Mona very well could be telling the truth about BY/CD.

“How would that make sense Jenny?”

Those papers were faked after Charles left Radley, someone made it look like Charles died years ago, so that no one would be looking for him while he hid in plain sight.

 Maybe they were also faked for Ken’s sake. He prob. washed his hands of Charles but Jessica was still helping him, hiding him out at Aunt Carols house, about the fact that Charles prob. was the one who hit Alison, The email she never got a chance to send. 

The only other person Jessica would protect over her own children is her child. 

“How do you hide in plain sight?”

Get a fake accent, a little plastic surgery and steal someone’s Identity?

 Plus, look at that Paul Varjack situation. Easy to get another identity. 

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Hey hey! Yuta, how do you make the pain of being human go away?

hey hey!! pain pain!! eww eww sorry i don’t know how, i have never made that pain go away, that feeling is still in me, that pain is getting bigger and larger like a mountain boo boo being human really really sucks (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。) but aww i don’t wanna make that go away. my negative feelings, too. because i realized them stupid feelings were my only lover. my lover was always with me even when everybody left me. my lover was always with me even when my happiness faded away. so i don’t wanna make my lover go away. i want to be a happy person who keeps negativity inside him. eww that’s more difficult than i become a shameless positive asshole and say “ everything’s gonna be alright, stay positive!!” but i don’t wanna dump my lover, she’s so evil but i love her, i need her to be happy. eww so sorry for the shitty answer, but please don’t destroy your mountain, climb climb and build your own castle on it and smile with your pain♡ with your lover♡

I’m honestly really glad Samuel isn’t in Seventeen. I just feel like he wouldn’t belong there, given how different he is from the other members in age (and height, but that’s not really important lol)

I only just recently became a fan of Seventeen and knew that four members had left before they made their debut, but I never knew who they were. When I saw bits of 17TV though, I discovered Samuel and from the get-go, I felt like he didn’t belong. 

I didn’t want to tell anybody this since I didn’t want to be that person who already had something negative to say after what, a day? in the fandom. I also know a lot of Seventeen’s fans really like him and wanted him to be in the final lineup, so it made me feel like my opinion was really unpopular.

  • Me:*screams internally about people hating on Severus Snape and how people stereotype him as a "Nice Guy" who was a bully while in truth snape never even hinted to Lily that he was in love with her and was abused and poor at his home life and left the death eater when he was 20-making him only a death eater for about 3 years and spent the rest of his life protecting the boy who represented the man who bullied and assaulted because the boy was part of the only person who showed him any sort of decency and was his best friend, and had to lie to LORD VOLDEMORT'S face, and if he ever slipt up he would be tortured and killed but he did it anyway*

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To back up the virgin Italy headcanon: hima during world stars was taking questions/requests from fans and a fan asked him why feli flirts so much but never gets "some" and hima never denied him being a virgin Sorry i can't find the source of it but I do remember it being posted in the scandalations


It’s debatable really. 

I mean there’s no real clue to it in canon and we’re left to assume that he either has or hasn’t. My personal preference is only that he knows what he’s doing more than Germany, I have no idea who he could have done it with or with anyone at all o3o 

RWBY Roman and Neo Headcanon

Roman is an ex-huntsman, disavowed after turning his combat talents (because lets face it, he’s pretty fucking skilled with that walking stick!) to crime because it paid a whole tonne better. Neo is the only person left from his original team who associates herself with him, the other two can’t stand him and never could. She on the other hand hero-worships him. 

Neo’s semblance allows her to change every detail of her appearance; which is why she looks so young. Normally she only uses it to shift the colour of her eyes, deciding which one she wants to be pink or brown at any given moment, and occasionally shifting both white (like when she fought Yang). But she also uses it to counteract her ageing so she can be eternally young. For me, this fits in well with the headcanon that she’s Roman’s old team mate, she’s just as old as he is, she just chooses not to be. 


Maybe a public announcment was not had he initially had in my mind, but on second thought it could work just fine. He had expected to feel better to see him in chains, in the middle of Kattegat. But he felt no different than before.
He was still angry. He still felt betrayed. He still needed Athelstan.
But he would never come back to him. He had even started forgetting what his voice sound like. And that was because of Floki. He hated him for it. He hated him more than he had ever hated anyone in his life. If that was truly hate and not anger, not that feeling betrayal left –was there even a name for that feeling? Of being betrayed by someone you thought to be your friend? Of losing the only person you truly loved besides your children?
Who needs reason for betrayal? Floki had told him once One must always think the worst, even from your own kin. That way you avoid disappointment in life.
How right had he been, and how that did not make him hurt any less when he lost Athelstan, when he found that Floki had killed him. He had to pay for it. He had to suffer. Death would be just to easy.

