One Giant Step For Humanity Of The Future, And An Important Step For A Woman - Margaret Hamilton: Self-taught programmer and director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed the Project Apollo computer under contract to NASA.

All together the computer had only about 64k of memory to help navigate to and from the moon and help control the descent to the lunar surface. Putting useful functionality into such a bare-bones device was the triumph of Hamilton, who was awarded the Augusta Ada Lovelace Award by the Association of Women in Computing in 1986. In 2003, she was also given a NASA Exceptional Space Act Award. - Karen Tegan Padir

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Would it be okay to ask your natural hair color? If it's too intrusive I don't need an answer. I was just seeing Hannah's photos (she looks pretty with her natural hair color and pink, I love it all) but it made me curious about yours.

yup sure i’ll show you

it was just brown idk nothing special?

the unfortunate part is that i have like 2 pictures of myself w brown hair so like

there is a sonic screwdriver there i’m 15

and here i was at a fucking space museum i was in 6th grade (so 12) playing a part in mission control and having to sit next to two boys: one who kissed me and i punched him and the other who had a crush on me and didn’t mark my incorrect math answers so i got 100′s.

Life-Saving Shelves

Ok ladies and gents. Are you just as tired of having no storage space as I am? Clutter getting you down on the daily? Can’t ever find that one damn nail polish/shower gel/ remote control/kitchen spice/pen/etc.??? Because I have your solution. 

For only $3.99+shipping, IKEA offers this great fucking tool called the BEKVAM spice rack. And it has legitimately saved me so much anguish and space, it’s not even a joke. 

It comes in a cool little package, looks a little like this:

When you take it apart, it’s approx. 11 pieces, including hardware AND THE TOOL TO PUT IT TOGETHER. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT. And even for the folks (like me) who are impaired in the woodworking/construction department, it takes probably 5 minutes tops to put it together

If you flip the brackets on the back, you can use it like this: 

BOOM. Immediate towel holder, picture frame shelf, etc. 

The only extra things you need are screws, and probably a drill. I bought this package from IKEA as well, and it’s pretty fucking excellent for all my stuff-hanging needs. It’s also a good idea to screw these bad boys into a wall stud, especially if you don’t want your whole shelf falling from the wall in the middle of the night with all your valuables in it. 

Here’s some examples of what I’VE used it for:

It’s also super easy to paint to match your fine-ass room decor. Here’s a painted one. (not done, needs more blue for my living room, BUT I CAN DO THAT.)

There you have it folks. Probably the most exciting thing happening in my life right now (yay adulthood) is a cheap IKEA shelf. Please, enjoy this, because I know how hard it is to find cheap organizing options that don’t suck. Share with your friends to help spread the word about these tiny little wooden wonders.

Link: (in case the one above doesn’t work)

Bonus Life Hack, since I’m feeling helpful:

Mount your power strips to the wall. Saves a lot of tangles cords and fumbling to unplug things. Looks like this. 

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Could you do a Noh-Varr "I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.” with the Young Titans (or Young Avengers)

This seems like more of a straight-up Young Avengers jam.

Kate says, “Noh-Varr, why?

“You asked me that already.” Noh-Varr’s busy assembling a cat tree out of what appear to be spare spaceship parts. “Several times, in fact.”

“Because you haven’t answered me yet! Why did you bring home five cats?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. They needed a home, we have the space, and I like cats. They keep to themselves.”

This statement is immediately and directly contradicted by one of the cats, who hops up onto Teddy’s lap and drapes itself across his legs, cell phone, and Wii U controller. He grins down at it. “I don’t mind, I think they’re cute. Don’t you?”

“I–of course I think they’re cute, I just wish I’d had some warning.

A suspiciously Star-Trek-like column of blue sparkles slowly coalesces in the corner of the room, from which emerges Billy’s voice. “Some warning about wha–holy crap we have so many cats! Where did the cats come from?”

“Where did what cats holy shit babe that’s a fucking awesome cat tree.” Tommy skids to a stop right in front of an affronted-looking brown tabby cat, who purrs reproachfully at him and then twines around his ankles. “Shit, I always wanted a cat.”

