SEUNGRI AND GDRAGON

                                     Gri/Nyongtory FOREVER


                                          LOVE , HAPPINESS


“Seungri, are you listening? I love you.” - G-Dragon (2007)


MC: Who’s the person you miss/treasure the most? 
Seungri: GD hyung.

source: kiss the radio 2009

GD always bullies me ……“I think it means he loves me.”

TaeYang  talked about SeungRi as “the one that JiYoung can never catch up and follow up with”, which was followed by a burst of laughter. “SeungRi is like the other Kwon JiYoung” and TaeYang also revealed that “JiYoung sometimes like to rebut that mischievously by saying ‘When I look at you and SeungRi, you two are like the same to me too.’” TaeYang went on to talk about SeungRi “Even though he is the youngest, he is someone with many different sides and charms to him. He recently finished with his musical ‘Sonagi’, and I feel that he is actually a child with a lot of talents. He looks up to JiYoung as his role model and is also someone whom I think resembles JiYoung the most in the group.” 

i know its strange to say this because seungri and i are both boys but seungri is mine! so youngbae, stop trying to steal him away from me! dont do that! gd on what he doesnt like about his member. 

G: Recently when youngbae plays with me and Seungri, he will always pull Seungri towards him.



G: Don’t do that! Seungri is mine!

Really , I’m so thankful of Seungri for liking me so much, even though I’m always bullying him. I want to respect him more, as a man from now on.

  • Q: Do your hyungs mess around with you a lot? Who’s the one who does it the most?
  • Seungri: G-Dragon. But, he does it out of love so I don’t think he’s just messing around with me. His method of bothering me? Skinship!!
  • (CR: hiimjunebug@soompi (BB 1st thread, #9602 post))

Q : Is there a member who has strange habits?

GD : As for sleeping habits, about maknae SeungRi…

PGL : Say it strongly.

GD : It’s not a strong thing. I’m saying this ‘cause I feel so bad that I wanted to apologize for this. Since we all live together, there are a lot of times when I sleep in the same bed with maknae, I guess that being the youngest he’s used to being bullied ‘cause when I wake up in the middle of the night, even though there’s a lot of space on the bed, he’s always curled up next to the wall.

PGL : As if he’s a spiderman.

GD : Yes, he looks so miserable and uncomfortable. 

PGL : Ash, so even in his dreams…

GD : Yes, even there, he must be being ordered around.

PGL : Even in his dreams, he wants to let his hyung sleep comfortably without him getting in the way.

TY : Another one of Jiyong’s habits is holding onto things when he sleeps.

GD : I always like to hug him when he sleeps while I sleep ‘cause he’s so cute. (‘He’ means maknae.) So when I try to hug SeungRi and go to sleep, he starts going ‘Uh…’ like he doesn’t want me to. 

PGL : Okay, so SeungRi, state it truthfully right now. Do you like being hugged when you sleep or not?

SR : I like it.

GD : Well, if you like it, why did you make such expression and then curl up against the wall?

SR : See, I like Jiyong hyung a lot. I like him a lot…

PGL : What to do with you two.. I think people will begin to write fanfics about you two.

GD : Yeah, it’s like he’s confessing his love for me or something.

SR : *he doesn’t care of what they say and keep talking* He’s a hyung whom I really admire. He treats me kindly. But im the oldest child in my family and I’m just used to sleeping alone. So when someone is tangled up in bed with me, I get uncomfortable and can’t sleep. So when Jiyong hyung first held me and said, “Let’s sleep together”, I was just like, “Okay… Hyung…”.

GD : Yes, he was slow in answering me. It hurts my feeling.

Big Bang on Park Gyunglim’s Shim Shim Ta Pa.
[November 28, 2006]

On July 8th, when GD and Kush went to get tattoos, Seungri asked to go along with them. GD jokingly asked him what he’d want to get a tattoo of, and Seungri naively answered, ‘The world map.’

When GD asked why, he said, ‘When I want you to scratch my back before I go to sleep, I can just tell you which part is itchy; for example, Afghanistan .. Iraq ..’

Tom & Jerry…NyongTory..Jiyong&Seungri UFO Messages!

