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All this time everyone was getting so happy he was back in the country visiting children but really he was seeing his mum I'm so upset

Don’t be hard on yourself. Even if you celebrated him being in the country, this family kept their lives very private. Be appreciative that in the last few months, they were able to keep her illness as private as they wanted it to be instead of having to deal with anything other than the support that they are now receiving after her loss. 

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Someone in the BNHA fandom came up with the idea of Nomu!Izuku, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally digging it. What's your opinion/headcanons about Nomu!Izuku?

not really into it in the same way i’m not into most villain!izuku fics. (seems unnecessarily dark and angsty. wangsty, maybe.) like if izuku was turned into a noumu chances are he was lobotomized or something, lost all personality, and got his body turned into a horrific mash of body parts from like 8 different people, and theres nothing left of him anymore. just a mindless attacking machine, an empty vessel, doomed to fight against the ones he loves

or, if izuku is somehow still retaining his sense of self through all of this, he’s being brutally subjected to nonconsensual body modification, trapped in some monstrous body that will never be able to laugh or smile or comfort or connect with others the same way ever again. he’s losing body autonomy. i don’t really see the appeal of that 

now assuming izuku is rescued at this point, the storyline might focus on: a) the angst of the people around izuku as they try and restore him to his former self; b) izuku’s struggle to come to terms with what has been done to him and his body, which will probably involve a lot of dysphoria, crying, and generally sinking into a godless despair; or c) izuku being deprogrammed from whatever was programmed into his brain, which would probably involve a lot of collateral damage, uncomfortable feelings, and eventually lots of crying. any way you look at it, izuku also has a very high chance of ptsd or depression or ANY NUMBER of things.

it strikes me as the kind of “gritty” au that pops up in fandom – “wow look at how Horrible and Terrible the world is” – that doesn’t really serve to do anything except remind people that the world is terrible, which is kind of something people already know and don’t want to dwell on. 

i think noumuzuku au is appealing to some for its sheer angst potential? there are any number of ways to hurt poor, undeserving, innocent izuku to elicit pain and sadness from the audience. “look how much i can hurt izuku even More. Ha Ha, I Am So Clever For Hurting Him More Without Any Purpose But To Make People Feel Horrible For Him.” not to say that’s what people are doing with this AU, but i think if it isn’t handled carefully that’s what it would turn into. and then that story wouldn’t really do anything but make the readers feel miserable, and what kind of story worth reading is like that

that said, here a few noumuzuku aus i can get behind: 

  • noumuzuku recovery arc, If Handled Well. if its not handled well it could drag on and on and on into wangst territory. but if handled well it could be turned into a meaningful journey about recovery, self-discovery, learning to stand on your own, etc. i think there’s a series like that on ao3? 
  • noumuzuku monster arc: izuku breaks himself the Fuck out of jail because Fuck This, (and if you wanted angst you could always add in the classic “no one is coming to save you; you have to save yourself” mentality), and then he allows himself to be very justifiably angry and upset. then he learns to love his body and see its modifications in a positive light (my extra arms let me carry Three Ice Cream Cones At Once), goes on a soul-searching road trip that is nothing but shenanigans and meaningful 3am conversations, finds inner peace, and returns home – still a mess, but now older and cooler and more at peace with it 
    • noumuzuku monster arc, alola form: Surfer. izuku escapes to hawaii and becomes a hardcore surfer dude and a local legend. eventually he returns to japan but he abuses 80s slangs (un)ironically all the time
  • noumuzuku Road To Justice arc: izuku breaks himself the Fuck out of jail, and then he goes into hiding; plans things very carefully; and single handedly takes out the entire Villain Alliance because Fuck if he’s going to let anyone else suffer the way he did ever again. also he finds some vigilante friends who help ground him in reality and keep him from making Fuck Awful decisions. 
  • noumuzuku ‘found dead in miami’ arc: everything is awful but izuku is dead inside and gladly embraces all the terrible forces coming at him with all the boldness and carelessness of someone who no longer fears death. by that i mean he figures he has nothing to lose, so he goes out into the world to enjoy all the things he always was like ‘who has the time for that’ or ‘i can do that later’ about. also he’s found dead in miami, but only because technically the body he inhabits is functionally dead 
  • noumuzuku cryptid arc: there’s nothing actually of substance to this au, izuku just goes out and photobombs people sometimes in noumu form and people think he’s a cryptid. 
    • ‘dude… midoriya…. there’s a picture of you on the internet’ (kirishima shows izuku a picture of him in his noumu form, lounging on someone’s rooftop and staring straight into the security camera with his eerie glowing eyes) 
    • ‘oh. yeah tbh kirishima every time i get drunk i go out and photobomb someone in noumu form. i guess last night i was too plastered to realize that was a security camera, not a camera’ 