“I live to please you, hala.” Noh-Varr still hasn’t looked up from constructing the cat tree.

“Dude, are you even paying attention? I’ve smashed you five times now.” David hasn’t even commented on the five cats; he seems to be treating this like just another day at headquarters. Given that he used to be an X-Man, too, this probably isn’t anything weird to him.

There’s a thump on the fire escape, and then the window opens and Miss America steps through, helping Eli after her. “Hey, princess, I grabbed your–whoa.”

Eli stops on the windowsill and stares. “So nothing much has changed, I see.”

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Would Cork-screw do a scenario where V is outside at night stargazing and doing some seriously deep soul-searching? If she doesn't want to, would Bagel do it?

Beings that this is a request from our dearest old Admin Hype Dragon, I wrote this specially for you! Hopefully you all get a good laugh out of it because I sure did XD A huge thank you to my sister who inspired this and helped me to make it crackier than what it was originally!!

**this is his answer to his soul searching

~Admin Corky

“Commander V, we have sightings of M.A.R.S.” V looked up from his ‘Space Traveling for Dummies’ and peered at his second in command, Jungkook. He raised an eyebrow and stood up, clasping his hands behind his back.

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thank u olivia for tagging me, you’re a star!! avocloudo

one insecurity: my tendency to make a fool of myself and the fact that I’m the clumsiest person you will ever meet

two fears: the chance that I will never be able to understand how I’m feeling and have the courage to express myself in a way that i am happy with. giving up

three turn ons: someone who can take the piss out of me and be brutally honest, someone that appreciates that i am different to lots of other girls and that will hold my hand and give me space when i need it. someone who has different interests to me and gets excited when they talk about them so that i can watch the pride in their eyes when i ask them about their day.

four life goals: being in control of my own life, learning and experiencing the most that i can and making the most of every opportunity i get. to forgive myself for mistakes i have made and remember that it is okay to not have a reason for being sad. to always know that understanding your emotions is a skill and it takes time and practice to find yourself for who you are.

five things i like: going places by myself and being able to encounter and appreciate things i wouldn’t normally notice if i was surrounded by other people. tv programmes/films/books that make you feel something. good skin days because the make you feel unstoppable af. dappled light shining on my face on summer afternoons, and the smell of cigarettes.

six weaknesses: allowing my emotions to take over, massive piles of shit build up in my room no matter how hard i try to be tidy, i get attached to people that are not good for me, not being able to speak my mind and i get my priorities all wrong. i spiral down from the smallest of things.

seven things i love: the smell of freshly mown grass. staying in a remote caravan by the seaside and listening to rain hitting the roof, and the lightning flashing through the curtains at night, but waking up early to a high tide and clear skies and sunshine. making people laugh and eating super healthily. productive days filled with updated journal pages or flower pressing, loads of exercise, making flapjacks, and just being able to fall asleep knowing that i have accomplished something great. i love pebble beaches and the noise they make when the waves draw back and crash froward over and over again.

eight people to tag: ubsyyy beepal princesselsy meliaviolas soberpeach momakid monetsbud leafypup XOxo

Truth in the Lies - For Her

So, this is the plot bunny of doom that I was talking about. This is Part One.

Summary: When Liz is captured by the task force who is being controlled by the Cabal, Jacob doesn’t take no for an answer when he offers to go in with Reddington’s team to rescue her.


Part one.

He didn’t trust Reddington, and that’s what it boiled down to. Liz needed space to sort through everything that had happened, and he… Well, Jacob needed to figure who he was outside of the operative he had been for the last twenty years of his life. He had hidden behind so many masks that he wasn’t quite sure who he was out from behind them. It hurt to leave without her, but at least he had known that she cared about him. It gave him hope.

The news that he received late one morning about a rumoured movement and a certain fugitive from the FBI did not. Jacob had gone straight back to his boat and pulled a burner phone from a drawer, dialing three numbers before he finally received an answer from the other end, and it hadn’t been one he was comfortable with. Yes, they had been compromised, Dembe told him, and yes, Elizabeth had been captured. No, Reddington would not speak to him. He was putting together a rescue team as quickly as he could pull them together. The Concierge of Crime’s most trusted man did, however, leave Jacob with the knowledge that she was being held in DC and enough information that the former operative could find his way to them. Thankfully he wasn’t too far away.

