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If you do ever do anything else with Frozen, the only thing I could ever honestly recommend is a cut song that was replaced with the First Time in Forever reprise where Anna gets ice-blasted. I can't remember the name, but it turns into an argument between Anna and Elsa and Elsa lashes out at Anna and that's how she got ice-blasted instead of how it was in the movie.

I think I know that one and am sad it’s cut. There’s just… a lot about Frozen I saw that should not have been cut and what they kept was just a hodge podge of remnants that could have been a pretty good movie bc it was rehashed so many times and rushed at the end… It’s just upsetting.

Although, the one thing I still do consider trying out is maybe cleaning up the storyboards I had before… It was still just a rough first draft. I know I could have made a lot more clearer. It’d probably take a while before I’m ever motivated to do that again or even have time. :P

Imagine your motivation to keep going onto something being people who you don’t even know. Most creators -and I don’t say that only for cartoons or TV shows in general, I say that about any project- just get tired of spending so much on their time over something they made, especialy because it takes a lot of writing, rewriting, thinking, rethinking, and once you start doing that, it is really hard to go on, or to face the same things over and over. I remember being a big fan o Tim Burton and getting kinda desapointed when I read an enterview in which he said that didn’t watch any of his movies because he was “sick of ‘em”. I couldn’t understand how you would put such hard work on things if you are going to dislike them in the end. And yesterday while “Between the Pines” was airing I noticed that Alex didn’t seem to be tired, neither annoyed for being ask every single day from us about the show that he has worked on 4 years. He just sounded like somoene who was having a fun time telling secrets to his fans about his own show. It seemed like Gravity Falls was something that he was really proud of creating and, with the help of many others, developing. He didn’t have any obligation to give us THE incredible show that Gravity Falls really is, he only had to put up the funny, misterious show that Disney bought from him. Instead, he and his team worked it out to make the best out of the story they had, they have even added jokes about the fans, thus being a prove that it wasn’t just a job for them. That they believed in the pure irreplaceble magic of storytelling. And this tweet shows that maybe if we didn’t freak out so much about all the jokes, references, codes from the show, we would just have another “cool show that got canceled”. We are now living in an era in which we have lots of influence over our own favourite shows. I feel like as being curently drawn in the Gravity Falls fandom (you guys brought me here, in a lazy day, almost a year ago) you have somehow an impression that Gravity Falls has become a bigger story that it is, mostly for its influence over many people, and how the realtionship that the team has with the fans just made it almost like a living thing, something that unite people from all ages, all places, to discover the truth about a strange town in the forrest. I can not really express on words the effect that this show had on me, but I just like to point out the amazing sensation that it is to actually have the power to change something that we are not even directly involved, and to be somoene’s motivation just shows that there still are people in this world that think that you are possible to make inimaginable things if you believe in something. And that, my friends, that was really the most valueable lesson that I’ve learned from the wonderfull experience of Gravity Falls. Thanks to the cast & crew, an to all the people around that made me realize this. 

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do you think that Dan and Phil will write a sequel to "The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire" and do you think other youtubers will write books?

Maybe in a few years time again, since by then they will have achieved so many other things which they want to remember forever. About other YouTubers, lots of sequels will probably be written (or are already written). But I can’t think of any other YouTubers who will start writing a book except for the ones who have already written one. Like, Emma Blackery is more of a singer than a writer and so is Dodie Clark, Luke Cutfort is making a movie rn, Markiplier doesn’t look like the type of writing a book (him making a movie would even have a bigger chance of happening in my opinion) etc etc etc. 

I am only suspecting Evan Edinger of writing one huge pun-filled book one day.

A Howling

(as published in Alliteration)

They never told me.

But that’s not important. Children aren’t told so many things, left to learn on our own. Tough love as humiliation, our bodies become horror movies. I’m trying to find the words. Trying to remember. Because silence eats us up inside. Because the only thing no one believes from me is the truth. Everyone talks about Michelle, saying less that is real each time. I don’t know at what point the truth becomes a story. I don’t know if the truth will even fit this telling.

My shadow stretches too far behind me. I can only come at the past by circling it. I bite my fingernails and toenails to the quick every morning, so that they won’t become claws. So that I won’t have teeth. Because teeth can be so many things. Words spill out from between closed lips if your teeth are too sharp.

If you are too hungry. If.

I keep writing and deleting. I don’t want pity. When grandpa died, mom didn’t cry at all. People stared, made whispers meant for hearing, and I asked her about it. Because I asked questions then. And she said she’d known grandpa was dying for months, and her grief had played itself out. That there comes a point when grief is indulgence. Maybe pity is like that too. Mom was always hard, except in the ways I needed her to be hard. Maybe everyone is like that. I don’t know. It’s hard to get to know people. Wolves come in too many shapes.

