What You Mean To Me

author: kayyux

Meanie with Gyuhao


Warnings: Alcohol

Author’s Summary:  Mingyu was one of the most well known young celebrites. He had it all - the papparazi, lights, cameras, concerts, and was even dating a famous fashion model. Wonwoo was your average student and teenager. He had his friends, he went to school, but unlike his friends he wasnt interested in the famous “Kim Mingyu.” When the two meet after colliding with one another at a party, both lives will be changed forever.

Notes: Fun filled fic based off of the movie Starstruck. Ongoing with 5 chapters!
W.E.B. Dubois, I Won't Vote
W. E. B. Dubois, I Won't Vote

“I shall not go to the polls. I have not registered. I believe that democracy has so far disappeared in the United States that no "two evils” exist. There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say.

I have no advice for others in this election. Are you voting Democratic? Well and good; all I ask is why? Are you voting for Eisenhower and his smooth team of bright ghost writers? Again, why? Will your helpless vote either way support or restore democracy to America?…Democracy is dead in the United States.

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What I meant was, aren't all these calls for "compromise" and "lesser of two evils" just teaching the progressive electorate to accept any mediocre/bad Democrat candidate, because the Republicans will always run someone worse? There's every chance the 2020 election will feature a Republican worse than Trump and a Democrat more compromised than Hillary. When does a voter say enough?

Honestly?  Voters saying “enough” during a presidential season won’t do anything, not unless it comes out that both presidential candidates are, like, space invaders in disguise or engaging in human trafficking on the deep web, or something.  Our political system as it stands now is a two-party system, for all intents and purposes.  Yes, third parties exist, but their existence does not make them a viable option.  The way our electorate works, they have no chance.  The only way a third party could gain traction in a presidential election within our current system is if one of the two major parties completely collapses, and that third party takes its place.  At which point we still have a two party system, it’s just that the parties have changed.

The problem here is that every four years, we get a group loudly shouting “Enough is enough” and declaring that they refuse to compromise and vote for a lesser evil.  But these same people are most often nowhere to be found during midterm elections.  These same people are less likely to vote down-ballot.  Like clockwork, every time we’re picking a new president, there’s a loud contingent who refuses to endorse anyone who doesn’t pass their purity test.  Some of these people don’t vote at all.  Some of them vote third party to “make a point.”

Except with how our system works currently, a third party vote is either the same as not voting, or will actively count against the major party most closely representing that person’s interests.  It’s most likely that the major party that voters wanted to make a point to will ignore them altogether.  If they do notice?  They’ll conclude that the further to a political extreme people in the party are, the less reliable they are as voters.  And then the party will do more to appeal to moderates, getting the protest voters the exact opposite of what they wanted.

The solution here?  Don’t make presidential elections your hill to die on.  Don’t play the game as if the rules have already changed to be what you want them to be.  We have to start reforms at the lower levels: Local and state elections.  Only when we can consistently elect senators, governors, state representatives, mayors, and city council members who are independent or much further to the right/left than the major parties will our two major parties consider those people as serious presidential contenders.  Only then will third parties ever be seen as an option the electorate could actually support.

“BLACK LESBIAN FEMINIST,” Gwenn Craig (@gwenndolina), Lesbian & Gay Caucus member, 1980 Democratic National Convention, New York City, August 1980. Photo by Allen G. Shores, c/o @onearchives. The 1980 Democratic National Convention marked the first time one of the two main American political parties endorsed a platform calling for protection from discrimination based on “sexual orientation”; in 2008, the DNC added “gender identity” to the list of protected classes. In its 2016 platform, the Democratic National Committee “applauds last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT people—like other Americans—have the right to marry the person they love.” But, the platform adds, “there is still much work to be done. LGBT kids continue to be bullied at school, restaurants can refuse to serve transgender people, and same sex-couples are at risk of being evicted from their homes. That is unacceptable and must change.” The Democratic Party platform goes on to guarantee that Democrats “will fight for the continued development of sex discrimination laws to cover LGBT people… [and] for comprehensive federal non-discrimination protections for all LGBT Americans.” The party, according to the platform, “will oppose all state efforts to discriminate against LGBT individuals, including legislation that restricts the right to access public spaces…, [and] combat LGBT youth homelessness….We will support LGBT elders…, and protect LGBT people violence—including ending the crisis of violence against transgender Americans. We will also promote LGBT human rights…around the world.” The 2016 Republican National Committee platform, on the other hand, condemns marriage equality as undermining the “foundation for a free society” and declares that those who fight for the civil rights of the trans community “are determined to reshape our schools — and our entire society — to fit the mold of an ideology alien to America’s history and traditions.” #lgbthistory #lgbtherstory #lgbttheirstory #lgbtpride #queerhistorymatters #haveprideinhistory #yourchoice #DNCinPHL (at Madison Square Garden)

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Just keep this in mind: Out all the years we’ve existed as America, we have NEVER had a third party president.