The funny thing was, that a part of him knew that this feeling whatever it was, it consumed him. It had changed him, and there was no way back. But it did not matter anymore. 
The voices he heard when he entered the cave, brought him back to reality. It was not just Floki’s voice –no he would love to hear that, to hear him beg, but he heard a woman’s voice.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked with a short angry smirk, drawing his axe. “You should not be here.”
Come on, he thought, give me a reason to kill you in front of him. And maybe then, only then, I will have  jafnaðr, justice.


These were taken 2 computers, 3 vid cards, and 3 versions of Windows ago so they’re not nearly the quality of my newer stuff.

A lot of players went with lady Couslands so they could marry Alistair, and I’ve done that, myself.  For me, the one who stuck was Reginald and his personality is one who is near and dear to me.

He never liked his given name of Aedan so his father nicknamed him “Pup” to keep the peace.  Reginald responded to it, and Eleanor didn’t get indignant over using the boy’s middle name all the time.  Fergus is the only one left alive who knows his full name.

Unlike most of my other characters, Reginald is a very political person who would not just be willing to play the Grand Game in Orlais, but he would thrive on it for awhile.  When Loghain tried to have him killed and left Cailan on the battlefield, Reginald considered it prudent tactics, not taking it personally.  

Wily, fun loving, too intelligent for his own good and full of mischief, Reginald is a rogue in every sense of the word. He began picking locks at a young age to get into places he wasn’t supposed to be and his antics drove Bryce and Eleanor to distraction.  When he wasn’t breaking into the armory to prove to himself that he could, or spoiling his own birthday surprise of a mabari pup by getting through a locked door, he was getting into some other kind of trouble.

At age 16 he was manipulated and caught in the bedroom of an older, influential married woman.  He was out the window before her husband could get her hands on him, but forgot the brand new armor his parents commissioned for him.  Thinking himself as having gotten away with it, he “borrowed” clothes from the Chantry collection for the poor and ran home.  Just as he was patting himself on the back for the adventure, his parents brought him to task.  The husband showed up with Reginald’s armor in hand.

Eleanor threatened to put him in a pre-arranged marriage just to settle him down before he started something which would have lead to serious embarrassment and repercussions against the family. 

He solemnly swore he would never cause them so much grief again, and he kept his promise by never getting caught again.

Fergus was the one who was expected to take all the responsibilities for Highever and raise a family.  Reginald was the second son.  He was happy to laze in the sun, enjoy the comforts of a woman’s bed, and enjoy life.  Easily bored, he picked pockets, taught his mabari tricks like wetting down someone’s boot on command, and generally amused himself.

He had an education, very comfortable family money, and an older brother to shoulder all the dull parts of being the Teyrn’s son.  What more could he ask for?

Rendon Howe’s attack on the castle sent Reginald into revolving depression and forced maturity.  He had all the qualities it took to lead Alistair and the others during the Blight, but it was the last thing he wanted to do with his life.  Trading a warm bed for hard ground and the comforts of wealth for dodging Loghain’s man hunts weren’t the top of his hopes for the future.

The loss of his family will always haunt him, and it awakened something very dark and cunning inside the young man.  He became a proficient thief, killer, and trained with Zevran in some truly terrifying uses of poisons.  

The year of the Blight and saving Ferelden changed and marked Reginald, shaping him into the man he finally became.  He is still good humored, charming, dashing, handsome… (if you don’t believe me, you could ask him.  He’d go on for an hour about how great he is in a humorous way.)  A love of mischief still fuels him, and in stories he’s done everything from pick one person’s pocket to go through whatever he can swipe, then stick it into someone else’s pockets to reading Leliana’s Skyhold reports from across her desk.  He breaks Alistair out of the palace at regular intervals so they can go running loose around Denerim, and has a distinct love of life.

Very much a person of extremes, he’s a deeply devoted friend and on the occasion he actually commits to a romantic relationship he’s completely faithful to his wife.  That’s not to say he doesn’t have Orlesian tastes and wouldn’t take 2 women to bed with him if she was interested, but that’s up to her and not him. 

