I just got back from seeing “The Woman in Gold” with m-azing. I’ve honestly never seen a movie properly depict what it feels like to be a Jew in relation to the Holocaust before.

Most movies about the Holocaust tend to show only what it looks like for the generation that directly experienced it. But that generation is dying, and soon there will be no one left who can remember it besides us, their children. That’s a big thing in Judaism, actually–memories that are passed down throughout generations. There’s a scene in the movie where the protagonist’s family tells her to remember them, and that’s part of what being a Jew is: carrying that memory with you.

There’s another moment in the film where the protagonist, a Jewish woman who fled Nazi Austria, is told by a random man in the street that her sort of people make a big deal about the Holocaust, and that not everything’s about that. But then I think about Preservation Day, when I received a death threat from a URL called “shower-kikes” that said “looks like this kike is already ready for a shower”. That means, for those of you who don’t understand, ready for the gas chamber. They’ve since deleted their blog, not from tumblr’s action against them, but so that they cannot be blocked by me or other Jewish blogs when they send us their hate. So no, it’s not always about the Holocaust. But there are still people out there who hate us, who want to hurt us, or who hurt us simply through inaction.

I tend not to talk about my Judaism a lot on social media platforms. It’s the sort of thing where you’d know it if you’ve known me for a little while. But it’s such an important part of me, and in these times it’s important to come together as a community. This movie couldn’t have been better timed.

tl;dr this movie was great and made me cry a lot. I’m still crying now.

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Since the new trailer just got out, what are your thoughts about the LL trailer?

Nico wakes up with an Alpaca in her bed and no memories in her head. She only remembers driving to her graduation party with her crew and drinking lots of cocktails of the color blue. Things got wild and out of control, and before you know, Nico’s alone and everyone’s gone and she can’t reach them on the phone because she fucking woke up in America before dawn. 

Now it is Nico’s job to find the rest of her team before it is too late. ‘Too late for what’ you ask. It’s more suspenseful if you don’t know. Stay tuned.

- Hangover IV, new movie coming soon

I was stumbling around on and came across this article (written by Kim Quindlen) that I loved. Sometimes we fall for people in the most unexpected ways and I find that most of these ‘things’ are the most beautiful things about the people I find myself involved with. 

So, here is a list of - 50 attributes you can be attracted to in someone that has *[nothing] to do with [looks]*

1. Their handwriting.

2. The way their personality can come through even in a text.

3. Their laugh.

4. When they remember things about you that you only mentioned once.

5. Their dancing, regardless of whether they’re good or bad at it.

6. Being confident without being arrogant.

7. When their laugh makes other people laugh.

8. The way they quote their favorite movies.

9. When they get worked up over something they’re passionate about.

10. Their voice.

11. When they treat their supposed “inferiors” the same way they treat their superiors.

12. An ability to admit when they’re wrong.

13. When you discover some of their secret, nerdy tendencies.

14. When they sing a song and they think no one is listening.

15. Being well-read.

16. If they can play an instrument (without being the guy that brings out his guitar at every. single. party.)

17. When they have a surprising amount of knowledge on a really random or obscure subject.

18. Their sense of humor.

19. A strong sense of curiosity.

20. When you see how they behave around their family.

21. Their unique scent.

22. Their ability to discuss a wide range of topics.

23. When they’re good with kids.

24. Their taste in music.

25. When they have the ability to be playful and goofy.

26. Their humility.

27. If they can speak a foreign language.

28. When they can tease you without being offensive.

29. Their intelligence.

30. When they’re not afraid to call you out if you’re being ridiculous or stubborn.

31. Their vulnerability.

32. When they laugh so hard that they tend to wet themselves, or have their drink come out of their nose.

33. The way they pronounce certain words.

34. When they have integrity about everything they do.

35. Silliness.

36. When they know how to take a joke.

37. Quirkiness.

38. Watching them watch their favorite tv show.

39. When they’re good at cooking. Or are at least trying to learn.

40. Their optimism.

41. Having good social skills – they know how to be friendly and hold a conversation without being obnoxious or ostentatious.

