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story time. I got sick in 7th grade with like, the flu or something. I was stuck in bed so my mom put a tv in my room, went to blockbuster, and came back with two movies: Ang Lee's the Hulk, and... the Adventures of Pluto Nash. Literally the only thing I remembered about that movie was that some mobsters were gonna pour battery acid down that dude's throat cuz that's the only memorable part of that fucking movie.

That’s more than I would remember. What an awful sick day movie!

Saw Terminator: Genisys today


  • Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both very good.  The dude who played Kyle Reese was utterly unmemorable.  He also looked entirely too well fed and beefy for someone who’s supposed to be living a hardscrabble post-apocalyptic existence.  What’s the point of a Kyle Reese who looks almost as swole as a fresh-out-of-the-box T-800?
  • I would say I enjoyed about 50% of this movie.  I would see one moment that was an effective tribute to the source material or a good bit of building on its foundation, only for the next moment to be something obviously intended as a tribute or further building but tone-deaf/point-missing/just kind of a dumb idea (um writers, I’m pretty sure Miles Dyson didn’t own Cyberdyne - that clunked as hard as the “Cardassian Sunrise” line in the Star Trek reboot, a pointless bit of “SEE WE REMEMBER THE THING” without understanding how to use The Thing in context).
  • I enjoyed Pops and his interactions with Sarah very much; their relationship and his development as an old and somewhat worn out cyborg were my kind of content.  His having to “take the long way” and work for a living was a brilliant idea that I wish were explored more.
  • You’ll remember that Linda Hamilton was allowed to look terrified and get dishevelled.  She got sweaty and her hair went stringy.  When she got hurt it affected the way she could move.  Emilia Clarke’s face stayed perfectly matte the entire time, because this is the type of movie where the heroine looking pretty is more important than the heroine’s appearance helping us to understand how hard this experience is for her and how much danger she’s in.
  • Another action movie in which people get injured but are basically unaffected except for expressing pain in the moment of wounding and scenes of utter mayhem take place in major urban locations but life just goes on in the rest of the city as normal.
  • I am sure you can’t do all that with a helicopter and have it keep working until an elderly cyborg plummets into its rotor face first (but only loses a few patches of skin from one side of his face).
  • The use of “I Wanna Be Sedated” in the scene where Kyle and Pops get competitive about loading magazines or clips or whatever you call them with bullets was effective from a rhythmic point of view, but if Sarah was listening to the music through Walkman headphones it shouldn’t have been audible in the rest of the room.
  • The use of “I Wanna Be Sedated” at its first appearance struck me as a lazy way to convey, “Here’s Sarah Connor, but she’s different!  She’s angry!  So she listens to punk rock!”  Oh my God imagine if they’d committed to that more fully and this version of Sarah were a punk.  I would love that so damn much.  Sarah Connor in full 1984 punk mode with spiky hair and black lipstick and bovver boots.
  • I was tremendously irritated when the Johnbot suddenly debuted a new fighting style in his climactic fight with Pops, as if he’d been saving up his best moves for a dramatic moment.
  • I really, really liked the T-1000 we met in the early part of the film, especially when he was in the mirror.  That was a neat effect.  It was a shame he got knocked out of the running so quickly.
  • I also liked it when a blob of T-1000 liquid metal reanimated the young T-800 because it reminded me of fresh blood reviving the ashes of a vampire, an undead kinda thing.  But then they used it as a have-your-cake-and-eat-it thing at the end so they could have the pathos of a battered old T-800 fighting to the death and then sinking away, and have Pops survive so Sarah didn’t have to be sad.  That peeved me off massively.  As long as a Terminator exists in our period, the risk of Skynet technology is present.  He should have had to die the way the one in Terminator 2 did.
