• What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: I don't understand how they could replace Devon Bostick as Rodrick on Diary of a Wimpy Kid because he was the ultimate emo crush and no one will ever be able to replace him and the new Rodrick is nothing compared to Devon. He deserves better and no one will ever live up to him no matter how hard they try #notmyrodrick
Centuries in the Making: Part 2

Prompt: Description: An average human, an Original Vampire, and a bond so strong no magic can break it. New Orleans is in for a hell of a ride.

Part 1

    Your grandmother had always said that fate knew what it was doing. That all you needed to do was believe, and everything would turn out okay. On the ride home, your mother had turned to you, and rather bluntly said, “Bullshit.” And at this particular moment in time, you couldn’t help but agree with the woman who had birthed you.

    Maybe that made you a bit jaded. But, you figured you could be a little jaded after rooming with a vampire for eight months, being forced to flee from some supernatural invading force, nearly being killed by your roommate’s brother, and then finding out another vampire was your soulmate.

    Maybe if you stayed in bed and hid under the covers, everything would go away. While highly unlikely, you decided it was worth a try. Or you would have, if people hadn’t been yelling on the other side of the door.

    “You do realize that this is a trick, Elijah. It’s our mother trying to get under your skin! She wants you to accept his offer.”

    “Niklaus…” The voice was soft, but firm, and it made you want… something.

    “She knows how much you value those words Elijah. How you ached for the person who would say them when we were human. There has never been a vampire with a soulmate, Simply because we have no soul left.”

    You felt your heart speed up as a moment of silence lapsed between them. “I feel the pull, Niklaus. And you know I would never say that lightly.”    


    “Would the words convince you?”

    “Excuse me?”

    “If my words are on her skin, written in my hand, sealed with a magic so strong and sacred that not even vampirism could eliminate them; would you accept it then?”

Another moment of silence before he asked, “Are we bargaining now brother?”

“Not at all, it’s simply me trying to call you to your senses. Of course, why I would think you’d come to them now, after a thousand years, I don’t know.”

“It is rather foolish of you.”

His voice is soft when he speaks, “I’ve lived a thousand years without my other half, Niklaus. Seeing her now, feeling the pull, feeling that magic… this is real, brother.”

You hear a slight growl before he says, “Well then… let’s see those words. Come on out, little snoop.” It takes everything you have not to squeak like a mouse, and instead of heading to the door, you stay rooted to the bed.

After a minute, the door creaks open to reveal the owners of the voices. The one who had tried to kill you earlier, Niklaus, stares at you for a moment before scowling. “Are you going to hide there like a five year old or be an adult and come here?”

Your eyes flicker to the other man, Elijah. He gives you a small smile, before holding out his hand. Slowly, you climb out of the bed, realizing for the first time that someone had changed you into an oversized tee-shirt and sweatpants that were too big. You walk towards them slowly, until you’re only a few inches away. Slowly, you pull the collar of the shirt to the side to reveal the scrawl that had taken up residence there when you’d turned sixteen.

“Shit.” You jump a bit at the quiet exclamation, before pulling the shirt back over the words. You watch as he turns to Elijah, “Show me yours.” You watch as the man carefully rolls up the cuff of his sleeve. You stare at the words there, scribbled in your worst handwriting. Niklaus curses again, “When they’re this close I can feel the magic. Damn it, Elijah, that’s ANOTHER target on our backs.”

    You watch as Elijah smirks, “So you’re not denying it?”

    “Of course not. I can feel the magic in the air at this point. We need a witch and a spell to hide it. We can’t have you two walking around with magic seeping from you. We can only guess what happens if you actually seal the bond. Honestly, some days you’re a bigger headache than you’re worth, brother.” He turns to you, “Looks like you’re stuck with us now love.”

    Your lips pucker slightly, “Goody.”

    He sighs, before stepping back, “Well then, I’ll leave you two to it.”

    Elijah’s voice is calm, “And where are you going?”

    Niklaus smiles, “To find a witch that our mother doesn’t have her claws in. Perhaps our youngest brother? I’m sure he’d get a kick out of this.” And without another word, you watch him disappear.

Elijah turns to you, “I’m sorry about Niklaus. He doesn’t do well with change. He’ll warm up to you eventually.”

You nod once, before wrapping your arms around yourself. A moment later you feel fingers glide across your cheek. You look up into brown eyes, and watch as they study your face, “Your wounds are closed. I imagine any damage Klaus managed to inflict is now gone.”

You swallow once, “How?”

His answer is simple, “My blood.”

You nod, before shifting your eyes away from his, you feel his fingers travel down your neck before stopping at the collar of your shirt. “May I?” his voice is soft. You nod, and feel the fabric of the shirt glide across your skin, before his fingers ghost across your collarbone, and you feel a slight tingle as he traces the words. “It’s not my best hand writing I’m afraid.”

You smile, before nodding towards his forearm, where the cuff of his shirt is still rolled up, “You got my bad teacher scrawl.”

You watch his lips quirk, before he adjusts the collar of the shirt. Carefully, he offers you his arm. Hesitantly, you take it, and trace the familiar writing with one of your fingers. When you look up, you find him looking at you. You offer him a small smile, “Who said fate doesn’t have sense of humor?”


Months later, and I’m still obsessed with the Westworld version of “Paint It Black”


Klaus: “I brought you some tee. I don’t know.. if you like that.”
You: “You’re the best, Klaus.”
Klaus: (kisses your forehead) “I hope you get well soon.”
You: (smile slightly) “I want to stay sick forever if you keep acting like this. You’re way too sweet, taking care of me like this.”