The Outsiders Preferences #4 Your Favorite Picture of Him.


You took this Photo of Dally when he came home drunk. Usually when he have a few drinks he get’s crazy and loud but he actually came to your house and seemed really out of it and just wanted to sleep with you so before you guys did you snap this pic. 


You were at the Curtis’ house with your camera that your mother had bought you. The Curtis brothers were playing football in their yard. So set up your camera ready to take a picture of Darry. You shouted his name and as he looked up at you, you took the photo that will always be your favorite. 


You and Johnny were hanging out having a great ol time together. And as the day went you really wanted a memory of that day forever, So after a lot of begging and pleading Johnny finally allowed you to take the picture. You were extra happy that he had smiled for it too. 


You snapped this picture of Pony Boy when you had April Fooled him that you were pregnant. Of course he always hate seeing that picture of him in your room but you always laughed at it. 


As the colder days came in Oklahoma everyone started to bundle up. You hardly saw Soda in anything else other than his DX shirt, so when he bundled up you always think he looks handsomer than ever. So one day when he was bundled up you took his picture so you’ll always remember how handsome he looks during the Winter. 


Well what could you say? As soon as you saw all that chocolate cake on his face you just had to. Steve never wants to look at it so you keep it save away from other pictures you’ve taken of him.



You had went on vacation with your family and left for two weeks. Two Bit had told you that he’ll be at the airport waiting for you. As you stepped out of the plane you saw Two Bit standing with his back turned, so before you called him you got your camera ready and called him. You had just enough time to shove your camera to your mother before Two Bit came and hugged you tightly. 

Pregnancy Preferences: Starting to Show

Darry: He worried about not being able to comfort you well enough over the weight gain. Nearly all the boys at his job warned him about how sensitive the subject could be. His fears soon settled inside of him once he realized how proud and excited you were of your tiny bulge. You almost always had a protective hand hovering over your little peanut, and he saw you checking yourself out sideways in the mirror one or twice… or five times.

Steve: Being a ‘veteran’, as your mother’s friends called it, you began to show a lot earlier because your uterine and abdominal muscles were already stretched from being pregnant with Ty. You’d been so busy lately with work, that when you finally got time to relax, you began to notice the slight bulge only after Steve’s hand laid itself atop it, almost outlining your stomach’s shape.

“Now I’m gonna be stuck in maternity stuff longer.” You groaned.

“Don’t be like that, baby. You looked hot in those the first time 'round.”

You rolled your eyes then pecked his lips with a small smile on your face.

Two-Bit: You laid out all the ingredients you needed for supper that night, humming to yourself as you moved to pull the apron from where it hung on its respective hook. As you tied the strings from where it fell near the small of your back, Two-Bit stepped in past the doorframe with a wide grin on his face.

“Hey, babe!” You greeted him happily before turning back to your workstation to pick up a knife.

“Well, ain’t that somethin’.” He chuckled to himself in disbelief.

You turned to him, your eyebrows raised high as he walked over to you. You noticed his eyes were on your stomach and you ran your fingers over it self-consciously, outlining the slight curve of it. His grin grew wider as his eyes met yours a moment later.

Ponyboy: He first noticed when he wanted to meet up with the guys at the park. He took a solid twenty minutes to get ready. He sat in the living room for another ten, tapping his foot impatiently, before checking the time. In a flash, he was knocking on the bedroom’s open door and looking at you from where you sat on the bed, your cheeks a bit puffy and red from the frustrated tears rolling down your cheeks.

“S'the matter, doll?” He took a seat on the storage chest at the end of your bed.

“My favorite sundress isn’t zipping.” You concluded, sniffling as you pushed its straps off of your shoulders. The slight curve of your tummy against the tight material caught his eye. He helped you up before placing the straps back on your shoulders, feeling a wave of pride as he did so. The boys would know he was gonna be a father soon and that didn’t sound too bad to him.

“Wear it.”

“Pony, it don't fit-”

“We’ll pin it!”

Johnny: “Ready to go, (Y/N)?” Johnny asked after he finished dressing for work. He’d been working a comb through his hair in the bathroom. He set it down on the edge of the sink.

“(Y/N)?” He called again at your lack of response.

