Jade Harley

The girl who:

  • raised herself with only the guidance of her omniscent dog after her grandpa died
  • sacrificed her dream self for her ectobrother’s dream self
  • can accurately shoot a rifle with a blindfold on
  • can control space and play with planets for fun
  • Hussie won’t even mess with because of her god tier level
  • is one of the most powerful characters in Homestuck
  • does not know how to slide.

all ur fave tropes IN SPACE

  • coffeeshop au In Space - set at a coffeeshop in a space station, lots of interesting people coming and going along with the regulars who live/work at the station. OR set on a space ship, providing for the crew as they travel
  • mr & mrs smith au In Space - spies operating in different star systems didn’t realize they were married!
  • enclosed in a tight space In Space - after some catastrophe, ur faves have to get off the ship but there’s only one escape pod left! they have to squeeze in together!
  • huddling together for warmth In Space - environmental controls are failing and we need to share body heat. alternatively, the cooling systems have failed and now the power systems are cooking us, it’s getting so hot in here take off all ur clothes
  • fake dating/married In Space - this mission is long-term so they only wanted couples and we both want to go, so want to use the buddy system?

10 days left on the kickstarter. we’re still working on it when we can.

Some of the most current sprite work and a little demo of the engine made by the coder. Its just a tiny area we have been using to test things. 


I think it talks about the controls but its Arrow keys , Space and A , S

( and don’t worry I’m not going to start spamming this like crazy , this is one of the last ones! Thank you again to everyone who helped us!!! )

This attitude — “who would even want to touch her butt?” or “she’s so ugly” — reflects the fact that women who speak out about being assaulted are often not taken seriously. If we can’t take Swift, a powerful woman, seriously about her assault, think about what happens to all the women who aren’t in the same position of fame and power.

It is never — for any reason, under any circumstances — acceptable to touch someone like this without their explicit consent. Being a celebrity, or having a certain body type, does not make actions like being groped okay. Fame does not negate the right to personal space and control over one’s own body.

Ultimately, it’s for the courts to decide what really happened. But no one should be blaming Taylor Swift for her own assault. That was the fault of the assailant alone.

—  MTV on how victim blaming is NOT okay

Take control of who you are
Cause ain’t nobody going to save you

Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.

A tarot card to represent the end of Knights of the Old Republic. There are a lot of super epic scenes in games, but I wanted to draw this one. 

30 day video game challenge.


sleepless nights | for stanford & stanley | [collection]

a set of mixes about facing the world alone, hiding from inescapable truths, and living with a restless regret that never seems to fade away

SIDE A: who can you trust? | [listen]

i. poet - bastille // ii. meet me in the woods - lord huron // iii. kings - the pierces // iv. conquest of spaces - woodkid // v. the scientist - coldplay // vi. afraid - the neighborhood // vii. gold - imagine dragons // viii. goner - twenty one pilots // ix. black eyes - radical face // x. soil to the sun - cage the elephant // xi. icarus - bastille // xii. control - halsey // xiii. bonus track

SIDE B: congratulations, you are all alone | [listen]

i. home - american authors // ii. start a fire - passenger // iii. last of days - a fine frenzy // iv. innocent son - fleet foxes // v. the boxer (cover) - mumford & sons // vi. tranquilize - the killers ft. lou reed // vii. amsterdam - imagine dragons // viii. cough syrup - young the giant // ix. ghost towns - radical face // x. disloyal order of the water buffaloes - fall out boy // xi. luck - american authors // xii. pretend - lights // xiii. bonus track

Timid rats use the buddy system  by Nicholas Weiler 

Rats usually fear strange open spaces, but having a companion by their side makes the rodents more intrepid, scientists report in the current issue of Animal Cognition. Researchers tracked rats’ exploration of a large, unfamiliar room, first alone, then again 2 days later either alone or paired with a familiar cagemate. On their own, rats made short, hesitant forays into the open space before darting back to huddle by the door. Solitary rats’ anxiety in the room didn’t improve on their second visit. But adding a friend, even one who’d never seen the room before, gave the pair the confidence to actively explore, covering 50% more ground and running significantly faster than the control rats. And exploring with company seemed to boost the rats’ sense of security permanently. Placed in the room a third time, once more alone, the socialized rats boldly explored more new places than ever, while solo rats continued to cower. This illustrates that for communal animals like rats—and perhaps humans—friendship can be the best antidote to fear.


