If The Winds Could Speak

If the winds could speak they would beckon for thee
Much to the anger of me
See I should be the only one with
The pleasure of having your name formed by my lips

If the winds could speak they’d long for you
Gushing and howling asking for who
Searching and searching everywhere
Blowing past your long luscious hair

If the winds could speak they’d cry all night
Screeching and roaring with all its might
The beauty it sought is destined to be
Forever together yet forever free

I’m rewatching the first season of arrow and I just, I didn’t realize how much I missed this.

Tommy being alive
Laurel being alive
Tommy and Laurel together
Roy Harper
Roy and Thea being stupid teenagers, but adorable all the same
Felicity just being… Felicity. When I saw her relationship with Oliver as platonic and thought she was too smart to ever fall for him

As many flaws as the first season had, there were a lot of things about it that I loved and that I miss. I understand that shows change as characters grow, and people leave and die and all that, but I miss so much.