He stole one last glance at himself in the mirror before walking towards the open bedroom door.

“It was a real battle fittin’ into this skirt, Johnny.” You sighed and went to grab for the matching jacket.

“Soon enough I’ll have to start wearing maternity clothes… And those don’t look too hot for the workplace…”

Two hands wrapped around your waist, making you gasp before leaning into your husband’s touch. He stared at your reflection in the vanity mirror with a huge smile on his face.

“We look like Socs in these monkey suits.” You joked lightly.

“No, we look like a family.” He corrected, his hand slipping down and resting on your slightly protruding tummy as he did so.

Sodapop: “We can always go shoppin’ for maternity clothes, (Y/N). You don’t gotta keep wearin’ our old stuff.

You nodded your head idly as you slipped Soda’s old shirt over your head before climbing into bed next to him. It grew into a routine between you both once you started putting on more weight. You asked all of your friends and they suggested you wore the boys’ old things to bridge time between your regular clothes and maternity wear.

You settled next to him and laid your head on his chest, his arms snaking around your waist as you closed your eyes.

There was a moment of silence as you began to nod off.

"Really, (Y/N). We can go this weekend, I’ll get someone to cover for me at work-”

“Soda, relax.” You stirred by his side before propping yourself up on your elbow. “Why’re you gettin’ so worked up over this anyway? Am I that big already?”

“No!” He answered quickly, turning to face you as he did so. He liked seeing you in his clothes, he just thought you’d be more comfortable in your new ones instead of asking him permission every time you reached into the drawer.

His arms slid down your was until he was able to run his fingers over the thin material of his t-shirt and trace the outline of your small bump as he beamed down at his growing family in pride.

“You know what? I think you look sexy in my shirts. Keep at it, doll.” He pecked your lips lightly before moving to turn out the light.

Dally: “I'm freezin’.” You complained as you sat on the couch. Dally walked over and sat down next to you, practically slamming the phone onto its cradle as he did so.

“We finally have everything pieced together, and our damn boiler breaks in the middle of the winter!” He sighed as you pulled his jacket around you more.

“Why don’t ya zip it up?” He asked, reaching over to do it himself. You pulled away from him and stared down at your lap in embarrassment.

“It can’t zip.”

“Why not? Is it jammed again?”


“Then what is it, man?” You were wearing at his already thinned patience after he spent a half hour arguing with one of the repairmen Darry directed him to.

“I’ve put on some weight, Dal, because I'm carryin' your baby!”

He shut his trap and directed his attention towards the tv after that.


As you began to channel surf idly, Dally sprung off down the hall for five minutes before emerging and block your view of the tv.

You lowered the remote and raised your eyebrows at him questioningly until he pulled a blanket big enough for the two of you from behind his back.

“Fished it outta the linen closet.”

You broke out into a smile at the warm gesture.

As you two laid there, spooning underneath the large blanket, Dally’s big hand slipped underneath your t-shirt and settled over the slight curve of your stomach.

Preference #2: He Asks You Out


After your late night escapade with Sally, you went home feeling quite proud of yourself. However, your mother came in to apologize not long after you went to bed, only to find you gone.  After a long lecture, it was decided that you’d be grounded for a month; hence why you took the long way home from school that Friday. You relished in the outdoors, already dreading being locked inside for the next few weeks.  You kicked stones and sauntered along in your black romper and red lipstick.  You were walking through the park when you heard footsteps running towards you.  You turned around only to feel a hand come over your mouth and an arm drag you down behind a bush.  Before you could think to start throwing elbows you looked to see none other than Dallas Winston holding you down.  You didn’t even have time to question the situation before more footsteps came pounding along.  You peered through the bush to see two of the Shepard outfit looking around angrily.  

“Where the hell did he go?”

“I think he went that way!” said the bigger one pointing across from where you and Dallas were hidden in the bush.  They took off and after they were completely out of sight, Dallas removed his hand from your mouth and stood up, brushing the dirt off of his jeans.  Angry and confused, you jumped to your feet only coming up to his shoulder.  

“What the hell was that about?”

“Jesus baby, a ‘thank you’ would be nice since I just saved your ass.”