After grandpa died, grandma lived alone. The house wasn’t far into the woods. The woods weren’t even a proper forest, but to me and Michelle they were huge and towering. And she was old enough to go alone, to take food to grandma through the woods with her cloak done up tight against the wind and rain. Daddy said it had to be red so she wouldn’t be mistaken as a deer. And then he would laugh as though he’d told a joke.

I was too young to go alone, and the woods were strange and scary in the way sacred places are always scary. Sometimes I went with Michelle, and I called her Shell because she was older and tough and I never saw her cry once. She told me I shouldn’t be afraid of the forest because the animals in the forest were just as afraid of our homes and streets, that cars terrified them like wolves scared us.

And I would shiver, because sometimes a wolf got into our home. Sometimes we could hear the wolf outside our bedroom door when it was very late. And I would crawl into Shell’s bed, and she would hold me, and we would hear the wolf huffing and puffing. Sometimes it spoke, words slurred by wolf fangs, and Shell would speak soft into my ears every prayer we’d been taught in Sunday School. I would be shaking so much I never knew if she was shaking too.

Sometimes mommy would speak to the wolf, but mostly she shouted to scare it away. The next morning mom would have flowers, and dad would be silent, and everyone would ignore me if I asked where the wolf had gone.

I wasn’t scared when I saw my first movie about werewolves. Somehow, they simply made sense.

I first used Shell because Michelle was too hard for me to say. It became a joke between us and like all jokes a half-truth as well. Some days when mom was hard, Shell would move between us, hurl back words of her own. A minefield mom and dad couldn’t cross to reach me. She said I had to be strong, that everyone needed armour. Only I didn’t like what being Shell did to her sometimes. I didn’t like what it did to mom. Or what dad became without armour at all, some bottles into a night. Michelle said she wouldn’t always be around to protect me, but she always said it so quiet I could pretend I didn’t hear it. As if things needed to be said in order to be true.

I’d like to think that there is a day I could point to and say ‘this, this was when she stopped sounding so sad when she said it’ but I can’t. There is something in that, the idea of history as a river, of the banks flooding and how we can never know when that will happen, but I can’t get more than the edges of it. I’ve never been good with words. The only thing I’ve ever been good at is hiding.

I could hide from mom and dad. Even from witches and wolves when I had to. I figured out tricks to know who I was talking to and when, how far I could go before there would be witches and wolves and darkness. But I never did it with Shell. She was always Michelle, always my sister, and she never saw my own kind of strength because I never had to be strong around her. Because I never saw a monster with her eyes. This explains some things. But not all. Nothing can explain all things.

Eventually I was old enough to visit grandmother on my own. Shell had been when she was my age, but everyone said I couldn’t go alone. And they took Shell aside that summer day, and spoke to her in private whispers as they gave her the basket to take into the forest. (Even then, I still thought it a forest because not enough had taken root inside me.) And Michelle left.

Everyone tells stories about leaving. Michelle went to visit grandma, who had such nice false teeth and eyes made big by glasses. We saw her at least once every month with our parents, sometimes another time by ourselves. To me she was just grandma and she played that role for us as best she could.

It was strange at her funeral to find out she had another name.

The wolf was cunning, because wolves learn cunning so early on. A wolf that doesn’t hide what it is isn’t a wolf at all. The wolf pretended to be granny, or killed her and wore her clothing, and Michelle was eaten or fought or was rescued by a lumberjack. I think she used the axe herself. I think she gave it forty whacks to kill the wolf stone dead.

I don’t think she slept with the wolf. I don’t think the Shell broke. But Michelle left. Not then, but after. One day she was there, and the next day gone and official people asked so many questions but never said a word about witches, and not a single thing was spoken about wolves. Even though some of them prowled our house. They searched it hungrily and for once I couldn’t hide.

They asked me questions I didn’t understand. I told them about being sick, how I’d been sick some nights before and thought it my fault. Because no one at school explained what touching yourself did and I thought I’d caused my sickness with pleasure. And mom hadn’t laughed when I whispered that to her in the doctor’s office, so I thought I was right. She just told me to tell no one, in the voice she used when speaking to wolves. I thought that is what these other wolves wanted to know. They didn’t.

I didn’t tell Shell about that. I wondered a little if that was why she left, because I had a secret from her when I’d never had one before. The men and wolves asked me questions I didn’t want to understand. Until I finally didn’t speak at all. Because they were saying Michelle had gone and I knew that meant Shell was gone as well.

I haven’t had a prayer I felt worth saying in years. Silence above as silence below.

There were wolves at my door after that, and no Shell to hold them away. No one believes the boy who cried wolf. I learned that in school, so I said nothing to anyone. Silence became my friend. I knew if I cried I would begin howling. I knew that a wolf would be born.

