It’s storming terribly here, and I had a thought that won’t budge.


You jolt awake when you hear the loud clap of thunder that shakes the house.

You’re also very aware your 4 week old baby across the hall was startled awake as well.

You flipped the covers back, but the moment you did, Harry was out of the bed.

He had ran through door way, and you heard him coo and tell the baby, “sh, it’s okay, daddy’s got you.”

You smiled at how quick he had gotten up to comfort and rescue your child.

He entered the room with the baby against his chest, and he stood by his side of the bed.

“I want her in here tonight.” He said, his voice laced with sleep and protective daddy mode written on his face.

You hold out your hands to take the small human into your arms and smile at how she’s already asleep.

You placed the baby between you and Harry and he immediately wrapped her small hand around his finger.

“Thank you for getting her.”

He shrugged and examined the sleeping baby between the two of you.

“I don’t like how scared she sounded.” he spoke quietly. “I don’t wanna hear her cry, anytime, but this one was heart breaking.”

You chuckled and leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“At least she will always know who to go to when she’s scared.”

He nodded, and kept his eyes on her.

“Now, go to sleep, Daddy. This baby needs her rest and this mommy is exhausted.”

  • Friday Me: I'm so tired my brain is so dead finals are wiping the floor with me so I'm just going to party with Voltron because my mind can't handle anything else
  • Sunday Me: *clicks submit on my finals*
  • Sunday Me: *shoves Voltron off the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *places Lucky Us on the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *sinister laugh*

anonymous asked:

favorite shakarian fics? i need recs i just got into masseffect and am halfway through the second one, (dont worry abt spoilers my sis already spoiled me)

OH JEEZ, i’m really bad at reading fics, tbh? i prefer writing fic over reading it, but i certainly have some recommendations, although not many.

New Game by alden is a favorite, especially because I love the characterization and banter. Heads up: it is not without its conflicts. If you’re looking for fluff, it shouldn’t be your first choice. (I drunkenly offered this author money, and I still plan on paypalling them at least 20 dollars one of these days.)

Entropy by jhoom fucked my life up for at least 2 weeks. I’ve reread it 3 times, and posted about it before. Again, this should not be your first choice if you’re looking for fluff. It does have a happy ending, though! 

gethsemane by legendaerie is my favorite oneshot. Garrus-centric, and more of a character study than anything else. I love it because it’s the poetic meta-fic about Garrus I had plans to write, but they did it first. (and god knows I love being able to read the content I want without writing it.) 

limit of the flesh by damalur was a fic I’ve had bookmarked since I started ME3, but max @137calibrations strong-armed me into finally reading it. Totally worth it. A Shepard-centric fic with an interesting look into her psyche and a slow(er) look into a post ME3 shakarian romance. 

ghost by theherocomplex is one I haven’t finished yet, because I’m trying to savor it. I vividly remember bawling my lungs out during this one, so be warned. Starts after Shepard’s death in ME2, and goes from there. A crazy-cool idea, and the author pulls it off with a good plot and better writing. 

red streak by thunderheadfred makes me think of my months-old bookmarker’s note. “I hope I can absorb some of ThunderheadFred’s talent when I print this fic out and eat it page-by-page.” VERY nsfw at times, but they do a great job with marking the chapters so you can skip it. Great writing, and an interesting new take on Shepard and Garrus’s characters. 

last but (definitely) not least: future imperfect by mizdirected. Another one I haven’t finished, but if you’re looking for the longest fic you’ll ever read, full of literally everything you could think of, this is it. Canon-divergent, and honestly the most impressive story-centric fics I’ve ever read. This is the fic I dreamt about writing in highschool, when I still had a drive to write thousands of words a month. 


In the moment we clashed, the one in control is me
I will manipulate even the weight of this cut-short life

Happy Birthday Chuuya! [29.04]

BTS when they have a crush on you (sending you pics)


He would send you pics when he’s bored telling you to come play video games with him or watch movies/tv series, only to get the chance to see you. 

“look at me (y/n) I can’t have fun if you’re not around”  “You’re coming right?”


He would take your phone when you’re not looking and take selfies with it for you to see them, knowing you will text him later.

“all I see in my galley are your selfies Jin”

“You need to see my handsome face everyday (y/n)”


This boy would send you pics for every little thing that crosses his mind, trying to get your attention. At work, when you wake up, when you’re eating, etc

“it’s so cold outside. Are you wearing gloves (y/n)? I don’t want your beautiful hands to get cold”   “I’m coming to check on you”


He is the type of guy that would show you that he cares about you and that you’re important, so he would send you a pic when the day is over.

“how was your day (y/n)?” “I see you’ve been busy these weeks but you can call me anytime okay?”


He would send you pics when you both are in the same room. In the library, when you’re very focused reading a book, he sends a pic for you to notice him.

“hey (y/n) you look a bit stressed, how about going out for ice cream?”  “Be more cute and say yes pls” 


This boy is a ray of sunshine, so he would send you a pic all of a sudden, when you’re alone at your place, because he saw you crying that day.

“let’s do something fun tonight (y/n)”  “routine is not something good for such a girl like you”


He would ask his friends to take pictures of him when he’s “distracted” and to send it to you.

“look (y/n), namjoon is kind of sad because you were absent today”  “you should probably call him”  “he seems lost (y/n) help him! “

i don’t know about the rest of the world, but it’s starting to get fairly summer where I am (yes there is a point where it kind of stops in California).
yes I have been good and was swtor-arting
and for some reason this was like the peak of it.