You stared at him incredulously, “Oh I’m sorry!  Thank you Dallas, for gagging me with your hand and shoving me behind a shrub!  How incredibly chivalrous of you!” you fumed.

Dally smirked and took a step closer, clicking his tongue, “Still a wild girl, I dig that.” He pulled out a cig, lit it, and took a drag.  You took the cigarette right out of his hand and took a long drag, breathing the smoke into his face gingerly.  “Sweetheart, please.  You couldn’t handle me.”  You boasted, batting your eyelashes temptingly.

He licked his lips and took another step so that you two were just barely touching.  He craned his neck so his mouth was right by your ear and leaned in, “We can see about that”.  He kissed the sweet spot behind your ear but you determinedly retained your composure. “Babe, you couldn’t even handle a movie with me.”

You heard him swallow before his voice dropped to a husky whisper, “Tonight at eight; you, me, right here.  We’ll go see somethin’ at the Dingo, got it?” he leaned in and planted a slightly harsher kiss a little lower on your neck.  

“Mhmm.” You hummed back. You pushed him away playfully and grinned at him before turning on your heels and swaying your hips as you walked home to plan for tonight.

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The Outsiders Preferences #1 : How you two cuddle

Two-bit : After a long day of laughs and fun Two-bit likes to hold you up real tight and kiss your head.

Dally: When ever Dally sleeps he would put his arm around you and you’d smile because Dally isn’t the type to be cute and stuff.

Johnny: You two cuddle and talk for a minute and play with each other’s hair and sooner or later you two would fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Darry: He likes to cuddle with you with his huge mussels.

Steve: After a days work at DX Steve loves to come and cuddle with you.

Ponyboy: he likes to cuddle with you when you’re doing school work and sees that you’re having a hard time.

Sodapop: He likes to hold you real tight so that you’ll never leave.

Preference #2: He Asks You Out

Two-Bit:  You were working another weekend shift at Al’s Diner.  You really enjoyed your job because of the 24/7 rock-n-roll music, the roller skates, and of course the many different people you got to meet.  You were waiting in the back making milkshakes when your friend and co-worker Betty popped her head in the doorway.  “Y/N, Loverboy and his two friends are at table three.  He asked for you specifically. Again.”  You laughed and shook your head.  About three weeks ago, you served him and his friends and every time you skated by, he did something to get your attention.  It could be a joke, a wave, blowing kisses, hell he’s even done animal impressions.  And it never fails that he makes you laugh.  You grabbed your milkshakes and dropped them off at your table, then skated around to Two’s table.  You decided that since it was slow right now, you’d take a little time to tease Two-Bit.  You skated up to their booth, coming from behind Two.  You plopped yourself right next to him making him jump, then laugh.  He wrapped an arm around you and leaned back in the seat, “Honey you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet!”  You couldn’t help but throw your head back and laugh while his two friends rolled their eyes.  You gingerly move his hand and stand up, “So boys, what can I get you today? The usual?”

They all nod their heads and you make your way back to the kitchen.  “Hey Y/N!”  you turn around to see Two grinning, he dramatically blows you a kiss and you play along and catch it.  You turn around in the kitchen doorway and blow a kiss back to him.  He jumps up in the seat and flails his arms around to catch it and makes enough noise for everyone in the diner to look at him.  You can’t help but laugh at what a goof he is.  When their order is finally ready you come back and put it on the table.  “You boys need anything else?” you asked sweetly.  One of Two’s friends, the tan one spoke up, “Maybe some napkins.  He keeps drooling every time you go by.”  All four of you laughed, and once Two finally stopped laughing he agreed. “He’s right.  I can’t help it.”  You blushed and gave him a stack of napkins, causing everyone to erupt into laughter again.  You left to take care of your other customers, and came back when they were finished.  The two younger boys were chuckling and for the first time ever, Two-Bit was quiet.  You looked at him suspiciously when he started to get up from the table.  He stood in front of you for a second before getting down on one knee.  He then pulled out the paper napkin ring from behind his back and looked at you.  “Y/N, I have liked you since I met you.  You’re beautiful, and funny, and know how to make a great milkshake.  All great qualities that I look for in a woman.”  You laughed along with his friends before he pouted. “Hey!  I’m trying to be romantic here.  Now where was I?  Oh yeah!  I love coming in here to see your face, but I’d really love to see you other places too.  So, Y/N, will you go on a date with me?”  You immediately burst into laughter while nodding your head.  The handful of people in the diner chuckled and clapped, while Two’s friends both wolf-whistled.  Two-Bit jumped up and spun you around before he kissed you on the cheek. 