That was how Jacob found himself striding into the middle of Reddington’s rescue operation, all guns in the room immediately turned on him and he didn’t miss the subtle look of approval in Dembe’s eyes as he leaned to speak directly into Reddington’s ear. Jacob recognized the man that motioned for a few of the others to lower their weapons as Baz that had led the fight against the Cabal in his warehouse when they had come for Reddington a few months before. He offered a nod in Jacob’s direction and Reddington looked ready to have a conniption. “I’ll say this one time, Tom: leave.”

“No,” the younger man said firmly. “They’ve taken her and I’m not just going to sit back and hope you’ve got things under control.”

Reddington bristled, and Jacob could see that, while he was probably hiding it more than he was showing it, the situation had gotten to him. This was a man that had successfully evaded both the government and the Cabal for as long as Jacob had been in the business. He was good, and there was no way to question that. Dembe hadn’t gone into details about exactly what had happened, but it must have blindsided them foriz to have been taken. “I don’t trust you, Tom, therefore I have no interest in risking my people going in with you.”

“My guess is you need as many boots in the ground as you can get,” Jacob said sensibly, glancing back to Baz to receive the barest of nods in return. “If I had any interest in hurting your people, Reddington, I would have done it at the warehouse during the shootout. I don’t have anything against these guys, and they’re going in the rescue Liz. I’m going to go in after her, and I’d rather not waste time standing here and arguing with you about if I’m working with your people or around them.”

Reddington’s eyes were fixed on him, assessing the situation at a speed that even Jacob had to be slightly impressed with. He looked up, though, as the door opened and three people entered. One was a blond man that Jacob thought worked alongside Baz, the second was Mr Kaplan, and the third was a young man that looked utterly terrified as they pulled the bag from his head. Reddington’s expression shifted instantly at the sight of him and a smile spread. “Agent Mojtabai. Glad you could make it.”

“I was… They…” The young agent pulled in a steadying breath and his expression grew more determined. “Mr Reddington, are you going to break Agent Keen out?”

The smile grew. “Yes, I am. And you’re going to help me.”

“They’re holding her under heavy security at the Post Office. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I could be much help with-”

“Well I wouldn’t have you inside the Post Office, would I? I’m sure you’ll do just fine from right here. Mr Kaplan, would you be so kind as to show Agent Mojtabai to his set up while I handle this… complication?”

Mr Kaplan nodded, watching Jacob carefully as she motioned the man he know knew must be Aram Mojtabai further into the warehouse they stood in, and he thought he heard him ask if Jacob was who he thought he was.

Reddington’s smile instantly faded and he reached out, guiding the former operative away from the main group. “As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t have time to argue this point with you. Since Dembe took it on himself to lead you here,I have two options: either I let you accompany my men in to rescue Elizabeth or I put a bullet in your head here and now.” He frowned a little. “Though Lizzie might never forgive me if I did, so I’ll let the Cabal do that for me. I doubt I need to stress just how expendable you are to me. They would do me a favour by taking you out. Are we clear?”

Jacob tilted his head a little, studying the older man. This wasn’t about them. This was about Liz and getting her out safely. “We’re clear.”

“Wonderful,” Reddington answered with a smile that couldn’t possibly be real. “Speak to Baz about what he needs from you. I understand you two fought together the last time it came down to it with these people.”

“We did.” He paused, eyeing the older man carefully. It wasn’t ideal, but they would have to work together to save her. And they would save her. They had to.


She had never thought that she would see the inside of the box. At least not without a way out. There she was, though, sitting inside of it like she was some great threat, and they probably thought she was. Daughter of a KGB agent, hand-picked by Raymond Reddington, and she had killed the US Attorney General. The sound of the gun going off, the recoil, everything stayed with her, but it had been like she hadn’t had control. Her friends were in danger and instinct had pushed her. Or memories. She wasn’t quite sure which one.