  • I have to reserve the most intense venom for the decision to cast Matt Smith.  You simply can’t plant a former Doctor in a scene about time travel and not have it be completely distracting and disruptive the moment he’s in shot.  Were they trying to be cute?  Because of the context it becomes almost impossible to accept him as an avatar of Skynet; you find yourself thinking that the Doctor must be forced to do what he’s doing in order to preserve a fixed point in time.  It was just a rubbish idea from stem to stern.  
  • They did that Thing, you know the Thing where a villainous character is impaled and pulls himself hand over hand along the impaling object to impress us with how inhumanly unstoppable he is in his malice?  But the Johnbot can separate and reform himself like a T-1000.  From his point of view, the sensible thing to do would be to take a step left or right, then close up the resulting tear in his side.  So they completely ignored their own creatures’ logic for the sake of a really hackneyed shot.
  • In a sinking rowboat with a T-1000 coming up through the floorboards Sarah’s dad would not have had time to teach her a little life lesson complete with finger tracing across palm.  That was absolute cheeseball.
  • While we’re at it, every other time a T-800 has had to fight a T-1000 (or, as in this film, even another T-800) it’s been hard work and resulted in significant surface damage, but here we’re expected to accept that the young Pops slew the T-1000 that killed Mr and Mrs Connor (while Sarah, the target, hid under the dock and was completely unharmed) so handily that, when Sarah first saw him, he was uninjured, his clothes were clean and undamaged, and his hair wasn’t even messed up.  How.
  • Also why did the cabin explode.  Why?  Why.  Terminators don’t try to avoid collateral damage in pursuit of their targets, but they also don’t waste time blowing things up or killing people when that won’t help them to reach the target.  If Sarah wasn’t in the cabin, there was no reason to blow it up.
  • On the other hand, I really dug that when Pops attacked the newly arrived T-800, he was just a decoy.  He and Sarah never expected him to be able to defeat his counterpart alone.  His job was to hold the T-800′s attention until Sarah could get a clear shot.
  • That said, it was idiotic that he threw aside the telescope thingy after one good hit with it.  He could certainly have hit the T-800 again, or thrown it at him, or something.  It was such an obvious piece of “oops, that weapon is effective but we want the fight to go on a bit longer, so the hero can’t continue to use it.”  And instead of creating a way to have him lose the weapon, they just had him drop it as if it was of no further use!
  • Did you know that liking dirt bikes is genetic?
  • The idyllic pastoralism of the closing scenes did not belong in this series of movies at all.
  • Also, obviously they weren’t going to do anything this interesting, but I wish with all my heart that instead of kissing Kyle at the end of the film, Sarah had given him a firm handshake and said, “It’s so good to know that there’s nothing we have to do.”
  • and then they drive off happily as if they aren’t all wanted criminals and suspected terrorists at this point in time, and none of what they’ve done in the past few days is going to have any kind of consequences or impact on Sarah’s new life
  • also Genisys was a stupid boring device to deliver Skynet in one more flaming form, and it still looks spelled wrong.
  • There was no reason for Genisys to appear as a hologram of a child that aged up.  Why would it be programmed to do that?  Why would aging up be associated with the countdown clock skipping ahead?  What was any of that about?
  • J K Simmons: also good.
  • I don’t have the energy to talk about the plot holes and failures of underpinning logic.
The Definitive List of All the Live-Action Disney Movies Just Around the Riverbend
And they just keep coming!
By Tommy DePaoli