42. When they know what’s going on in the news.

43. When they can explain foreign concepts to you without being pretentious.

44. When they have an unexpected guilty pleasure (reality tv, cheesy romance novels, candy addictions, etc.)

45. An ability to speak the language of sarcasm.

46. When they know how to have fun and let loose, but also know their limits.

47. Fierce loyalty.

48. Motivation and drive.

49. If they help clean up when someone else prepares food for them.

50. When they have incredible manners.

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Hey kristen! I wonder what would be your ideal cast for the selection. Thanxx

Hello! I don’t necessarily have a full ideal cast, but I’ll share the ones I do have :)

For Maxon: I have always pictured Max Irons when I read something about Maxon. The only thing is, I remember Max Irons saying that he wasn’t really interested in playing in young teen movies (I’ve been trying to find the interview that he said it in.) So, I’m currently looking for another person that is Maxon to me.

For America: Audrey Hollister, the girl on the cover, is really close to what I picture America as, but I believe she’s only a model and not an actress. Two others, who are close to what I picture but not exactly, are Holland Roden and Molly Quinn (I think that’s her name)

For Aspen: Aspen is my favorite character and I have yet to find someone who is suitable enough to play him. I probably will never find anyone suitable enough to play him.

But, I think that if a certain actor has the ability to potray the character amazingly and how I pictured it all in my head, then their looks aren’t that much of a big deal to me.

I was just reading a post of someone about how they wanted more focus on female werewolves. And I get that, it would be awesome to see the archetype turned over. And to see the feminine used as a positive. And right now the only movie I can think of about female werewolves is Gingersnaps, if I well remember the title. Which doesn’t exactly fit the idea, but is still interesting to keep in mind.

But aside of that, the reason I’m not just responding to the post, is because it mostly got me thinking about Teen Wolf, and I didn’t want to sidetrack things and bring in something that has only in a small way to do with the original post.

Anyway, thinking about how socalled feminine characteristics would affect being a werewolf, and it brought to mind just how much they were asking for is actually happening with Scott McCall. Because for all the show does wrong, Scott is just such a turn against the classical werewolf notion of dominance and arrogance.

He’s so unique as a character, because instead of being embarrassed by them, he embraces those character traits that are seen as stereotypically female.

Raised by his mother, he goes for acceptance, pack, cooperation. For being kind and understanding, rather than violence. he understands that he’s stronger when he works with others instead of trying to go it on his own.

He has no hesitation about accepting the strength of those characteristics that are usually seen as female, and even helps his girlfriend understand that those things are nothing to be ashamed of. That there’s nothing wrong with accepting your softer side, that being ‘girly’ is nothing to be ashamed of. That it’s better to deal with your flaws or your lack of understanding and admit them so you can work on them and change them. It’s that kind of characterization that allows him to grow as a character with every passing season and makes him interesting..

But of course, for all that he is different from the usual archetype, and probably in part because of it, most Teen Wolf fans can’t stand him and run for the chance to worship Stiles, aka the cliché male asshole whom they can turn into a self insert. (which makes me wonder about how low a self image they must have), or Derek, the brooding anti-hero instead,. Probably in part because those are the male roles they’re used to. Derek especially, is the classical archetype of violence and dominance. (and many of those same fans then lose interest in Derek when he finally starts learning from Scott and becoming more like Scott’s example, because God forbid that men stop being violent and dominating. )

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Do you do Percy Jackson images? or Heroes of Olympus images? If you did, you would be my hero.

I do, yeah. I can’t write about the series though because it’s been years since I read the books and the only thing I can remember from all Percy Jackson books is that he had a brother who was a Cyclops called Tyson; that’s it. I’ll do imagines for the characters in the movie for Percy Jackson only (they’re the easiest for me to do).Send in requests :) xxx

Moulin Rouge!

