when serendipity whispers: chapter one

knotted with (false) memories

written by @gigiree​ & @miraculousturtle​.

for @alyseb630–who is not only our biggest supporter, but the reason why this story exists. we love you. 

Summary: If serendipity is having good luck and fortune by happenstance, then in this universe they have none. Because in most stories they meet their true loves in France, but magic would have to exist for that. 

(And here’s a secret: it does.)

Pairing: Adrienette 

(Also on AO3).

[p.s. thanks to @tei-gen for helping with the translation we needed!]

It always comes back to this moment, he realizes as his back is flat pressed to a cold hard ground and his Lady is over him. It’s the exact same scene where words are glued to the inside of his mouth and refuse to be spoken.

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160213 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 1: Moments to remember~

The MC asked Kyuhyun if he can go back to the past, when would be the moment? Kyu replied he wanted to go back to the date he first debuted, because he can perform and work together with all the members. Now all his hyungs are in their 30′s except him. Sometimes he cannot understand why hyungs kept saying they are feeling tired, and hyungs are not willing to tell him the reason. Now he is turning 30 soon, and slowly get to understand why they are feeling tired. Because they all want to have a good performance on stage.

When members choose a favorite song of them Kangin chose ‘Marry U’. Then he was asked:

Q: “Who do you want to get married with?”
Kangin: But I don’t want to get married.
ELF: Leeteuk~
MC: The man you want to get married with the most, will you choose him (Leeteuk) ?
Kangin: He is cleaner than girls.
MC: Then what about Heechul?
Kangin: He is more beautiful than girls.
After nitpicking then he asked Teuk if he wants to get married with him, but Teuk is not allowed to be on his bed.
Leeteuk: Then when can I slepp on your bed?
Heechul: You guys husband and wife, go backstage and fight there, okay?

* Finally…Kangin chose Leeteuk :)

Super Junior riding dinosaurs :) troublesomes~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan Project:

우리 같이 사랑연습할래요 - Let us practice love together  

뽀뽀부터 해주세요..녜? - How about starting from kiss?

Kyuhyun saw that fan project then said:  pervert aiiiii insane!

When they choose what kind of super power they want to have:

Leeteuk: The one who controls time! (imitating Running Man)
Kangin: The one who controls space! (imitating Running Man)
Heechul: The one who controls ELF (cutely psing with two V)

Another Fan Project: 

After Donghae and Hyukjae’s vcr ELF did  012 ♥ 846 - FOREVER LOVE YOU 

012 - Forever / 486 - I Love You   |  for vcrs: (Hyukjae) (Donghae)


Heechul started chanting “Sarang Haeyo Kim Heechul” and fans chanted the next line.

Whey they choose a fav song out of 8

Heechul: I want to choose the only 1. I did not take part in, Sexy, Free and Single.


Heechul: In future the camp should be held in wilderness, cuz we love fans so much. Tic price around 60 billion.

Members kept singing the little prince ^^

Heechul thinks that Yesung is the sexiest xD

Leeteuk: I always tell everyone I want to get a girlfriend. I want an overseas girlfriend. Do you all want to date me?

Heechul gave chocolate to a fan who was holding a 83 banner ^^ 


Fans played charades with SJ. Question was monkey. Heechul answered “Eunhyuk”


While playing charades answer was ELF. All members knew the answer but kept playing. When it was Kyu’s turn he said: “My wives… Ah~~ no I am too shy to say it.”

Q: What will you do if you strike lottery?
Ryeowook: I will buy all your hearts.

Kyuhyun: Our fanmeet has ended.
ELF and MC: Not yet!
Kyuhyun: Be careful on yur way home~ happy new year~ may you get rich~

He was walking to backstage while saying this and accidentally kicked the prop and almost fell.

Leeteuk: This time it’s “Super Camp”, next time we’ll try “Super Spa” xD   

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