7. Winnie The Pooh (TBD)

“With the project still in development, the only thing we know so far about the live-action Winnie the Pooh is that it will follow an adult version of Christopher Robin. Could this potentially be in the same vein as Hook, with a grown-up remembering his childhood by visiting a magical land? I can definitely get behind that.”


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The Boruto cheating stuff is bothering me more than anything else in the movie. Like I could actually understand that he is just a kid and people are expecting a lot from him but being recognized as a genius and fall that far into that! What u think

The important thing to remember about Boruto is that he’s had his father’s attention for most of his life, and the only competition for that attention was his mother and sister, and now he has to share Naruto with the entire village, and at times the entire world. It’s a really abrupt and certainly not welcome change, and we see some of the effects of it in 700 and 700+1. The quickest way for Boruto to get Naruto’s attention is to vandalize the Hokage monument, and it’s implied in 700+1 that it’s a reoccurring event.

We see in the epilogue scene of the Last that Boruto very clearly loves his father and is incredibly excited to see him. We know from promo material that he dotes on his sister and shows a side to her that not many people see. And while we don’t know his exact relationship with his mother, there are signs that point to him having a soft spot for her. All of this together says to me that to Boruto, family is number one, which makes a lot of sense considering who his parents are.

Which leads me to the cheating. By the time of the movie, Naruto has been Hokage for at least a few years (I’m guess like 2 or 3 at this point) and we know that it’s taking up a lot of his time and energy. So much so that he can’t even maintain a single clone (I feel like there’s more to this than we’ve gotten so far, but we’ll see). Boruto, despite all his bluster and show-offiness, just wants his father’s attention and approval, and we’ve also gotten a lot of info that implies he has similar self-confidence issues that plagued his mother when she was his age. 

It’s not 100% clear, but from what I can tell, there’s a moment where Naruto praises Boruto before one of the exams (presumably the final exam). Like I said before, Boruto is practically desperate for Naruto’s attention and approval, and this praise and all of the expectations on him as the Nanadaime’s son and the Yondaime’s grandson, push him to make the rather poor decision to cheat in the exam, his internal reasoning being he wants to make Naruto proud at any cost, and then we have the exams and everything else that happens after that.

Boruto has a lot of pressure and expectations laid on him, and even Naruto probably gets a little wrapped up in these expectations and unintentionally puts even more pressure on Boruto. Add this to Boruto’s wanting to make Naruto proud of him, he’d probably do just about anything to keep that praise. 

Am I disappointed in Boruto? Yes. Do I understand what drove him to this point? I absolutely do. All it really comes down to is that he’s just a kid who loves and misses his dad.

So I had a dream last night that I was watching an MCU movie - I actually have no idea which one, it was just set sometime in the future of Avengers MCU.

I don’t remember much about what happened, but I do remember that Sam Wilson had a girlfriend whom he liked a lot, they’d been going out for quite a while. She was only ever mentioned in the movie, but she was apparently super nice and super smart, she’d earned Natasha’s seal of approval. I don’t remember them mentioning her occupation, only that she and Sam met in DC.

But the only real reason I remember this is because, apparently, in this imaginary future MCU movie in which Sam has a girlfriend, the girlfriend’s last name is Byrd. The avengers (Clint and Steve especially) tease him mercilessly with bird jokes, saying he should adopt her last name when they get married and name their children Wren or Raven, call their house the Eagle’s Nest, etc. In the dream, he wouldn’t tell any of the avengers what her first name was because he didn’t want them to tease her like they tease him. Clint coined the name ‘Robin’ and they’ve been calling her that until they learn her real name.

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What did you think of the first insidious?

It was one of those movies that I heard so much about and then when I watched it I was very underwhelmed.  I think that I actually got angry watching it because I disliked it that much.  Which is weird because I like Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Lin Shaye. The only thing that I remember liking was the comic relief of Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell.  

That and being the only one who saw the boy standing there before he came out and danced.  I felt very vindicated when the people that I watched it with finally saw him when we rewound it.

Also for some unknown reason we watched part two years later and somehow I manged to actually like that one better?  When apparently its horrible to other people.  I am not sure if I will even see the third one at this point.

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(via “I’m here to chew bubblegum…” iconic scene from the They Live movie - YouTube)

In honor of Rowdy Roddy Piper, may he rest in peace… one of the greatest lines in the history of American cinema, which he improvised from his wrestling bits on set that day, and which has become literally the only thing worth remembering about this movie.

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Yeah but Bucky was misunderstood. He was brainwashed by Hydra. Loki not so much.

