someday i’ll have to tell my next boyfriend, about my first love, how we met on the city bus when i was 15 and so harmed from the world that you saved me in a way at the time i could not describe. ill have to tell him about how you broke my bones and crushed my heart and ruined my mind, i’ll have to tell him how even after you left me, you were all i loved for a long while, ill have to explain to him how it never ever worked out with any other guy but you, because you were the only person i ever loved. its like you taught me how to love but only for you and no else. ill have to tell him how you left me without ever saying goodbye, you never broke up with me and left me in silence. so even to this day i dont know what fucking happened. one day ill have to tell my daughter about you, when she starts crying about a boy who broke her heart and all ill be able to tell her is about fucking you because you were the first person that was ever able to love me and kill me at the same time. i’ll have to explain to her that someone hurt me in a way that the pain wasn’t like when you peel off a band-aid, a two second sting it was more like the pain of as if someone was to run me over with their car. usually when someone walks out of your life eventually you get over it and try to move on and forget but holy fuck with you it’s like you’ve been here forever and never left my mind, you tattooed your name in my veins and left all our memories in my brain. there was no way of getting rid of you. months later i wasn’t able to move on and still to this day somehow somewhere ill need to explain to her that you still cross my mind at least once a day maybe not for the same reasons but you are still there, and you never ever get over your first, because heartbreak is like falling off your bicycle, the first time it really hurts and you remember it, but after that it hurts less because you learn how to stop the pain and how to land when you fall and you won’t remember the ones that come after the very first.

ill have to explain how you never left my mind and how i still love you even though i haven’t seen you in forever



FIDEL CASTRO NEVER had to face what he did to his people, he died a rich man while people in cuba ate rice and black beans, while women had to prostitute themselves to make a living, he killed those who opposed him, arrested them, tortured them.

People had to leave the country in inhuman ways, risking their lives at the sea, knowing that as long as this person lived they wouldn’t be able to see their relatives, people left Cuba and never saw their relatives again; he lived 90 years, 52 in power, only to step away beacuse of health problems to give his brother the reigns of the country, call that nepotism.

As I write this, people in Cuba sleep, they have no capacity to be connected like I’m am, like you are: No twitter, no cellphones, no WiFi, no cable tv… Cuba, for the most part, doesn’t know what’s going on.

This man was no saint, let’s not allow media, political parties or personal believes re-write history and make him something he wasn’t. Revolutions can be bad, hell is paved with good intentions, power makes people sick if they stay long enough, the good things he did, I’m no one to deny them but make no mistake: Fidel castro was was a dictator and he died as such.

Friendly reminder that the first person Marius talks to after he had just fallen out with his grandfather is Bossuet.

Marius who has to be absolutely heart-broken and angry, whose father has recently died, who has just made his grandfather kick him out, who has just left his financialy stable, secure life, the only life he’s ever had, who has no idea where to go, what to do, with next to no money and literally no one left.

Marius who then hears this random stranger calling out his name, a man he has never even met before and who just got kicked out of law school for someone he didn’t even know. A completely poor, young man who doesn’t even has a place to live, who does something nice for someone he has never met without expecting anything in return simply out of the sheer goodwill of his heart.

Bossuet is literally the first good thing that happens to Marius in this new, probably absolutely terrifying part of his life that just started.

He is like, the epitome hope here, that things might not be as bad as they seem. That even in the most hopeless times, there’s the brightness of unconditional human kindness.
I just. Love. Bossuet. So. Much.

Things I just can’t understand:

  • People who still hate Weiss.
  • People who for some reason took Pyrrha’s fate REALLY personally and can’t seem to move on or deal with the fact that characters die.
  • People who still believe Weiss to be “just a bitchy biggot”.
  • People who ignore character development in the show and claim the main team never developer or that Jaune developed more.
  • People who still hate Weiss
  • People who pretend Pyrrha’s fate only affected Jaune or exists only to develop him.
  • People who are toxic over Jaune being sad over Pyrrha’s fate or using the only thing he has left of her as a memento.
  • Using fanart or fanfics in passively aggressive way(ex: tweeting an art of Blake with different skin color to showrunners with hashtags implying writers are racist for not making it canon, creating fanart where various characters treat Jaune like shit with implication that that is how it should be),
  • People who think writers are racist for not changing Blake’s skin color.
  • People who take fanon as absolute canon(ex: “Those people could be Blake’s parents” becomes “They absolutely ARE!”)
  • People who still hate Weiss.
  • People who still believe that queer people are some special snowflakes that can’t just exist in a work because “it would not be natural”.
  • Selective ignorance - “I do not know what these problems mean so it must mean they don’t exist, those silly shippers are using some fancy terms so it must mean they are just salty”
  • People who treat characters facade and surface as if that’s all they are(”ex:Yang acts like a fun person so her being depressed is totally character assassination! Ruby is naive because she sems to be cheerful! Weiss is just a bitch for no reason because she is not always nice and friendly! and etc”), despite huge thematic point of the show being that how you seem is not always how you are.
  • People who hate Weiss.

