Doll Dad

Netherlands: “So I guess you could call me your Pap.”
America: “Pop?”
Netherlands: “No, that means doll. I said Pap.
America: “Pop!”
Netherlands: “…okay, I have failed. Come on, you’re going to England.”


This is her current hair from what I understand. First photo from a party at her work, second from Amsterdam, third Instagram story, fourth and fifth from hanging out with friends, sixth from twitter. It appears that she had a light purple, it faded to lavender, then to a really light lavender pink. Could the top be a wig? Yes, but in the first photo you can see her scalp so she either has a really great wig maker or purple hair and potentially some extensions. I didn’t actually think it was her hair until it started fading honestly. Or there’s potentially she has a lavender wig and very light lavender hair. Either way there’s color in there, and before that I believe she had blonde in it? Her roots aren’t super grown out either, I’ve left my own hair alone for a month or two and the roots are much, much longer, so that color is newer.

-Admin Emma


the only marriage proposal i will accept

it’s daybreak. i’m meandering through a field on my family estate. i look up and see u there striding towards me in tight pants, riding boots, a half open shirt, and an overcoat. the music swells. u stutter through what is possibly the most romantic proposal of all time. i kiss ur knuckles and gaze into ur eyes as sunrise breaks over the horizon.

Petition to have "no" voicelines in overwatch

Genji: “I need healing !!!!!1!!1!”
Mercy: “No. I don’t think so.”

Hanzo: “Attack the objective!!!!!4!!2!!211!”
McCree: “Eat the underside of my rusty boot, pardner.”

Soldier 76: “Stop the payload!!!2!!1!1!”
Reaper: “Honestly?? Fuk u”

  • Prompto: You really don't have any fears?
  • Noctis: just one
  • Prompto: Oh??
  • Noctis: dying alone
  • Prompto: Noc-
  • Noctis: it's okay i know it won't happen
  • Noctis: ardyn will be there bleeding out next to me
  • Prompto:
  • Prompto: We need to get you help.