I’m not saying that he wasn’t. I’m talking about things on a fandom level. Bucky wasn’t a villain at all, while Loki definitely was for all intents and purposes. 

I’m talking about how people on Tumblr go die hard on these things. The movie is about Batman and Superman but 90% of the content I see are already just analyses and hypothesis of what might’ve happened to Jason. 

And it’s alright, let’s be real. People are just enjoying what they want - that’s only fair. It’s just that this is going to escalate, this is going to become disproportional.

 We remember how things were with Loki, and how things still are with Bucky. Everything is meticulously analysed, the same scenes get repeated and analysed over and over and over again with walls of text repeating the same basic ideas. It’s tireless and almost neverending. And let’s not talk about how aggressive people can get if you, God forbid, disagree.

My point is that Jason is going to go (he’s already at the beginning) of going through that. More and more people are becoming interested in him (good!) but there’s gonna be a point when he’s the utmost favorite among a huge group of people and that just means neverending repetition of the same content.

It’s alright if people like it, my problem with the other two is that I was pretty much force fed those things, whether I wanted it or not. I just hope that doesn’t repeat itself here.

I was just thinking about one of my favorite movies of all time, A Beautiful Mind, and decided to redo my research on John Nash because he’s always been a fascinating individual to me ONLY to have discovered he and his wife, Alicia, died in a car crash back in May. I’m so shocked that this piece of significant news was nowhere; I don’t remember ever hearing about it on televised news or even on this website. Perhaps I was just occupied with other things at the time but A Beautiful Mind is one of my favorite films ever and although it was completely glamorized in Hollywood, hearing such sad news makes me want to watch the film even more. 


Family Secrets Ch1

As they drove, Mark was nervous and excited all at the same time. He and his girlfriend Erica had been together for almost a year now and this trip wasto be the first time he met her parents. The problem was that the whole trip was set up because Erica’s sister was pregnant and the family wanted to have a get together before the birth. Not just pregnant, but Very, VEry, VERy, VERY pregnant, with quadruplets!

As far as he could remember he adored pregnant women. He remembered being a kid and watching the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” and seeing the girl from the Nickelodeon show “Secret World of Alex Mack” with asympathy belly. He was turrned on back then. His love for pregnant women had only grown throughout the years. And, Jamie, Erica’s sister, was supposed to be huge, and only just beginning her fourth month. He overheard a conversation between Erica and Jamie, and Jamie had said that she was already so big that before too much longer she wouldn’t be able to walk! Now at 5’ 10", brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a 40 D- 28-40, Erica was gorgeous. Mark especially loved her wide"child bearing hips" as she called them. But if Jamie was half as beautiful as her sister and with that huge belly, Mark wasn’t going to be able to keep hiseyes off her.

Erica slept in the passenger seat next to him. God she was gorgeous. He was always turned on by the way the seat belt showed off he ample breasts. He noticed a sign for a rest stop so he grabbed her inner thigh to wake her up. “Mmmm, Hey baby” she said as she stretched.

“There’s a rest stop coming up. I didn’t know if you wanted to stop.”

“No I’m fine, but you look like you could use a little break from the wheel.”

“I’m alright” he said, “but I’m just a little nervous. That’s all.” They had talked a few times about his desire for pregnant women and she was completely understanding. She would even role play sometimes and tell him to make her tummy huge. She would say that she wanted it to swell. But it was all just play. She was on the pill, he knew that. Sometimes it was just hard to separate his desire from reality. That’s why he was so surprised and excited to go on this trip. He didn’t know how Erica would take it.

“I told you baby, everything will be alright, my parents will love you” she said as she put her hands between his legs and massaged his crotch. “And I know you’re going to love how big my sister is” she purred. With that, she slowly raised herself up and pushed her body next to his so that her breastswere firmly pressed against his right shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Maybe someday you’ll be able to get me that big. Hopefully I’ll grow so large that you’ll have to sell this old four door and buy a van so you can carry me around in the back. Now why don’t you slow down to 65 so you don’t have a wreck on the interstate.” Then she unzipped his pants, lowered her head, and began to work feverishly.