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Moulin Rouge is a movie that I’ve been hearing about for a while, being people’s favorite movie, and also being a movie some people despise. I for one love musicals, I haven’t watched as many as I want to and so far, the only one that I didn’t really like is the movie version of Les Miserables that was a little bit too much for me. When it comes to Baz Luhrmann, I enjoyed The Great Gatsby, hardly remember Romeo+Juliet. When it comes to Ewan McGregor, I really really like Ewan McGregor. lol Didn’t really know what to expect going into this, so I went in very curious and excited. 

This film was incredible. I loved this movie. Despite it’s story being melodramatic, moments being cartoonish and performances somewhat over the top, it all surprisingly works into this movie that is basically a circus that is lively, fun, touching and full of heart. I will admit it did take a couple of minutes for me to get use to the world, it kind of felt like a fever dream lol, but as the movie progressed I was hugely invested in it and all of the things this movie had to say about love. 

The performances in this movie are outstanding. Richard Roxburgh is great as the mouse and pathetic Duke, I didn’t recognize John Leguizamo in this film as the dwarf named Toulouse-Lautrec until after the first 40 minutes. lol I couldn’t believe that was him. I’m use to Jim Broadbent being Slughorn in Harry Potter and he was fantastic here as Zidler the head of the Moulin Rouge. I never got the hype for Nicole Kidman, granted I’ve barely watched any of her movies, but she really impressed here, like really impressed me, she was insanely great and sexy in this role as Satine, having great chemistry with Ewan McGregor as Christian. I think this role really solidified him as being one of my favorite actors. Who knew he could sing so well, and why hasn’t he done more singing in his career. I can’t tell you how excited I am for him to play Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. While the suddenly falling in love is kind of contrived, being very similar to when a Disney princess falls in love with a prince, the chemistry with those two was electric, sweet and romantic. 

The only complaint I have with the film is that the editing was a little bit jarring and sometimes annoying, but I understand why they did it that way, because it fits with the rest of the fantastical tone. As for the visuals, I expected them to be great because it’s Luhrmann, but wow, the visuals here were stunning both with the CGI green screen stuff and phenomenal dance numbers. Speaking of the music, almost every single song and number in this film surprised the hell out of me, some of them being breathtakingly beautiful, some of them being a whole lot of fun with a huge smile on my face and and some being very touching and also profound. I was afraid that the well known songs would take me out of the movie, but they really fit well, some of them even being very well crafted melodies. Although the entire soundtrack is amazing, my favorites would probably have to be Come What may, Your Song (although I already loved the original, so this was guaranteed), the Love Medley, Show Must Go On, and probably my very favorite El Tango de Roxanne. 

I found the story to be very touching, even with the sudden and contrived realization of Satine and Christian love for each other and the fact that it is very melodramatic, and despite that, I don’t know why it works. It might be because of the performances by Kidman and McGregor, or the music that is brilliantly done, or the entire atmosphere brought by the fantastic visuals and musical numbers. Maybe it’s because of the fantasy fairy tale aspect that this story tells of this world that is encapsulated by the ideas of love, dealing with being lovelorn, jealousy, lust, loneliness, romance, and even questioning the idea of love itself. 

Overall, there is so much going on in this movie that it definitely needs multiple watches, but it’s still pretty fantastic. With the great acting, lead by the insanely sexy Nicole Kidman, and highly charming Ewan McGregor, the breathtaking visuals, musical numbers and singing, and to the fantasy and fantastical like story that has to deal with the ideas of love, Moulin Rouge had me, touched,  invested, encapsulated, and entranced by the magical world that this film created. Highly recommended to those who love musicals, not recommend to those who don’t. 9.1/10 

*tries to breathe air*



this + Tink about Peter

but just for the movie Hook, not Barrie’s original Peter Pan, or Disney’s or the 2003 or any other adaption. It fits Hook’s Tink/Peter so well i think. also reallypainful help me

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Another stories from my past.