The boat. The boat. Why didn’t you just get on his boat?

Liz sighed. It wasn’t the first time since she had walked out that she had kicked herself. Tom would have taken her, she knew, but he had also been willing to let her go to do what she felt needed to be done. The fact that he couldn’t help her… She wondered just what kind of target he had on his back from his former handler. He had left, and she hadn’t heard from him since. She wondered if he even knew what had happened, or did he imagine that she had cleared her name and just hadn’t called?

She hadn’t even told him that she loved him. Now she didn’t think she would get that chance. They wouldn’t keep her alive. First chance they had they would put a bullet in her head and take her out of the equation.

The former agent looked up at the sound of footsteps outside of the box and a familiar face came into focus. Ressler looked like he’d barely slept in weeks and she felt a pang of guilt at the tightness in his expression. He had asked her not to run, but he didn’t know what she did. She hadn’t told any of them, and now she was paying for it.

“Keen,” he greeted, his voice tired and chilled in a way she hadn’t heard it since her first weeks with the task force.

“Ressler, I know what they’re saying, but you have to believe me. I-”

“I have to believe you?” he echoed, and there was genuine hurt in his voice. “You’ve done nothing but lie and run, Keen. You… Do you know the position you’ve put me in?”

“I’m sorry. I know… I know that doesn’t even begin to cover it, but-”

“You’re right. It doesn’t. After you left we found a whole lot more that you covered up. Bank accounts, connections to criminal activities, and-”

“The Cabal is setting me up, Ressler.”

“Do you get how crazy that sounds?”

“You’ve seen all the craziness that’s come through here. Are you really telling me that it’s out of the realm of possibilities? The paper-”

“Retracted their article. It was a hoax, Liz.”

She felt her shoulders slump. Her own partner didn’t believe her.

Ressler frowned deeply. “Do yourself a favour, Keen, and figure out the truth. Quickly. You’ll need it.”

He turned, leaving her alone with her guards again. She had the truth. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was that no one believed her.


“You’re Agent Keen’s husband, aren’t you?”

Jacob glanced over from where he’d been going over some schematics for blind spots and weak links they could take advantage of from the layout of the Post Office to where they believed they were keeping Liz. Aram - who was working on the technical end of getting them inside - was looking at him with a wide eyed expression that held no small amount of discomfort just below the surface.

He cleared his throat. “Or, ex husband, I guess?”

“That’s me, yeah.”

“She used to keep a photo on her desk, back when you guys were married. That’s how I recognized you.”

That pulled a small smile from the former operative. “She mentioned you once or twice. I hear you’re good.”

Aram gave a nervous sort of laugh. “I guess. Is it.. Can I ask you a question?” He waited until Jacob nodded before continuing. “Mr Reddington said something about… Well, that Agent Keen had… kept you on a boat…”

His voice grew less and less certain as he spoke and Jacob leaned back in his chair, front legs coming off the floor and he balanced back. “That’s true.”

The computer wiz looked like he’d just confirmed something he would have rathered not known, even if he had been the one to ask. “So why…”

“Why am I risking my life to go after her?” Jacob asked and Aram nodded. The former operative dropped his chair back to the floor, stood, and spun it around to sit backwards in it and face Liz’s friend and look him in the eye. “Because I know that’s not her. She’s better than that. Liz is a good person.”

“You still love her,” Aram breathed.

“Yeah, I do.” Jacob glanced behind him to where the others were working on preparations. Expendable was what Reddington had called him. He was choosing to go into this firefight, support the others going in, but likely wouldn’t receive a great deal of support himself. It was something he had to make peace with. They didn’t have the luxury of too much time. With a sigh, he turned back to the young man that was still watching him. “Can I get you to do something for me?”

“Uhh… I guess?”

Jacob chuckled at the uncertainty as he dug deep into his pocket. “Liz is getting out of there tonight, one way or the other. Me… maybe not. If I don’t get out, can you give her something for me?”

“Sure,” Aram answered, a little more certain this time as Jacob reached out, a chain resting in his open hand with a ring fastened to it. “Is that your wedding ring?”

