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okay but how does Ennoshita not have anything? can you write something cute and v v v fluffy with him, his wife, and their daughter?

I accidentally started writing an angsty ending to this before catching myself and remembering it was supposed to be tooth-rottingly fluffy. So I hope this did the trick! -Admin Mom

It was a beautiful day. One of those storybook days, really. The sun was shining, and it was pleasantly warm with a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. Considering how nice it was, you were surprised to see so few people on the beach, and most of them were further down by the rocks. You, however, were content right where you were—standing knee deep in the water with your feet buried in the sand.

Though that might have been due to the happy child splashing through the water.

“Mama!” she squealed, lurching forward and taking your hand in both of her small ones. “Come in! Come in!”

“Megumi, if we go too far, it’ll get too deep! You’ll be underwater!” you exclaimed.

“Carry me!” Megumi cried, releasing your hands and instead lifting her arms to you. “Deep! Deep!”

You conceded easily enough, pulling your feet from the sand and sweeping your daughter up in your arms. She squealed with joy, arms wrapping around your neck for support. Her laughter was infectious, and soon you were giggling right along with her.

“Papa might get mad if we go out too far,” you noted, stepping out into deeper waters. “What if he yells as us?”

“Papa doesn’t yell!” Megumi argued. “Papa likes to talk about his problems like a radical adult.”

You froze midstep, peering down at your daughter curiously. “Radical?” you repeated.

“Papa says he’s radical and…” Her face screwed up in concentration, like she was thinking extra hard. “Radical and pradical.”

“Wait… Rational and practical?” you asked.

“Yeah!” she cried, her face lighting up. “He said Uncle Ryuu and Uncle Yuu taught him how to be radical and pradical.”

You had to throw your head back and laugh. It sounded just like him. You took a few more steps into the water, letting the waves splash against your hips. When Megumi felt her feet getting wet, she practically screamed with laughter.

You weren’t surprised to hear the “Be careful!” from the beach.

Looking over your shoulder, you could see Ennoshita sitting on one of the towels you brought along. At least, you assumed it was Ennoshita. His face was covered with a video camera pointed in your direction. At least he was wearing Ennoshita’s swimming trunks.

“We’d be even safer if you were out here with us!” you called back.

Even though he didn’t move the camera, you knew he had to be shaking his head. Maybe even mumbling his favorite phrase when it came to you and Megumi.

“Megumi,” you murmured, retuning your attention to your daughter. “We should go back where the water isn’t so deep. I think papa might be getting lonely.”

The immediate fear that marred her features would have made you laugh again if you weren’t more in control of yourself. The last thing in the world that Megumi wanted was to see her father sad.

“Hurry mama, hurry!” she cried, her palm slapping against your shoulder insistently. “Papa can’t be lonely! Hurry!”

“Alright, alright, I’m moving,” you huffed with mock irritation. You splashed back to the shallower water and set Megumi back down. She splashed out of the water and high-tailed it straight for Ennoshita.

The camera dropped away from his face, revealing a concerned pair of brown eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Papa!” Megumi cried, arms outstretched as she thundered toward Ennoshita. “Papa! Don’t be lonely! I’m here!”

“Lonely?” he repeated, putting the camera down on the towel next to him. He didn’t manage more before Megumi plowed into him with such force, she managed to knock him onto his back. She was strong for one so small. You approached the duo sprawled on the towel, looking down on them fondly.

“I think we made it just in time,” you sighed, unfurling another towel and taking a seat next to them. “We beat the loneliness.”

“Yay!” Megumi cheered.

Ennoshita turned his head to look at you, an eyebrow raised in confusion. You just shook your head and laughed. “We just couldn’t bear the thought of you being lonely, papa,” you said, reaching out to pat his hand gently.

“How could I ever be lonely with you two around?” Ennoshita asked, lifting both himself and Megumi into a seated position.

“Yay!” Megumi cheered, leaping off of his lap. “I’m gonna build a big sand castle for us to live in!”

“How many bedrooms?” you asked.

“Four!” she cheered, taking off and heading for the wet sand where she’d abandoned her bucket earlier.

“I think she’s subtly trying to tell us she wants siblings,” you laughed, shifting closer to Ennoshita.

“I think that’s the opposite of subtle,” he replied.

You saw him reaching for the camera again, his eyes on Megumi as she carried the bucket over her head toward the water. But you were quicker, scooping up the camera just before he reached it. His head whipped toward you on a swivel.

“What are you doing?” he asked, eyes narrowing accusingly.

“Playing cameraman,” you replied, holding the eyepiece up to your face. Ennoshita’s blurry face swam into view, followed by him waving a hand over the lens.

“We’re missing some of our daughter’s finest moments.”

You just scoffed, trying to scoot away from his hand. “You’re always the one behind the camera.”

“I just like looking—“

“—at your favorite people in the world,” you finished for him, batting his hand away. “You say that every time. Let me look at one of my favorite people in the world without this monstrosity in front of his face.”

A moment passed, and then Ennoshita’s hand dropped abruptly. He was grimacing, glancing away from you, a flush of pink spreading across his cheeks. Always so bold when he was behind the camera, when he was the captain of his team, when he was dealing with his troublesome friends—but when it came to you, his confidence always seemed to falter.

“How can this be exciting?” he asked, fingers drumming against his thigh. He really didn’t know what to do without his camera in his hands.

“Looking at you is always exciting,” you replied, zooming in on his face—though you went a little closer than you’d meant to and ended up on his nose. Your finger worked the zoom back frantically. “Believe it or not, I am in love with you. Did you know we even have a child together?”

“Yes, was there for all of it, and believe me, what she’s doing is a lot more exciting that me just sitting here,” he murmured.

“Well then perhaps you could go join her and I can look at both my favorite people in the world,” you retorted.

Ennoshita seemed to chew over his words, fighting the urge to argue with you while you were filming him. With a sigh, he rocked forward and stood up, heading over to Megumi, who was already on her third upturned bucket of sand. The lens of the camera followed him the whole way. You didn’t want to miss a minute of this—not the way Megumi’s face lit up as Ennoshita crouched down and helped her make a doorway in one of the sandcastles, not Ennoshita’s genuine smile as he peered down at her, and not the way he looked over his shoulder at you, the same smile still etched onto his face.

“My favorite people in the world,” you murmured.