I have this memory from when I was five, I was sleeping in my parents bed (on the middle floor of our new-ish home) with my brother. It was the middle of the night when my mom and dad came rushing in to get us, they told us it had started an that we have to move down stairs to the bathroom (This is my first clear memory of Andrew). The bathroom was the only room in the house without a window, it was only about five by five, but it had to fit all of us in there (It was me, my brother, my mother, my father, my two grandparents, and later the pets…I say later because my dad had to be told to go get the dogs). It was surreal, the kind of thing you would see in movies and think ‘Wow they’re exaggerating/laying it on thick). I remember the wind rushing past the door and being so loud, I remember re-assuring my mom that I was holding it together, I remember hearing the giant window (probably 15 by 15) across from the bathroom shattering. The power at this point had gone out, I think we were in the eye of it when my family decided we had to move, my parents led instructing me to follow their flashlights so we didn’t step on glass, we moved to the garage and into the car. We stayed/slept in the cars until the storm was over.
When it ended we didn’t have power for awhile, I dont remember if it was a week or not but it was a few days at least. I remember not having a fence around my house anymore, and strangers wandering through, looking in our windows (it wasn’t till much later in life that I realized how bad looting was in Kendall). Every storm after that has created a bit of panic and anxiety in me.
Every year in Miami I would have to set up shutters, carry them window to window and screw them into place (all while my step mom watched sports…sigh).
I dont know why I decided to talk about this specific experience…but I was just reminded of it.

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I think the movie Josh had SRK & Aishwarya Rai as siblings as well.

Yes! SRK seems to be the common theme in these movies. Honestly, the only thing I remember about that movie is the song, “Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila”.

paintedpixels wrote Super Mario Bros.

Alright, again we’re going with a movie I only saw once years ago so I only partially remember it, but I have to be honest, I do remember kind of liking this one. They accepted from the start that they would have to make a pretty loose adaptation, and changed things up pretty dramatically (most would argue too dramatically), but it was so focused on just being weird and goofy that I can’t really fault it. Also, I really can’t say enough good things about any movie that makes Dennis Hopper into an over the top bad guy.

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1, 8, 19, 32

1.Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie: the first time i watched death proof was two summers ago with two of my friends we were staying at my friends house for that month and after our night out i forced them to stay up and watch death proof with me cause it was the only tarantino i hadnt seen and they both passed out before the second half and i remember how pumped the movie made me so i got another beer and kept watching with them sleeping beside me and during the car chase scene i screaming and i woke them up and ive been hooked ever since about the thing youre most proud of: idkkk.. well im the goalie of a hockey team and this year we finished first in the league after being the underdogs and we won 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals in tournaments plus i got mvp medal 3 times in tournaments so i guess im proud of that about something that happened in middle school: we dont really have middle school here but when i was like 9 when there were power outages at my house my parents would order my fav bbq chicken from st hubert so one time at school i escaped class and turned off all the lights in the corridors and washrooms of the floor i was on cause i thought the school would order bbq chicken for us if they thought there was no power… and i got yelled at about a place that you remember from your childhood: my parents friends had a house in the countryside that i really liked and we used to go in a treehouse and shoot cans with bb guns

I was tagged by my friend adventurous-wanderlust, because Kyla 
Name: Erik

Time and date of current moment: 20:47 27/4

Average hours of sleep: very varying, 8-6 normally.

Last thing I googled: Cards Against Humanity online.(lovely game!)

Nickname: Tulle, but Erik is such a easy name :) 

Birthday: 6th of June

Gender: male

Sexual orientation: bi

Height: 183 cm or 186… don’t even remember, :P

Favorite color: Red, I don’t think about it that much

One place that makes me happy: My summer cottage! it is the best with only sun, good weather and family and friends

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 or barely that ^^

Favorite movie: ALL THE MOVIES! love so many movies but Big Hero 6 is my latest favourite

What are you wearing right now: Jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey sweatshirt

Last book you read: “Eldest” by Christopher Paolini. The second book in one of the world’s best book series.