You know what’s so heartbreaking about this episode? It wasn’t the ending (despite how awesome it was), no– it was the very beginning where Corteo passes by and hears Angelo telling Nero that “starting today, I’ll be your brother”.

What’s so heartbreaking is when you realize that the flashback Corteo has is the exact same scene where he tells Angelo the same words back in episode 1: “Starting today, you and I are brothers. And we will always be.”

What’s so heartbreaking is when you realize the face Corteo makes afterwards is almost as if he’s thinking “maybe I was wrong”. That Angelo never really thought of him that way, that Corteo was the only one who honestly thought with all of his heart that those words were true.

What’s so heartbreaking is when you realize that Angelo is probably the only person Corteo has left in his life. That, after being gone for like 7 years, he is no longer the same Angelo he remembers him as, but instead, is someone who so deeply invested into his revenge that he’s slowly becoming just like the people he despises the most.

What’s so heartbreaking is when you realize that Corteo was just an ordinary boy who could have lived an ordinary life selling his liquor, who could have saved up, and could have gone to college like he always wanted. But instead he pushes his dreams aside to join the Mafia (something repeatedly mentioned that he hates) because Angelo asked him to.

Because Corteo wanted to help his best friend.

Newt Scamander x Reader III

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“Imagine being the only person who can tame the Niffler.“

You held the mole-like creature in your left hand while you scratched its tummy with your other hand.
„Aww, Newt what kind of creature is this ? It‘s so adorable !“
Newt turned around and couldn‘t believe his eyes. He never saw a Niffler so calm and relaxed like in this moment.
„This is a Niffler… but why is it so calm ? How did you do this ?“
You shrugged. „I don‘t know. I offered the little guy some food and a coin and then I tried to cuddle with him.“
Newt raised an eyebrow and walked up to you, he had to see it closer.
„Huh. That‘s incredible Y/N.“
„Wan‘t to pet it too ?“
„Oh, no thanks, I have some bad experiences with our friend here and I don‘t want to interrupt its calmness, but…“
He moved his hands on your hips and gave you a kiss on your cheek
„I just need to feed a few more creatures and then I‘m done with work for today and I’d love to relax a bit with you, my love.” 

I get so irritated

when RinHaru is written off as this aggressive relationship that only lives off of competition and sexual tension because of Rin

excuse me, we’re talking about Rin cries ugly tears all over Haru when he realizes that said person actually gives a damn and hasn’t left him behind Matsuoka

when young Rin always flashing Haru a bright happy blushy smile Matsuoka had no qualms about making Haru the goddamn title and center of a school essay, calling him his shining

as a dreamer and romanticist, that guy’s head would be filled with cheesy things like trying to bring out the sparkles in Haru’s pool eyes together with the soft smiles and little laughs ( oh wait– making Haru’s laugh his priority, wasn’t there something…)

he’s already on a very touchy-feely level with Haru, so that part would probably evolve by his touch lingering for just a little too long, the pressure much softer than before, his fingers curling in the hair at the nape of Haru’s neck for a blink before he retreats his hand + blushing furiously whenever Haru ends up staring at Rin as a result or actually initiates the body contact, be it a mere touch of their knees or slightly leaning against Rin’s frame

nevermind that things like guilt and insecurities don’t simply leave a person so I can see them taking their time and Haru taking Rin’s hand to guide him gently when he can feel him hesitate because Rin would need reassurance after he’s finally gotten his important person back because he would not risk messing things up again–

this stupid boy would probably create freaking love poems in his head every time he wakes up next to Haru and gets to cherish the peaceful moment as he takes in all of Haru’s features, from the way the ends of Haru’s dark locks curl around his face to the sunlight throwing freckles on his skin before he finally nudges him awake

Rin Matsuoka will blow cherry blossoms into your face (that is, Haru’s), make rainbows for you (more Haru), carry you bridal style (jfc Haru), take care of stray cats, wear a maid costume and probably tell his diary all about his doki dokis and and if that doesn’t make him the most adorable shit in existence then idek

Overprotective El Diablo x Reader

A/n: sorry for not posting this sooner , with school in hardly had any time to write . And i used Google translate for the very last part so sorry if it’s not correct

Warning : guns , angry J

Pairing : (El Diablo ) Chato Santana x Reader

Plot : the reader is Jokers sister and she’s dating El Diablo.