He loved road trips.After hours, the trip finally ended. It was great to get out of the car and stretch. As Erica got out of the car she wiped her mouth and smilthe most glorious sight he had ever seen.

Not only was Jamie gorgeous but….“You never told me you had a twin!”

“I don’t.” replied Erica.

“She’s a triplet.” said a voice from behind the wall, and in walked another girl as beautiful as Erica, only a bit shorter with slightly smaller breasts. “Hi, I’m Carrie. I can’t believe she never told you about us!”

“Well,” said Erica, “I can’t let out all my secrets just yet.”

Jamie was stunning. As she walked over to shake Mark’s hand she had a distinctive waddle. Her belly was enormous! It looked at least full term with twins and she was only four months! “Are you sure you’re only four months along?” Mark stammered.

“Well hello to you to. Of course I’m only four months. I’m just having large babies. But, I might have more than four in here. Who knows?” As she said this she just smiled and patted her large tummy. It stuck out at least a foot and a half from her and she was clearly pregnant from behind. She was standing in front of him with mid-thigh shorts on and a shirt so tight that a third of her huge belly was showing. She clearly didn’t have a bra on and her large E cup breasts were spilling out. Mark was in heaven.

“Well (Mark cleaed his throat) where are your parents?”

Erica pulled out one of the new diet shakes she had just started drinking about a week ago and laughed, “This isn’t their house silly. I told you I’m from Tennessee, and last I looked we were in Georgia. We’re at Carrie’s. This is your test.”

Mark was stunned. He had just guessed her parents had moved. “What test?’

"Well,” chimed in Carrie “it seems our sister really likes you, and we don’t want what happened to Jamie to happen to her. When Jamie’s husband found out about our condition he left her. Silly Jamie,” she patted her sister’s belly throwing Jamie off balance, “she decided to wait until this happened to let him know. We have to be sure you’re the one for our sister before she gets too serious. Now take off those pants!”

“W-What?” stammered Mark.

“You see,” said Jamie as she waddled closer to him exposing the curves of her body “the women in this family have multiple and very large pregnancies. So we need to be sure that you’ll still love her when she gets this big. And besides, I haven’t had sex in a long time.” Before he knew it, Erica and Carrie had his pants off and were lowering him onto the ground. He needed no further encouragement. Although he felt weird about his girlfriend having him fuck her sister, his cock didn’t mind at all. He quickly sprang to life as Erica helped Jamie take off her incredibly tight shorts; she was obviously too big to easily take them off herself.

She rubbed her hands up and down her huge swollen belly and smiled. “I’m going to enjoy this, and I hope you do to, for your own sake. You don’t know what you’d be missing,” she said as she grabbed a hold of Erica and the couch as her other sister slowly lowered her onto Mark’s erect and waiting penis. Her warmth could be felt from miles away. As she sat down on top of him he ran his hands all over her swollen body. He couldn’t believe it! Not only was his dream coming true, but it was at the wish of the girl he truly loved. If he did this right Erica would be his forever. Her juices were sweet and flowing out of her. He could feel her as she rocked back and forrth on his cock. Her moans were ringing in his ears as he did his best to please her. Her belly was so large that it was impossible for her to sit straight up. She had to lean back on his bent knees to rest herself. Try as she might however, she was unable to hump him. She grabbed the couch next to her and her sister’s hand for support, and with great straining and moaning able to do it a few times, but she was just to heavy to sustain it. “It’s…huff huff huff…good…uhhh…but I need….Ahhh… you tooooooh pound me!,” she gasped.

Mark saw his chance. He tried to raise himself but he quickly realized Jamie’s belly ended right below his sternum. So, with the help of her sisters he raised the moaning preggo to her feet and directed her towards the couch. “I’ve got to get you out of this shirt!,” he said in desperation.