Dream job: Don’t really have a dream job, I want one where I can help develop the society.

I am sure that I would want to find out more about more people, but can’t think about anyone at the moment, sorry! But feel to do it yourself ;)

stormxpadme replied to your post “To be fair, they did give Clint a lot of snark this time, and he has…”

There’s no one who understands that better than me, believe me. You’ll remember how much I loathed this storyline when the spoilers came up. Dunno, I like what the movie did with him. I’m looking forward to your opinion very much.

Yeah, the fact that you liked it is the only thing giving me hope on that aspect of the storyline. 

I’m sure I”ll like Laura and the kids. I’m just not sure I’ll be able to like this version of Clint.

Video Game Sense Memory: Episode III: Robocop is my Jam

The other night I was watching Lethal Weapon 3 because I had just gone through an entire debate about whether Die Hard or Lethal Weapon was a superior series, which then led to a debate about which Lethal Weapon is the best; which led to me realizing I can’t remember a single thing that happened in Lethal Weapon 3 but somehow I still know that I don’t like it. 

Like I really don’t like it. 

So like I was saying I was struggling through the only Lethal Weapon movie that’s not, like, totally awesome, ya know, and I had a feeling like I had never actually seen this movie before; even though I still knew for sure that I didn’t like any of it (Not trying to be a dick but that movie is just not exciting at all) when I finally got to something that I remembered!  The scene at the housing project where everything is on fire and people are getting shot left and right and Mel Gibson and Rene Russo are trying desperately to constantly out-karate each other on bad guys faces and I was like, “Oh my god I’ve seen this movie before!” 

In that moment though something way better came back to me.  Yes, I had in fact seen this movie before, but when I saw it the first time I was busy with something WAAAAAYYYYY more important.  I was playing this:

If you’ve never played this game you need to hop in your DeLorean right now and go back in time and spend your entire childhood on it.  Or you could be completely uncool and just get an emulator online but you don’t want to be that guy do you?  DO YOU???  

When I was a kid I frequently had to go do the shopping at Stop & Shop with my Mom.  I was the youngest and my mom only worked part time as the school crossing guard until I was in school full time, so during the day I was dragged along on all the errands she needed to do.  But our Stop & Shop was not your ordinary Stop & Shop, they had a video store INSIDE the supermarket and that store had video games.  So naturally every time we went to the grocery store I asked my mom to rent me a game.  I of course always asked for the same game because there is no game better than Robocop on the NES.  EVER.  Go ahead.  Try to find one.  I’ll wait…

OK.  Now let’s move on. 

I don’t know why she never just bought it for me because I must have begged her to rent it 87,348,578,375,385,184 times and she must have said yes at least 10% of those times and even if you suck at math you can tell that’s not economically sound.  I rented that game so much in fact that my Mom would genuinely plead with me to pick another game and let some other poor child have a chance to play Robocop.  I’m sure she was just tired of me wasting my young life doing the same thing everyday but to my little kid brain it was like NO IT WILL BE MINE AND ONLY MINE!!!!  *Children are evil and I was no exception.  

Thinking about playing Robocop while watching Lethal Weapon 3 is such a comforting memory because of the setup we had in my house.  We always had whatever the best TV of the time was for the “big TV” in the family room and then to the left of it on a little bookcase was my Dad’s old 18 inch Sylvania CRT.  The thing was all metal and glass, probably weighed 100 pounds and when you twisted the knob to turn it on or change the channel (it was the same knob) it made a loud *THUNK* sound and if you accidentally went past Ch. 3 you had to go all the way back around and your wrist was in pain by the time you got back to it.  I played everything from Tecmo Baseball on NES all the way up to Goldeneye on N64 on that TV before I finally got my own TV in my room and upgraded. 