… Dumbledore knew about Obscuros. We now have definitive proof that Albus fucking Dumbledore had not one, but two known instances to him where very young witches or wizards who were abused by non-medical folk suppressed their magic so hard that it turned into a raging, uncontrollable force that killed both the child and other people within the last 50! 50 FUCKING YEARS! THAT’S A TINY AMOUNT OF TIME, EVEN BY WIZARD LIFE SPAN MEASURES!

and he STILL left Harry with the Dursleys. You can not tell me the Squib spies he had didn’t tell him what was going on there. There was zero chance he didn’t know. He left Harry there for 11 years knowing full well not only what was going on with the abuse and neglect in that house, but also knowing what such treatment could irreparably to a magical child.

Everyone always talks about how awful Snape is but let me tell you a thing the “good” character that irks me most in this serirs, the one I personally take extreme issue with and can not forgive, is Albus Dumbledore. Like I didn’t think I could hate him more for making excuses for letting Harry grow up like that, but fucking Christ it actually got worse. I didn’t think that was possible

She wondered where this courage had come from, to speak to him so frankly. From Winterfell, she thought. I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell. (ASOS)

…but as she got deeper into the temple, they seemed to smell of snow and pine needles and hot stew. Good smells, Arya told herself, and felt a little braver. Brave enough to slip Needle back into its sheath. (AFFC)

after she’s built her snow castle sansa stops hiding behind her courtesy and confronts littlefinger about his deceit with a snowball to the face. she credits winterfell for giving her the strength to honestly call her latest captor out. 

arya is scared as she enters the house of black and white but when she begins to smell winterfell that makes her feel brave enough to put needle back into its sheath. she’s so comforted by those memories that she doesnt need to be ready for a fight anymore. 

like sansa with her courtesy, arya relies on her sword for protection but winterfell makes them both feel strong and safe so that they don’t have to use their usual methods of defense. 

Fic Rec

Title: Advanced Gift Giving
Author: prettyasadiagram
Rating: G
Word Count: 2322
Status: Complete
Summary: This year, Stiles thinks, he has to step up his gift-giving game.

It’s just really hard to compete with the wife and kids and white picket fence that Scott wakes up to every day, when all Stiles has to offer is a poorly decorated third-floor apartment and a teaching job that barely lets him make ends meet. But, as usual, Stiles has a plan, and it (eventually) involves Derek and his cat.

Three different people have told me my Roro model isn’t “Seme” enough. (Literally, all three have used the word Seme. Even the spanish comment.)

Guys this is… This is YYB.
I’m not sure what you were expecting. 

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oh!! if you have gnats bothering you one way you can deal with them is to leave a glass of soapy water out and they will be attracted to the soap smell and drown in it (if you're okay with killing the bugs that is). if you have a lot you could put out a few glasses, but if it's just a few stragglers then you can just leave a glass or two out for a couple of days. I get a lot of them from keeping plants indoors and find that sweeter, stronger smelling soaps work best. I hope you are okay friend x

thanks, and yeah i’m definitely okay with killing them, i was going around with one of those electric fly swatters zapping the shit out of em when i kinda freaked out like i did. i got rid of the trashbags they were mostly coming from today, but there’s still a lot. managed to get a few more with the fly swatter without freaking out this time, which was good. put out a glass like you said, hopefully it works and catches a few so that i can just take care of the left overs with my fly swatter 

why do they have to be like this…. stop being lesphobic, stop making jokes about black stereotypes, just stop….. STOP IT GOD DAMMIT YOU’RE THE ONLY PEOPLE I TALK TO, DON’T BE LIKE THIS