“Just rip it off…ummmm… it’s way to small anyway. I grew out of it weeks ago.” He grabbed her shirt right below her chin and ripped it off exposing the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen. Not only were they huge, but nice and perky. In fact, she didn’t have a single stretch mark on her whole body. “Those things are way too full, empty them please, I beg you,” she pleaded.

He immediately began to suck and before he knew it her sisters were milking Jamie for him. “Just rub it in,” Erica told him, “It’s the best tit lotion in the world, right next to cum. You better give me plenty of both before long.”

When he had his fill he laid Jamie on the couch with her feet on hisshoulders. Her tits bounced off each other and her belly as she climaxed. “OH!Mark. YES YES YES! FUCK ME HARDER; COME ON… OH GOD, OH God. FUCK, YOUR GOO…AHHHHUHH UHH UHH!”

He drilled her harder than he had ever fucked Erica. He was so hard he could have fucked his hugely pregnant partner for hours, but when she finally climaxed again he had to release.

“Put it on my belly Mark. Spray your load all over this huge belly of mine. I want it to drizzle down all over these huge tits!” With that he came,and came, and came. He gave her all he had, just how she wanted it and with that, they both passed out in ecstasy.

does anyone else remember mockingjay ending that horribly

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Rouge ^^

  • Why I like them: Rouge does whatever she can to get what she wants and I think that’s awesome 
  • Why I don’t I don’t really dislike anything about her, the only thing that irks me is how the fandom sometimes views her as a slut simply because of how she dresses. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) No matter how many times I’ve seen this episode this scene continues to make me giggle. 
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line “Even if you believe the world is against you, remember that I’ll always remain by your side.” - Sonic 06
  • Favorite outfit Her outfit from Sonic Heroes and from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
  • OTP Shadouge or/and Knouge
  • Brotp Rouge and Amy
  • Head Canon I don’t have any ^^;
  • Unpopular opinion
  • A wish
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen 
  • 5 words to best describe them She has great taste in fashion
  • My nickname for them 
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NAME: Marcin
NICKNAME: Szadzik/Szad
BIRTHDAY: October 14
STAR SIGN: libra sun, scorpio moon
GENDER: male
HEIGHT: 160 cm / 5′3
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 4-7 lmao i’m a cat
LAST THING I GOOGLED: “yellow blind bag pony” bc i forgot the name of mine
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Fiver (Watership Down), Fluttershy and Prism Glider (mlp)… ok that’s it
FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: uhh Markiplier? i literally don’t care about famous people, i only know a few youtubers
FAVORITE BAND: right now? twenty one pilots
LAST MOVIE I SAW: i don’t know. i can’t remember, movies bore me lmao
DREAM TRIP: i always wanted to see deep Siberia idk
DREAM JOB: illustrator or freelance artist. oh wow, i can dream :^)

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so when I was a kid I kinda remember my sister having this Barbie movie and it was traditionally animated and the plot was Barbie’s band goes into orbit on a rocket ship to do a concert in space and like the planets align or something and that causes them to go back in time to like the 50s I think

every so often I think about it but I only have the VAGUEST memories about it and I just am not even sure if it’s real or just a weird dream I once had bvecause it is such a bizare premice

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"But that is what they said. In Age of Ultron she understands Bruce’s “I’m a monster” because she has been sterilized." No, that's not how the conversation went. She understands it because of having been molded into a weapon. She mentioned being sterilized in the context of Bruce not being able to have children because he was irradiated. She was saying she can't have children either, so his inability to give her children is a non-issue and he shouldn't angst about it.

Well I won’t say that you’re wrong, because I admit that is probably a more valid interpretation of those invents than my own. Especially since I’ve only seen that movie once, and am not really planning on watching it again, so I might be remembering things wrong.

But the point still remains: instead of truly visiting Natasha’s dark past and showing how terribly it scarred her, more focus was given to the sterilization (all in service of an OOC romance) and it could potentially be a factor in why SWWers think that Ward had things worse than Natasha.
And, regardless of how the events in AoU played out, Natasha’s life and upbringing was a million times worse than Ward’s.