Michelle didn’t come back. She had told me some day that I would have to be strong, but never how to be strong. Everyone thought I should know that already. All I knew was that she left and everything changed. All I know is that I would have been safe if she had stayed.

All I know is how much I hate her.

The forest wasn’t a forest anymore by the time I was allowed to walk in it alone. They gave me medicine, and said it would help, though no one ever said with what. The forest was only woods. But mom and dad did not take me aside even so. They did not talk to me, as they had to Michelle.

They never warned me.

The Right Love at the Wrong Time

This story that you’re about to read, is honestly more for me than anything else.  I hope that when you read this, you’ll understand that there are things in this world that only happen so often.  This is my experience and my life lessons to pass on for you to learn from my example and to avoid the occurrence of what led me astray.

I had joined the Navy out of High school.  I was young and full of ambition, what we in the military would call “Motivation”.  The Navy had always been my dream since I can remember.  I came from a single parent home, it being only my mother and I. Watching the old black and white movies about World War II, I’d catch glimpses of the infamous Navy Corpsman.  These were the men that would enlist and go into the heat of combat with the Marine Infantry units.  You could easily compare them to Army Combat Medics, but let’s face it, We’re better than the Army (sorry, I’m biased).  So as soon as I turned seventeen, I dragged my mom into the recruiting office and that was all she wrote.
A year later I was on a plane bound for Great Lakes, or as it would become known as “Great Mistakes”.  Bootcamp was…well it was Bootcamp.  It was a bit easier for me though because I was in a 900 division.  These were known as “performance” divisions.  We provided the recruit drill team, choir, state flags, band, ushers, we did it all.  We were technically the envy of our peers, but trust me, we were beat just like them, well I should say “properly physically trained”.  Bootcamps come a long way since then so if you’re reading this and thinking about joining, don’t stress it really isn’t bad at all.
My most vivid memories of basic entail a time where we were about half way through training and it was phone call day.  In training, we were only allowed to call home so often, I believe maybe most of four times.  Well the night previously, the guys and I had stayed up ironing our uniforms and such to get ready for the arduous next day and someone had put water in the iron.  Now generally in the civilian world, this doesn’t mean anything right?  Well you’d be wrong.  Reason being water left over a time causes rust, which causes things to break and so on and so forth.  So our instructors had us and our brother division lined up and kept asking “who did it?!”.  Well after threatening to withhold our phone calls (which we desperately needed), I decided to play hero and admit to doing it.  
I can still feel the uncomfortable tension that clouded the room around us and the eyes of everyone on me.  In the end, I was physically trained to the point of near passing out and my unit left to make their phone calls. Now a lot of you are probably thinking, “hell I wouldn’t have done that!”, and hell I don’t blame ya!  I nearly stopped short of following through, but before we press on with the story, you have to realize that I’m sort of the sacrificial type that will help out anyone I can without regard for myself.
Now it wasn’t all bad, I met a lot of crazy friends and did a lot of crazy things that I’m glad I never got caught for ha.  
I saw my family for the first time in months at my August Graduation.  Not going to lie I was emotional, but I didn’t have time to be because before I knew it, I was on a plane to San Antonio to learn my dream job.
Hospital Corps School or Corps School for short was actually fun.  I learned a lot and made more friends that still have lasted to this day.  We learned about the body, its functions, the history of Hospital Corpsman before us and their heroism.  We learned how to do our job simple as that.  However, corps school holds a different meaning to me, because it’s where I met her…
It was the second weekend I had been there and I had decided to through a big BBQ for all of my class mates as a graduation party more or less.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought as much meat and sauce as I did that day since then.  Needless to say, when you have free food around military folks, it goes by fast.  The day had seemed like any other and as night faded I found myself taking a breather drinking and talking to people.  As I took another sip, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked up to see my classmate Stephanie who informed me that there was a “beautiful girl who needed a hug”.  You see, my hugs had become something more of legend around the school because I gave actual “strong and meaningful ones”, least that’s what the ladies would say.  You wouldn’t hear me complain at all about it.
As Stephanie led me to this “beautiful girl”, I didn’t think much of it until I saw her.  Normally I’m not one to believe love at first sight, but she struck me as something I’d only seen in dreams.  I told some corny jokes and asked her if she wanted an actual hug, she shyly agreed.  Personally I don’t know what was going through her mind, but we did and it was…I don’t know how to describe it ha.  From there a week went by and after being pushed by mine and her friends, I asked her out on a date.  I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous, nor have I sense.  