Alistair was and will forever be his best friend, and they are brothers in everything but blood.  (Much like Skywise and Cutter from Elfquest - who I borrowed that phrase from.)  When he made Alistair king, Reg vowed to stay with him and help him learn the art of running a kingdom.  Aside from a few serious darkspawn incursions which uprooted him, he’s held to that promise.  Alistair wanted “family” and Reginald thought he’d lost his, so now they’re just as close as Reg and Fergus.

Reginald talks endlessly and there’s very few things which will shut him up.  Most of them are NSFW.  Otherwise he’s an ever flowing font of words and has been accused of talking the Archdemon to death.  Interestingly, he doesn’t deny it, and tends to run with the idea, embellishing it to an amusing extreme.

This guy is near and dear to my heart because as hyper as he is, he’s always one of the most fun for me to write.


“The Box”, wreck-it ralph ficlet

Summary: Tamora and Felix get into a tight spot with a dangerous gaming object.

ask-icancraft-it requested the prompt “Can You Hear Me”

Before they realized what they had stumbled upon, Tamora was sucked into the box, vanishing as if she’d never existed.

“Tamora!” Felix yelled, rushing to retrieve the box, but stopped. What if it sucked him in to and there was no chance of escape from the inside? He leaned over it, cautiously. “Tammy, can you hear me?”

There was no answer.

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honestly talia and jason’s relationships is just so important to me.

i mean, she’s basically the only person since jason came back to life that he totally trusted. his own self-hatred and his birth mother’s betrayal have left him with massive trust and vulnerability issues – but here’s talia, the woman who took jason in and sheltered him for over a year while he was at his most vulnerable. who fed him, clothed him, confided in him and never gave up on the hope that his mind could be restored.

jason may have been severely brain damaged for those years, but talia noticed the flickers of emotion beneath jason’s catatonia. she recognised that he was more than an unresponsive shell. and somewhere in what remained of jason’s mind, he recognised talia as his protector and trusted her not to harm him.

it says a lot that, when talia restored jason’s mind, talia was the one that jason turned to for help – albeit, help in training to kill bruce. however much he remembered from the last few years, that bond he’d formed with talia remained and he continued to confide and trust in her for the new few months/years.

this is where talia’s faith waned, torn between her bond with jason and her feelings for bruce, yet still she refused to abandon him or turn jason over to ra’s. though jason seemed to have lost himself in rage and vengefulness, she couldn’t bring herself to have him harmed. and ultimately, her loyalty was rewarded – jason began to rediscover heroism, even if it was in a more violent and murderous form, and talia was proud.

it wasn’t a super healthy relationship – these are two very psychologically damaged individuals, talia did enable jason in travelling down a dark path to becoming the red hood (though she arguably helped to guide jason away from an even darker path), and ultimately their relationship in the lost days culminated in some pretty messed up grudge sex as an indirect “fuck you” to bruce wayne. but it was incredibly important for jason to have at least this one person he could trust implicitly to protect him, to not stab him in the back.

The reason why I like being Catholic is because it inspires me to be a better person. When Jesus was bullied he turned the other cheek and forgave those who hurt him. When I was being bullied it hurt me so much I wanted to end my life, but I was reminded of what Jesus went through and as mad as it made me to sit there it kept me going along with the fact that a lot of people needed Jesus but my mom needed me. There’s a saying that says when you see only one set of foot prints know that I have never left you, instead I carried you. 

Another reason is because Jesus said love everybody, and as hard as that is sometimes there’s always something to love someone for. Their laugh, their smile, the way that someone needs them. 

Being Catholic means to me:

  • Helping others in need
  • Forgiving those who hurt me not just because Jesus did but so I can be free
  • finding something to love in everyone because everyone is beautiful in their own way
  • understanding people are on different walks in life we are not all the same
  • supporting those who need it the most
  • praying for those who are injured and sick and lost and alone for I believe someone is watching over them
  • wanting a better world for women and men and children in equality
  • accepting people for who they are and not what I want them to be
  • not fighting with people who are different from us or in a different religion we all worship God in different ways unless your’re atheist and that’s okay too.
  • being a voice for those who don’t have one like the disabled or the homeless
  • feeding the poor because despite what people believe they are not the scum of the earth, different difficult circumstances led to them being homeless
  • It means being gentle to animals 
  • it means giving back to those who made me who I am today 
  • It means showing people compassion and love
  • it means doing the right thing 
  • It means being humble and modest and knowing you are not better than anyone else just because you are Catholic

Being Catholic does not mean

  • Shunning people who are different
  • smashing someone for being homosexual
  • thinking that you own the rights to someone’s body
  • scorning those for being in a different religion
  • using your religious beliefs to ruin someone’s happiness
  • ignoring people
  • fighting for something that makes you look ignorant
  • hating people because they are different from you
  •  you are better than everyone else

At least being Catholic doesn’t mean that me. 

