curious question, would people like/ support me making skam gifs like this???

Three Drinks and...

She’s drunk off her ass and she’s attempting to dance, because three-drink-Katie, loves to dance. She’s been swaying to the beat of country songs, that are playing from some car in the parking lot, with Richie for thirty minutes, when he finally convinces her to take a break.

He makes her sit down on car’s bummer. “You need some water.” Richie hands her the bottle and she takes a long drink. He wipes off the makeup, that she somehow got on his glasses, on his shirt and asks Seth, “You got her? I need to…”

“I got her, go.” Seth waves his brother off, not wanting to hear about his dinner plans.

“I got me.” Kate interjects as she jumps to her feet. She stumbles a little and Seth’s immediately at her side wrapping his arm around her waist to steady her.

“Careful, moving’s complicated right now, Princess.” He chuckles.

Kate snakes her arms around his neck and presses herself against him. “Dance with me.”

He doesn’t push her away, but he stays stock still. “I don’t dance.”

“It’s my ball.” She pouts her pretty pink lower lip at him.

“Ball? What you takin’ about?” He’s pretty sure she’s just drunk-talking nonsense now.

“I’m the princess, there’s music and you’re my prince.” Her green eyes are shimmery from the alcohol haze. “Please, dance with me, Seth.”

He complies because, really, he doesn’t tell her ‘no;’ and rationalizes it with the thought that arguing will just rile her up.

They sway, she stumbles, he keeps her on feet, and finally she sighs resting her head on his chest. He looks down at her, “You gettin’ tired?”

She nods against him and yawns, in the annoyingly cute, puppy-dog way that she does when she’s wasted.

“Let’s get you in bed before you turn into a pumpkin.”

He leads her into the darkness of the hotel room, helps her out of top layer of clothes and into her sleep shirt and shorts. She lays down without complaint and is asleep before he can count to ten.

He thinks about going back out on the patio/sidewalk area in front of the room, but decides against it. He ops to sit next to her on the bed and read the crime novel she’s been enthralled with for three days.

Richie finds them entwined when he comes in later that night. He doesn’t say a word, just snaps a few pictures and laughs to himself about how a little church-girl has Seth Gecko wrapped around her little finger.


This is fluffy and pointless. Thanks for reading. Love to my Loves.

Just little Yan An things that kill me
  • His soft shy lil sMILE ;u;
  • He’s so smol and awkward most of the time bless him
  • But sometimes he’s borderline savage HAHA
  • He’s literally the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen omg 
  • The fact that he comes across as a small child that you MUST PROTECT
  • HE ACTUALLY SAID HE WAS 7 YEARS OLD ONCE it’s canon he’s a small child ok
  • Annyeong chingudeul~
  • (The fact that he was responsible for like the first Pentagon meme omg I’m a proud mom)
  • The way he shakes his head to get his hair out of his face
  • Major innocent vibes omg    
  • When he has troubles speaking Korean
  • The fact that he’s always a beat behind what everyone else is doing
  • His soft beautiful singing voice
  • The way he mumbles when he talks
  • When the other members don’t understand him and he just keeps getting gradually smaller and quieter… :(
  • Looking proud of himself when he manages to tease someone
  • H e i g h t
  • When he gets excited <33
  • Y E O Y A N no really guys yeoyan will cause my death 
  • “Now you can never go to China”
  • When he’s performing and he suddenly looks fierce??? i DIE
  • Thug Yan An™ 
  • When they ask him to speak in Chinese and then he won’t shut up bless
  • *licks lips*
  • That time Dawn bought a dancing rabbit and he was trying to imitate it
  • He’s SCARED OF RIDES protect him
  • *stares into camera like he’s on The Office* 
  • “I’m going to run an errand for my hyungs but I need to stop and eat stuff… Uh oh what was I doing”
  • His English is actually really good?! 
  • always ready to fight
  • “edit this out”
  • The little half shy half amused face he gets when the members touch him >///<
  • Legs longer than my lifespan’s gonna be at this point thanx to him

black sails continues to wreck me. i don’t see something coming - it wrecks me. i see something coming from miles away - it still wrecks me. it’s like a never-ending matryoshka of hurt. i love it.

anonymous asked:

Thanks for the post. Tbh I also think "Shrimp" is cute. The way I see it, Gajeel didn't know names and wasn't allowed to be friendly with people. He's a pretty vision-based person imo. He calls everyone a nickname from a striking image when he first met them beyond the PL war (like Lucy? He calls her "bunny girl," bc he first saw her in a bunny suit trying to get Jason's attention). I took the nicknames as he's shit with names and uses the nicknames to help himself remember something to call ppl

Yeah! I noticed that, too, which is why I often use nicknames when I’m writing something in Gajeel’s POV. Be it dialogue or monologue, 9 times out of 10 I’ll substitute Natsu for Salamander or Lucy for Blondie/Bunny Girl. It just seems to be his way?

I personally agree that it seems to be in his personality? Even if he doesn’t call Levy “Shrimp” when they’re married, I think he’ll come up with nicknames throughout their entire life. There will be a name for incidents throughout the years. Hahahahaha. 

If you like it, write it. That’s my philosophy.

Attention all dragons!

For the rest of this month, I will give one (1) free petting. Coupon valid only for dragons until 31 December 2016.

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Don't know if anyone's asked this but how do you feel about Russell Crowe being cast as Jekyll in The Mummy reboot?

tentatively hopeful!! i watched the trailer today, and it was… kind of weird overall, i won’t lie, but i’m really excited to see what they do with jekyll. maybe it’ll be absolutely terrible and i’ll walk out fuming, but i’m actually thrilled with the casting itself. crowe is a great actor, and you have no idea how happy i am that they FINALLY, after so many movie adaptations, have a man over fifty playing jekyll. that’s basically all i need to be satisfied, at this point — it’s a pretty low bar, but honestly, i’m content with it. even if the plot ends up annoying me, i’m still really excited to see what crowe does with jekyll.