Our first date was pretty bad haha.  I took her out for breakfast, to the Alamo and we walked down river walk, sounds semi alright right?  The only problem was she was completely ignoring me.  Like going out of her way at first by staring into her phone.  It bothered me, but I think it honestly made me want to impress her more.  So I busted out all of my corny jokes and sides and after a while I was able to break through to her to make her smile.  Guys, I’m not going to lie, when she smiled and laughed, I felt my heart stop.  After we started talking she told me the reason she was like that was because she had heard from another girl, one who liked me, that I was only looking for an “easy one nighter”.  Ladies, that’s not how I roll.  Either we’re in a relationship that I can trust and be open with you so we can make love, or we don’t.  Sex is meaningless without a special person to do it with.
After we had laughed off the whole thing, we started seeing each other more and eventually, we started officially dating.  The months we spent together flew by in a blink of an eye.  Before either of us knew it, she had orders to Parris Island, South Carolina as a clinic corpsman, while I had orders to go to 29 Palms, California, to serve with the Marine Corps as I had always wanted.  A few weeks before we separated, we decided that we were going to make it work, and I asked her to marry me.  Thus began our three-year engagement.  At first we handled the distance well, I’m not going to lie and say that we didn’t have our moments, but there was always something that she’d say that would make us laugh and forget everything.  
You see, she’s a special woman.  She’s so smart and strong though she claims to be otherwise.  She can sing Disney show tunes like it’s no one’s business.  She cares from her heart and always follows it, even in dark times.  She was loyal and trustworthy to the point I never had to worry about her.  She has a warmth about her that I’ve never found in anyone else.  To sum her up is impossible, but trying to, I’d say I had the most magnificent fiancée a man could ever have.
I always wanted to show her how much she meant to me or just surprise her, so I’d do random things such as ordering her flowers while I was gone, sending her texts to always let her know she was on my mind.  One time I was home I surprised her at her apartment when she came home from work.  There was a time that I didn’t want to do anything but be with her, but it all changed in a way when I deployed to Afghanistan.  We never said goodbye as I left to get on the plane.  All we could say was that we loved each other and that I promised I’d come back to her.  
My time in Afghanistan was long and at times, miserable, kind of like 29 palms, but with more explosions and gunfire.  Our first base of operations was FOB Shukvani, now I’m not going to tell you that I’m a war fighter and crap like that.  I honestly only shot three rounds in aggression, the guy disappeared, and I was on the radio calling in assistance taking care of my guys the rest of the time.  We’d take IDF (mortar rounds, rockets etc.) every now and then.  One time a shell came close by and it took my senior corpsman, my Sergeant and I out for a bit.  Concussions suck, but I’d rather that to the alternatives.  My triage work came into play when we were assigned to another base called Deleram.  It was there that I worked on 50 plus casualties varying from different wounds like shrapnel, bullets, amputations, you name it I saw and worked on it.
Through all those cold and horrible nights, I’d often go on strolls with my rifle and look up at the stars wondering what she was doing back home.  She never strayed from my thoughts.  I’d be so happy and energetic to make phone or facetime calls to her.  It’s like, I could have the most horrible day, be questioning what I’m doing, and all I’d have to do is hear her voice say she loved me and that she was proud of me and that just made everything disappear.
As the deployment ended and I finally came home in late March, there was no one I wanted to see more than her (sorry mom, its true).  After hours of waiting, we marched down to the field and as we were dismissed, I saw her…It was like…everyone was a blur and her smile brought me to tears.  I dropped everything and ran, picking her up I swung her around kissing her.  I finally had my love in my arms again after so long.  We spent the rest of that night and next morning together until I had to watch her leave to head back to South Carolina.  
A month later I was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately started chemo in San Diego, ironically, it was a week before we were going to see each other to try to plan the wedding.  My diagnoses and memories of deployment turned me into a different person then I had been.  I became secluded and isolated myself from her because, as silly as it sounds, I didn’t want her to see me the way I was.  How I’d become after seeing so much death, so much pain and dealing with my own mortality.  Being only 20 at the time, I was probably acting normally and I’m sure a few of you would agree, but the point I’m making is that I stopped being the caring man I had been to her and that led to her feeling that I didn’t want her.  That I didn’t trust and couldn’t depend on her to help.  And she was right to feel that way…I felt so weak because I constantly thought about whether I would be able to stay in the Navy or not.  The Navy became all I thought about once more and my darling took and felt the full effects of that.
It was during this time as well that she was up for orders to go to a new station.  We toyed with the idea of her coming out to San Diego, but that wasn’t what she really wanted.  The Navy was going to be a career for her just as much as it was going to be for me.  My time in San Diego was only temporary as it was and I didn’t want her to give up everything for me.  So she took orders outside the country which was the best thing she could of done at that point.  As time kept going, we kept hurting more and more because neither of us understood what was truly going on with the other and eventually, as the new year came we ended our three years together in hopes that one day, we would find each other again when we were truly ready for each other. 