Have you ever wanted an overprotective psychotic big brother? 

Well then your in luck. 

Joker was never seen as a time to be a bid brother none the less to be a caring and overprotective big brother.  Yes you heard me . You are the only family he has left and you accept him fully,  even if he is a psycho. 

To everyone’s surprise you , his little baby sister,  were the only person who he actually,  genuinely cared for . You could get away with so many things others would be dead for .

But this time you were dead for sure .

You have been dating Chato Santana aka El Diablo for almost 6 months now and you still didn’t have the guts to tell him that you are Jokers little sister , nor did J knew about Chato . He would kill him on the spot for even touching you .

Oh so how did Joker found out ?

Note to self : KILL HARLEY LATER .

Yeah she walked in on you and Chato having a hot (literally) make out sessions. So of course she ran to tell J .

“Shit . Fuck . God damn it.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? !” you kept swearing while pacing around the room around , Chato , seems not bothered at all at the fact that the most dangerous man was on his way to kill him . How do you know . J sent you a text : i will kill both of you in all the ways in know you fear .

Now you knew you were fucked up. 

“Mi amor just calm down,  what’s the worst he can do?  ” he said looking at you slightly worried.  You never usually get so worked up over things .

“Chato.  Sweetheart.  This is my psychotic brother we’re talking about.  He will literally skin us and make a rug out of us ” you saw in a serious tone while trying to keep calm . Inside you were about to : a) burst into  tears b) melt in to your carpet c) explode all together . Probably the last one .

“Amor …” Chato started before you two heard a loud knock on your front door.  Your heart dropped to your stomach.  He was here .


That was the last thing you said before the door went flying of its hinges and landed on the floor 5 feet away .

You saw your big brother with a surprisingly sweet smile on his face as he walked to you . “Good to see you my dear sister.  How have you been doing? ” he asked the same smile on his face. Ok this was one : creepy as fuck and two : super uncharacteristic for him . You saw him look at Chato and he clicked his fingers . Suddenly there where like 20 men around you 3 . All pointing guns at Chato , who stood there without a single idea how to react . J slightly chuckled and looked at him with a dark and threatening expression.

“I will only say this once lighter boy . Hurt my darling baby sister and I will make sure to find you , torture you , brake you , hurt you in all the ways you fear . Show you real hell . And then kill you , slowly and painfully.  Got it ?” He threatened with a growl in the end .

You never seen your fire boy this intimidated and he has a skull tattood on his face .

“Yes sir .” Was the only thing he said . At this Joker smiled again “great ! Glad we have an agreement!  Now boys time to go home ” he said leaving the apparent “ill see you soon  (Y/n) ” he said before leaving.

It was now 15 minutes after he left and the two of you still stood in the same places.

“Mi amor ? ”

“Yes babe ?”

“Tu hermano es de miedo.”

“I know babe , I know ”


our love will never fade → lissa dragomir & christian ozera

“There is only one person I have ever wanted,” he said. The steadiness of his gaze, of those crystal blue eyes, left no question as to who that person was. “No one else has ever come close. In spite of everything, even with Avery -

"Christian, I’m so sorry for that -”

“You don’t have to -”

“I do -”

“Damn it,” he said. “Will you left me finish a sent -”

“No,” Lissa interrupted. And she leaned over and kissed him, a hard and powerful kiss that burned through her body, one that told her there was no one else in the world for her either.

"No Matter Where You Are or Who You Are With, I Will Always, Truly, Completely Love You" ~ Kyle Spencer

*Your POV*

Tears flooded my eyes as I heard Zoe and Kyle muttering words of love and affection. Little does he remember me, his best friend of ten years wiped from his brain. Not that I blame him though. It had been around five years since I had been sent away to the Coven by mom. I was just fourteen years old, him fifteen. He is my only friend, besides Cordelia, who did try her hardest but it never stopped the feelings of loneliness I constantly felt when around the other girls.

My depression and insecurity had flooded to the point of no escape. It didn’t help with Madison constantly being rude to me and yeah I get that it was her personality, but it still hurt like hell.

I hadn’t left my room in a months as I attempted to use my magic to block Nan’s from reading my thoughts or anyone attempting contact me. It left me exhausted, as I hadn’t closed my eyes for at least a month. I would use my mind to create slits up and down my wrist and legs, barely deep enough to keep me alive.

