The Wise Mankey Commission: Part the 51st by AlanES


So yeah, Alan finally decided to come down from his crystal fortress to start working on the long overdue commissions he owes a ton of people. (Mostly me since my orders took up the bulk of them. XD) And he starts off with my favorite woman in all of anime, Nico Robin from One Piece. This time she’s in the outfit she wore in celebration of the series reaching 15 years. (Was also featured in the opening “Wake Up!” and the Unlimited World: RED video game.)

Robin’s always looked good in purple, but I honestly feel this outfit accentuates that the best here. Not to mention the hat and all the skin she shows. =3 So yeah, it’s basically my new favorite outfit of hers.

And I only felt appropriate Alan draw her this way since he’s basically made a career off making fun of her during our Lameplay Theater run, so I put him to work to make her look GOOD. >:P

More to come, people. Stick around…

Sherlock Vampires: The Beginning
Warning: Some M/M works might show up here because the Sherlock/Irene tag is used in ref to S/I as a side pairing, past pairing, etc. Currently there is no way to filter and exclude feeds on Ao3 to get only S/I F/M works.Solution. Read at your own risk.

by wheel_pen

London, 1941. German bombs disturb an old cemetery, awakening a sleeping vampire. He needs a human to explain this new world to him, and settles on the limping doctor who tries to help him.

Words: 12910, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Sherlock Vampires AU

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Assignment 1 - Idea/Brainstorming

Theme: Masks (linking back to personhood)

Everyone masks themselves in some way, only showing what they want to be seen, hiding parts of themselves to the outside world.  I intend to show this through a series of portraits, with the subject of each hiding or masking an aspect of themselves, using their hands, make-up or other means.  

Finished: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai series

Also known as The World God Only Knows, this anime centers around a geeky boy named Keima who plays dating sims as a hobby, and is assigned to get rid of lost souls hiding inside teenage girls. He basically finds ways to make them fall in love with him, so that love will take up the gap in their hearts or some shit, I don’t remember for sure. I really liked this show because it was cool to see this 2D otaku try to woo girls. Here’s a tip, between season 2 and season 3 there anime leaves out some details so reading the manga there would be good. The manga also finished up the series, and I don’t recall if the anime has wrapped everything up. I finished the manga first. Rated it a 9/10 on MAL (So many potential best girls).