Double Hitler is a ridiculous QWOP-Style game that sees you controlling Hitler during key points of his life - or to be more precise you play as two children stacked up on-top of each other, who were pretending to be a grown adult in order to get into art school, but ended up becoming one of the most hated dictators in history.

What ensues is a tricky balancing act, as you attempt to move, draw and map out battle plans without falling over.  In typical QWOP fashion, the main enjoyment comes from mastering the rather unintuitive controls, with A &D moving you left and right, Left & Right mouse clicks making you lean left and right, while the space bar and mouse movement is used for drawing.  With these controls, even something as simple as drawing a circle is a herculean task, especially with the ever present danger of falling over and exposing the Führer to be a child sitting on-top of another’s shoulders.

Needless to say it’s a very silly game, and also extremely fun.  With a playful sense of humor, charming animation and ridiculous premise, Double Hitlers control system may be a little odd, but the game worksjust Reich.

Play the Beta, Free

Four: The Questions! These are fun!
  • Steal My Girl:Have you ever been cheated on in a relationship?
  • Ready to Run:Top 5 places you want to travel?
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go?:Have you ever had your heart broken or been the one to break someone else's?
  • 18:Do you regret anything you have or haven't done?
  • Girl Almighty:Celebrity crushes at the moment?
  • Fool's Gold:Have you ever wanted someone who didn't want you?
  • Night Changes:What's your ideal perfect date?
  • No Control:If you could do one thing on impulse and have no regrets about it, what would it be?
  • Fireproof:What's you're longest relationship (friend wise or bf/gf)?
  • Spaces:Were you ever friends with someone who you have no contact with what so ever now?
  • Stockholm Syndrome:Who would you want to get kidnapped by and why?
  • Clouds:How often do you fall in love?
  • Change Your Ticket:I just gave you an airline ticket that would take you anywhere you want. Here's the trick, you have to time travel though. What time would you go to?
  • Illusion:If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
  • Once in a Lifetime:Do you think there is an afterlife?
  • Act My Age:When you're 75 and look back on your life, what's one thing you will be proud of?

First Female Cosmonaut Arrives on Station as Part of Expedition 41/42

The ISS saw the arrival of three new crew members this week. Russian cosmonauts Elena Serova and Alexander Samojutyaev, along with NASA astronaut Bruce Wilmore joined NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, and Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev on station. 

Serova is only the fourth female cosmonaut to fly inspace and one of only 18 females to be selected as cosmonauts since 1961. These numbers are in stark contrast to the United States, who has had over 40 women selected as astronauts, and even had two female commanders of the space station – Peggy Whitson (2007-2008) and Sunny Williams (2012). 

Elena tried to make light of her historic mission, by saying she thought of this as just work, her job is space. However, she did recognize its significance and what it means for Russian women. 

Elena is an accomplished engineer and even worked in Russian Mission Control prior to being selected for the cosmonaut corps in 2006. She is a graduate of the esteemed Moscow Aviation Institute and was selected as part of the Expedition 41/42 crew back in 2011.

Serova is described as being the first female cosmonaut selected based on her skills and merits, and boy is she qualified. Hopefully, she will have a long history with the space program. 

Despite being highly qualified, Elena had to suffer through countless questions at pre-launch briefings about what her hair and make-up regime would be on station. She was quick to fire back at reporters, asking them why don’t ask her male comrades what they were going to do with their hair. 

Serova joins a small club of high-flying Russian women. This groups includes the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova (1963); the first woman to perform a space walk, Sveltlana Savitskaya (1992, 1994); and the first woman to fly a long-duration mission and the only female cosmonaut to fly on shuttle, Yelena Kondakova (1994-1995).

In November, Serova will be joined by another female astronaut, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti. Samantha is Europe’s third female astronaut behind Helen Sharman in 1991, and Claudie Haignere in 2001.

Image & Source Credit: NASA/ESA/Roscosmos

2000AD CrossoversJudge Dredd x Doctor Who - Kev Hopgood

So what did you say your name was, Doctor..who?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Stop messing me around, creep! Failure to provide correct information; parking an unregistered vehicle in a Justice Dept. restricted area; possession of some form of electronic device - possibly a weapon; and being evasive to a Judge - you’re looking at pulling some serious cube time, Doctor..?”


