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I am getting so anxious about no sebstan set pictures what if bucky loses the arm or something

D: The only way I’d accept him losing the arm is if they do the scene from the Brubaker comic and his arm knocks out some SHIELD guys and crawls through a vent.

Because… COMICS!

Hey, so a quick heads up for any of you out there thinking about watching Sense8 (or just about to start doing so), please do be aware that the show is rated for mature audiences and that being said has a lot of sex scenes and nudity throughout the season as well as excessive swearing, alcohol consumption, and other inappropriate things such as drug use. There’s also a trans character who’s mother is very disapproving of her transition, still uses her birth name and is just very transphobic in general.

I always wince inwardly when I reblog a post that is actually really good and absolutely to be endorsed. It’s about David in the farthest sense…. of course I’ll be all over it. I love this man. I will always appreciate posts in appreciation of him - or rallying support for him.  But why, WHY, does it always have to be the favourite blonde with him, even if the post is about him  - in appreciattion of him? WHY? Would it kill people to find a photo with him only - if the post is about him?

ROBIN IS FIIIIIIINALLY HERE FROM AMAZON UK! <33 Oh man, I’m so happy. All caught up on receiving my amiibo orders now. And trying not to think about Dark Pit being exclusive and Yarn Yoshis probably going to be even harder to find here.

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Why did you change over to Ja'far, and why does he act the way that he does? Your portrayal isn't correct. Formatting won't help.

I have my reasons, like everyone has their own reasons for why they picked their muses. I’ve yet to form and create different aspects of my muse. I’m trying to stay as close to canon as possible, but let’s face it, not one person is truly canon. We are not the creators of the story; we are the outside story tellers from one pair of eyes.

Let me explain to you something, dearest anon. A clay vase takes days, or even months to create. The base has to be constructed, then designed on. The sides are then next; they take longer. You have to think of the time the item is going to be in the kin as well. You want beauty and poise to be implemented into the work you’re going to either sell or give away, right? You want to make it the best that you can, correct?

This is an analogy for people who role play and for their muses. It takes time to bring our own spins to them, while at the same time, keeping their core ( how they are in canon ) in tack.

I do what I can, and he is still forming into a new, beautiful vase.

July 2, 2015

Have you eaten?  Drank enough water?  Taken you medicine?  No matter what you’re doing, remember to take a break okay?  This has been a PSA.

saltymonday replied to your post:I wanted to marry Joker at first, but he is such a…

om g u finally put how i feel for him into words he’s a garbage can that i just want to laugh at from afar and not get involved w/ that possessive stuff

joker is honestly such a trainwreck but it’s a trainwreck no one dies in so it’s so fucking funny to watch him