In every case of a third party candidate gaining even some popularity as a possible president, it draws votes away from one of the two main parties and causes them to lose because the vote was split. 

If you’d rather see Trump become president over Hilary then unfollow me. 

I don’t like her and I hate how Bernie was cheated out his votes and delegates but I will NOT be letting a fascist ass racist like Trump get my vote. Not even by default.

Supermom *Part Three*

Chapter Summery: You have a special surprise for the team at Tony’s party

Catch up here:  Part One Part Two

Warnings:Fighting, sass

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“Wanda, and Natasha what part of ‘I want to relax by myself’ did you not understand?” You asked tapping your foot impatiently at the two ladies standing in your doorway. “The by yourself part,” Nat said sarcastically, you raised an eyebrow at her, and huffed, blowing a loose piece of hair out of you line of sight. You looked between the two, knowing full well they were not leaving until you were dressed and ready to go to the mall with them. “I’m supposed to be low key observing the preparations of Tony’s party,” you stated to the two, coining through your clothes, trying to find a casual shirt. Nat laughed, and patted your shoulder, “Gosh, you worry to much mom, no wonder Tony calls you mom.” You snorted, “You all call me mom,” you pointed out, Wanda laughed, and handed you your purse, and ushered you out of the door.

“Natasha, I’m showing enough cleavage to attract a enfant,” you huffed, looking in the mirror. Natasha had picked out a beautiful purple low cut dress that was backless, and is fell to your mid calf. It looked like something you would have wore to a high school party. Natasha was standing next to you, “You’re fretting over nothing, you look great, maybe you’ll finally get some in that thing.” You gave her a deadpan look, and fussed with the top. “Yeah, how long is since you’ve had any action?” Wanda chirped. You scoffed, “I don’t have time to get any, watching over you people.” You raised an eyebrow, Nat smirked. “You love looking after us, or else you wouldn’t have stuck around for 3 years,” Nat stated, and Wanda smiled brightly. You sighed, it was true, you did love looking after them, they were like your children, all you cared about most days was making sure they were safe and sound. It surprised you that you had been around for 3 years, being the displeasure Steve and Tony held for you at first. But they quickly grew to love you like they’re own mother even though you were young enough to be Tony’s daughter. “I can’t believe it’s been three years already,” you said softly, looking at the two girls who were smiling brightly at you. “So are you gonna get, it would be great for the party!” Wanda gushed, you looked at her. “I’m not going, its my first day off in three years. I want to relax. When we’re done here, I’m going home and speaking with Fury briefly and then watching Netflix all night.” Natasha and Wanda both pouted, “But, you need to go! It’ll be no fun with out you Y/n,” Wanda whined. You shook your head at the two, but their faces made you reconsider. “Fine…” they cheered.


“Tony’s party is tonight,” you said to Fury, he nodded. You looked down at the young boy in front of you. He was being woken up after a year being in a coma. He was going to be so confused. His body believed it was dead, as did his brain. You walked around the table, you touched his hand. It twitched, you had only met him briefly a year ago when Tony and Steve brought them home because the Ultron fiasco. But he had ‘died’ in battle. But thanks to Clint taking him to the Heli-carrier, Fury was able to pull some strings and possibly save the kids life. He called you to come and see him when he was finally woken up, “Why me, and not Wanda, she is his sister,” you looked at Fury as people rushed around the boy. “Because she believes he’s dead, and if this didn’t work, we would have built up her hopes for nothing.” You nodded, “I understand, is this why this was kept secret?” Fury nodded, “I didn’t need you knowing, and her reading your mind, it could have caused the whole this to go astray.” Finally, he was stable and they restarted his heart, it took a few tries’, but it worked. His eyes opened and he seem confused, you walked forward, “Pietro, Pietro darling, its me Y/n, you met me before,” you nodded slowly walking into view. He nodded and looked around, “Yeah, like a couple days ago,” You sighed, and sat next to him, you took his hand. “Pietro dear, you were dead for a few hours, Ultron fired killed you while you were protecting Clint and a little boy,” he shook his head, not believing you, you didn’t blame him. “Pietro dear, calm down please,” you said, his heart was racing and you had feeling he was trying to find the fastest way out. “Stop calling me dear!” He barked, you tilted your head at him, and kept calm. “Pietro calm down!” You said with authority, he sat back down.