Seungri: (0:00 – 0:0:28)
Our relationship is only built of fondness!
In fact people probably see that we are really cute when we play around like Tom and Jerry.
Um..I’m…well Jiyongie hyung is Tom and I’m Jerry, I think that’s because I’m a bit shorter.
Well please show a lot of love to Tom & Jerry, this is called for short “Nyongtory”(yong from kwon jiyong and tory from victory)
hehehe…..Nyongtory cuteee~

G-Dragon: (0:28 – 1:23)
Seungri is a friend who has a burning passion even bigger than a flame.
There are many fans or people in general who watch us o TV and misunderstand us because I tease Seungri so much that they think me and Seungri don’t have a good relationship. But this is really not the case, I have a lot of care for Seungri.
Maybe it’s because I’m a guy that it’s become my habit to always tease him in order to express my affections towards him instead of hugging him. Because of this though we made a lot of people upset but..I…umm…really don’t mean it like that.
I’m thankful to Seungri for liking me so much despite the fact that I annoy him so much.
Seungri has now grown up, he is 20 years old so from now on I’ll be more respectful to Seungri in the future everyone.

Seungri: (1:23 – 1:45)
Right now I’m so relaxed on a broadcast like this!
heheheh…hehehe…yes…the hyung that I…
Of course I like the Big Bang member hyungs, my wish to be like my hyungs is like a chimney (?) [i dont know what he means by that]

Seungri: (1:45 – 2:05)
Leader hyung is so cool/handsome.
He doesn’t exercise a lot but lately he has gotten in good shape and even taller.
He never has any fat on him…he’s a got a slim body he he..ha ha ha…yes he is very cool/handsome.
Yes in the future please take more care of me Seungri, Jiyong hyung.

G-Dragon: (2:05 – 2:27)
Now our maknae has become a very manly man. Recently when he gets out of the shower his body has become better and built and his shoulders have also gotten wider. (more muscular)
Seungri wait a minute, I’ll take him out on a trip
I’d make it prettily, prettily, beautiful, prettyily prettily..
*whispers* Seungri-ah, Seungri-ah..
Come here…hey! hey!

Translated: alee @ ibigbang

Q: So where does all this inspiration [to write and compose] come from?

G-Dragon: From Seungri.

MC: Really? From what aspect? 
G-Dragon: The inspirations came by just looking at Seungri. 


Fan: Jiyong oppa, do you like NyongTory or TOPNyong?
GD: I like Seungri and rapper hyung… NyongTory is cute, so I like NyongTory!

Fan: Jiyong oppa! Give up, Seungri oppa! Will you give him up or not? He’s mine!
GD: Do you to fight me for him? He’s mine! kkkk~

Fan: Little Seungri, the almighty leader named GD doesn’t reply to my UFO messages. How about you, you won’t abandon me, right?
Seungri: The almighty Jiyong is currently taking a shower, kkk~

Fan: Jiyong oppa is surely a firm supporter of NyongTory!
GD: Of course I am!

Fan: Even now, you and Seungri oppa, at night… still…???
GD: You thinking that…

Fan: TOP oppa, Jiyong oppa is mine!
TOP: Jiyong belongs to Panda.

Fan: Seungri oppa, lately, why are you acting so almighty? Just Jiyong oppa alone is enough! Don’t be like him!
Seungri: It can’t be helped! When one is in love, one adapt the other’s personality. 

Fan: Jiyong oppa and Seungri oppa sleeps together? So nice~
GD: We are NyongTory! if you’re suspicious, then come to our hostel!

Fan: If we come to your hostel, will you let us in?
GD: Of course~ But you are not allowed to steal Seungri!

Fan: Oppa! Oppa~ when you shower, do you shower alone?
Seungri: I’ll give you a hint: Jiyong hyung will be angry.

Fan: Oppa, your jaw line is so sexy! Seungri oppa is my husband! Don’t touch him!
GD: Seungri is mine, okay?! Also, I know that my jaw line is sexy. 

Fan: Do you like VIP or Seungri? If you don’t answer, I won’t be a VIP anymore!
GD: Ah, of course… of course… Seungri. Sorry ><

Fan: If you don’t reply, I will start to like Seungri from now on!
GD: Here’s your reply: Seungri’s mine!

credits:, BIN, SCN

Someone saw GD was sleeping with his mouth open and Seungri was sleeping resting his head on GD’s shoulder on the plane today!

