mystic agents, commissioned by lanie

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Summary: The unlikely trio of breakthrough actor Zen, chairman-to-be Jumin Han, and 707 the Defender of Justice embark on their first mission as undercover secret agents for V: sneak into Glam Choi’s party of the year and steal Top Secret documents. But most importantly, Seven and Jumin crossdress and Zen is confused why he likes it so much.

Ok just to clarify a few things Steve and Nancy were already broken up by the time she and Jonathan ever did anything. The whole point of that ally way at school scene where she couldn’t say I love you was to break them up. Yes, I do believe Steve deserves better and not because of Nancy because she’s still a queen and that’s a fact, but simply because he deserves to be with someone who loves him as more than a friend. I truly believe Nancy loves Steve but she’s not in love with Steve and some of you are thinking aren’t they the same thing? No they’re not. Loving someone doesn’t mean it’s romantic but being In love with someone is romantic. Nancy and Jonathan have always had feeling for each other and this season made it obvious just how much they’re into each other. Point it Nancy didn’t cheat and It was shitty how Steve found out she wasn’t in love with him but it was better it came out now then later when he was even more invested in their relationship. Well hopefully next Season we get our OT3 that we deserve.


a p e r f e c t combination.

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I'll give you that high-five. Bring on all the filthy headcannons

Man, if half the stuffs I post on Twitter or like the tiniest amount of messages I and Kei exchange gets leaked out ppl would probably freak out and get a restraint order on me and I’ll have to stay away from Superman for the rest of my life.

I mean you have no idea how many inapproriate thoughts I get just by looking at this panel