I overcame a lot and there’s still more that i’m gonna have to do in order to live, unexpected things will come my way that only God knows how it’ll play out. The hardest battles are for the strongest, never give up even when you feel like you are going too because you were made to accomplish it! stay strong and trust your struggles it’s only building you for what’s to come.🌸

It was funny because it was something that we were all super nervous about, because I’m obsessive when it comes to accuracy. I don’t want to ever do an approximation of something, and the people on our show who are British like Julian and like Huw, they have very beautiful and very erudite white London accents. So when Marlene told me the story of Alex, I was like, “I’ve got to tell you, if this girl is a working girl and she has had, like, a rough upbringing, I don’t want her to be speaking like how Wren speaks. I want to be very clear from the beginning that she’s had a different life than Wren has had.” To me, the best way to communicate that was to give her a very specific accent, so I really wanted to learn the Essex accent. Essex girls are kind of fun, and there’s this reality show called The Only Way is Essex and and once you hear that cadence, and you listen to the way that these girls talk to each other when they get excited or passionate, I was like, “That’s this character. I can base a character on that.” What I was a little bit afraid of was when Marlene said that she’s going to be from the U.K., I was like, “OK here we go. Here comes the British bad guy, like, a James Bond villain or something like that.” So I was like, “I kind of want her to be something unexpected.” And because Spencer is so sort of refined and poised and slow and methodical, I really wanted Alex to vibrate on a different level. It was fun getting to work on the accent, but it’s been totally nerve wracking during filming because people were like, “Wait, people really talk like that?” And I was like, “Yes, yes they do go watch that show.”
—  Troian on Alex’s accent
the only marriage proposal i will accept

it’s daybreak. i’m meandering through a field on my family estate. i look up and see u there striding towards me in tight pants, riding boots, a half open shirt, and an overcoat. the music swells. u stutter through what is possibly the most romantic proposal of all time. i kiss ur knuckles and gaze into ur eyes as sunrise breaks over the horizon.

Petition to have "no" voicelines in overwatch

Genji: “I need healing !!!!!1!!1!”
Mercy: “No. I don’t think so.”

Hanzo: “Attack the objective!!!!!4!!2!!211!”
McCree: “Eat the underside of my rusty boot, pardner.”

Soldier 76: “Stop the payload!!!2!!1!1!”
Reaper: “Honestly?? Fuk u”


#avoidance in a common reaction to trauma #magnus was doing his best to forget that even when someone asked him how he was doing or simply talk about what’s really bothering him he would defect it #which is his way to cope and with time move on

  • Prompto: You really don't have any fears?
  • Noctis: just one
  • Prompto: Oh??
  • Noctis: dying alone
  • Prompto: Noc-
  • Noctis: it's okay i know it won't happen
  • Noctis: ardyn will be there bleeding out next to me
  • Prompto:
  • Prompto: We need to get you help.