Shivering, I lit a candle with my mind and moved it towards me. At this point, I wanted to use enough power to knock me out. I wanted to sleep but when I did, I couldn’t escape my nightmares, hence I would tend to ignore it, but each day it grew harder and harder to carry on. My life had become a nightmare so I had nothing to loose.

Every time I think that I am close to sleep… or to overdosing my power or bleeding out my power switched on me, forcing my self to heal as if saying I couldn’t die.

Part of me wondered if I was the next Supreme and then Fiona would break down the door and slit my throat for me. Consume my power.

Nothing possible sounding better to me.

“Y/N….. Please come out.” A voice from behind the door called, “Fiona is…. Dead. We know you are eligible to be the next supreme. We are making all the girls test their fate. You, in my views have the best luck.”

The door barged open a creak and I opened my hand closing it.

“Please Y/N…. Please just let me in… ”

I laughed, smiling sadly and looked down, my hand still wide open.

Laughing, I looked at the door and nodded, allowing it to come crashing down and with that, I fell the ground, darkness covering my eyelids.


It was something that Zoe had encouraged. I didn’t want to go, at all, especially with Madison, but Zoe insisted. 

Of course he was there and of course he didn’t go for me. He went for Zoe.

We were so close before I got taken.

We were sleeping that night in my tree house. It was cold. My parents were fighting. I had to sneak out in order to get the fresh air. I texted Kyle and he met me inside, holding my shivering body regardless of the cold white snow falling around us. He didn’t care… He knew I needed him… He knew my parents had began fighting again. I needed his warm caress. We were best friends, true, but he was the only thing that I loved and I loved him so much more than a friend. As soon as we managed to get inside the treehouse I was in his arms as he kissed my hairline, murmuring sweet nothings into my ear, humming soft melodies in my ear.

“Y/N…. You’re bleeding…” He muttered after my breathing had settled. Slowly, he pulled up my sleeve to see a cut on my shoulder. A lot deeper than he assumed as began to panic a little. Standing up, he tore a bit of the curtains and tied it tightly in order to stop the bleeding. “Your dad throw bottles again?” I nodded and he sighed sadly, kissing my check, “You are such a warrior Y/N”

“Really Kyle?” I laughed, “What about you?” He shook his head and I grabbed his hand, leading him to the wall where we both sat and I laid against his shoulder, looking into his beautiful eyes as he fought back tears. “Kyle? Why are you crying?”

He sighed, wiping a tear and looking down at me, “It’s just not goddamn fair Y/N.. And I got a feeling it’s about to get a lot worse.“ Sitting up, I moved my hand to his face, grabbing both of his cheeks, wiping away tears with the pads on my thumbs. Slowly and nervously, I moved my hands down to his waist, engulfing him in a huge hug while holding his lips on his forehead.

We were just teens, what should be the height of each witches powers. Yet he knew more than I as I was yanked from his arms the next morning, Kyle held down and knocked out as I was dragged away kicking and screaming. Then I was in this school with a women, Cordellia, who was a better parent and teacher than any I had had before. Girls came and left after me but I was the first one.

Then there I was, making eye contact with him again.

I couldn’t help but stare in shock. He looked the same besides being taller and more muscular. I probably have changed, growing weaker as stress had been a lot more recently in my life now instead of what it was then. Then was just…. depressing… I just tried merely to keep my head up now and do the best possible in my studies. But here was my past on a silver plate eight years later and I wanted nothing more than to go back. Slowly making my way towards I stopped, seeing him with another girl.


Zoe… the only one who was nice to me and genuinely cared. Sweet, kind, beautiful Zoe.

Of course.

She may have just arrived but she was already like a sister to me and I could see in her eyes how helpless she felt. How completely drawn in and in love she had already become, though knowing him for such a short amount of time.

Love at first sight.

Something I didn’t believe in until now and it burned like fire inside.

My satisfaction no longer mattered. Here was a girl, pure, broken, and now, touched by light from the same man who treasured mine. And I knew how important it was to have and hold him.

Nothing stays…

I cant have held him forever….

Yet why am I upset? Why do I yearn for him as we were once upon a time?



I ran out and locked myself in my room, leading to where  I now am.

Alone in beautiful, numbing solitude.

And now I line in this blissful sleep where I hope I’ll never wake up.


"I didn’t even know she was here…..”

“It would be hard to know because she’s been locked in her room for weeks.”

A small moan escaped my mouth as I was hesitant to open my eyes, disappointed that I had to even. Still, I allowed them to open. the light streaming into orbs at such a strong quantity that it burned my irises.