“Right, that’s it, punk, you just added another year to your sentence! Control we got one for the cubes, five years plus an extra one for lip! Mandatory psych eval - possible Kook cube candidate.

Welcome to Mega-City One, ‘Doctor’!”


The Twelth Doctor Who [Peter Capaldi] meets Judge Dredd -  from regular art droid, Kev Hopgood (Ministry Of Space).

Spock: I am as conflicted as I once was as a child.
Sarek: You will always be a child of two worlds. I am grateful for this, and for you.
Spock: I feel anger for the one who took Mother’s life           an anger I cannot control.
Sarek: I believe… that she would say, “Do not try to.” You asked me once why I married your mother. I married her because I loved her.

My favorite thing about Diana Wynne Jones’ Hexwood continues to be how it is basically just Diana Wynne Jones triumphantly checking off an entire trope-bingo card.  Diana Wynne Jones, thoughtfully perusing someone’s imagineyourotp list:

- linked by a psychic soulbond!

- forced to co-parent a small child!

- cute office coworkers AU!

- middle ages AU!

- contemporary high school AU!

- one of them has amnesia!

- the other one has amnesia!

- aliens try to make them do it!


and looking at her romantic leads, who are ALREADY a galactic revolutionary space heiress and an angsty mind-controlled slave who assassinates people for the evil overlords that her family is trying to overthrow, and being, like, “yeah, OK, pretty sure I can also hit all these in one book." 


Meet the Scientists Who Helped Make Those Groundbreaking Pluto Photos Possible

When Kyle Cassidy got a call Friday afternoon from his longtime collaborator Kate McKinnon to see if he wanted to photograph the scientists behind NASA’s New Horizons space probe, he didn’t think twice before he agreed. He threw a bunch of equipment in a suitcase, got in his car, and drove from Philadelphia to Laurel, Maryland. By the evening, he’d set up a small studio in the lobby of mission control at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

McKinnon is married to William B. McKinnon, one of the mission scientists, and so she already knew all the people who worked on the craft, whose flyby past Pluto last week captivated people around the world. As more than 40 of the scientists came in and out of briefings that night and the next day, she wrangled them for Cassidy to photograph for a minute or two. Some of the scientists came into the lab during their first days off in months just for the photograph. Others were still on the same hectic work schedule they’d been operating under for years.

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Chris Brown's Billboard Magazine Interview

   On Aug. 13, a high spirited Chris Brown gave Billboard his first formal interview since leaving jail in June. Kicked back in front of a control board at Hollywood’s hot Chalice Recording Studios, a vintage-gear-stuffed space favored by young artists, the 25-year-old was taking a late-afternoon break from putting the finishing touches on his sixth studio album, X. But like much of his recent life, the day featured a major distraction from the music: Hours earlier, the singer, who lives in Los Angeles, had to appear in a courtroom to get a (positive) progress report on sticking to his probation.

   Brown also boasts one of music’s most dedicated — and sometimes aggressive — online constituencies. “Team Breezy” numbers 38 million on Facebook, 13.6 million on Twitter and 4.7 million on Instagram. Women account for the majority of these fans: Brown’s manager Mike G estimates the artist’s base skews 65 percent female. (Many of them are teens, too: 21 percent of the overall visitors to his Facebook page are between 13 and 17.)

Did you spend time writing while you were in jail?

No. You know, jail isn’t a place of many creative spirits. But as far as my creativity, I put it on hold until I got out. Jail is more of a regimen and a structure. I’m more of a free spirit when it comes to creating music, painting and art. So when I got out, I was very excited to get into the studio. I didn’t have any ideas or concepts; they usually come as I go [in to record]. I was drawing and sketching most of the time, biding time.

What was the daily routine like?

   A guard wakes you up; you eat. You stay in your cell most of the time, basically 24 hours a day. Maybe on Mondays you go to the roof inside of a cage and have a phone call. It’s isolation. You have time to focus on what matters, on what to do and what not to do.

What lessons did you learn from the experience?

