My Eyes - Part 13

Pairing: Bucky; Steve x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 4,665

Story Description: Steve is a good man, America’s golden boy, a hero. He’s Captain America for christ’s sake! So it’s normal to want what he has… right? Bucky knows he doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t even deserve the second chance at life he’s been given. But Bucky can never let him know. Steve can never find out that his friend is in love with his best girl.

Story takes place post “CA: CW” and all tension has been resolved.

Previously On…

Y/N grabbed all Jimmy’s necessities and threw them in a bag. Suddenly her son dropped to his knees.

“Mom…I don’t think I can walk.” Jimmy groaned.

Y/N tried to stay calm, knowing that her panic would only frighten Jimmy more. Before she could call out for his help, Bucky came into the room and scooped Jimmy into his arms as if he were still a toddler.

“Grab the things, Y/N. I got him.” Bucky assured her.

Next thing she knew, they were taking off in the jet. Bucky pulled down a built-in cot and laid Jimmy down on it before piloting the quinjet. For a moment, he had a flashback of Steve being in the same position the night he died.

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