“Y/N… Thank goodness!” I heard the voice of Cordellia, “We didn’t think you would wake up.. What on earth were you thinking using your powers like that? You could’ve killed yourself!”

“Exactly,” I spoke, sitting up and blinking in attempts to see better. “Where’s Zoe? Queenie? Nan?" 

"Queenies resting. The competition has truly wiped everyone out. And the others-”

“The others?” I asked nervously.

“Dead.” Another voice spoke and I came to the realization my hand was being held, “Madison just….. disappeared.” I felt my knuckles stroked as I looked towards the figure who stiffened, clearly in slight shock, “You’re the supreme Y/N.”


“I do not wish to be supreme.” I spoke coldly, “Dellia can oversee the duty.” Letting go of Kyle’s hand I stood up, refusing to meet my “mothers” eyes nor Kyle’s “I have to go.” I grabbed onto the chair, feeling dizzy but not letting it stop me from slowly making my way to the door until a hand touched my shoulder.

“You’ve got no where else to go.”

Sadly, I removed the warm hand from my shoulder.

“You need to heal.”

One step

Two step

Three step


“C'mon Y/N… There’s no need for you to-”

Seven… Wipe those tears away. Don’t let them see.




“JUST STOP IT PLEASE STOP!” I yelled, falling to the ground in sobs, hiding my face in my knees. My head rung. My body ached. And I just felt a release. A release from being numb and concealing everything and it stung a lot but damn… I felt relieved.

Tears like a never-ending waterfall flowed and I looked back up at my friends a final time, seeing their upset faces I felt utterly disgusted in myself and used transmutation to get myself away from the area… Anywhere, where I could be alone.

And it brought me to the tree house.

Breathtaken, I immediately sat down in a chair and breathed. Inhaling the cold brisk air seemed to numb me and stopped the tears from streaming so fast but I still felt drained. I needed help. But what’s the point. I could heal myself.

All I could see was Zoe…So helpless… How helpless was she when she died? What happened? I fought to see her, closing my eyes and attempting to do all Dellia taught me, to go into the past to see her thoughts and revel their meaning but nothing such worked. Such a kind, innocent soul… Didn’t deserve to be set lose so soon and I should have died in her place.

I should’ve gone instead.

Why didn’t I go instead?

“Y/N…. You’re bleeding..” A familiar voice called out to me, grabbing my arm and wrapping something around both of them and grabbing my right hand. “Don’t run out on me like that again please.” He spoke and I imagined a smirk spreading up his lips when he kissed my forehead.  

Kyle….. My Kyle…..

Or Zoe’s Kyle?

“I cant believe you remember me….”

He laughed and wrapped me his arms causing me to open my eyes, “Why is that so surprising?”

“Five years.” I muttered slightly.

“Not enough to forget you…But clearly you’ve forgotten some things…”

“How could I ever.” I smiled slightly at the memories that came flooding back. “Your smile. Your kind eyes. Your floppy blonde curly hair.” I laughed, shaking my hand through his hair, “Sleepless nights in the treehouse… Like that night…”

“That….That night..” He sighed, “The last one.. They tried to make me forget about it. About you. I never did. I couldn’t. For a while I did believe that you were a mere imaginary friend that I invented out of PTSD.. But… But you’re real and actually there in front of me and somehow you’re standing taller and stronger than I ever thought you were. You always were strong enough for the both of us. But-”

“But?” I chuckled, leaning away from him so I could look in his eyes. “You cant fill me up with lies and then leave something out.” I smirked, causing him to chuckle muttering a small stop and leaning to repress his forehead to mine and looping one hand around my waist and the other running through my hair.

“You forgot what I kept saying that night didn’t you?” He said barely above his breath, movie himself closer, “That night before you were taken..”

I thought about it… And all I could remember was mummers. Frowning, I looked at him, a saddened expression of guilt reflected on my face as sad tears came down my face. "I’m sorry.” I sniffled leaning into him again as he began to shhh me.

“No..No..” He sighed stroking my hair, “Don’t… No more  apologizes… It just means that I get to say those words again… And I can repeat them as often as I please…”

I chucked, “Hopefully next time I’ll remember.” He echoed my laugh until, once more the silence…  This time… comforting? More than ever. “K-K-Kyle?”

“Hmmm?” He asked as I sat up looking into his eyes.

“Can you tell me?”

“Right now?” He laughed grabbing my hand.

“Right now.”

He smiled, pressing his forehead to mine and placing his free hand to my cheek.

“No matter where you are or who you are with, I will always, truly, completely love you.”

Literati Headcanon

The time has come. The book is finished. There’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to write out the acknowledgments.

