Vans US Open Daily Ops: Leila Hurst

Leila Hurst is a busy little lady. She’s a pro surfer, designer, star of stage and screen, as well as the captain of the female vans surf squad. When the Vans US Open rolls in to town, Leila’s dance card gets filled up quick. Here’s a peak in to the hectic, but super fun schedule of the female face of Vans Surf as she runs through a day at the 2015 Vans US Open Of Surfing. Captions and photos by Leila.

1. My morning surf today before the madness started. The water is so warm I’m in love!

2. Oh boy, can I skate? No! I can pose and act like I can, though. That’s why I am hanging five on this skateboard. I don’t think that’s a “thing?”

3. Straight to the Skate team signing to take a selfie with my favorite (and only) girlfriend on the Vans team, Lizzie Armanto.

4. Mickey Mouse was in the house today! I just want him to talk. It kills me! ha ha. As you can see, Dane Reynolds and I love Mickey—the whole Vans fam loves Mickey!

5. Lizzie and I had a meet and greet at the vans Photo Booth, but usually we end up taking polaroid’s for InstaGram. Ha!

6. Evening surf beach time with friends. Was perfect!


So I just discovered chatbooks and I’m honestly obsessed. It’s basically all of your instagram photos in 60 page books. The best part is they are only 6 bucks.  You can get your first one free with this code JM9TNTP9 . I ordered 10 books off the bat. It’s nice because you can also edit what photos you want and don’t want and use the captions that you’ve already put or change them or remove them completely. I just think people don’t print enough photos now a days and this is a organized way to have them all in one spot.

You can also make custom books not through instagram which are also only 6 bucks but the code won’t work for it. So try it free and see if you like them.

No I’m not sponsored by them I just really like the idea of it.

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back from camping !! :) did I miss anything tronnor related ? Xx

hello!! i hope u had a great time love :) ah i forgot when you last sent me the message of you leaving, but heres everything that happened tronnor related so far:

they went to the beach + emma

and then they went to the paper towns premiere

and there was a clip of them in troyes newest video

mama mellet tweeted a picture of the boys + nic and dani and captioned it ‘family outing’ 

they went to dinner with their friends am i the only one who thinks this was a double date omg

and a fan sighting!!

and now they’re both in different places. troye is home in perth and connor is back in LA, but they wont be apart for so long, vidcon is next week!! and its back to sappy cute love tweets from connor

oh and also, if you didnt know as well, troye started the countdown to his album. which you can find a whole masterpost on it here: [x] 

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Can I just say what a great person you seem to be? Like not only are your captions on the pictures hilarious but you seem like such a nice person who doesn't mind when people talk to you. I hope you have a great night and that there are good thing in store for you in the near future

oh my 🙈 this is such a nice message I’m getting all flustered trying to think of how to respond to it. thank you so much, I’m so glad that you have this opinion of me and I’m wishing the same for you, take care my love 💕😊

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You've seen (and probably cried over) that new Stephen pic with the bat, right? It got me thinking of an Olicity AU where Oliver is a pro player and Felicity is his girlfriend but their keeping their relationship under wraps (because long distance) but then he gets a contract in Starling City and they take that pic to announce not only his new team but also their relationship 'cause Felicity captions the pic with something like "my guy is finally coming home again". I hate my brain.

I love your brain! Gimme all the olicity baseball au’s! I love it okay because I can imagine Felicity coming out and announcing their relationship like that and then having the entire internet just go crazy. And Iris is one of her close friends and also a sports reporter so of course she asks for the inside scoop and Oliver and Felicity give her an exclusive about the details of his trade to SC and some little tidbits about their relationship. And Felicity goes to their first home game wearing a Queen 26 jersey and Oliver pitches a complete game shut out. 

honestly if there’s two things I love it’s olicity and baseball

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Can you please explain the fireproof pic and eleanor following the larry person

Their creative director (I think?) posted a picture of Fireproof and captioned it with the location of today’s concert. He’s the one who has been announcing the songs on the setlist this tour.

Eleanor followed and unfollowed (I’ve only seen one screenshot so I can’t #confirm this happened, but) an account that has been spilling receipts on Louis’ friends, their security team, and stories that people send in about Harry & Louis.

Tao’s Lyric Controversy?

“The time I have wasted, the life that can’t be brought back, the memories of the past, I don’t want to think about it anymore.“
(Translated by ztaohs)

There’s quite a stir up with that line in his new song. I hear people are saying that it is about EXO. Especially when Chanyeol posted a photo on instagram with this caption:

“You feel very tired, angry and anxious right? We will embrace and comfort you. So just trust us. Let’s see and listen to good things only from now on. You remember the things I have said right? I will let you love freely 😊“
(Translated by @exo.translate on instagram)

Many people are saying that part of the lyric is a diss to EXO. It’s understandable considering that Kris and Luhan left as well, leaving a wound to the fans. And it’s also a well known fact that Tao wears his heart on his sleeve, and this isn’t the first time Tao threw his emotions out. There was one time where Tao ranted on Weibo (I vaguely remember it now).

