• Monica:Chandler, um, I want you to take just a minute, and I want you to think about how ridiculous this sounds.
  • Chandler:... yeah I'm kinda wishing everyone wasn't here right now...
  • Monica:Honey, do you know that none of that stuff came from me? I mean, I never said that I wanted to have babies and get married right now!
  • Chandler:Yeah, I know, but I was really confused, and then I talked to these guys.
  • Monica:Who, Two Divorces and Joey?
  • Ross:Hey!
  • Joey:She's right, you know.
  • Ross:Yeah but shot.

Ross: Chandler!!! Chandler!!! (He opens the door to the apartment but is stopped by the chain; Chandler and Monica quickly stop making out and try to get dressed.) Chandler, I saw what you were doing through the window! Chandler, I saw what you were doing to my sister! Now get out here!
Chandler: (To Monica) Wow! Listen, we had a good run. What was it? Four? Five months? I mean, that’s more than most people have in a lifetime! So, good-bye, take care, bye-bye then! (He kisses her and starts to climb out the balcony window.)
Monica: What are you doing?!
Chandler: Oh, I’m going on the lamb.
Monica: Come on Chandler, come on, I can handle Ross. and

I have been trying to watch “Friends” for a while and I’ve honestly had a lot of issues with it. From the fat shaming to the slimy character that is Ross I’ve scrunched my nose up at the show a lot. But the episode “The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey” crosses the line. Joey is being abused by his girlfriend and is clearly afraid of her. But it’s not serious because he’s a guy. That’s not ok. I can’t try with this show anymore.

Monica: I’m still not done not wanting to talk to you.

Chandler: Just tell me what I need to do to make things right.

Monica: What?!

Chandler: Well, that’s what we do. Ya know, I-I mess up and then you tell me how to fix it and then I do and then ya know you think I’m all cute again.

Monica: Really? I’m really tired of being your relationship tutor. You’re gonna have to figure this one for yourself. All right? Ya know what? If you’re too afraid to be in a real relationship, then don’t be in one.