So you might send me anon hate for this post and that’s alright but I wanted you to know that being Catholic to me means being kind to others just like Jesus wanted us too, it means accepting everyone and being kind. 

I wish you a great night my loves~ <3

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They guy i like is 2 years older than me. He is my best friend. I see him almost everyday because he will sneak over to my house at 1AM and we lay in my driveway and watch the stars and its perfection. He knows everything about me and is the only person in my life who has never hurt me or left me. He has gorgeous eyes and he’s just so cute :D we flirt but I DON'T THINK HE IS INTO ME... oh well. He knows I like him so we will see where it goes. WISH ME LUCK ;)

Good Luck!! 

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Oh! I really loved what u said about matt pushing karen away! I think the same. He cares more for her! He loves her since the first day as in the comics. He was afraid to put karen in dangerous as he made with Claire(by accident if course). I ♥ it

(continues) And by the way, karen was the only one who was there when he most needed someone. She never judged him. She never left him alone. Matt did it the same way. He never left her alone. They are the same person. They are “ONE”.

Thanks a lot! I agree with you on pretty much everything, I think Matt is really afraid of putting Karen in danger and he does care a lot for her. But contrary to the comics, I don’t think Matt is in love with Karen yet. He cares deeply about her but he is not “in love.” Neither is Karen, for now it’s more like infatuation. But they will fall for each other… Even though I think Karen will fall faster haha. But Matt may fall harder and all at once, realizing it was her from the start.


It gets really hard to smile when you randomly walk away, when I let myself think too much, when I am sad. I can’t smile when you tell me to, it is just broken or fake. I don’t know what to do anymore; the memories are becoming clearer and more vibrant. They come more often and demand my attention. I can’t stand the things that are floating around in my head right now. I wan’t good enough for HIM then I’m not good enough for anyone. HE was supposed to be the only person who never left. A father should never leave his daughter, but HE left me and I can’t find anymore reason to want to stay in a world he doesn’t want me in.

Francesco Totti press conference

“I’m sorry that Casillas has left Real Madrid as he is a real icon of the club,” he said. “I’ve faced him on a few different occasions and met him off the pitch as well. He’s not only a great player but also a great person. However, it’s always special to play against Real Madrid, no matter who is playing. It is called a friendly match but there are never any friendly matches when we play Real Madrid as both clubs always want to win.”

“It’s really nice to be here,” he enthused. “This is my first time in Australia and we’ve had a very warm welcome from everyone.

“So far we have only really seen the hotel and the training ground but it’s a nice city and hopefully over the next few days the coach may give us some time to see more of it.

“People ask me about that penalty I scored for Italy against Australia in the World Cup in 2006 but that’s football and thank God I scored it.”

Quizzed specifically about whether he would try to ‘sell’ Roma to Edin Dzeko when the Giallorossi face Manchester City on Tuesday night, Totti was giving nothing away.

“It’s not down to me to convince him,” he said of the Bosnian striker linked by the media with a move to Italy. “Anyway, Pjanic knows him very well. If he comes, he can help us. World class players can improve any team.”


“Everyone asks me how I got over you,
but if they only knew about the night I screamed into my pillow,
or the night I looked at the pile of ecstasy on the counter.
They don’t know the lengths I took to try to forget you,
they don’t know that one day I woke up to be someone I never thought I’d be.
I didn’t get over him with the tears, or the drugs.
I got over him by waking up by myself, sleeping by myself, loving myself, caring about myself.
I got over him by actually filling the gap he left in me with permanent things, not temporary highs.
Everything else I did before just blocked my vision,
and its ironic because by the end of those nights, he was the only person I could see.
Sober and alone, I finally thought about me, and I realized I could never go back to who I was before.
That’s how I got over him.
I threw away everything that was meant to forget him because the more I tried, the less I actually did.”