That day, will always remain the biggest regret of my life…

I regret that I just let her go…at the time I thought that I was doing the right thing…I thought that I had been holding her back with all that I was going through my diagnosis and treatments…so I pushed her away because I was too young and naive at the time to fully understand what a true relationship was about.  Too weak to fight for a woman that I know could have been next to me right now.
As another year passed I found myself still in the position I had put myself in.  My love had set so high a standard of what a relationship was that I could never find anything close in any other woman I met.  There was a time where I had resolved myself to move on and I had done fine.  However, the women I let into my life only hurt me more and drove me to realize that my love was the only one I could have ever been with.  
You see, my story is one of falling in love with the right person at the wrong time.  We were perfect for each other, more so her than I. We had our issues, like my family didn’t get along with her while hers loved me.  When we talked about it, our relationship was gone because of the little things that kept building up at our young age.  If you ask me now, were we to date now, it’d have a different outcome…but that wouldn’t make her happy and its selfish of me to thrust that onto her.  
Remember when I said I’d rather sacrifice myself to make others happy?  This is another prime example…I love her so much, but I’d rather her be happy with someone else, than have her back together with me and her be miserable…Love to me means to always support the other regardless of your own desires.
You see…a true relationship, true love, is something that requires all of you.  It requires all that you can give and then some.  Nothing works without a commitment to each other that you will stick by regardless of what may come.  That you will always be there for each other to support, to trust, to live every day as if it’s your last ones here on earth together.

I was a fool for not realizing that sooner because I feel that if we had stayed together, had I married her and we lived together, had I only been strong enough to open up to her and to fight for her…that maybe, just maybe, we would live a happy life unparalleled to anything we had had before.  

Gentleman…If you’re with a special someone that you truly care about that makes you happy, smile, can turn your days from crap to the greatest things you’ve ever had.  If this person is someone you can trust and know without a doubt that she’ll always love you…don’t wait…don’t let her go.  I’m here to tell you to fight for what it is that makes you happy because if you don’t, your love will leave and not return…Treat her right, always respect her, never stop trying to surprise her or do little things like compliment her, make her smile, buy her flowers, write bad poetry for her…do something to show how much she means to you before it’s too late because loneliness and regret are the worse feelings that you will ever know…Your pride is worth nothing compared to what you could have with true happiness…

Love is the most essential and greatest thing we can ever do.  I hope these crazy words reach someone so that they may realize that your love deserves a better you.  That you should never stop trying to be the person that they deserve.  In closing I’ll leave with a simple poem…

You’re as bright as the sun, as serene as the moon.  You’re as beautiful as the stars above, and as gorgeous as tulips in mid-bloom.  Your smile so lovely, it puts Aphrodite to shame.  Your eyes so enchanting, they still set my passions aflame.  My love for you unending, forever present and true.  The dreams of a family we shared, a dreamed I hoped to pursue.  Although we’re not together, for this moment set apart.  The love that is shared between us, we join together always in heart.



remember when i was like, “yo sent my screenplay to a screenwriting competition”


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1. How many siblings do you have and what are they like? If you’re an only child, have you ever wanted siblings?

Do half siblings count? I have no idea how many I have. I’m basically an only child because I’ve never met my half siblings. I remember wanting an Actual Sibling when I was younger…

2. What’s your least favorite thing about the winter? (i.e. frozen windshields, cold toilet seats, etc)

Ice. It hurts.

3. What’s your favorite color and why?

Purple! Idk why to be completely honest but I love it.

4. What’s your current obsession? (show/book/movie/band)

I will always be obsessed with pokemon. I will never not be obsessed.

5. What’s your favorite animal?


6. What’s the first thing you can see when you look out your bedroom window?

A tree.

7. What’s your least favorite food and why?

Fish because it tastes awful. To be fair though, I’ve never had fresh fish in a coastal area. Only gross stuff shipped to middle america. Maybe fresh caught stuff is better? The world may never know.

8. What’s the closest big city to you?

Is Jonesboro Arkansas a big city? What about Little Rock? They’re both an hour away from me.

9. If you won a million dollars and were tasked to buy the least useful, most self indulgent thing possible, what you buy?

A million dollar gift card to barns n noble

10. Doy you have a cat or dog? If so, please pet them for me.

I have four dogs and they all appreciate the petting!

11. Imagine how is touch the sky.

Don’t dead open inside.

My questions for youuuuuuu

1. If you were suddenly thrown in the world of the last anime you watched, would you survive?

2. Would you smooch a ghost?

3. What would you do if Benedryl Cucumber showed up at your house?

4. Would you go to Jurasic Park?

5. What’s the square root of pi?

6. What you do if furries were real?

7. If you could bring back any extinct animal, which would it be?

8. Have you ever kissed a frog? If so, why? Did you think it would turn into a prince?

9. If you could bring a dead person back to life, but only someone you don’t like, what would you show them about the present out of spite?

10. Do you know any witches that live in arkansas? Asking for a friend.

11. If pokemon were real, who would your stater be, and what would you name it?

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Do you read any comics?