   My maturity level has risen as far as my realizing what’s important. Realizing that I’m human like everyone else. At the end of the day, it’s just a humbling experience. You’re more appreciative of everything else that’s on the outside. A burger tastes 1,000 times better when you’re out (Laughs.) I’m just more appreciative of the things I’m blessed with and the things I do: music, being able to take care of my family, being able to see my friends and family. And do what I love and still be able to do it in a timely fashion to where people don’t think, “Oh well, he fell off.” Still being able to be consistent.

What did you miss the most?

   I just missed my family. At the end of the day, music is definitely a passion. But when you’re dealing with your own personal issues, family is first. I just dealt with that. I missed my dad and mom, all my cousins … seeing people’s faces and smiles … seeing people who were just encouraging and positive.

How did you keep yourself motivated?

   [I had to feel] like this happened for a reason. There was a purpose. Maybe I was out of control too much. Or I needed something to humble me to the point where I get it. At that point, I didn’t look at it as trying to get out of the situation but learn from it.

How have you been able to maintain such a loyal fan base?

   First, I’d say God. Honestly. My faith in knowing what my purpose is and how I’m trying to find out what my purpose is. My fan base speaks volumes [to that]. I never want to say that I know everything or I know what the best song or a hit is. I just put it out there for people to like and love. I make music for myself personally, but I also try to do music that people can relate to, have fun with; evoke as much emotion as possible from my audience and peers. It’s God and just consistency with my talent. Being able to persevere if I get knocked down and always get back up. A lot of times, you can get convoluted and confused with all the mayhem and hoopla that’s going on. I just try to stay grounded; keep my family first. And always focus on what my purpose is: putting out great music. I don’t really focus on any extras or stories in the tabloids. It’s nonsense.

You’ve moved forward, and Rihanna says she also has moved -forward. Do you see a day when your relationship won’t be brought up at all?

  When we’re not relevant anymore, that might be the case. As long as you’re doing something good, people will always bring up old stuff or negative stuff because they don’t want you to surpass a certain level or elevate. But as long as you have your head on straight, it shouldn’t matter what people want to say.

Explain what it’s like to live in the public eye.

  I just have to realize it comes with the territory in this day and age of social media. My age group and younger stay on the phone and Internet. It’s easy access. So I just like to focus on what I’m doing instead of getting caught up. Everybody gets caught up watching Instagram or whatever; they have jokes and all kinds of things. I can still engage in it but not participate in the negative side. Not everyone in the world is going to particularly love me. But I’m cool with that. As long as I love myself and my music, I’m fine. People are going to say what they want to say. I don’t look over my shoulder or wish I could turn back the hands of time. Life is a learning experience, so I’m learning as I go. I’m not walking around angry about anything. So you just have to let it be. 

Do you consider yourself a role model?

   As far as my mistakes in life, that’s being a role model, because people can see my mistakes and learn from them. I’ve gone through more stuff than most 35- or 40-year-olds, and I’ve dealt with it. As far as becoming a man in the public eye, continuing to persevere and stay positive throughout trials and tribulations … that’s the only thing I’d say contributes to my being a role model. If kids look up to me, that’s amazing; great. As far as me as an artist and a person, I always want to exude positivity. But as far as saying, “Hey, I’m a role model, I’m the best of this,” I take the humble approach and let people make that decision for themselves.

How would you define redemption?

   Being able to learn from mistakes and inspiring people to learn from yours. Redemption is being able to be completely humble and love yourself. Know that you’re human and understand that life has its ups and downs, but God always balances it out.

If you couldn’t make music or dance, what would you do instead?

   I would be somewhere in the industry, but not necessarily around music. It would be more like fashion design, or I’d probably be a painter or street artist. I’m eclectic, with different styles of creativity. But painting is one of my biggest passions. I just started getting back into it since I’ve been so focused on music. It’s not like, “OK, I’ve got to do an art show so people buy my paintings.”

Do you feel positive about the outcome of the Washington, D.C., assault hearing?

   I just feel positive about life in general. Whatever happens will happen, and God has me. I’m going to keep my faith and be focused on my family, friends, fans and music. And from there just be the best Chris Brown I can be.

Tips for Empaths!

Are you a highly sensitive person?  Do you tend to take on the energies of those around you?  Do other people’s moods affect you so much, that at times, it’s hard to differentiate between their feelings and your own?  Sensitive people, or empaths, make up a large portion of those with psychic gifts.  For the untrained empathy, this trait can feel like more of a curse than a gift, because it’s one of the most common, but difficult psychic gifts to understand. 

