Let’s try to make everyone friends, Zelda. 

It’ll be easier, Zelda.

 It’s not like you’re dealing with two children, Zelda.

Why do you do this to yourself, Zelda;

Let’s Be friends Au.

Not sure if I ever posted all my babs in one big post, so here they all in their rainbow glory. 

From L to R: Aphritoxia, Nikodinu, Ohlisard, and Poyispha

Getting real tired of the queer people dying or being evil tbh



bc i got lots of compliments on my outfit today and then forgot to turn flash off

i know everyone is sort of of over the lammily biz tbh but gaaawd that video….

I feel like lammily doesn’t even understand its own mission statement. It’s suppose to be about dismantling conventional beauty standards that are often portrayed to impressionable young girls through their dolls? About making young girls feel good about themselves??? Maybe? i think? Hard to tell since their feel good “different” girl is actually just…. incredibly average…. not actually flawed at all…. white and blue eyed and conventionally attractive…. literally pulling that “I’m not like those SLUTTY dolls that post pictures of themselves in BIKINIS, and then get COMPLIMENTED (how dare they get complimented and get their confidence in their appearance validated by their supportive friends ) I have COOL nongirly hobbies, i made A MIXTAPE! now  im gonna go BE CONFIDENT bc I deserve it”

i have never seen such a living moral contradiction  portrayed so vividly than in this video tbh

shazaza replied to your post“But they dont? Why did you say that and ignored what I said?Ishihime…”

I like Ishihime but this anon’s reasoning is viewing Ishihime through rose-tinted glasses. Is this the same Ishida who doubted Orihime’s skills in the SS arc and called her a burden? He has been cold to Orihime at times too, hid things from her, etc.The double standards are amazing like they can handwave Ishida’s behavior but everything Ichigo does is bad for Orihime?? Lol. In fact, if we really have to compare Ishida and Ichigo’s treatment towards Orihime, lr Ichigo would win by a mile.

sorry for the late reply but yes exactly! This is what i mean when i say that like every anti-ichihime args nearly always work against ishihime too. People are so quick to ignore that Orihime’s feelings of insecurity and lack of resolve in battle originated in the SS when she was with Ishida. NOT Ichigo. Her feeling shitty about herself started with Ishida — that’s not to say Ishida’s solely responsible, because he’s obviously not; it was a problem Orihime had, it was something she struggled with because she wasn’t suited to battle, and she’d have had this problem regardless of ishida being there. But when she struggles with those same things around Ichigo, it’s all Ichigo’s fault? It’s ignored that all those things were present when Ichigo was nowhere near her and Ishida was. I just ??

People always say that Ichigo stifles Orihime’s growth cos he always sidelines her. Um didn’t Ishida sideline her in the SS arc like on multiple occasions? Didn’t he have her carried away from the battlefield against her will? last time I checked, Ichigo’s never done anything quite so prohibitive and fucking rude to her as Ishida did then lmao.

LITERALLY ALL ANTI-ICHIHIME ARGUMENTS CAN BE USED AGAINST ISHIHIME THOUGH. “IH will never happen bc ichigo’s in love with someone else” (even tho he’s not but thats off-topic) but for soem reason Ishihime will happen even tho Orihime is in love with someone else?? “Orihime’s love for Ichigo will always be unrequited” but um why not Ishida’s? Why is Ishida’s (vague implied, barely focused on) feelings due for reciprocation instead of Orihime’s (extremely developed, heavily focused on, canonly confirmed) love for Ichigo? like…..???? THE “ICHIGO SIDELINES ORIHIME” ARG GETS ON MY TITS THE MOST THOUGH BECAUSE OH MY GODDDD……

farriet replied to your post “But they dont? Why did you say that and ignored what I said?Ishihime…”

I feel like a lot of people who ship Orihime with anyone besides Ichigo are always claiming they want what’s best for her but they don’t really seem to understand her character at all, or how Kubo’s written her <.<

Hmmm honestly I feel inclined to disagree b/c I think it’s perfectly natural to love a character but not ship them with the person they’re in love with. Maybe you dislike the character they’re in love with, or their chemistry with someone else is more appealing to you. so imo ppl shipping her with someone else is really reflective of that

BUT if you’re anti ichihime then thats different bc the thing specifically about all anti args is that theyre always always always a very warped view of Ichigo and Orihime’s relationship, as well as their individual characters. Especially the ones that are, like you said, about claiming they want whats best for Orihime and saying shit like “Ichigo makes Orihime weak and sad and it’s unhealthy and blah blah blah”. They’re literally ignoring everything Orihime has ever said about Ichigo inspiring Orihime to be stronger, about her actually becoming stronger b/c of Ichigo, about her being happy b/c Ichigo saved her. Ppl say they want the best for Orihime but manage to do a spectacular job of not. listening. to her and taking her agency away from her (“she should fall in love w/ Ishida, he’s so nice to her and deserves her and blah blah blah”) and omg what really annoys me is these ppl saying they want her to fall out of love w/ Ichigo for her to develop??@}@:&{;;~# what the fuck how can u say you love orihime but ignore how much she’s developed already omfg what the fuck waht th efukc. oh and writing her love off as shallow or just a crush. How can u even think u even sligthly understand orihime if you get literally everything wrong abt her lol

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The thought of Kakyoin working for Passione and living in the turtle with Pol while wrangling all these kids is slaying me, please do elaborate

HONESTLY ANON I haven’t thought too much about it?? besides kakyoin being pissed off at polnareff for being reckless and running into danger once again and look what happened what do i do with y

really this AU should be pain and I should be elaborating on WHY it is pain but. please imagine kakyoin asking jotaro how koichi became fluent in italian in less than one night. please imagine the look on his face when jotaro says “it was rohan”

also imagine that he can no longer wear his double cherry earrings because two on each ear equals four and mista Will Not Allow That so single cherry earrings it is