Seungri is really cute in my eyes. When I sleep, I am used to hugging somebody else. I sleep with Seungri so I always hug him to sleep. When we go out, I will always hold his hand and go together. When we eat, I always let him sit beside me… taking care of him like a child. - GD [2007]

“Once, while he was sleeping, I played tricks on him and he cried. I was teasing him while he was asleep. While he was sleeping, I pulled on his pants and they ripped.” — G-Dragon told a story about Seungri on Bangkok Seoul Interview (080427)

2009: Bigbang went to Lotte world to film for their Bigshow parody. GD split BB into groups and coincidentally Ji and Ri were in the same group kekeke!

GD“Looks like im stuck with you.” Seungri: but jiyong you’re the one who chose the teams


who’ll you date if you were a girl? 

  • G-Dragon: Seungri. He’s cute and has so much aegyo.
  • Seungri: GD. I think he’d treat me really well.

Seungri singing happy birthday to GD. seungri calls jiyong “jingyo.”

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my love Jiyong, happy birthday to you.
I dedicate this song to birthday boy Jingyo!!
I’m happy that Jingyo is with me
Just him smiling prettily makes me happy
I’m really happy
I’m happy that Jingyo is with me
My heart is beating
this is really love
Kwon Jiyong, happy birthday!

translated by toptopia

  • Q: If you could become one of the members just once, who do you want to be? And please say the reason.
  • GD: Seungri! After I become Seungri, I will play with myself! Until we are exhausted. Haha!

GD about Seungri: He is my little brother. I’m so proud of him

 (GD)’s my leader, a good songwriter, hit song maker, he’s a genius and I love him!“

“No matter what I say, Jiyong hyung is especially happy. He thinks I’m cute.” (SBS Choi Hwa Jung Power Time 110131).

No one else in the world could care about me like this. Jiyong the best leader! Please be there for me as you always do - Seungri (interview on Arirang during Strong Baby promotion in 2009)

“Seungri sounds mournful while T.O.P has a masculine and husky voice. My voice is thin, just like when I talk” – G-Dragon

G-Dragon hyung is a tough love kind of person. After he scolds me, he would take care of me secretly

 - Seungri (on 110126 No Hong Chul’s Best Friends radio show)

Seungri is our cute maknae (youngest). He’s a very nice person. He has a good personality. He learns very quickly. He absorbs like a sponge. So I think he has a very bright future. And he has that something that makes him improve himself. He has the driving force.

— G-Dragon about Seungri (on Bigbang Around the World on MTV)

“GD: “Even though V.I is the youngest in our group but I feel that he is the most like an adult. He is really skilled in interactions with people. He can be close to people the first time he meets them and so I think he has the most friends, the member that is most active outside. He’s an interesting kid. And very smart.”” — 120318 BIGBANG Special on Space Shower TV (via jwalkervip)

D-06  I think hyung is a person who wants to experience a lot of different emotions in life. Whether it be happiness, sadness, or anything else… But though it may not seem like it, I think he’s really lonely. And rather than pure charisma like he is when he’s G-Dragon, he’s a person who likes making people laugh, making them happy… And he likes being different to others in everything he does. He has incredible leadership skills and he seems like a veteran in every way. Maybe it’s because he was a trainee for so long. He’s a hyung that I can always learn so much from. - Seungri

T.O.P to GD when he was depressed during Heartbreaker period

"I know you are really sad, but don’t cry when Seungri isn’t there. Remember to eat properly and don’t hesitate to talk to us whenever you feel depressed.”

When GD left his shaver in Korea, the maknae has to suffer

  • Fan:Have you ever read fanfics before?
  • SR:Yes! I’ve read NYONGTORY fanfics! GD & RI!

The four of us are always here, standing behind him. i wish Jiyongie hyung will turn around and come to us when he’s troubled. he’s always taking all the burdens to himself.


“Strong baby was a birthday gift from GD to me. He said it’ll suit me. YG said it had a nice feel, and he said I should solo debut with it. If it weren’t for Strong Baby, I wouldn’t be here right now.” — Seungri (130903 MBC radio FM4U) - translated by @kristinekwak & @bigbanggisvip 

❝After I gave my first performance on television for my new album, G-Dragon sent me a 30-line text message. He had monitored the performance and I’m sure nobody has gotten such a long text message, even from their own girlfriend. (laugh) Anyways, he commented on my expression, my gestures, my gazes, my wardrobe, my walk — it was in extreme detail. I was very grateful and happy. I would’ve stayed a not-so-great singer without it.❞ –Seungri (10Asia, 2011)