After explaining everything in great detail, he finally believed you and was still highly confused. “So my sister believes I’m dead?” You nodded, his accent was so thick when he was upset it made it almost impossible to know for sure what he was saying. “Stark is holding a celebration party for me tonight,” Fury gasped, “How did you?” “A mother knows,” you tapped your temple and wicked at Pietro, who gave you a questioning look. “You’ll learn soon enough my child,” Fury chuckled, you excused yourself to go get ready. “What does she mean?” Pietro asked Fury, who smiled after you. “She’s your residential mom.” That was all he said on the subject.


Thankfully Bruce and Thor were the ones to come and retrieve you for the party, because if Wanda would have, she would have found out about Pietro. But you did your best at keeping your mind blank. “My Lady, what’s the matter?” Thor asked politely, you had your hand resting on his forearm, Bruce walked quietly behind. Both dressed up very nicely, “Nothing Thor darling, parties make me anxious, that’s all.” Bruce walked next to you now, “I feel you.” He was so soft spoken, you looked at him, “I know Bruce honey, but it’ll be fun.” He nodded, you all made it to the party room, and Thor and Bruce opened the double doors, revealing the large amount of people standing, forming a path way to the stage set up “And let’s give a warm welcome to lady of the hour! Y/n!” Tony said cheerfully. Tony, Steve, Bucky, Nat, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Rhodey, and Vision all stood waiting for you. Thor and Bruce lead you up the hallway of people and up on to the stage. Tony wrapped his arm around you and held his mic to his lips. ‘Everyone, lets give a big warm welcome to Y/n, our PR manager. Better known as Mom,” You blushed, as everyone in the room clapped and cheered. Steve brought you over to a chair, “Ma’am,” you sat and he smiled at you. Through the next hour or so the group of superhero’s thanked you for your service as they’re PR manger. Fury even said a few kind words.

They had moved you too tears with their kindness; you took the mic from Tony. “Fist of all, I would like to say thank you for this wonderful celebration Tony, it’s beautiful. Next I would like to say thank you for all your kind words, and I’m very glad to be part of your crazy life.” The crowd chuckled, you looked across the sea of people and caught Fury’s eye, he nodded and went to the door. “But I also have a surprise for you all.” The crowd quieted, the team looked between one another. Wanda was staring hard at you, trying to read your mind. “I would like to welcome my guest of honor. Pietro Maximoff!” You called into the mic, a spot light lit up the door and the crowd parted, allowing Pietro walk up to the stage. He waved up at you, you smiled. A loud sob filled the air, and Wanda dropped to the floor, she was in tears. Pietro was to her side in seconds, he was comforting her. Tony took the mic and told the guests to go back to the celebration while he spoke to the team and you. “You’re kidding me ma?” Tony looked at you, you shook your head no, he looked to Fury, who just shrugged. Wanda was beside herself at this point, she could stop crying. “Wanda sweetness, it’d okay. It’s really him!” You cooed, rubbing her shoulder as she sobbed loudly.

Once Wanda calmed down, the party continued on as normal, and you mingled with the guests. Steve tapped your shoulder, and interrupted your conversation with Clint, “Would you like to dance?” You nodded at Steve. A soft song played and you danced with Steve, it was lovely. Until a loud boom and another explosion filled the room, people started screaming. Another boom and glass shattered everywhere pepping your bear arms. A bomb of some sort flew toward you and Steve, Clint tossed the shield and Steve protected you. Tony called for his suit and stood in front of you, “Run mom, and hide! Don’t come out until I come and get you.” You did as you were told and ran out of the room with Hill, protecting you. You looked back for a moment and watched the team fight off whatever it was, and they disappeared.

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PRO TIP: The US has a two-party system. Sure, the odd third-party candidate makes a run now and then, but from a practical standpoint any vote that’s not cast for one of the two major-party candidates makes it that much easier for the other one to win – meaning a vote for anyone but Clinton increases the chances Trump wins and vice versa. If you don’t want to see Trump win, voting for Clinton is the only tool available to you. If you’d rather vote “your conscience” than vote for Clinton, your conscience had better be okay with enabling Trump – and with the idea that you think Trump is a better choice for the country than Clinton.

