Today is my unofficial Carmilla anniversary.  I say unofficial because I’m sure I watched Carmilla between Feb 13-19.  So it’s been a year since I watched Carmilla and let me tell you why this web series is important to me.

So I lost my passion for what I was doing in college (Television).  I even began to wonder whether I even had passion for it to begin with (I really liked directing though).  Maybe it was just a juvenile wish without any plans hoping for the best.  Clearly, it was not the right field for me because I’m super shy and networking is the only way you can get a job in this industry.

I was starting to feel numb and the only feelings I had were anxiety over being on the verge of not graduating and finding a job in my field (surprise surprise I still don’t).

I was also the underdog and the youngest in my program.  I felt like people just waited for me to fuck up so they felt better about themselves.  Every time I wanted to do something, someone would take my job and being the push over that I am, I never said anything.  I knew I was capable of everything but I let people get in the way of what I wanted to do.  So now, I’m out of college with barely any experience in my field. 

I was at the lowest of the low around this time last year (after my diagnosis with PCOS and college as said above).  I just needed a distraction, I tried to watch so many shows but I wasn’t feeling anything.  I actually watched Carmilla in October of 2014 but I was too upset/busy to pay attention so I stopped.  And wow, I can tell you, I have not felt happier after binge watching everything at 3 in the morning.  After a long time, I actually felt something.  

I felt hopeful.  I don’t know why I just did tbh.  For awhile, I blogged about Carmilla on my anime blog (@chitoge-kirisaki​) but it got out of hand XD  But I made this blog and I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and had a wonderful year.

So thanks @ fandom and most of all, the production that is Carmilla, for changing my life in some small way ~~~~~~~~~~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡, Gabi.

anonymous asked:

Based on this theory, if the requirement for the commander of the coalition is to be a nightblood and nightbloods are traditionally Trikru then wouldn't that mean, with the exception of Ontari, that all potential future leaders of the coalition would be Trikru? Wouldn't that be unjust in the eyes of the other clans?

It could be viewed like that, but it is Lexa’s Coalition. She was the one that created the rules to the Coalition that the other clan’s agreed too. She created the rules that she could be removed from her position if she died or if she was challenged. She could choose a champion to fight for her and if her champion lost, her replacement would be a Nightblood of Trikru. The Coalition would still be ‘hers’ but she wouldn’t command it or make decisions. 

Honestly, I’m not even sure if the writers have thought through the possible scenarios if Lexa had chosen a champion and she lived. If there was no Ontari and Lexa’s champion lost, would there be a vote by the Ambassadors as to which Trikru Nightblood would take Command of the Coalition? The Conclave wouldn’t be a viable option to determine this, because Lexa is still alive and has the Commander Spirit. The only reason why Nia challenged Lexa was because she had her own Nightblood that could take command of the Coalition. This way the Ice Nation would be in control of the Coalition and not Trikru. Nia picked the opportune time for the Ambassadors to side with her and she had Ontari in the wings that fits with Lexa’s own laws about only a Nightblood is able to take her command. 

This was the only way that I could make sense of the things that happened in episode 4, given all the possible scenarios and Titus worried and shocked that there was a “commander from the Ice Nation”. Then Titus proceeded to want Lexa to still choose a champion. This led me to believe that her Tirkru Command could also be in jeopardy if she died. Titus wanted Lexa’s Commander spirit to stay in the Trikru bloodline. We then find out that Ontari will be back after Lexa’s death to take part in the Conclave. If Ontari is chosen by the Commander’s spirit, wouldn’t she THEN become the Commander of Trikru AND the Coalition? 

Gosh, I really hope there is a solid answer given to us this season.   

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I need to give up on a girl. How do I do it?

she did not choose you. in whatever way, in whatever measure, she did not choose you.

and you deserve to be chosen again, and again, and again, every day, by someone who feels lucky to have the choice at all.

so you tell yourself this, and it feels like you’re throwing yourself onto a bed of nails. you tell yourself this, over and over and over, when you think about calling her or texting her or even just looking at a picture of her face and thinking, maybe. 

SHE DID NOT CHOOSE ME will become your rosary, your morning and evening devotion, and because she did not choose you, you will choose you. someone has to, after all. and you will do the things you need to do to care for yourself. a long bath, a punishing workout, a hot fresh meal, a whole day spent listening to music you loved when you were small and didn’t know love outside of book covers.

and when you have chosen you, willingly and gladly, SHE DID NOT CHOOSE ME will feel like a gift, instead of a curse.

and that is how you give her up.

i wrote a lot tonight. i’ve finished my Letter of Intention for my Animation Workshop application plus a 1500 word Bio. i have the scholarship application left to do which i am a little stumped on but ill get there //sweats


I’ll Breathe Your Air Into My Lungs by bythelightofthenight

  • Pairing: Liam/Zayn
  • Word count: 18k+
  • Rating: Mature


It started out as a romance where opposites attract but in the making it became Zayn’s story of where he has to realize that he is the only one who can save himself.

Zayn doesn’t know what loving someone truly means. In the end it’s not about them leaving but whether they return.

okay so unless i manage to pull off a miracle and write two entire chapter/short things tomorrow, secret valentine is going to be late :/

sorry about that folks m(_ _)m


Philippe & Henriette → 1x08 (Versailles 2015)

- You can still say no.

 - I want to go.

 -But why? 

- Because he asked me to…

I get so wrapped up in my domestic scenarios and AUs where they’ve been together for years, that I forget to include the entire process of them falling in love and all sappy shit. Kinda funny how it’s essentially taking something for granted that never actually existed in the first place.

Shipping is an odd thing, but I’ll never get tired of it haha

So I just started watching the x-files and I’m completely chill and all of a sudden… STORYBROOKE! Well, Steveston. I freaked out! I haven’t finished the episode yet but if they don’t find out that this town is filled with fairy tale character I’m gonna have to question the credentials of Mulder and Scully