❝I was actually going to ask Psy to do the featuring for “Open Window”. I also wanted to make the song sound sexy by including sounds of breathing mid-way. But I realized that the song may not be suitable for underage listeners if he was saying things like, “Open my window and come in.” (laugh) Then one day, G-Dragon and T.O.P had gotten back all worn out around 5 a.m. after shooting their music video when our boss Yang said, “Then you do it G-Dragon. It won’t take you that long anyway, right?” and went upstairs. I’m sure he must have been extremely tired but he got it done in three hours. I don’t know if it was because he was sleepy (laugh) but the rap sounded odd and dreamy. It came out really well.❞ –Seungri (10Asia, 2011)

110126 seungri on noh hong chul’s best friends show 

  • No Hong Chul: Who’s your favorite hyung?
  • Seungri: To be honest, I am a bit biased towards G-Dragon hyung. We’ve been roommates for three years. Also, G-Dragon hyung is a tough love kind of person. After he scolds me, he would take care of me secretly. It’s a little annoying.
  • No Hong Chul: How does he take care of you?
  • Seungri: During my first broadcast, he sent me a 30-line long text message. It was my first time receiving such a long text message from G-Dragon.
  • No Hong Chul: What did the text message say?
  • Seungri: He scolded me. Very objectively and cold. (laughs) He criticized my expressions, live performance, hand gestures, dance moves, etc. “Was that really you? Why aren’t you excercising recently? Why was it so ordinary? What’s with your eye contact? Why aren’t you looking at the red light in the cameras?” I got an earful when I woke up in the morning. (laughs) I felt like dying. So I told him, “Hyung, I will improve. Please wait on it.” And then that day, hyung called everyone around me, like my manager, stylist, and he asked them to look after me. “Please take care of Seungri’s mental state. Please prepare good food for him. Please give him hot drinks so that he won’t catch a cold. Please adjust the temperature in the car so that he’ll feel warm. The weather might be colder so please prepare a jacket for him.”
  • No Hong Chul: So that Seungri can be at his best.
  • Seungri: I couldn’t stop my tears when I heard it.
  • No Hong Chul: Of course. Finding out about that would be touching.
  • Seungri: It’s a little “annoying”, because it’s too “cool”. He write songs so well. He performs excellently. He’s also good-looking and wears clothes stylishly.

  • Q: "Where does all your confidence come from?“
  • GD: "It comes from Seungri (laughs). Just kidding.”
  • translated by: @big_seunghyun

GD:. We are talking about this among ourselves a lot, he has the concentration and tenacity that we even think he would survive in a deserted island. He’s also really good at working with other people. He has great desires. Since he’s still young, there are parts where we say ‘since he’s still young-’, so we’re looking forward to his future. Also, he’s lived by himself for a long time. You might think that many unfortunate things would happen working as a group, but he always deeply thinks about everything. Because not everyone knows that, some people that meet him for the first time think he’s a little arrogant and has boundaries. However when they get to know him, they’ll notice how charming he is. So within this group, he’s the cute youngest brother.  Musically, he has the strong sensibility of a boy. His voice color enriches BIGBANG’s music. He’s always passionate toward dancing and he is a person that always works hard. He’ll make more progression in the future. He’ll make “Victory” in BIGBANG.( Japan Big Bang ‘OUT OF MUSICInterview 2009)

  • A fan asked Seungri what animal he wants to be aside from being a panda. He answered white horse
  • Seungri: Ah.. I want to be..a horse
  • G-Dragon: Why? (laughs)
  • Seungri: (Serious) I want to..uh.. I want to run. (GD laughs while TOP continues smiling coolly)
  • G-Dragon: Seungri wants to be run faster
  • Seungri: Fast, and strong. I want to be a horse (GD laughs uncontrollably while TOP looks at GRi coolly with an occasional smile) But, a white.. (TOP chips in to say something). No no, a horse. Very fast, a horse. And erm.. a white horse. (GD&TOP burst into laughter) Like princess. Oh no, a prince, sorry. (smiles confidently/cutely)
  • G-Dragon: I want to ride you.
  • Seungri: Okay
  • *they spoke in English!