But most importantly that TV was right next to the main TV so there was always someone, usually everyone watching something on TV while me and my brother played video games.  It was a great family gathering place.  As much as TV and video games get accused of splitting people apart and being anti-social, for my family it was something that gave us a reason to all do something together.  Whether it was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation every Saturday night, what my family called “Pizza with Picard” or my brother and I fighting over whether to fight each other in Street Fighter or Super Wresltemania while my parents tried to watch boring “adult” shows next to us, we were always together there.  Hell I remember falling in love with my first celebrity crush there too.  I was playing N64 while my sister watched Buffy on the TV every Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday and I always hated it until one day there was a girl named Faith and all of a sudden N64 was nothing more than an excuse to not miss a moment of that show while still maintaining my tough guy act and hating that “dumb girly show”. 

If you happen to be reading this right now I just want to say that I’m definitely not weird or anything but I am still totally in love with you so that option is totally on the table ;)

Personal issues aside, this all brings us back to playing Robocop while watching Lethal Weapon 3.  That night was our family movie night, where my Dad would take the coupon, remember coupons?, that he had clipped from the Sunday paper the week before and get two movies, one for the family and one for him to watch with Pizza (Star Trek eventually ended you know).  So naturally I had to go with him and take a chance at renting Robocop again!!!  And I did!  Score!!!

But seriously, fucking Robocop, go play it right now.  I’m about to. 

Good night, good luck, may your god or other non-corporeal deity bless you and remember, the Force will be with you, always. 

Things that I’m currently in love with

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one song: Pretty much all of Nicki Minaj’s music. But lately it’s been a lot of “Boss Ass Bitch” and her verse in Beyonce’s Flawless*** remix….let’s just pretend I picked one.

two movies: Strangely enough I don’t watch all that many movies. Since this is more of a “at the moment” thing, I’m going to say “La Haine,” because I just thought about it and had a discussion about it with a friend of mine from my Critical Race Feminisms class. In the spirit of passover I’m going to say “The Prince of Egypt” even though I haven’t seen that movie in YEARSSSSS and don’t remember it, but only recently thought about it cause ‘tis the season LOL.

three shows: Attack on Titan, Teen Wolf, and Gintama. (My Supernatural obsession is still here NO WORRIES, but since I haven’t had time to catch up it’s not in full swing…It’d probably be like fourth on the list LOL)

four ppl: MY BOYFRIEND!!!!! (aha if you are single sorry to be that person who rubs it in by mentionning that I am in a couple) Literally all of the buzzfeed staff (Quinta, Eugene, Keith, Ned…..ALL OF THEM). I’m in love. My cousins (they’re one entity soooooooooo one person). My son, Waddlesworth :)

five foods: Liver, blood pudding (A VERY YUMMY START TO THIS LIST FOR MOST YOU I’M SURE!), chocolate, marshmellow cereal bars, and POPSICLES!!!!!

(Sidenote: Looking back on this, my tastes are literally all over the place. From rap music to art cinema to anime to wierd meats to sweets…..I DARE YOU TO TRY TO PIN ME DOWN AS ONE TYPE OF PERSON FROM THIS….You can’t. It’s physically impossible.)

six ppl to tag: K there’s so many ppl I could tag but I’m going to try to tag those who haven’t been tagged yet.

somereallygreathair, firehaus, vanillabeancake, fringetreeart, babydollsaremanlier (ur url is my life), tasteofbile.

Do it if you’d like!

Also I did this like a week and a half ago but never posted it so HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT ANYWAY!!! (Also I didn’t tag thecakelessachiever cause I was under the impression you already did this but now I’m not sure…..If you didn’t tho….DO IT!!!! This goes for everyone!!! If I didn’t tag you it’s cause I assume you did it *cough cough Katiebug445 cough cough*)