before you call me an idiot or a fool.

That WAS my heart.  Your name is there mainly because YOU were always there, since the time in memorial.

I have always been in love with you.  I am not sure why you haven’t realized it until now.  Your smile, your goofiness, your energy, it made me feel happy and it makes my life easier to live.

However, it has been three years since I first felt this, but it feels like you will never love me the way that I love you.  I am hurt, but I understand.  I guess the best relationship that I will have with you will be the friendship that we have built that I don’t want to destroy.

I know that Jiyong-oppa and I has been in constant communication getting to know each other.  I cannot deny the fact that I like him, and he seems a good person and very persistent. I can also feel that he has genuine feelings towards me.

I am ready to accept if ever he will ask me to be his girl.  I still love you, though, but I know that I can move on and I know that you will be happy with my decision.

Seungri, please remember that I will still be your bestfriend no matter what.  Keep the heart; it was all yours to begin with.

Happy Birthday!


so i went and saw the new Dreamworks animated movie The Boss Baby today and...


[Gifs not mine. This fanfic was requested by @nightlovechild​ detailing the Jokers interaction with Griggs before Harley enters the room in this fic WARNING: THIS FIC IS GOING TO BE FAIRLY GRAPHIC AND TWISTED. (Surprisingly less twisted than I intended but if again, you all would like the original just shoot me a message. Again, I do take requests]

            Y/N was curled up in the limousine with her head in my lap like a child. So pale, so fine, and back where she belongs. 
           “Are you my friend?” I asked, stroking Y/N hair.
           Griggs looked at me in that half stupid half frightened way that made me want to staple his tongue to his forehead. 
           “Yeah man, yeah, we’re cool, you know me.” 
           The car stopped and I grinned at him, “I’m going to need you to be quiet for this part.” 
           “What part?” He asked before Panda yanked him from the car.
           I absently stroked Y/N’s hair as he struggled yelling “get off me” before he was dragged out of hearing range.
           I got a little surprise for ya, honey. I carried her up to the penthouse, laying her down on the bearskin rug before covering her up. When you wake up the real fun will begin.

***Time skip, Griggs P.O.V

           I woke up with a headache worse than initiation week in college when I woke up naked and hog-tied on the dean’s desk. This wasn’t as funny though, not even close. I was bound to a chair in the middle of the Joker’s decked out pad. When I had got up here I had tried to run only to get tackled and my head smashed on the kitchen floor. I struggled against my restraints.
           “Yo! Yo Mister J, what’s up? What did I do?”
           The man himself walked around barefoot and shirtless like I wasn’t tied to a chair in the middle of his living room. In fact, he almost danced around, waving his arms with a knife in one hand like he was conducting the dopest concert in the world. Walking past me I yelled out as he cut my shoulder, then again as he cut my cheekbone.
“What’s the deal man?!” I demanded.
“Shhh, you’re going to ruin the best part.”
           He waltzed around the penthouse, banging around in the kitchen and carrying a silver tray with a bottle of grape soda and a rose to another area of the house. I’m not gonna’ lie I was panicking, this was worse than being held at gunpoint by Floyd during his ‘Tryouts’. 
           “Tell me, friend, do you like films?” The Joker asked, appearing once again.
           I gulped. “Yeah,” My voice was high and I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I like a good movie, action ya know, that’s my shit.” 
           “Action,” he repeated, his eyes lighting up when saying “Violence.”
           “Yeah, yeah, you know the deal.” 
           “What about… torture films?” He asked, his breathing coming out heavy and sweat dripped down the back of my neck.
           “Nah, I uh, I like action. Torture kinda isn’t my-”
           He held up his cell phone and all of the air in my lungs left in a whoosh as I watched the video I had filmed of me and his girl. I watched as security footage played footage of the prison that I didn’t want to know how he got access to. I licked my lips. 
           “Torture isn’t your thing? Isn’t your thing? Isn’t. Your. Thing?” He said mockingly.
           “N-n-n-n-now hey man. We’re cool. I-I-I-I-I was just doin’ my job, i-i-i-it was before I knew you man, ya know? I-I-I-I helped you remember? I g-g-gave her the phone, don’t look at me like that m-man.” I stuttered and he sat down in my lap, grinning.
           “Don’t frown, we’re all friends here.” He purred.
           “Yeah, yeah man, we’re friends.”
           “Let’s turn that frown upside down buddy, LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!”
I nearly blacked out; all I could do was scream as he grabbed my face, sticking the blade of his razor in my mouth as he carved it open. Tears streamed down my cheeks as saliva and blood dribbled down my chin.
           My speech was garbled as I tried to beg “Puh- puh-leesh mista J. I’m shorry, puh-leesh, I’ll do any-fing you want. Any-fing.”
           He laughed, smacking my face with a purple gloved hand and I whimpered, hearing the squelch of my blood, and feeling the tug of my flesh as it flapped open. 
           “You hurt my Y/N. You tortured her, you touched her, you find my baby sweet, pal?”
           “Huck you man, huck you.”
           He grinned again, pulling a long tube from his pant pocket he grabbed me, jamming it into my nose and I cried out.
           “The doctor says don’t move,” he cackled.
           I struggled, feeling it in the back of my throat. I started to gag, tears burning my eyes. “Now swallow, pal.”
           I was crying, gagging as I felt the tube go down. “Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla?”          
          He asked as he hooked up the tube to a machine with thick, mucky looking shit in it that in no way looked like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Almost as soon as it pumped into me I was vomiting it to the side, I felt the odorous liquid come out my nose and it burned on its way out. The taste of it made me fear what the concoction contained but after a few minutes he turned it off. 
           “My job is to keep you alive until you die!” He quoted me.
           “My girl is going to have so much fun with you.” He purred. 
           All I could do was bow my head, and regret ever taking that fucking job at Belle Reve. “Go to hell,” I managed to croak after a few tries. 
           “Awww pal, we’re already there!” He sat down on the metal table across from me. 
           “Don’tcha just love Spring break?”
           “I shouldn’t have touched her,” I croaked.
           “No, you really shouldn’t have.”

