On that note, lemme rant about Brallie, and how much of an unhealthy relationship it really, truly is.

This almost put me off the show goddammit.

Like, in the first season (and throughout a great deal of the second season) Brandon’s an asshole. He knows most of Callie’s background. He knows about Ian. And more importantly, he also know the rules of the Foster system and that relationships between Foster siblings are more or less…forbidden. For good reason too.

And he just doesn’t give a shit. He’s only thinking about himself rather than Callie, who he claims to “love.” If he really cared about Callie, he would have stayed in his lane during that very first conversation in the very first season. But no. He still went after Callie, to the point where Stef and Lena had to file a restraining order over it.

Guess what? He still goes after her anyway.

Callie’s not entirely innocent, either, but I find her to be less at fault for this mostly because of her backstory. She’s experienced abuse in the Foster system for years, and I imagine the second she gets to experience love - any kind of love - she’s going to go after it. Not to mention, she told Brandon no at least…twice?? before giving in, so…yeah.

Brandon gets better over season two and what I’ve seen of three, though. He matures and I actually grew to genuinely like his character. I thought Brallie was ready to die.

But nope.

I mean, many people say they don’t ship Brallie because it’s incest. I hate the ship with a burning passion, but I don’t see it as quite incest. But I do see it as selfish, destructive, abusive relationship with the potential to divide the entire rest of Stef and Lena’s family. It’s already done that once, in fact, when Callie had to stay at GU (and I love the episodes with GU - Rita’s fucking awesome - but really). If Brandon and Callie’s relationship didn’t involve such nonsense - and it was better written - I may support it. But it doesn’t.

“But you signed up for Brallie when you started watching the Fosters!11 That’s what it’s about!”

I’m pretty sure I signed up for a show about an interracial lesbian couple with a mixed family, but yah knoooooooo.

“But it’s love - just like Jonner and Stef and Lena!”

Now, in all seriousness, as much as I like to joke about it, I actually don’t hate heterosexuality. I do hate how the shippers of an abusive heterosexual relationship compare that ship to non-abusive gay ships, though.

“But they BANGED!”

While I’m sure that Callie and Brandon love each other, any romantic/sexual relationship they have is…selfish and abusive. Callie needs a family. Brandon needs to stop thinking with his dick. It’s a relationship that also makes Callie miserable and effects everyone around them.

And fuck ABC Family/Freeform/The writer’s for romanticizing this bullshit.