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What did you think of Vex's characterization in the comic?

Man, I was impressed. There’s a lot going on there, right off the bat, and this plot is pretty much perfectly targeted to get to the bottom of the twins’ characters at this point in time. 

Vax wears his heart on his sleeve and his reactions are pretty much as expected: how terrible, we have to help these people, they have almost nothing, they’re like we used to be. While Vex is all business in the peasant’s house, he’s glancing over at the empty crib and sneaking a look back at the man as they leave. He romanticizes the pre-Syngorn days, and of the two of them, he’s always been the one rhapsodizing fondly about the time spent with their mother.

Vex… is a bit of a different story. “At least that mother fought to keep her child.” Okay. Okay. Oof. Whether or not this is something she processes or externalizes later in the series, it seems to me very believable that she’d be the one to still harbor a bit of resentment toward what could easily be seen as a betrayal or an abandonment, even if she hasn’t really worked out why yet.

There’s also the thing where the twins had their fuck-yous to Syngorn in very different ways. Vax was about escaping that hierarchical structure, getting the hell out of the game altogether, and-I-walk-away. Vex has always been about redefining that hierarchical structure so that she’s on top. She’s still playing the game, she still values and craves all the things that she and Vax got looked down on for not possessing, but she’s made a conscious decision that the path of least resistance is to act like she’s already one of the elite.

  • “Noble-born don’t grub around in the muck chasing after a swamp god curse.” “They do if I’m doing it.”
  • “Brighten that cloak up a treat, very fashionable.” “My dear man, whatever I’m wearing is fashionable.”

It’s fundamentally performative, though—she’s been through enough and has enough empathy that she can’t quite pull ‘disinterested snob’ off convincingly—and that’s why she folds so quickly after berating Vax for taking on a job with such a small cash payout. Her act’s also doomed to failure, because the people who really are part of that elite are never gonna accept her for it, no matter how much she pretends she’s already been given their approval. It’s why Percy’s gift in Syngorn was so complicated; it wasn’t just a simple fuck-you to her father because it was simultaneously shifting her closer to what Syldor wanted her to be: nobility, titled, worthy of his blood.

Vex is raw, early on, and this plot might be the first time she’s having confront the one piece of her history that doesn’t fit the role she’s been desperately trying to play. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.


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People hating child characters for reacting to situations like children and not mini-adults…especially when they’re super young…is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to fandoms..

This post is aimed at pretty much every show, but currently, The Originals. If you’re judging Hope for not running into Klaus’ arms and giving him a fairy tale reunion in the sneak peek…get over yourself. She’s what? 5 or 6? She doesn’t remember him, at all and not only did she find him on the porch but a whole bunch of other strangers. Give the kid a break.