“So how does Friday at the drive-in sound?” 


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#013: They Get Mad (Part Two)

Order: Darry, Sodapop, Ponyboy,.

(A/N): So I started writing Johnny’s, Dally’s, Two-Bit’s, and Steve’s parts, and they’re gonna need a whole other preference. Sadly, they did not get back together. Two-Bit, because he shoved his girl into a counter, Steve threw a remote at her head and narrowly missed, Johnny grabbed her hand too tight, Dally grabbed her wrist too tight (I think?) And I can’t really see the girls forgiving them for that, so, yeah, I’m sorry! I dunno why I picked the Curtis boys for this, that was weird of me but I remembered prAYING NOBODY ASKED FOR A PART TWO, BYE

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Preference #2:  He Asks You Out

Ponyboy:  You had been in Tulsa for a few months now, and you had finally found a small group of friends and you were involved in some school clubs.  You were in your room finishing up your homework so you could go out with two of your friends.  Just as you put down your pencil, your mother called up to you, “Y/N your friends are here!”  You slipped on your shoes and hurried out the door.  You looked at Maggie and Amber, “So what are we doing?” 

Amber grinned at you, “We’re going shopping downtown!”  You didn’t really feel like shopping, but you loved your friends’ company so you went anyways.  The three of you chatted and looked around in the new dress shop in town.  After Maggie bought a pretty yellow dress, you decided to leave and walk to another shop down the street.  You and Maggie were talking when Amber elbowed your hard in the side.  “Ow!  What was that for?”  She grinned devilishly at you and waved to a boy across the street.  You immediately realized it was your friend Ponyboy and you blushed at him and waved as well.  He smiled when he saw you and ran across the street to see you.  Amber and Maggie both knew about the little crush you had developed on Pony and always told you how cute you would be together.  Amber smiled at him, “Hey Ponyboy!  What are you up to?”

“I was just going to the movies.  What are you girls up to?”

“We were shopping, but we’re done now.  Are you going to the theater all by yourself?”

Pony’s ears turned red and he looked down at his shoes, “Well, yeah.  I don’t mind though.  At least it’s quiet.” 

“You sound just like Y/N!  She always shushes us in the movies!  I have an idea!  Why don’t you two go together?!”  She smiles enthusiastically as Pony and you simultaneously turn crimson.  You start to stutter out, “You don’t have to Pony.  If you want to go alone and-“

“Actually, I’d like you to come.  If you don’t feel like it though you don’t have to.”

 You smiled at him.  “Well I’d like to go if you really don’t mind.”

“Of course not!  Let’s go.  See you later girls.”  He waved at your friends before turning to you smiling, then walking towards the theater.  You looked behind your shoulders to see Maggie giving you two thumbs up and Amber making a big heart with her hands.  You rolled your eyes and talked started talking to Pony.


“That was awesome!  I loved the part where he jumps off the train and onto the horse!  What was your favorite part?”  Pony looked at you eagerly.  You loved talking to Pony, especially about movies.  Nobody seemed to appreciate them the same way you did until you met him.

“I know!  My favorite part was when he swung from the chandelier and grabbed the map off the table.  I was so sure he was finished!”  You continued intensely discussing the movie as Ponyboy walked you home.  You were about a block away when Pony started talking again after he got his breath back from the latest joke you made.  “Ya know, I had a really great time tonight Y/N.”

You smiled warmly at him, “Me too.  This was really fun.”

“Would you want to do it again this weekend?  We could go to the diner and then catch a movie after.”

You couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.  “I’d love that.”

You had reached your porch and turned to face Pony.  He looked at you happily, “So I’ll pick you up at six this Saturday?”

Your surge of joy gave you a boost of confidence that lifted you up on your toes to give Pony a quick peck on the cheek.  “That sounds great.  See you then.”  As soon as you got inside you ran up to your room to call Amber and Maggie.