The best way to defend yourself against the detrimental feelings that come with high sensitivity is to be aware of your environment, and the people who inhabit your life.  We can choose our friends, but we can’t always decide whom we work with or the family we come from.  Remember, when other people with negative attitudes come into your personal space, it is likely to affect you and your senses.  The first step in taking control of your sensitivity is to be aware of these energy-suckers in the first place.  If are constantly surrounded by negative energy – whether directed at you or not – you must learn ways to cope with your sensitivity!  Try some of these tips to harness your psychic gift: 

  • Be aware of your own sensitivity.
    • Just being aware that you are an empath is the first step in taking back control of your energy field!  Growing up, I never understood why I seemed to feel sick, drained, emotional, or depressed for no apparent reason.  Now, after learning about my own sensitivity, I have a better grasp on how I am feeling, and why.
  • Make a list of energy-suckers you encounter.
    • Take out a notebook and write down all the names of people you encounter on a daily or weekly basis.  After writing down their names, go through the list and read each name aloud.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel any physical or emotional sensations as you say each name.  As an empath, you’ll have a gut feeling when thinking about each person; make notes as you go down the list, and highlight those who give you a sense of anxiety, fear, or negativity.  Next time you’re around one of those people, and you feel out of balance, you’ll have a better chance of deciphering whether it’s their energy or your energy that you’re feeling.
  • Shield yourself around negative people.
    • Imagine a white bubble of light surrounding you when in the presence of negative people.  Use your mind to visualize the bubble expanding as far as it can go.  This will help protect your energy field from lower vibrational energies that are in your vicinity.   You can also shield particular negative people around you in their own bubble – ensuring that their low vibrational energy stays within their bubble.
  • Remember that you are not responsible for other people’s feelings.
    • Many empaths take on the weight of the world by feeling a sense of responsibility for other’s feelings.  Don’t get sucked into this trap – negative people love to feed off of other people’s energy, so don’t let them use your energy for their benefit and your detriment.
  • Use affirmations to boost your energy daily.
    • Remind yourself through affirmations how wonderful you are and how great your life is!  You are responsible for your own actions and feelings, so make the best of them by telling yourself every day how great you are.  There’s no shame in boosting your own energy!
  • Take care of your environment.
    • Get rid of excess clutter to boost the energy in your workplace and home.  Use candles, incense, Himalayan salt lamps, or smudge sticks to get rid of stale energy and make room for positive vibrations.  Keep a live plant or two to bring in more good energy, while providing your space with fresh oxygen and something pretty to look at. 
  •  Use crystals and gemstones.
    • Many crystals and gemstones protect empaths from negativity.  Keep a few tumbled gemstones in your pocket, around your desk, and near your bed while you sleep.  Try Hematite, Black Touraline, Obsidian, Bloodstone, Labadorite, Jasper or Onyx for psychic protection and grounding; use Amber for releasing negative energy; try Citrine, Quartz, or Tiger’s Eye for an increase in positive energy.  Be sure to cleanse your gemstones daily after use!
  • Discuss your sensitivity with others.
    • If you notice someone’s energy is affecting you, try discussing your feelings with him or her.   Sometimes being upfront and honest about your sensitivity can do wonders.  You may find that by talking and explaining your feelings to others, even those who bother you, can help the situation.
The South Korean Businesses That Ban Foreigners
South Korean businesses that bar foreigners from entry are facing increasing scrutiny.
By John Power, The Diplomat

The white man, John Francis Power, is angry. There are eight businesses in South Korea (seven bars and one sauna) that do not accept non-Koreans. This is unacceptable to the white man. He must have unfettered access to all the natives’ spaces at all times.

South Korea is militarily occupied by the USA’s white-controlled military. South Koreans in public schools, or publicly funded private schools, are forced to study English under a teaching staff that often includes non-Koreans (typically white) who have no qualifications to work in that field. In this context, it totally makes sense to me that some Koreans might wish to have a space that excludes the non-Koreans who have been forced into the Koreans’ lives. It’s not objectionable. There are tens of thousands of businesses that the white man can patronize.

John F. Power loves to get on his high horse about his idea of sanctified “journalism,” but it is clear that he can’t really understand the basic context of the country that he chooses to write about. So what kind of “journalist” is he?