Thanking her mom and her grandparents all came so easy. But when it comes to the person who pushed her in the right direction, the person who’s idea it was for her to even write this book, her mind goes completely blank. Nothing sounds good enough. She knows she wants to thank him. She knows the impact he’s had in her life. And yet, she just can’t find the perfect words to express her gratitude.

Perhaps it’s because she never had to say those words out loud before. She never had to verbally express how thankful she is for him. Come to think of it, she never got to thank him for giving her that wake up call outside the pub in New Haven, she never even told him how much of an influence he had on her decision to return to Yale, and especially now how he was the sole reason why this book is coming to life.

For the past few months, he’s been the one who spent countless nights with her at the Stars Hollow Gazette where they’ve been working tirelessly on the book together. Usually, they would just order in a ton of food and work in silence. It was crazy how the silence, as well as their witty banter and thoughtful conversations, all came so natural and felt so comfortable. As if they didn’t need words to know exactly what the other was thinking. But every now and then, she’d break the silences and demand they order Indian food, which would always cause a back-and-forth. It would drive him crazy and he’d threaten to burn the building down, but he let her do it anyway. Just thinking about that made her smile.

On that late afternoon Jess gets a short message from Rory “Can’t put pen to paper. Need a break. See you tomorrow.”

It’s already dark outside when Jess arrives at the Gazette and everybody has long gone home. He turns on the little desk lamp, picks up Rory’s note pad that was laying on her mac book and obscured the power button and starts the laptop. Just as he was putting her notepad out of the way, totally lost in thought, something on the handwritten draft caught his attention. He saw his name appearing at the bottom half, followed by a long paragraph that was all scribbled out. It looked like every time she would start a sentence, she would stop midway, and ended up crossing everything out. There was one sentence at the very end though that was very clear and very legible.
“I couldn’t have done it without you”.


Dean sat on the ledge of the bridge and quickly pulled his sleeve back down. He wouldn’t deny it today he’d skipped school. And he left his backpack at the hotel. He never wanted to see another day. He was sick of everything. He’d drank a beer and swallowed pills but they’d only made him slightly drowsy so he figured diving into the water was easiest. He’d left notes behind. And scheduled texts for when it was over. He hated being seen as the bad boy. As a person who slept around. Who hid all his scars with some powerful makeup all of them the ones from hunting the ones from every self inflicted injury he’d ever done. And today he’d washed it off and worn sleeves that didn’t exactly cover it all. Taking a deep breath he looked down at the water.

Stardew Valley Headcanon of Mine

The farmer’s grandpa wasn’t all that magically talented, but their GRANDMA was.

No one ever mentions your grandmother, only ever your grandpa. It’s as though no one knew her or something. Which is strange, right? Your grandpa spent years of his life in Pelican Town. Lewis, the forever-mayor, knew him. George and Evelyn, who’ve lived in the valley since they were fairly young, knew him. Of people who’ve been in the valley long enough to have known the farmer’s grandpa, none mention anything about the person who was presumably your grandmother. (I mean, you could just say that he met her after he left the valley, but for the purposes of this headcanon I’m not going that route.)

The only people in town who the farmer can know and be friends with but most of the other townspeople rarely or never interact with are Dwarf, Krobus, and the wizard. And if your life in the valley is going similarly to how it went for your grandfather (adventuring with swords, meeting Junimo, connecting with people and nature, etc.) who’s to say he didn’t also have a few friends of that type? A fairy, maybe. Or a witch.

The farmer is the only person in the valley other than Rasmodius who can see the Junimo. Flower fairies and a cackling witch-classic intermittently visit their farm and perform “helpful” magic in the night. Krobus and Dwarf don’t befriend any other humans in town, just the farmer. It’s almost like the supernatural just kind of gravitate toward them. Maybe because the farm and the family have always been involved with the supernatural. Married into it, perhaps.

Idk I just really like the idea of the farmer’s grandmother being this extremely powerful sorceress who fell in love with this mostly mundane but very kind and painfully sincere farm-boy. I call it the “Rose-Greg Effect”.

(Bonus idea: your grandma is Rasmodius’ ex who went on a vengeful crusade hexing the countryside after he broke up with her. Your grandpa managed to calm her down since they were friends at the time, though he did get set on fire a little bit in the process.