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7, 9, 20, 33 & 47 :)

7. School trilogy, HYYH era or WINGS?

HYYH era will always hold a special place in my heart tbh, like I came into the fandom right around when Run dropped and that whole series just made me emotional ngl

9. Your favorite AGUST D and RM track?

Hmmm…… I really like Agust D but The Last definitely hit me hard. For RM, Do You and Awakening are my favorites.
Agust D aaaaaaand Do You

20. Which member caught your attention first?

Namjoon! It was actually his Joke MV that really got me into Bangtan; I’d seen the Dope MV but it wasn’t until I came across Joke that I really got pulled in
Taehyung actually

33. Who’d win in a dance battle? Jin or Namjoon?

Oh gosh…… Jin’s traffic cone dance is a Work of Art but Namjoon’s noodle arms…… I’m gonna cop out and call it a tie
They would honestly take each other out there would be no one left standing

47. Do you prefer Hip-Hop BTS or the more Pop-ish BTS?

Is their current sound “pop-ish” bc I dig their recent music the most like u can rlly tell they’ve found their sound
Actually like the current sound they have. Is it pop? Idk it feels like deeper than what one normally thinks of pop


Kuroko Tetsuya - Requested by portuguesemermaid ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

It took awhile…but I’ve finally finished it!!! XD
I promised you I would do an edit about this cute guy and I’ve made it! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
I really hope you like it (even thought to me there’s a lot of mistakes and a few things I don’t like how they’ve turned out…). (−_−;)
A lot of kisses my Cute Little Panda-chan!! (*^3^)/~♡

i wanted to draw the Raccoon Miraculous OCs i saw * u *

i wanted to color this in with at least flats but its almost 4am and i need to be at work by 8, so maybe next time? orz HOWEVER~ if any of u guys wanna color it pls go ahead <3

Keep reading

  • Me on the outside: wow i hope everyone’s ok, i wonder if my friend knows how much i appreciate them, do dogs know how much i appreciate them? should i make my friends cookies? but what about the dogs? do i make them dog bones? how do you even do that? how do i get the dog bones to all the dogs in THE WORLD?? what makes them crunchy? what ingredient makes anything crunchy? or is it just overcooking them? but why would you over cook something? maybe someone made the first dog bone by mistake and it was a treat for himself and he was like ew it all crunchy i’ll just give it to my dog, wow dog history, i hope cats are ok, how is the human race going to save the panda bears, how do we achieve world peace???? is everyone ok?!?!?
  • Me on the outside: FIGHT ME
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Guys lets play a game ok

we’re gonna design a character. I made a base but we can change anything you guys want and any color anything honestly 

right now, its a red panda base but we can change the specie too

so do you guys wanna play?? 

Me and @wedgemccloud were talking about my angry monkman, Ferran, and how he transitioned from druid in Pandaria, and one of the things the monks made him do was grow banzai trees without his druid magic. He’d try to cheat, because dumb pandas, what do they even know about druidry, anyway? He can grow a danged tree better ‘n faster ‘n they can, yessirree! But the tree would be like “nuh bra, u cheatin” and resist, and he’d have to do it without magic, and he hated it….but it eventually taught him patience, and broke him of his need to care for the tree the way he saw fit, instead opening him up to caring for the tree the way it needed to be cared for.

This is him giving the Pandaren monks the stink eye. He’s puffed up because he thinks it makes him look like he knows what he’s talkin about.

Exo reaction when it’s your first date and they need go to the bathroom

I would die if this happened to me, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really concentrated, wishing nothing happens* “I shouldn’t have eaten that  curry Kyungsoo made..”


That wasn’t my stomach I swear.. it was me… drinking!” *Pretends to be choking so you don’t hear his stomach*


*Really suffering* “What should I do? Should I go… but what if she thinks wrong… no no… god why today?”


Oh st. Gucci! wait here!” *You see a panda running to the WC*


*Has the perfect cut* “Don’t worry babe. It’ just me growling and imagining things with you…”


“Oh no… I knew the nerves would do this to me… No more beans..” *Feels really awkward*


*His face of frustration when you are not looking* “I’m going to dieeeeeee~”


“She won’t notice… just breathe Luhan.. breathe… be a man! You can make it…”


*Dances trying to hide and control his needs* “Lalala… I’m just happy Y/N… yeah happy!”


“This only happens to me… I wanted it perfect and not my stomach says no… what am I going to do… she is having so much fun… can’t interrupt her” *overthinking kinda dying inside*


“Wait wait.. give me a second kay? I beg you..” *A little awkward but manages to save the day XD*


*Distracts you with the $ucard while he goes to the WC really quick*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

At Future MADE Concerts...
  • Daesung: Do you guys wanna see my eyes??
  • GDYB: Do you wanna see our tattoos??
  • TOP: ...wanna see my...ASS?? *everyone loses their minds*
  • Seungri: ...uh...wanna...see me take my clothes off? --No, wait. Wanna see my Beyoncé dance?
  • --NO NO WAIT WAIT *leaves the stage* WANNA SEE MY BROTHERS?? *comes back with an armful of stuffed pandas*