“Yeah. Just… get it to her if I don’t come back, would you?” He swallowed hard. “And tell her I love her?”

“I’m sure everyone will get out just fine. I mean… These guys are really good, right?”

Jacob smiled tightly. “They are. I’m just covering my bases, you know?”

“Keen, we’re packing up,” Baz called over and he stood, offering Aram a nod of appreciation as he turned to join them.

“Uh… Mr Keen? Could you do me a favour too?”

Jacob stopped, waiting. “Yeah?” he prompted after a moment.

“There’s an agent…Agent Navabi. Samar. If you happen to run into her could you… Is there any way you could… I really don’t want to see her hurt.”

A small smile tugged at Jacob’s lips. “We’re going to keep the casualty level as low as we can. These are Liz’s people, but yeah. I’ll watch out for her.”

Aram loosed a long breath. “Thank you.”

“Keen,” Baz called again and this time he walked when he turned. It was time to get Liz out.


Notes: While this is being posted in Truth in the Lies, it will be in 2 to 3 parts. depending on where it goes from here. I have a general outline in my head, but just not sure quite how long it will get. Stay tuned for the next part!

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Does the purple man feel anything while he's possessing Springtrap?

Yes, yes he does.

See, he is TRAPPED in there, trapped in a body he can control. He can move freely in this body, meaning he can control only one limp at a time if he wants, for example only the arm. However, for him it feels like being in a very small room. && nobody likes to me trapped inside a small room with limited space to move.

Added to that we have the fact that sometimes the suit’s programming takes over. In this time, PG is not able to control the suit. When this happens, he gets a bit claustrophobic && starts to panic (who wouldn’t if you are trapped inside a moving body (or robot) you have no control over).

Lastly && most important of all, PG feels PAIN. Like actual pain you feel when being injured.
On some days it is more intense than on others,
&& it is the strongest when he moves. The most pain he feels is when close to one of his victim’s ghost && the Marionette.
This pain is caused by two things:
1. The robot’s circuits
&& PG’s ghost don’t get along very well.
2. PG is bound to his body
&& feels the things his body does. He can still feel the springs that crushed his body.

Me: I only have one lair space, but I’ll look through the cryface dragons in the AH anyway because I know how to control myself and I want to see what sort of dragons are for sale right now

-sees a cryfacesmoke adult male spiral who is gorgeous-

Me: Yeah he’s pretty, but I won’t get him, I’ll just keep looking

-sees a cryfacesmoke adult female spiral who is gorgeous AND has colors that would match fabulously with the previous dragon-

Me: Okay, but there’s no way they aren’t related-

-checks and finds out they aren’t related-

Me: Yeah, but do I really need another breeding pair-

-exalts one of my previous dragons, buys both of them, immediately figures out plans on how to dress them and lore ideas-

What is The Lokean Coffee Break?

The #LokeanCoffeeBreak started as a boredom buster/devotional activity each morning while I would sip my coffee and stare into space whilst taking a break from writing.

It quickly got out of control.

This is my attempt to wrangle everything to one spot. This is a blog for the REAL Loki (let’s all take a moment to chuckle about the paradox inherent in that statement) and His Blood Brother Odin. I honestly don’t mind if people strictly from fandom stop here, as Loki loves the lovelies who adore Him in all his forms.

I will take submissions from others who would like to have something posted in their name (or without it) on the Coffee Break. Please send submissions, inquiries, flames, and all other nonsense and articles of substance to

Things I shall take as submissions:




Short Stories


Any and All Things that remind you of Loki, are Loki related, or you believe are Loki endorsed, or, failing that, are related to Odin and are Odin endorsed, though sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference.


Thank you!

