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cheesecake is amazing,,,

yaas cam…two words…cheesecake factory o_o <3 

hogwarts house: hufflepuff | slytherin | ravenclaw | gryffindoor
scent: soft rose | fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon | sea breeze | brewing coffee
color: cream | charcoal black | soft pink | fiery red | pastel purple | shiny silver | forest green | ocean blue | sunny yellow
season: spring | summer | autumn | winter
time of the day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night
place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet coffeehouse | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley
element: fire | earth | water | air
a feeling: uncontrollable laughter | adrenaline | utter joy | butterflies in your stomach | a warm hug
overall: you’re great & i lob your blog | you’re a good and i’m following you forever | you’re my senpai and ily | you’re my bffl and everything is perf!

additional comments:  cam, the aesthetic of your blog slays me every single time, i love interacting with you, you’re a total sweetie and you don’t try hard to be aes, bc you succeed! <3 ily

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Regarding Legion of Superhero’s ring AKA Legion Flight Ring, all members of Legion wear these rings as a symbol and a communication device. These rings also possess anti-gravity capabilities and enable the wearer to fly in every atmosphere, even in outer space. Since Mon-El was a Legionnaire, he had a ring too, but his powers come from his unique Daxamite biology which is so similar to Kroptionans. Maybe the ring will trigger his full potential superpowers in the show.

I see. The show will definitely deviate from the comics. I wonder what backstory they’ll give to the ring if they end up using it. If it is in the fortress of solitude, then it must be connected to the house of El???

I was tagged by @nbdraco, thank you! (Also your url is so cool!!)

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten people.

  1. I Want U Bad - R5
  2. Savannah - LP
  3. Heroes (we could be) - Alesso
  4. The Never-Ending Why - Placebo
  5. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots
  6. Mothercreep - FKA twigs
  7. I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair) - Sandi Thom
  8. Psycho Lover - Moons of Mars
  9. Pirates - Hecleptique
  10. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

That was… Something. I have no idea what to add ‘cause what a mess it is!

I’m gonna tag some of my mutuals @imawriteriwrite (of course who’s even surprised by now, I’m not…), @crvdence, @ryanthedemiboy, @female-overlord-3, @she-is-made-of-outer-space, @glitchingbaguette, @darkprinceincubus, @siriuslydesi and anyone who wants to share a bit of their music cause I’m super curious please!