I don’t. The lack of finality in comics always bothered me. I love the characters and enjoy them in movies and such, but stories in them can go on and on for so long, and there are so many that it’s really hard to keep up with all of it. 

Plus I have such a one-track mind that I tend to overly obsess about a handful of things and then those few things are the ONLY thing I care about. 

So far those things have never been comics, but never say never. I once remember renting Mass Effect 2 and calling it boring. Six years later I can recite lines of dialogue word for word from that fucking thing, lol. 

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hey so you are great but WHERE AT ALL does it talk about all these people like Marlene Dorcas Mary and all those people you post about. i am pretty sure they aren't mentioned much in the books (but i am still reading them for the first time i know such a fake fan) but they are only on a picture in the movies and i have looked stuff up about them and i can't find much there was this thing about her that said COULD have been friends with lily the only ones i remember are James Lily Alice and Frank

Meg- They are mentioned very briefly in the books, Order of the Phoenix if I remember correctly. (Might be in others, I can’t remember.) Yes, it is mentioned that she could have been friends with Lily, but I decided to take that a step farther and made them very close. One of the reasons that I chose to role play Marlene is because there isn’t much information about her, so I can interpret her how I like, and how I think she would have been.

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GENDER: last time I checked (this morning), female

HEIGHT: 5′7″ 

HOGWARTS HOUSE: See, I don’t know anything about HP. I’ve only seen two of the movies and I don’t remember which ones except the first one I saw entranced me with its homoeroticism and the second one I was kind of high. 

FAVORITE COLOR: Blue or black or dark gray, 

TIME RIGHT NOW: 10:30ish est. 

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 7 (I would like more) 


LAST THING I GOOGLED:   I think it was “is glaucoma hereditary”? Or it might have been something about Simone Lahbib because I had no idea she was in “DaVinci’s Demons”


NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: usually one, two if it’s really cold 

FAVORITE ARTIST / BAND: Impossible to choose! 

No job. 

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: Green oxford shirt, khakis, black Adidas Sambas. 


CURRENT NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 450-475 I think? Anyway, thanks to the folks who follow along! 

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT:  books, art, film, coffee, writing, naked women, black and white photography, anything that catches my fancy


WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: I was intrigued by tumblr because I didn’t understand wth its purpose was, so I joined. Right now I don’t understand wth snapchat is, so god help me if I go down that path, although I doubt I will because I am too old and saturated with social media at this point to care. 


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: At the time I think someone had taken “darkbloom” so I had to get pseudo-creative. 

I would like to tag: Anyone who’d like to do it. 

nothing new happening..

I’m gonna be honest at the moment I’m bored of jackass things on tumblr, it’s literally the same thing I see all the time:( nothing interesting is happening, except for the Big Brother Shit book the other day, but honestly, I’m not actually that bothered by it, I reblogged a photo set cause some of the guys were in it. But yeah, it’s not something I was excited about because I remember late last year they said they had this exciting announcement for early next year, so we all jumped to the conclusion of OMG THERES GONNA BE ANOTHER MOVIE OR TV SHOW!! And then it was the book.. Like I’m being totally honest here I found it very anti climatic haha! The only things I’m looking forward to this year in terms of jackass related stuff is Steve-Os comedy show coming on iTunes and TMNT2.. Oh and idk if Bam wants to release his movie on iTunes, that would be great.
But yeah anyway its a bit dull at the moment, which is why I’m focusing on my YouTube fandoms, because they never die haha, I will be reblogging more YouTube related stuff (Markiplier, JackSepticEye, PewDiePie or anything that I like). I’m sorry if this doesn’t appeal to people because yes, strictly I am a jackass blog, but I’m not gonna stop reblogging the occasional jackass thing, I’m just sick of seeing the same content over and over again.. If you want to unfollow me that’s fine I’m not bothered, there are loads of jackass blogs out there that are so under appreciated, they’re like hidden treasures!

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I think the only good thing about the prequels was Anakin and Padmè falling in love and, her outfits. Episode 2 and 3 are the only prequels I enjoy they just need to cut a few unnecessary scenes out. Episode 1 was a disaster but I loved padmé. ♡

Some situations between Anakin and Padmé were just so awkward but well, they’re cute too. TBH the only thing I really like about the prequels is Padmé. She’s just awesome and yes…her outfits are so cool hahaha.

RotS is the “best” movie in the prequels but I hate how poorly Padmé was treated here. She deserved much better ://. AOTC is my least fave movie…idk…maybe the plot is not that bad but the script is just a mess. but the soundtrack is just amazing (bless u John Williams!). “Across the Stars” is just so beautiful. TPM is also a mess but I remember when I was a little girl and I watched it on cinemas for the first time, I liked it lol but it’s just a bad movie but it has some good points tho. I love Darth Maul and Padmé’s outfits look just so beautiful *-*

I don’t like the prequels at all but I will defend Padmé forever and ever!. She’s totally one of my fave characters in the saga and she deserved much better!

