okay tomorrow i will try again, and you will?

give the painful earnest hemingway another chance.


I’d like to thank Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children for giving me a snapchat flower crown filter that doesn’t wash literally all the color out of my skin

I got a bunch of asks about US Presidential elections and the debate...

I am - for once - going to abstain from engaging in this kind of politics. Simply because, no matter how much I write or reason, I will be seen as fringe, and I have been personally attacked for it. Let’s just say I am always critical, no matter who is in charge, and honestly one can hardly call tonight’s debate, a “debate.”

If you are interested in my politics, feel free to message me (though honestly right now, I am way more focused on getting work done for school). Once upon a time I wrote extensively on political reform, especially when Kshama Sawant was running for re-election in Seattle (if that gives you a hint as to my politics). All I can say is that political debates with Americans tend to turn me into a ritualistic offering whenever I bring up my Marxism, so let’s just end it there.

that debate was unreal

and I don’t mean that in a good way

sonadowfire  asked:

So another Danny Phantom Au is where halfa's have a third person inside them and it's close enough to say a firewall, incase original 1 and 2 are KO/completely injured to the point where they cannot protect themselves. It's similar to your Shadow Au, but this would take complete control over the body to protect its host. While the originals 1 and 2 are not conscience. No one except for Clockwork (or others who watched/saw this happening) know the full story. And the core is opposite of the user.

Okay so just checking:
- Each aspect of a halfa is a separate entity. There are three.
- Usually the human or the ghost are in control and the third only acts in self-defense when the others are incapable of such, such as when they’re unconscious.
- This naturally means that neither of the first two would be aware of the third unless told by a bystander.
- Clockwork knows because he knows everything.
- Because Danny’s ghost has an ice core, the ‘shadow’ is fire aspected.

That’s a pretty cool AU! Reminds me a little of a fic I saw once. Give it a look, you might like it.

realizing you should’ve gotten rid of a friend years ago is the worst because now it’s a lot harder to walk away

The only marriage proposal I will accept

it’s daybreak. i’m meandering through a field on my family estate. i look up and see u there striding towards me in tight pants, riding boots, a half open shirt, and an overcoat. the music swells. u stutter thru possibly the most romantic proposal of all time. i kiss ur knuckles and gaze into ur eyes as sunrise breaks over the horizon.