But I beg to differ. I doubt that the lyrics is about EXO.

Personally, when I first read the lyrics, the first person that came in my head was Kris. Maybe because I’m a Taoris fan myself but I personally think that part of the lyrics is directed at Kris, not at EXO.

If you think about it, the two were very close. Even a normal fan who doesn’t believe in otps can see that Tao and Kris were very tight. Then when Kris left, Tao had that moment in the dancing studio where you can hear him sob while he was playing music.

Maybe he was still hurt by Kris’s departure? Maybe he still hasn’t come into good terms with a good friend? Maybe they’re still bitter to each other.

Bottom line, EXO is not the only people Tao knows so we can never be for sure who the lyric is exactly directed to. It may not even be directed at Kris. So stop fighting each other (someone called me dumb -_-) and be so narrow minded.


I was tagged by klickitats ages ago. I’m sorry it took me so long but this was more difficult than I thought. :D 

So, here we have 10 albums that mean a lot to me (complete with uncomfortably personal captions). I’m more of an individual song person and usually only listen to full albums on repeat when I’m not in a good place. So some of these are pretty old and some of these are weirdly personal. Mostly in chronological order + two all-time favorites I can’t put a date on. 

I’m not tagging anyone but you should all do this. It’s hard! 

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Hi Ally I'd like your advice. I'm getting into acting and have been shortlisted for a film (my first job ever!) but it requires full nudity. I don't know the details yet but I can't decide if I should agree to it or not. It is a legit movie btw. I'm a proper free the nipple gal but also feel like women can be exploited in film and are often naked in movies unnecessarily. Any words of wisdom/advice. Thank you! Xx

Wow! Firstly, congratulations anon, that is a big deal :) you are obviously very talented, and it must feel good to have that talent recognised.

As for this role and the nudity, that is something that only you can decide. I think there is a big difference between certain kinds of nudity (as you probably saw from my essay length Instagram caption last night haha), so just because you might be nude wouldn’t mean it was strictly sexualised or exploitative. That said, it could be, depending on the film plot and scene, which you haven’t mentioned but I’m assuming you know?

Ask yourself things like “is it essential to the storyline?” “Is this in keeping with my characters development?” And most importantly “do I feel comfortable with this?”.

It all comes down to how you feel about it. Sorry if this wasn’t entirely helpful, maybe arielerinkaplan might have some better advice?


I got tagged by gorillazdoyathing AND pink-stinkfish to post 6 selfies, so I thought I post 10 instead. However, I don’t really like being infront of the camera so a veeeery rarely take selfies, so here are some pics of me doing stuff instead. Age varies between 16-26 (captions on pics)

Aaaand I’m gonna be that guy and not tag others (I think most mutals have been tagged already anyway), but whoever feels like doing it, feel free to tag me back so I can see your faces :)

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So on ike's Twitter page his caption says watch the Mindy project ONLY on hulu. Do you think that's a stab at fox?

Haha I actually just noticed that yesterday too. I mean, TMP will ONLY be available on Hulu since Fox axed it but given his quote in an interview last month about finally feeling wanted, I can’t help but think there’s maybe a smidge of shade. 

30 days of self appreciation
  • I'm going to start something... Mostly just for myself I think... And I'm sure I'm not the only one that came up with this idea but if decided to go for it.
  • Everyday starting at the beginning of next month I will take a selfie and caption it with at least one thing I like about that picture. Hopefully this can raise my self esteem and help me realize I am worthy of love and that I'm beautiful.
  • I hereby declare August to be self appreciation month. That is all.

If the roles were reversed could you handle being slut shamed? Would you stop posting topless photos? Would you like it if women categorized men by two types and two types only? Husband material or hoe? If women only looked at the surface many of you would be single. Pick your biggest physical flaw and imagine women throwing that shit in your face until you felt compelled to waist train or add some foundation. Imagine turning on your tv seeing a person your size being ridiculed for being “fat” cut to commercial and you see diet pills. .. How long before you succumb to the pressure of being beautiful? Can women really feel beautiful without a man giving his unwanted two cents? If I post a caption saying I want to learn to wear make up…. Watch at least 5 men tell me what I don’t need. When the only unnecessary thing was their comments. Please remember the boxes you use to identify people are only in your mind. The next time you think about judging a woman for their lack of clothing remember you can go outside topless and its socially acceptable. #breespoint

Vote for Little Mix for the Teen Choice Awards!

Alright Mixers, the girls have been nominated for FOUR awards! Which I think is incredible! The girls deserve to win because they have worked so hard for us. So let’s get voting! 






Ways to vote:

  • Click here to vote on the TCA website (You must log in to Facebook to vote. You can only vote once a day per category.)
  • Facebook: Use the hashtag + category with #LittleMix
  • Twitter: Hashtag + category @LittleMix
  • Instagram: Post a photo with the caption “hashtag + category @littlemixofficial”

Remember: You can only vote once a day per category and platform. Retweets on twitter do not count. Use the correct hashtags!

We got this Mixers! Let’s do it for the girls!