New Movies Watched in 2016!

It’s time for another great year of exploring film, so here is the first batch of new ones I’ve seen this year! Favorites are bolded.

  1. Dogville (I’m filled with such intense awe after watching Von Trier’s films, and it was not different with this one.)
  2. Preservation (With how disaffected the youth are now, I wonder why more of them don’t kill people for a past time.)
  3. Dislandia (Short film. Odd, but not in a meaningful way.)
  4. Sadisticum (Gore-filled kill fest. I really only liked the opening scene.)
  5. Video Geisteskrank (Short film.)
  6. Peeping Tom
  7. Victoria (FILMED IN ONE SHOT! This was also a really sad movie, but you don’t realize it until after it’s over because it’s so action-packed. It has a special place with me because it manages to capture the closeness two people can form through danger and tragedy.)
  8. Rampage
  9. The Manson Family
  10. Twilight Portrait (I’m so glad the radical feminists haven’t seemed to hear of this movie because they’d seek to destroy something brilliant.)
  11. Nekro (A nasty little necrophilia short. It’s great. You have to watch it. HERE is the link.)
  12. Code Blue (One of my new favorites movies of all time. I can’t put my feelings into words, but they’re very personal.)
  13. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Finally! But fuck, that was heartbreaking.)
  14. Born Killers
  15. Love Eternal (A very sad look at someone who can only relate to death.)
  16. My Sweet Satan
  17. Rest in Pieces: A Portrait of Joe Coleman
  18. Amicus Mortis (Short.)
  19. Varga Katalin
  20. Suicide!
  21. The Revenant (I haven’t stopped thinking about how incredible this movie truly is. It was a very mesmerizing watch, and I can’t wait to see Leo finally win an Oscar.)
  22. Catch Me Daddy (A really powerful film that touches on many issues. The ending is quite scarring.)
  23. Deathgasm (Horror and metal. What’s not to like?)
  24. Buster and Billie
  25. Man Bites Dog

I feel like my childhood love of the Disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame is some kind of weird foreshadowing of my adult obsession with Victor Hugo novels and their subsequent adaptations. 

I remember 9-year-old me sitting in the theater and being just EXHILARATED as the opening scene started because the music was so dramatic and intense and gorgeous and had I known the phrase then, I probably would have been thinking to myself “this is my aesthetic.” I also remember my friend leaning over to me when Frollo was being Particularly Creepy and Evil about Esmeralda and she was like “…what is he doing?” and little me weirdly had some sort of vague understanding about what his motivations were, but I couldn’t figure out a way to explain it to her. And like, yeah, a lot of that movie is uh. Decidedly not super kid appropriate, but I still loved it and “Hellfire” has long been my favorite villain song. And that scene where Esmeralda helps Quaismodo and shouts about justice to Frollo got me all riled up. I dressed up as Esmeralda that year for Halloween, in the red dress she wears while dancing during the Feast of Fools, and I resolutely refused to wear shoes despite the fact that it was cold outside because “no, Mom, she doesn’t wear shoes in that scene, it’s not accurate, people will know.” I eventually had to give in because it WAS cold and my mom you know, didn’t want my feet to freeze and she basically wrestled me into them. 

It’s funny now, all these years later at 27, that I’ve been sucked into the Les Mis hole for like 4 years now and also falling back into Hunchback land by reading the novel and with the release of the musical. 

Victor Hugo, giving me emotions for like, 18 years now, in some way or the other, good job dude.