Witches and wizards age slowly compared to normal humans. Your grandma is definitely still kickin’, but refuses to return to Stardew Valley to visit you because “that flashy asshat in the tower is still hanging about. Don’t talk to him, dear, he thinks purple mushrooms are good seasoning. He eats ROCKS. And he refuses to clean out his cauldron between potions! Don’t drink anything he gives you, understand? It’s unsanitary!” “Uh… yeah, about that, grandma…”)

He kissed me, and I was happy. I loved him and he loved me. Then he left. And 7 months later, I’m getting completely wasted and throwing up into the toilet while he’s crazy about someone else, the same person he told me not to worry about because he only loved me. People tell me that part of him still loves me, but then I remember he never even loved me way back when he kissed me. Then I also realize I’ve been shattered irreparably, by someone who doesn’t notice.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #191 // @sxrxhhhhhhhh on instagram
Enemies To Lovers (2) Masterlist

Alliance - earthtowhiskers

Summary: Dan and Phil grow closer in their fight to survive. Together, they struggle to unite their clans against a common threat.

At The Great Divide - phantasticalities

Summary: Phil Lester never imagined he’d be needed by Dan Howell. He’s the boy who has hated him for years, the boy that’s always interested Phil but has lived in the secrecy of the wobbly home next door. Dan, the boy with nothing left, the boy with osteosarcoma.

Case Closed - notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: Dan and Phil are lawyers, and sometimes their cases against each other get a little too…. heated.

Condemned - phandabbydosey

Summary: Kind hearted Phil Lester has never so much slapped another person, but he finds himself locked away for the murder of his brother. He’s innocent, but no one will believe him, not when the only DNA on the murder weapon is his own. Phil struggles to come to terms with life in prison, though perhaps a familiar - albeit unwelcome - face from his high school days will help ease the transition.

Lester’s Reading Dandelion - wanabewriter

Summary: In the heart on London, there lies a bookshop owned by Phil Lester. Lester’s Books & Bagels is a thriving little place until another bookshop opens up across the street.

Look Who’s Crying Now - phantastic-day

Summary: AU where Dan and Phil are in a health class and they somehow get paired up together to be partners in a fake baby project but plot twist, they really don’t get along and have learn how to get along and fall in love.

Notifications - notanannoyingfangirl & insanityplaysfics

Summary: Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they could both had could never have even dreamed of meeting other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well the could both be happier.

Paintball - lestersbitch

Summary: two paintball teams, Dan and Phil are enemies, they end up hiding behind the same barricade and things go down.

The Next Best Thing - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary: Everyone in the world has matching numbers to find their soulmate.

Though Kid You’re Not Exactly A Dream Come True - dantiloquent

Summary: The moment Dan is told about his piano lessons, he hates the idea. And the plethora of dread and embarrassment takes the form of Phil Lester; fellow student and, now, arsehole teacher. The fact that Dan can’t control his fingers as they splatter across the keys just gives Phil more reason to spit out insults, and Dan just wants to get it right; maybe that’ll wipe the smirk off his face. And as the music starts to lead, Dan finds himself down paths he never thought possible.

Under The Mistletoe - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: It’s no secret that Dan and Phil hate each other, everybody knows it, including their own families. But now, It’s the holiday’s time, and a Christmas party is being thrown at the Lester’s house, and of course… Dan’s family has been invited. Dan’s being forced to go, even though he clearly doesn’t want to but his mother doesn’t care. The night quickly changes when Dan and Phil get stuck under a mistletoe.

Vodka And Caramel - roseboyross

Summary: enemies-to-fuck buddies fic.

Honestly, anyone who has literally any sympathy for Severus Snape whatsoever has never spent a day in his classroom. Anyone who’s had a teacher like him knows what an awful person he was. I spent most of fifth grade in a class just like Snape’s, and it’s left me with some issues I’m only just starting to recognize. I literally don’t care if teachers like that save kittens from trees and give soup from their own kitchen to the homeless in their spare time. If they’re like Snape on the job, they’re bad people and they don’t deserve your sympathy. 

All Back Part 2 (Skate Maloley)

Word Count: 800+

Nate’s POV

We stared at each other like we just saw a ghost. After a two years, we saw each other again. She was standing with another guy who was holding my daughter.

After she left, she never came back to get her stuff nor did she call to make arrangements with my daughter. The only connection I had to her was all of her social media. That’s how I first saw my daughter. Instagram. Now, here she is in person with another guy. Not just any guy. My best friend. Sam Wilkinson.

“Sam?” I looked at him. “You’re kidding.”

“Look, man-” I cut him off.

“No, you look. You came to my house every day for the past two years helping me get over her, but in reality when you left you were going to her and my daughter that you know I’ve been wanting to see?! You know how much it broke me apart when she never called or let me see my kid, but you were just helping me get over her so you could have her all to yourself!”

