mystic agents, commissioned by lanie

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Summary: The unlikely trio of breakthrough actor Zen, chairman-to-be Jumin Han, and 707 the Defender of Justice embark on their first mission as undercover secret agents for V: sneak into Glam Choi’s party of the year and steal Top Secret documents. But most importantly, Seven and Jumin crossdress and Zen is confused why he likes it so much.


a p e r f e c t combination.

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i just realized that sdcc is next week. i can't wait to see the parabatri together again :') #thefriendshipwedeserve

:’)))) i just hope we get the ot3 interviews we deserve to and if not, at least some kind of parabatri content, SIGH

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Hear me out, Maia comes to Simon because they still buds and she explains how she thought it was a one time with with Jace but he makes her smile, Simon gets what she means because he's also in love with Jace. Anyway moral of the story is Simon/Maia/Jace is better than Cl@ce or cl!mon

the ot3 we deserve and will never get because we are hated this much

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I'll give you that high-five. Bring on all the filthy headcannons

Man, if half the stuffs I post on Twitter or like the tiniest amount of messages I and Kei exchange gets leaked out ppl would probably freak out and get a restraint order on me and I’ll have to stay away from Superman for the rest of my life.

I mean you have no idea how many inapproriate thoughts I get just by looking at this panel