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NAME: Marie


GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: about 162cm

FAVORITE COLOR: black but it’s not a colour so maybe pastel colours and different shades of blue




LAST THING I GOOGLED: stuff concerning my biology assignment (it’s due tomorrow help)

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: oh no I really don’t have time to list everyone so I’m just gonna say all the setters in haikyuu!!

FAVORITE BOOKS: idk I don’t really read books anymore

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Spectre… I think

TV SHOW I WATCHED: I really don’t remember (I’ve only got time for anime)

DREAM TRIP: I wanna go everywhere

DREAM JOB: no idea can we not talk about future plans


WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG? I don’t remember when I created this blog but I started blogging… a bit over a month ago?? maybe?? in december? (this was supposed to be a side blog but I don’t visit my other blog like at all oops)

CURRENT AMOUNT OF FOLLOWERS? like 40 or something (wow I’m famous)




WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? bc ☆:* SUGA✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(❁´◡`❁)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Name: Yumi
Fave fandom: Grey’s (The 100 is a close second)
Countries you’ve lived in: Mexico
Languages you speak: Spanish, English, Japanese and some French
Fave film of 2015: The only movies I remember watching are Inside Out & Ant Man.
Last article you’ve read: It was about 5 teenagers who went missing three weeks ago in Veracruz after the police stopped them and still haven’t been found.
Put your song library on shuffle and put the first three titles here: “Homeward Bound / Home” Glee cast cover; “All I Ask” Adele; “Arrullo de estrellas” Zoé
Last thing you bought online: I haven’t bought anything this year.. I think it might have been tickets for the Adele concert.
Last person you dreamed of: I don’t really remember my dreams, but I think it was my sister.
Any recurring dreams: When I was younger, I had recurring nightmares where someone would kidnap me.
Any phobias/fears: When I was a kid, my biggest fear was getting kidnapped. Right now, I guess that my biggest fear is my siblings or parents dying.
How would your friends describe you: Kind, open-minded, intelligent, sarcastic, good at soccer.
How would your enemies describe you: Probably as arrogant/closed off, cold (?)
Would you take a bullet for someone: Yep
If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: a house for my parents :)

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Three animes/movies/series that you said you wasn't going to watch because you wouldn't like them and ended adoring them (send this to 10 people you like). ^^

wah, thank you for remembering me /w\ i love doing those. (i almost die from indecisiveness, but i love.) hm, let me see…

  • Inside Out: you see, I had only seen one poster that looked silly, the design didn’t catch my attention and the title choice they used in my country didn’t help much, it didn’t hint anything of what the movie was about and seemed pretty generic. and still my sister kept insisting to go watch it. good thing she did. bc i loved it. it’s very interesting and sensible, and a smart choice too. (who’d imagine presenting human psychology for kids could be so fun? glad pixar thought so. c:)
  • Tiger & Bunny: It wasn’t that I wouldn’t watch it, but every poster looked so weird and the premise w/ superheroes didn’t seem anything we hadn’t seen before(w/ the additional that we usually saw in american cartoons, not in jp anime), I only decided to watch after seeing a curious photoset on tumblr. But the characters captivated me, and the story was handled in a way that I found myself feeling for the things that would happen to them. The animation may not be the best, the premise may not be stg you didn’t see before, but the series has heart. And it disarmed all my previous prejudices.
  • Wall-e: You might know I’m not a fan of robot/android tales (at least that seemed to be the case, lately i’ve found myself coming through lovely robots more and more often in media. c’mon who doesn’t love baymax, wall-e, eve, luna, clear… *ca-han* u.u back to the text:), and even less of sci-fi space settings. so Wall-e didn’t seem something i’d enjoy to watch. a story about a robot who goes to the space, with almost no dialogues? but i did! i did so much! this almost mute movie about an old robot who goes to space was so sympathetic and captivating! ^^ like tiger & bunny and inside out, it has heart! and now i know better than to judge robots tales on space *puffs chest* or at least i should….. haha ^^’ sorry, i seem to keep not getting very excited for robot or space tales, but thankfully there’re stories like Wall-e over there, that can break my walls and prove me wrong. (some) robots have a heart bigger than you’d ever guess. C:

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Whats wrong with Home on the Range? D:

honestly the only thing i remember about that movie was how dissatisfied i was with it walking out of the theater. i dont even want to try watching it again like i was so…. unhappy after watching it.

