The product of my fall from grace.

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Major Hewlett (TURN), Karl Tanner (Game of Thrones), Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim), Yuri Podorov (The Oxford Murders), Owen Harper (Torchwood)

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The Oxford Murders (2008)

Total Burn: 7/10

Burn Gorman is Yuri Podorov, a Cambridge graduate mathematics student from Russia.

Burn prominence: 3/10

Although the majority of the film is focused on Frodo and the War Doctor, he is nonetheless a prominent minor character and his Manic Pixie Dream Mathematician is integral to the plot.

Burn attractiveness: 9/10

Burn Gorman is a study in perfection who can’t talk about mathematics without rapid gesticulating, erupting in profanity-laced tirades, and sprawling on the grass convulsing and gasping. Bonus points for ranting continuously for over 3 minutes.

Burn level: 9/10

At one point, Burn Gorman goes from eyes-crinkling-at-the-sides smiling to snarling and spitting in half a second flat. Due to his intense dislike of the War Doctor, the mocking noises, abrupt paroxysms of rage, and rapid hyperkinesia are out of control. Sadly, there are no opportunities to beatbox at Cambridge.

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She’s got a sense of humour too - one wouldn’t be dull - one would wake up and there’d be a whole day for jolly things to happen in - and then one would come home and go to bed - that would be jolly, too - and while she was writing, I could go out and mess round, so we shouldn’t either of us be dull -