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Can I ask you a question? My friend ship Germany and France, and I want to be supportive but It feels like I'm failing. It's because I don't ship people, if I did it would be platonic. I'm kind of like Germany in the sense, I only accept the facts and I don't understand love. Also my friend says that she saw a canon picture of Germany and France. Do you know of this picture? Please share me your wisdom!

If you just can’t get into it, maybe it would be wise to tell them that? That way they understand that you just aren’t into it and can’t provide any good input or solid support on what they like. I’m the same way with certain things and my friends know. It’s a mutual understanding that allows for us all to pick correct topics of interest without anyone feeling left out.

I’m unsure of what picture your friend is talking about, tough. There are many moments in strips where Germany and France are together in a scene, but not one where they’re shown in an intimate position. At least not that I can remember …  


38 states in the USA use the one-party consent law when it comes to wiretapping or publishing private conversations (18 USC 2511 (2)(d)). This means you can make a phone conversation public as long as one of the parties of the conversation consents to it, or when you are one of the involved parties. Let’s say the party would be Kanye - no issue.
The Kardashians live in California. California is not one of those 38 states. In California, you need two party consent - big issue.

Not only is it 100% illegal for Kim Kardashian to make a private conversation public (ohhh, money damages lawsuit), it is ridiculously childish. I get that Taylor Swift is a bit much sometimes, but also have some decency.

Closing remarks:

1. Yes, I am aware Taylor Swift wrote songs about her exes. Yes, she probably didn’t ask for their consent. No, this is not the same thing.
2. Kim Kardashian fighting Kanye’s battles astonishes me. Also the ‘point’ is whether or not TS consented to KW calling her a bitch in a song, coincidentally KK doesn’t seem to share that specific footage, what a COINCIDENCE.
3. The fact Khloe Kardashian then goes onto twitter moaning about how her snaps won’t get attention and being vulgar to Chloë Moretz, just proves how incredibly childish this all is.

I hope Swift sues. If I had no other choice, I’d rather listen to Break Up Song #264 than some slander from a man that thinks he’s a deity. What a bunch of utter rubbish. These are adults! That earn millions of dollars! And they occupy themselves with this kind of petty shit! While people get shot and discriminated against and banned and can’t afford to put food on the table. Fucking disgraceful.

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Thank you for your political posts today. Bernie or bust people stress me the fuck out.

I’m a Bernie supporter so I know a lot of them, and see a very unnerving number of people on facebook who want to vote Jill Stein now. Like, I get that the two party system sucks and no one wants to feel forced to make a vote for a person they don’t believe in.

But it comes from a huge place of privilege to use one’s vote to “make a statement.” To me, it says you’re in a safe enough place that you don’t actually feel threatened by the personal comments Trump makes. It completely disregards the poc who are in danger because of rhetoric like Trump’s, the LGBTQ community whose rights are threatened, the women whose right to reproductive health is under attack. 

But I’m voting for Hillary. I think Bernie can do a lot of good from the Senate—in fact, he can arguably do more. If we have Bernie or Elizabeth Warren as a majority leader, a lot more progressive politics can actually get pushed through and make a difference. 


Take Me Home Pt 3
  • Featuring: Oda Nobunaga from Samurai Love Ballad: Party
  • Rating: T
  • Part: One | Two
  • Author’s Note: Changed how this part ended because of the current battle event now… SERVE ALL THE KONPEITO!! Enjoy! 

It had been several days since you fainted. Several days since you found out the cause. It hadn’t sunk in yet. Well, now that you thought about it, it made sense. The loss of appetite, feeling nauseous in the mornings, and the most important factor, not having your monthly period. You’d put it down to the stress, but nope. It wasn’t the stress. How could you be so stupid?

You were pregnant. Pregnant with Lord Nobunaga’s child.

You had to remind yourself to breathe. Every time you thought about how you were carrying his child, your mind went blank. How was it all going to work out? You weren’t showing yet, which was a relief. But, in a few more months, your stomach would grow. You sighed quietly, looking down at the food on the tray in front of you. You didn’t have much of an appetite still, but knowing what you knew, you picked up the bowl of porridge.

“I thought you’d finished eating by now.”

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“It’s a wasted vote” Not really. The main two candidates have become equally bad, and the largest voter registration block (Independents) and Millenials are demanding change, and not of just one of the two majors parties controlling the White House. People want a reasonable person, and Gary Johnson fits the bill quite well.