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What's the worst movie you've ever paid to watch?

If we’re talking about paid to see in the theater, then I think my answer is Ed Wood. At least, that’s the only movie I’ve ever walked out of in the theater. It’s been so long since that happened, though, that I don’t know if I would still dislike it as much as I did back then (or at all, frankly…I don’t remember a thing about it). 

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• One song: Bad by Infinite (how do i choose only one? I have a current fave. playlist with over 100 songs fuck this)

• Two movies: Mr. Holmes and Kiki’s Delivery Service
• Three shows: Hello,Murderer/I Remember You, Bomb Girls, Sherlock 

• Four people: idols or people irl? lets go with idols otl. Yoongi…Yoongi…Yoongi…Tae

Nah jk. Yoongi, Taetae, Hwasa, Cheetah

• Five foods: dark chocolate, chicken, beef, rice, noodles

I’ll tag… foxbro theclassiestlesbian royalpeanut beandimples 

hmmm…and anyone else who feels like doing this. 

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Name: Kellyn
Time/Date: 11:30pm 7-24
Birthday: April 18th 1998 (only 90′s kids will remember)
Average Hours of Sleep:
Last thing I googled: nanny diaries full movie
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual?? Tbh I hate labels I just want steve rogers
Favorite Color: Blue and red
One Place That Makes Me Happy: running trails 
What I’m Wearing RN: Black shirt that has a gold heart and shorts
Last Book I Read: You’re exposing me and I don’t wanna lie so it was the twilight official guide because it has the cullens’ backstories (hides in corner)
Most Used phrase: “HONESTLY”
Fave Drink: home made lemonade (it rhymes lol)
Favorite Food: Tbh mexican food
Last Movie I watched: the nanny diaries
Dream Vacation: Somewhere in Europe 
Dream Wedding: I’m sorry but I loved bella’s wedding in breaking dawn part 2 (runs to corner) the over hanging tree was so pretty and it was outside in the woods by the river. So much nature aaaHHHHH
Dream pets: I WANT A FOX SO BAD. It’s possible to have them! there has been domesticated foxes. I also want corgis. 
Dream job: I want to be a lawyer so bad I love debates and defending a topic and investigating and tbh I’m gonna go watch law and order SUV and cry.
Random Fact: I lowkey hate raves and have a weird fear of aliens
Last thing I said to a family member: “good night!”

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Have you seen Birdman?

I sure have! I saw it in cinemas. I really did love it at first but downgraded it to a ‘really like’ after thinking about it a bit more. I only did see it the once but it was beautifully done stuff. Really enjoyed that movie. The movement was so great, so real, and Keaton’s performance really grabbed me. 

But yeah, I do remember putting out a trigger warning on here for Birdman for people who’ve had psychosis issues/potential psychotic episodes. There was a bit of stuff in there which went a bit hard. Imagining things, disconnect from reality etc. Of course, as a film lover I can appreciate that stuff, but as human with my own experiences we all bring our own stuff to the theatre. 

When I say triggered by psychosis it can mean a broad amount of things and for different people, but usually for me it’s sound related, the idea of someone whispering in your ear, an omniscient voice speaking from above. But for a lot of people it can mean visuals and colours and stimuli like that. Also, for me personally, broad delusions of grandeur/fame that are filmed against an unsympathetic reality tend to make me anxious and uncomfortable, which is why I had to get out of The King of Comedy. Bobby was beautiful and too real with it all, reminded me of Taxi Driver (but I love Taxi Driver so I don’t get it!! Maybe just a mood thing.) 

Psychosis is not a thing you can recover from easily and it’s very difficult to explain, but I always wanna make sure everyone stays safe re this stuff because I know I’ve found myself in situations before where I’ve had to leave movie theatres because the depictions of episodes were uncomfortably accurate, and it’s not nice. xxxx