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  • Why I like them: He’s such a fun character. He’s just this big doof who likes explosions, basically.
  • Why I don’t: I guess sometimes I’m not a huge fan of how he treats Axel? IDK, it just rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but even that doesn’t bother me that much.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): I love the death bowl scene. He just gets so into it, I love it.
  • Favorite season/movie: There’s only one, so…yeah.
  • Favorite line: I can’t remember the line word for word, and I’m too lazy to look it up, but the thing about blowing up Gabriel’s bed like, 12 times. 
  • Favorite outfit: I really like the outfit he has on under his armor. Too bad we only get to see it when he dies.
  • OTP: Magnus and Ellegaard
  • Brotp: Magnus and Gabriel
  • Head Canon: I don’t have any good headcanons, unfortunately. 
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t know any of the general opinions on him, so…
  • A wish: That he and Ellegaard could both be fine???? Why is this too much to ask of you, Telltale???
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: The thing that can literally happen in canon at the end of episode 3…
  • 5 words to best describe them: Lovable doof with many explosives
  • My nickname for them: I don’t know?

anonymous asked:

never mind about the last ask. I still think what you said is kind of bullshit and ignores how much power abusers have over the people they abuse. but I took a look at your blog and realized you posted the thing I'm asking about a long while ago, instead of like 5 minutes ago, so like. whatever. not trying to start shit over something you might not even remember writing.

“let’s adopt a narrative where abused and indoctrinated children only deserve to be called human if they are strong enough to make the right decisions and Escape.” yikes? Finn deserves more love and attention than Ren in any case, he represents the right set of choices and it works really well for the movie, but it is really not that fucking easy to get out of that kind of life even when you desperately want to, and it pisses me off that you write people in those situations off as irredeemable.


alright bro while i appreciate your backpedaling & your attempt to “not start shit” you’re still the one who hit send

here’s the thing: everyone’s experiences of fandom on this site are different, so i’m gonna assume you haven’t seen the shittier sides. finn does not get a THIRD the positive attention he deserves–not because he represents the ‘’’”right”””” set of choices, but because he’s a friggin’ protagonist and a ray of sunshine–but, because of racism, most of the attention he DOES get is either suspicion or half-assed “i’m not racist buuuut…” kinds of things.

in the US, which is where i live and where the movie’s creators live, innocent black boys are presumed to be violent killers from an exceedingly young age.

in the US, which is where i live and where the movie’s creators live, white men who ACTUALLY kill are given every excuse under the sun. “he was mentally ill.” “he was abused as a kid.”

and ad astra per aspera this kind of bullshit attitude bleeds over into fandom as well. kyle ron. mcu lo/ki. (i intentionally misspell his name so this post won’t show up in searches.)

i never said that abused kids are only human if they’re strong enough to escape. i never said that abused kids are only strong if they escape. i never said that people in those situations are irredeemable. 

i never said any of that shit because i was abused as a kid. i’m not exactly talking out my ass here i know very intimately what kinds of scars it leaves on your psyche i know how it feels to have your knee-jerk response to everything be violence and cruelty because that’s all you were taught and i know how hard it is to get out from under the thumb of not just your abuser themself but the way they still live in your head trying to direct your thoughts and actions.

i know this shit.

and it really fucking pisses me off when people use childhood abuse to excuse the violent and cruel actions of white men.

y’know, i would love it if this parallel–where both finn and kyle ron were raised to be violent, but one ended up resisting it and one ended up glorifying it–was explored in the movies. but as it is right now, a large portion of the fandom dislikes finn despite the above reason, and a large portion of the fandom likes kyle despite the above reason, and there’s a large amount of overlap between those two portions, and people are using abuse–inferred, not even explicitly stated in canon–to justify kyle ron’s actions and to justify their love of a white man instead of a black man.

and that’s what i was talking about when i wrote that response.

tagged by: @gunter-ate-my-fries                                                                          Name: Yessenia                                                                                                   Nickname: Yessy,                                                                                                   Gender: Female                                                                                                      Age: 17 turning 18( feb. 7)                                                                                 Height: 5′5                                                                                                             Favorite color: basic nude colors                                                                         Average hours of sleep: 6-7 on weekday, 10 on weekends                                 Last song i listened to: Years and Years - take shelter                                         Last movie you watched: Roman Holiday                                                             Favorite quote: ‘’ Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Albus dumbledore                                   Last thing you googled: conductor from thomas the train                                     Favorite bands/artists: Lana Del Rey, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, the 1975, Ar Banda en general, country music,and alternative                                                 Dream job: no idea                                                                                               What are you wearing: flannel pj’s, and a purple  sweater                                   Follower count: 56                                                                                               What do you post about: anything i like                                                               What made you decide to get a tumblr: it just sounded like a good idea             Do you get asks on a daily bases: nope                                                               Why did you choose your url: it’s my nickname                                                   What are you doing tomorrow: ;) probably hang out with friends                         I want to know more about: @bedaring-bedifferent , @michellektran , @punchinella49