My third PSD n*ce! I used it for a superpower group rp that never came to be because I’m the worst! This is a POC-friendly coloring BUT!! This does not un-whitewash images, so if you’re using an original image that has whitewashed the beautiful celebrity, it’s up to you to un-whitewash it. I had to do that with the t-pose image in the bottom right, they made him white as heck and that’s not cool! Otherwise, the PSD should not wash out skin tones. Please like/reblog if you’re using it, and don’t repost and claim it as your own!


[Gifs not mine. This fanfic was requested by @nightlovechild​ detailing the Jokers interaction with Griggs before Harley enters the room in this fic WARNING: THIS FIC IS GOING TO BE FAIRLY GRAPHIC AND TWISTED. (Surprisingly less twisted than I intended but if again, you all would like the original just shoot me a message. Again, I do take requests]

Y/N was curled up in the limousine with her head in my lap like a child. So pale, so fine, and back where she belongs. 
“Are you my friend?” I asked, stroking Y/N hair.
Griggs looked at me in that half stupid half frightened way that made me want to staple his tongue to his forehead. “Yeah man, yeah, we’re cool, you know me.” 
The car stopped and I grinned at him. “I’m going to need you to be quiet for this part.” 
“What part?” He asked before Panda yanked him from the car.
I absently stroked Y/N’s hair as he struggled yelling “get off me” before he was dragged away from the car.
I got a little surprise for ya honey. I carried her up to the penthouse, laying her down on the bearskin rug before covering her up. When you wake up the real fun will begin.

***Time skip, Griggs P.O.V

I woke up with a headache worse than initiation week in college when I woke up naked and hog-tied on the deans desk. This, wasn’t as funny though, not even close. I was bound to a chair in the middle of the Joker’s decked out pad. When I had got up here I had tried to run only to get tackled and my head smashed on the kitchen floor. I struggled against my restraints.
“Yo! Yo Mister J, what’s up? What did I do?”
The man himself walked around barefoot and shirtless like I wasn’t tied to a chair in the middle of his living room. In fact, he almost danced around, waving his arms with a knife in one hand like he was conducting the dopest concert in the world. Walking past me I yelled out as he cut my shoulder, then again as he cut my cheekbone.
“What’s the deal man?!” I demanded.
“You’re going to ruin the best part.”
He waltzed around the penthouse, banging around in the kitchen and carrying a silver tray with a bottle of grape soda and a rose to another area of the house. I’m not gonna lie I was panicking, this was worse than being held at gunpoint by Floyd during his ‘Tryouts’. 
“Tell me, friend, do you like films?” The Joker asked, appearing once again.
I gulped. “Yeah,” My voice was high and I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I like a good movie, action ya know, that’s my shit.” 
“Action,” he repeated, his eyes lighting up when saying “Violence.”
“Yeah, yeah, you know the deal.” 
“What about… torture films?” He asked, his breathing coming out heavy and sweat dripped down the back of my neck.
“Nah, I uh, I like action. Torture kinda isn’t my-”
He held up his cellphone and all of the air in my lungs left in a whoosh as I watched the video I had filmed of me and his girl. I watched as security footage played, footage of the prison that I didn’t want to know how he got access to. I licked my lips. 
“Torture isn’t your thing? Isn’t your thing? Isn’t. Your. Thing?” He said mockingly.
“N-n-n-n-now hey man. We’re cool. I-I-I-I-I was just doin’ my job, i-i-i-it was before I knew you man, ya know? I-I-I-I helped you remember? I g-g-gave her your phone, don’t look at me like that m-man.” I stuttered and he sat down in my lap, grinning.
“Don’t frown, we’re all friends here.” He purred.
“Yeah, yeah man, we’re friends.”
“Lets turn that frown upside down buddy, LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!”
I nearly blacked out, all I could do was scream as he grabbed my face, sticking the blade of his razor in my mouth as he carved it open. Tears streamed down my cheeks as spit and blood dribbled down my chin because I couldn’t spit. My speech was garbled as I tried to beg “Puh- puh-leesh mista J. I’m shorry, puh-leesh, I’ll do any-fing you want. Any-fing.” I spit up more blood.
He laughed, smacking my face with a purple gloved hand and I whimpered, hearing the squelch of my blood, and feeling the tug of my flesh as it flapped open. 
“You hurt my Y/N. You tortured her, you touched her, you find my baby sweet, pal?”
“Huck you man, huck you.”
He grinned again, pulling a long tube from his pant pocket he grabbed me, jamming it into my nose and I cried out.
“The doctor says don’t move,” he cackled.
I struggled, feeling it in the back of my throat. I started to gag, tears burning my eyes. “Now swallow, pal.”
I was crying, gagging as I felt the tube go down. “Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla?” He asked, hooking up the tube to a machine with thick, mucky looking shit in it that in no way looked like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Almost as soon as it pumped into me I was vomiting it to the side, I felt the odorous liquid come out my nose and it burned on its way out. The taste of it made me fear what the concoction contained but after a few minutes he turned it off. 
“My job is to keep you alive until you die!” He quoted me.
“My girl is going to have so much fun with you.” He purred. 
All I could do was bow my head, and regret ever taking that fucking job at Belle Reve. “Go to hell,” I managed to croak after a few tries. 
“Awww pal, we’re already there!” He sat down on the metal table across from me. 
“Don’tcha just love Spring break?”
“I shouldn’t have touched her,” I croaked.
“No, you really shouldn’t have.”


Hey nerds

i’ve put my Holtzmann drawing up on Red Bubble. It can be bought as posters, art prints, photo prints, and stickers amongst prints on a whole plethora of other products (above is the studio pouch, laptop skin, tote bag, and chiffon shirt).

The image printed will be HQ and won’t have my tumblr url watermark.

Please go check it out and show my original drawing upload some love! 

Thanks <3

Hello, If you are still accepting Original Character requests, would you mind doing a friend and mine’s Galra Soldier Characters Dandar [On the Left with the pony tail] and Rocket [One with eyes closed on the Right]? My friend is on mobile only, and does not have the image to submit, thus I am submitting it with my own, if you do not mind that is!


and rocket!!

VIXX REACTION To their gf cooking them Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread)

Hi guys~! Well I personally loved doing this one, cuz my grand mother comes from the land of Pão de Queijo in Brazil: Minas Gerais! And it’s soooo good! Seriously guys.. For the ones who doesn’t know what is it there is a image:

Picture credits to:



“What is this amazing thing??”


“Taekwoon.. Did you eat everything?!”



With his mouth full he just:


Sings his part in Dynamite:

“All mine all mine”


He comes as he is just to eat all of them, not minding his looks.


Patiently waits for you to finish baking them


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I have so many other projects to work on but I spent today making a perfect scale guide for mine and @wheaty-the-dumb-anons TF OCs. I say making, I took the refs Wheat made and kludged them together.

In theory these images in their original size represent true scale for all these guys. Idk if that’ll be the case here but here we are.

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