A Hard Heart To Win

Tony stares down at his wrist. Ten minutes, thirty-two seconds.

It’s… nerve-wracking. His soulmate is so close, yet so far away. As a child, he would wonder what they’d be like, tall or short, male, or female, soft-spoken or loud and carrying.

Father-Howard, always told Tony to stop his daydreaming, to focus. No one would want an idiot as a soulmate, no one would want a kid with his head in the clouds that can’t even make simple designs better, much less talk about stupid ideas that won’t work.

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Rewatching Evillustrator

My tomato child just broke the fourth wall, like seriously dude, how powerful are you??? (Also I love that he made himself taller than Marinette omg he hates being smol that’s so cute)

HE’S SMILING. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY ADOPTED THIS CHILD THEN NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME (also it’s interesting how Nathanaël’s actually right-handed while his superhero/villain self is left-handed)

Well at least the poor tomato’s not sitting alone for once (how much do you wanna bet Rose was like “It’s his birthday and he looks lonely, Juleka go talk to him about emo stuff!”)


Also can we talk about Ms Mendeleiev’s heels

This child is like… such a good artist though??? He’s gonna be rich and famous someday, you’ll see

Ivan’s like “Awww no poor guy I know the feel” while Juleka’s like “loooooool”


This class’s reactions to everything will never not be funny to me. Chloé is entertained, Sabrina and Alix are surprised, and Mylène… idk she’s just smiling

(Also Alix has a plaster on her knee, like are you okay? Did you get injured? Why does everyone in this class trip over all the time?)

Only about one and a half minutes into the episode and our butterfly friend is already opening his window dramatically. He must be having such a good day. (So am I omg this episode is a goldmine)

Rose and Nino are friends, that’s really sweet! My adorable sunshine children

Seriously these drawings are great??? Also he did this in about 5 seconds??? I bet the rest of the class commissions him to draw them stuff all the time I mean look at this

Okay this isn’t even important but I just want to remind you that he drew a jetpack. An actual working jetpack that he flew away on. A JETPACK GUYS

Where did he get this boat from? Did he draw the entire thing? Did he steal it? I mean I know he’s pretty nice but he is a villain technically


I never liked your spinach puffs”

I’m reeeeaaallly loving these totally-not-suspicious HONEYCOMB designs on Chloé’s mirror :)))

They’re on the walls too, of course that’s not suspicious or anything

Chloé has all these cute dresses but we’ve never seen her wear them

This really dangerous spinning saw thing has Nath’s exclamation mark logo on it omg, the amount of detail that goes into this show I swear

This poor child… his birthday went so badly… also I hope Ladybug and Chat Noir didn’t just leave him there and run off, considering this is Chloé’s house so she’d probably wanna push the poor guy out of the window or something

Hawk Moth chill

There’s no way Adrien could have got there without her seeing… unless he was hiding in the locker :)))


You can ship them with whoever you’d like, anon, they’re fictional characters, so I don’t really mind. ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾

I’m in too deep with Saimumen as my personal canon for Demon!Verse, but I think Saigenos would be cute, too. In a “Genos is completely smitten and Saitama can’t take him seriously because he’s twelve” kind of way. (*´ω`*)

…Though he’s kind of a stubborn little thing, so Saitama might regret playing along in childish promises once he’s older and starts demanding that marriage. (๏д๏)

Camilla & Kiragi Headcanons Part: 1

I ship Camilla/Takumi for my own nefarious purposes, but when I discovered Kiragi is the cutest and most pure child ever, I couldn’t help but think of some fluff. The Children’s Day convos were just too cute- He has a bit of Camilla in him too. Had to write some down before I forgot. As of now not going to do anything with it, so if you want to roll off of it go ahead. ୧꒰*´꒳`*꒱૭✧ (Sorry my blog text is small Ctrl + ’+’)

-Kiragi often sees Camilla brushing Takumi’s hair. Wanting to bond with his dad too, he offers to brush Takumi’s hair one day. Kiragi notes that his hair smells like roses, and Takumi slightly embarrassed begrudgingly states that it’s something Camilla uses (though he’d rather she not use it on him). With childlike jealousy, Kiragi wishes his mother would use rose oil on his hair.

-One morning, he asks Camilla to use rose oil on his hair. Happily, she obliges, and he’s happy with the scent. He goes out hunting for the day and comes back smelling like wet fur and sweat (though he can’t really smell himself) much to Camilla’s chagrin.

-As this trend continues, Camilla (as tactful, regretful, and sympathetic as she can) says that whenever he goes into the woods, the rose scent is covered by animal musk. Kiragi takes the hint, but feels guilty for wasting his mom’s perfume. He thinks on a way to make it up to her.