“Nate,” It was her voice. The voice I’ve been waiting to hear for so long since she left. “Leave him out of it.” I looked at her.

“Leave him out of it?! He is standing in front of me holding my daughter!”

“I’m aware, but he isn’t to blame for what happened. I am.” She said, calmly.

“Y/N. You have to let me see her. This is ridiculous.” I practically begged.

“Daddy. He scary.” I heard come from the little girl in Sam’s arms.

Sam looked at me, knowing how much anger just went through my body.

“Hell no. Hell the fuck no. No. I’m taking you to court.” I looked at Y/N.

“Yeah, right. They would never let you have more power over her than me. You’re a rapper while I’m a business woman and Sammy started working as a producer. You can take me to court, but I can already tell you nothing will change.” She was right. I was a rapper, but I get good money and I would do anything for that baby even if I did just meet her.

“Y/N. You can’t do this to me. I wanted her so bad. Please..” I’m so desperate to be part of her life. I just want her to know I’m her dad and not Sammy. He shouldn’t have to take part in that role of her life.

“She isn’t even legally yours. Sammy signed the birth certificate and has his last name.” She said to me. I was speechless. Could Y/N really go that low to keep my daughter from me?

“Wow. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You really stooped that low. You are a piece of shit. I’m trying to be a father to my daughter, but I could never get ahold og you because you changed your number. I cheated. So what?! That is no excuse to keep me from her. This is ridiculous. To think you would get with my best friend is completely absurd to me.” I scoffed, “She is my kid! Not Sammy’s!”

“Aye, bro. You better lower it down and not talk to her like that. I don’t care how “low” she stooped, she’s protecting Aurora from getting her heart broken like her’s was.“ Sammy stepped in.

"She’s my daughter, she was my fiance! I would never do anything to put her in harm’s way. I love her, Sam. I want to be in her life.” I sat on the bench in the park we were at.

I saw Y/N look over at Sam, “No, Y/N. Don’t even think about it. She’s mine. You are not seriously thinking about it right now, are you?” Sam argued with her.

“Yes. I am. He has never met her. Just let him have her for the day and we’ll go from there. She’s still your daughter, babe.” She said. I was getting excited that she is actually thinking about letting me have her for a little bit, but she is my daughter. Not Sammy’s. I shouldnt have to get permission.

Sammy sighed, “Fine.”

“Yes!” I shouted and then quieted down with a big smile on my face.

“Okay, okay. Her name is Aurora Elizabeth Kami Wilkinson. She’s allergic to peanuts and bees. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets and she loves watching Spongebob. I’ll pick her up at 7.” I looked at my phone and it was still eleven in the morning.

“You named her after my mom,” I smiled. “Okay, no peanuts or bees. Chicken nuggets and Spongebob. 7 tonight. Okay, got it.” I smiled again as Sammy handed her to me.

“Hi, I’m Rora.” I chuckled at her not being able to say her name.

“I’m your da- I’m Nate.” I sighed, knowing I shouldn’t say I was her dad until she could understand. “Thank you guys so much. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Y/N and Sammy both kissed her head, “Bye baby. We love you.” Y/N said.

“Bye mommy and daddy. Wub you.” Aurora said and waved.

“Bye guys.” I said and put her in her stroller, walking away.

After such a long time we finally get to hear what Sasuke was feeling all along. We always knew about Naruto’s feelings for Sasuke but we could only guess latters.
Sasuke was in the darkness and he still is. He rejected everything to kill Itachi and had nothing left when he killed him. And being alone allowed him to dive even deeper into the darkness. However, there was one person that showed him that he isn’t alone. And that is Naruto. And now we finally get to hear that Sasuke knew he wasn’t alone. Thanks to Naruto he would never be alone. We perfectly saw this during the Kage summit arc and Naruto’s speech that Sasuke realized he has someone who is there for him no matter what happens.
But he wants to be alone so he can fall into the darkness even more.

Yet as long as Naruto is there it won’t be able for him to do so because Naruto is still his light, his friend and Sasuke doesn’t speak in past tense. What he said back then

never changed. He tried breaking his bonds with Naruto but he couldn’t and even now, after everything he’s been trough, Sasuke sees Naruto as his best friend. And that is why he has to kill him. Naruto is the only one able to pull him out of the darkness he tries to get into and Naruto is the only one who can still make him feel.
Therefore this battle is not only to decide who will live and become Hokage, but also a battle for Sasuke to finally achieve the loneliness he needs. And if leaving Naruto that time was as painful as ripping off half of his body, imagine how it would be for him to land the final blow and to kill his most precious person.