We’ve taken over outer space! Well, kind of. 

Planting Peace, creators of the Equality House, used a weather balloon and a GoPro to launch a pride flag into space for the first time ever and record its journey. It soared up to 21.1 miles above Earth and stayed up about three hours. Not gonna lie – the video is mesmerizing. (via People)

Idk what she means by last seasons cast being “all the same” the bb18 cast had 2 black women, an Asian man, a Venezuelan, a Puerto Rican, an Armenian, and Corey from outer space … Try again

I saw @bonelessnerd‘s fan characters of @connorricks‘ clowns vs mimes and WOW I was blown away by both of their work. This here is the first of two I came up with.

Skomorph 0538, code name: Bloohoo. 

Bloohoo was once a fairly typical specimen of a Blue Clown, preferring dark jokes about mortality the uselessness of it all, conveyed through slow, arduous pantomime and sobbing. Bloohoo was a diplomat with a nearly flawless record, only letting out about three tear-filled sniffles during her career. However, one day she simply couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a long, dreadful wail, enraging the Outer Mime court she was sent to speak with. As punishment, she was subjected to their Striped Liquid and turned into the “Blue Mime” she is today. 

The transformation seems to have been incredibly forgiving to the poor Space Clown, keeping her anatomy largely boneless and still violently colorful for a Mime. Bloohoo’s mental state seems the most effected, as she is now similarly allergic to bright reds and yellows (unfortunately she still sees in the ultraviolet spectrum), and is nearly incapacitated by sound. However, her gas production was severely handicapped, to the point she can no longer form balloons, and seems to have trouble holding her body upright. However, due to her perfectionist nature (present only after her Skomorphing) one cannot be sure if she lets her body remain limp and flimsy to complete her “act” (if one can call it that), or if she is actually struggling to remain even that upright. It is also unknown why she chooses to remain slumped backwards, walking on the tops of her feet rather than her soles. She moves with an almost gorilla-like gait. Like if you replaced every bone in a gorilla’s body with slinkies, and then made it far taller than any Earth primate has any right in being.

Normally, such a depressing Blue Clown (it only got worse after the incident) would be shunned, as would such a colorful “Mime.” However, Bloohoo was gifted with incredibly imaginative use of her newly formed construction nodes. Without any training, and seemingly only her sorrow to guide her, she is able to produce invisible “puppet hands” without connecting arms, from the nodes on her eyes. Her weaponized tears proved invaluable to the Outer Mimes looking for covert operatives. This, combined with her newfound total silence, has secured her a rather cushy mid-tier rank. She seems to appreciate her captors-turned-leaders, and gleefully (as gleeful as a Blue Clown can be, anyway) attacks her harshest critics. The Mimes assigned to her missions, however, quickly grow tired of her constant jokes and strange, “floppy” pantomime accent, and she rarely has a teammate for more than a single mission. 

WHEW I wrote more than I ought’ve but whatever! Hope you (both boneless and connor) don’t mind me making a fan character ovo;;

One thing that will always and completely wreck me in fiction: the exploration of faith once humanity has begun to colonize outer space. 

In other news, I’m reading The Sparrow and am a total mess. 

Is it EVER too late to post a #wcw😍 I don’t think so! (Even tho I look like I’m from outer space in this photo) Sooo excited for my pal @sophiaamoruso & her news book: Nasty Galaxy, the new book by #Girlboss author @sophiaamoruso! Preorder here:</a>

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Paige Rosemarie Gardiner 

(for @papa-plumbob Bachelor Challenge)

Age: Young Adult

Gender: cis female (she/her)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Traits: Business Savvy, Geek, Self-Assured, Dance Machine

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

About Paige - She is quirky, confident and cheerful, and she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.  She is the sort of person who does what she wants and doesn’t apologize for her style or her ideas. Generally, she doesn’t worry about other people’s opinions of her, and is perfectly comfortable with being ‘that weird girl who loves neckties and aliens’.  In fact, nerd is the word where Paige is concerned, and she delights in being unusual.

Paige enjoys all things geek; computers, video games, science, science-fiction and especially astronomy and outer space.  She’s a party girl who loves to dance! Her other interests include gardening (no pun intended) and music. She is one of Aubrey Davenport’s (Frisky Old Men) piano students and is pretty good on the piano, even if she does say so herself.  She is friends with Aubrey & Zach’s youngest daughter, Stardust.

Paige is the middle child of three siblings.  Her older brother is a sports star, for which he gets lots of attention, and her younger sister intends to become a doctor, which also earns high praise.  Paige’s goal in life is to be noticed by her parents and for them to tell her they’re proud of her.  She has joined the astronaut career, which gets her into space and also – with luck – will finally demonstrate to her parents that she is worthy of attention, too.   

Additional Info - Paige’s favourite colour is green.  She really likes grilled cheese.  She has never tried DJ’ing, but she really wants to.

** I have an “unplayed” version of Paige on the Gallery right now, but I can give her to you in her current “played” state if you’d prefer.  She is CC-free.  My origin ID is cutelittlelawyer


Saturday there’s this Burlesque party and this time the theme will be outer space. They always ask their public to dress up for the show. Can be Burlesque, 30s, 40s, 50s… circus… or the theme of the party.

Soooo I thought: outer space? Glitter!!
First I wanted to be a Moon Goddess but how the hell do you dress up like that, then it must be some kind of red carpet dress and I don’t have the money for that. Or it will be a self made aluminium foil dress that looks like crap. :p

And I really like glitter and never have an opportunity to wear it. So I thought: outer space, stars, glitter!

Yesterday I went to the thrift shop and found this skirt. It’s very very short but for this occasion it’s ok I think.

Now I have to think of something to wear with it… any ideas?

spectacular-spider-queer  asked:

For thr playlist request (I love that you do this btw) : I find outer space beautiful in theory but horrifying in concept (for my brother)

this got a lil psychedelic and fairly proggy at some point, but I hopefuly captured some glimmer of the duality of beauty and horror

ppl who draw/think of rey as a hairless photoshoot-ready makeup-wearing sun goddess weird the shit outta me cos like……… ya girl literally lived her whole life in a desert where all she did was scavenge around for junk and eat nothing but magical bread and probably bugs and shit

tbh rey probably has the most hairy legs in the galaxy, they’re even worse than chewie’s, and even better honestly she and everybody else in the galaxy does not give a fuck about them