-Though he feels a bit nervous in town, he goes to the vendor he knows his mother buys the oil from, and asks how many roses it takes to make the oil. The vendor states it takes about fifty of a certain type. That week, he makes it his objective in the forest to cultivate fifty roses to substitute for a bottle of the oil. He brings the roses back to the vendor, who is surprised he’d actually gone to get fifty roses in exchange for oil. He mentions that beyond the roses, there would be a price for creating it. Kiragi offers him the head of a bear he hunted along the way, but the vendor refuses it and says he’ll do it for free.

-After a few days, the vendor makes the oil for Kiragi which he gives to his mother. She dotes on him endlessly. ♡٭*(ृ ‘꒳’ ृ)


Leeroy chuckled at the sight of the child playing in the paint, finding it both amusing and endearing. He was glad of his glasses - there was just too much cuteness he’d have missed with his vision blurry. He beamed at them when they waved back, glad to see he hadn’t scared them - he’d learned relatively early on that his appearance sometimes spooked others.

Approaching, he sat down near the puddle and the child, reaching towards the paint with one hand to dip his fingers in the cool liquid. Warbling softly, he smeared an attempt at a cat face onto the ground, before noticing that the other seemed a tad uncomfortable. Did they not want to talk to him? Or, perhaps, they couldn’t? He sometimes couldn’t speak, when his anxiety got the better of him - perhaps this child might feel more comfortable if he showed them he understood, at least a little?

Holding his index fingers and thumbs as though he was framing a picture with them, he brought them apart as a transparent purple interface panel appeared between them, before tapping on it a few times. It vanished, and words began to appear over his head.

[Is your name Frisk?]

[You can just nod or shake your head, if you’d rather.]

Frisk sat in the paint, watching Leeroy. He looked like Sans -their dad- just a bit different. So they weren’t really scared of him, since their dad was the best dad there was! At least for them, but they had a big family, so they had all of the best parents!

Seeing his hand gestures, they watched curiously. The sudden screen startled them a little, but they watched intently seeing the words on the screen. They wondered why he didn’t continue to talk, he was able to after all. Maybe their silence made him silent too?

They nodded though and smiled at him. Their name was Frisk! Frisk Serif technically, though they hadn’t been really adopted yet, as far as they knew. But they would love to!

could you imagine having twins with mike though. like he’d freak out so much because ‘babe I am barely ready to be the father of one child let alone two’ but he’d also be so excited and he’d want to decorate the nursery and find matching clothes and get cute little onesies that said ‘daddy’s little girl’ and ‘guitarists make the best dads’ (just weird stuff like that like honestly you cannot tell me that Michael would not want his child to wear something like that). and you two would have two perfect baby girls and you know mike was immediately wrapped around their tiny little fingers. You would wake up in the middle of the night and realize he wasn’t in bed with you, and you’d find him in the nursery staring at his babies and singing soft little lullabies even though they’re already asleep oh my god. he’d be so excited about ‘dad things’ too, like he’d want to change diapers and dress them and feed them and he’d get so excited about it I am so sad this is so :(

Demon in the house

Cinn wasn’t entirely sure why Mira had told him to come here. Graffias was much too smart to take him in as a pet, and anyway he had his own …… Fae? He’d heard Graffias gloating last week from the nest he had made in the vent in Mira’s office.

Orders were orders though, and Cinn was too weak to defy the Boss demon without risking a large loss in lifestyle or… Well, life in general, if he pushed too far. The fact that Graffias would likely see breaking into his house via the portal in the attic was a moot point; he was between a rock and a hard place. Maybe if he just nested up in one of the rooms Graffias would think he was too cute to kill and settle for the much more preferable and survivable maining instead.

The demon came across the hallway in short order, rounding the corner and scenting the air. There was the scent of the young prince, the child Graffias had taken in, and the higher level demon himself. A softer smell wafted from the last room in the hall, and the goat demon let out a small, curious purring noise, head tilting slightly as he contemplated who the room might belong to.

Deciding to investigate, Cinn came upon a warded room he couldn’t quite get past. Opening the door was met with resistance, but he did manage to crack it open enough to see inside. A tiny gasp slipped out. There were so many dolls! And they were all adorable.

He let out a soft whine. Why was the room warded? He wanted to look at the dolls more closely, but it was hard to even keep the door opened this far….


Okay so here’s cursed child comments from me that no one asked for;

•Harry doesn’t look like book Harry, but he resembles movie James. (Which wasn’t book James at all, but oh well.)

•This Albus feels like he looks more like Ginny instead of Harry and i’d imagined him darker in looks. He resembles play Harry a little as well though. Cute kid.
•He looks too old for eleven, i thought it was supposed to take up from where book left?
•No house colours, don’t scare me like this.
•Harry and Ginny look very suburban.
•Show me the Malfoys and Weasleys now please(◕‿◕✿)