OK this new guy idk which name put him…. maybe robin?? idk

he’s from a game that sadka loves and plays (he is sadka’s fave character and she is kin with one of the ghosts)

anyways he’s a bubbly magician who loves to travel and make friends and he has a small familiar that is basically a fluffy bat who can use sonic waves and mind control (?)

he is good with cosmic forces because he loves space because he’s just a cutie young man. however to do spells, his catalyst are gems in order to amplify it so everytime he has to collect them or else they won’t just do their full power

on a expedition he befriends three ghost girls who request his help to collect mementos in order to rest in peace and he decides to help them out :>


Bots aren’t just about curation. They can also create their own content. The Generate A Cat bot pairs the cat generation of G. P. Lackey (who has a Tumblr) with the bot-ness of Bronson Zgeb (who also has a Tumblr blog).

There are many procedural generator projects that exist on their own without a context like a game. Putting one in a bot gives it a space to exist where it can find an audience. A weakness of procedural generation is that if you consume the content quickly (such as if this was a desktop toy that generates cats) you’ll rapidly see the patterns and lose interest. By placing the generation function beyond your control, so that the bot chooses when to display a cat and not you, it maintains that interest longer.

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2, 8, 13, 14, 27, 31, 41, 44

2:Shoe size: UK Mens 10/11/12 or 13

8:Want any tattoos? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

13:Biggest turn ons: Neck kissing, lip biting, hands wandering places, stuff like that

14:Biggest turn offs: feet feet feet feet feet feet and feet

27:A description of the girl/boy I like: they are existing in this world

31:What your last text message says: “i’m going to ring you”

41:Where I want to be right now: in scotland or hiking somewhere 

44:A random fact about anything: i once won a space invaders game with my dad at a car event many years ago, like against everyone who played it that day, which you had to use the controls in a Mini to play the game 

Sylph of Life

(I’ve decided that I’m going to try and be active every day whether I get asks or not. this is for my friend Jenna, our session’s first Sylph.)

Sylph of Life is the ideal class to have in your session, other than time and space players.

Life players have power and control over life forces.

Sylph is a healing class, fixing and healing their aspect or through their aspect.

the Sylph of life would be someone who heals life, or heals with life. so this player would be able to bring people back to life.very valuable, and they ensure no one on the team will stay dead.

they could also heal things with life forces; their own, or perhaps others? using an enemy’s life to heal a teammate, using their own life force to heal another.

anonymous asked:

How would a session between a Sylph of Breath, a Witch of Hope, a Rogue of Blood, a Seer of Time, and a Mage of Space go? Great blog, btw! Thank you for taking the time to answer this one :D

A Sylph of Breath heals ailments involving air, breath, and freedoms (or lack there of). This could mean literally breathing life into someone, or freeing people who were trapped or felt that way. Frankly, I don’t find it to be all that great of a healing class, but it has it’s job :/

A Witch of Hope has the power to manipulate hope, changing who has it, how much, and even possibly controlling heavenly miracles. This is an incredibly powerful, but vague power, so make sure to be careful.

A Rogue of Blood does, what else, steal blood from others to benefit their allies. Now, this could also mean that they can steal bonds and friendships from others to make them help out their teammates, but the idea of a healer stealing blood from their enemies to fix up their pals is so much cooler and creepier. 

A Seer of Time, as I mentioned in the previous one, can see into the past and future. Be really careful though, cause you can seal peoples fates by looking into their future, even accidentally.

Mages of Space gain knowledge of almost anything from matter, stars, just about anything in space that’s possible to touch or hold. This could mean things pointing the way, spelling words, making maps, and even making general message or pictures. As I always love to say, for a better idea of what I imagine with this, go search up the usage of the character Joseph Joestar’s power Hermit Purple. It works pretty much how what this power would most likely be.

Let’s see, an average healer, potentially powerful member of the team, a pretty offensive healer, and lots of back up players. I’d advise trying to win with an underhanded or subtle approach. This team isn’t too powerful in a fight.

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☯ + seeing the Doctor turn into an Androgum in "The Two Doctors"

I didn’t want t’ believe it.  They turned him into one of those beasties.

They took the person who meant the most in the world t’ me–the only person I had left in this world or any of the other planets in the galaxy–and turned him into a monster.

I feel like crying again–I did back at the Space Station Chimera when I was alone and thought thy had killed him.  But I cannae cry now–not with Peri and the other Doctor here.  I have t’ stay in control.

I have to follow my Doctor and make sure he’ll be alright.

I don’ care if he’s turned into one of those beasties that eats anything.  I’ll follow him t’ the end.

Had a Tarzan/future dystopia dream, with a pretty awesome premise, so I’m gonna share with y’all.

Firstly, due to global warming, nearly all of the earth was underwater, so the people who survived inhabited floating island-boat nations that were mostly kept separate by country of origin. Life was a lot more aquatic– people spent most of their time swimming/fishing/ living in the warm water zones within this protected “dome” that contained most of the island-nations from the European contingent, with some refugees from the Americas and Australia. The island-nations from other continents had their own protected water spaces, but the European one was focusing WAY hard on population control.

To the point where I, as ‘Tarzan,’ was a twenty-year-old sole survivor of the island-nation that used to be Hawaii, before the Europeans cast them out and killed almost all of them off as a scare tactic for their citizens. I, my gorilla mother and the large genetically-modified turtle who supported our tiny floating oasis (the equivalent of a family home) were the only survivors. I also tamed one of the oceanic dinosaur-like things to help me swim around and fish and survive. When people from the European dome went on an expedition past their borders, they found me and decided to take me back with them. I tried to get them to take my mother and home with us, but even as I got them past the barrier, the captain of the explorers ordered that my home be cannoned down, because they brought ‘foreign diseases’. I watched my home and my mother sink (because gorillas can’t swim? I think?) Jane was a veterinarian, part of the original expedition, and she got me clothes and cleaned up. We slipped away together before the ship could make it to the center of government.

Cue adventure times of me and Jane swimming our way between the island-nations, taking refuge with kind families there (and spending quite a lot of time in Spain, because even in my sleep I can speak the language). Found out that one of the ways the European government had decided on population control was by introducing a violent form of parasite to the farming center of one of the poorest island-nations and then refusing to listen to the people’s concerns about these huge gray slugs that were killing their crops. On our travels, we found a kind of insect that would eat the parasites and brought it with us– the leader of the island-nation thanked us and said that they would be heading outside the European dome to take their chances on their own– Jane and I came along with them, since I knew how to survive outside of the warm water zone. Also I spent a lot of time fascinated with the way people dressed when in the water nearly 24/7 (the same sort of skirt fabric for everyone, but men wore them tied up like loin-cloths and women fastened them under their arms and at mid-thigh, though they often untied and retied them in order to create useable pockets). Also I think I helped someone give birth and sang a song to the baby.

I always do this. I push people. I push way too hard and then eventually that pushes them out of my life. I need to control that. I need to stop bothering you. I have to be able to give you space. I guess it’s my own insecurities that stop me from doing that but I have to be able to control them or else I will lose the only one who matters to me

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so you described the relationship between scorpio (f) and aqua (m). And my mom's a scorpio and her boyfriend is an aqua. But he's the one who's always posessing her and controlling her while she's the one who always needs her space (she is dominated by scorpio btw, which is why this confuses me so much)

Well, everyone’s relationships are different, I was just making a compatibility based on a dominant sun stereotyped relationship between them. My parents are scorpio and aquarius and they share many of the traits I described. Like I said in my post, if scorpio becomes detached, aquarius wil miss possessiveness and the roles could reverse, causing him to control her and restrict her, which scorpio will not like. Maybe he has another more dominant sign in his natal chart, or he is influenced by other signs? 

Raccoon pee clean up from reclaimed barn wood?

Question for the smart DIYers and reclaimers out there: the wife has convinced me that it is smarter to scrap the old barn on our lot and build an new one to spec for my new photo studio/creative space rather than sink money into what’s there now and falling apart.

I’d like to salvage and reuse what I can from the barn before we tear it down, but it has spent many years as a home to raccoons and who knows what else.

Here’s the question: is it possible and/or worth the trouble to try to deodorize/disinfect the floorboards in the hayloft where the raccoons were living? They’re nice worn old boards but I don’t want to bring them into the house for use as say floorboards or stair treads if they’re just going to smell when it gets humid, or worse make us sick.

Any suggestions oh wise DIY gurus?