Seungri cried. Seungri cried really hard. He’s not a person to cry, but he cried really, really hard when the marijuana incident exploded on the internet. He cried and cried, and from his wordless cries I learned a lot more than what I couldve without them.” — GD (via toptopia)

“I was so sad and disappointed and.. I couldn’t handle it. When I saw GD, I hugged him tight and cried on his shoulder for twenty minutes.” — Seungri (then Youngbae says he was annoyed at them)  (via toptopia)

2011 MTV Europe Music Awards

  • After BIGBANG came out singing Tonight, Love Song, Cafe etc, it was the time for them to talk about their feelings. Seungri said, “Why don’t our leader speak something?” & then when Kwon Jiyong started to prepare, the fans screamed really loud. Jiyong said he realized how important the stage was to him and was very sorry to all the fans when he made them worried. After that, they sang Heaven? or something like that and then Jiyong held Seungri tightly and started to sing.

    There were lots of other times on stage when the both of them would look at each other and smile. Whenever Seungri came out doing some funny gestures, Jiyong’s smile “soared through the sky”.

    At the end when YG Family came out to say their thanks, Seungri said he wanted to thank Yang Hyun Suk president. Psy then said, “Ah…our Seungri is a smart boy who knows how to work his way in society…”, and then Jiyong kept touching Seungri’s hair and laughing like crazy. Also, Seungri was the first one to run over to Jiyong to put his arm around his shoulder…I think he was worried that Jiyong would be too nervous on the stage so he was there to comfort? & encourage him…

    To be able to witness that was so heartwarming ᅲᅲ


    Seungri: Jiyong hyung hurt his foot and he couldn’t walk properly so I prepared a segway for him. Hyung can move around freely this way.

    GDragon: I was so touched my tears were about to fall.

    Q: Who’s the loneliest person? ————- G-dragon
    V.I: It’s because he always feels lonely and that’s how he can write so many painful and sad songs.

    Q: Who is a master in love? ————- G-dragon
    V.I: He’s very romantic, always surprising his girlfriend or giving her presents. Very romantic. 
    GD: That’s right. After this interview is over, you will find balloons in your cars (laughs)
    V.I: Aw that’s great! You’re too romantic (laughs)

    Q: You like doing these fun things?
    GD: Yup, I like it a lot. I want to open a store that does this kind of stuff.

    Q: The person that likes to dress up the most? ———- G-dragon
    V.I: G-dragon! His hairstyles are always changing, and even things like his scarves are the trendiest…it’s to a point where no reason is needed (laughs).
    GD: Um, the person that likes to dress up is V.I
    V.I: No I don’t! I’m too plain looking! TOO PLAIN..

    Q: Who’s the most natural?
    Everyone: V.I.
    V.I: Eh?? Why? ————- This reaction is pretty natural
    TOP: V.I defines the word natural (laughs) 

    Source: mochio@ameblo + onlygd19880818@baidu + 叶包子/weibo

G-Dragon (Mini 2 2007): The inspiration [for writing so many hit songs] came by just looking at Seungri.

G-Dragon (10Asia 2012): This song, [Blue], is alive when your (Seungri’s) voice is alive. I made this song thinking about your voice. Only your voice could make this song perfect. I made this song with your voice tone in my mind.

“Even Seungri’s finger is expressive. It’s cute.” — G-Dragon (Love & Hope Tour Commentary)

121229 Seungchan’s Diary - title : Pink GD!

“Seungri used nasal tones and breathing sounds when singing “FANTASTIC BABY” that he didn’t do a lot before. I personally like this part a lot.” — G-Dragon

I always do one thing. That is…MONITOR SEUNGRI’S SOLO STAGE!!

Seungri is still a little bro to us & everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage. He appears to look cool but is it just us that it looks a little cute~?^^ (Seungri fans~ don’t misunderstand~! Seungri is always a cool member to us!!^^)”

Trans by: BigBanggisVIP

“No matter when, Jiyong hyung will always listen to the members, and will sum up the best opinion, he is a very good leader! Because he has a very smart brain, therefore his way of thinking is very comprehensive, his sense of reality on music’s aspect is also very good, and he also has a stylish taste in fashion. But on the shortcomings… got to treat me better, must improve on the gentleness! Hahaha! However when we are together, he would take care of me on various aspects, and will often ask us “have you eaten?” Although sometimes he will bully me, imitates the way I talk… (laughs) Probably because I am the youngest in BIGBANG, very lovable, therefore he loves to tease me! Haha!” — Seungri (about G-Dragon)

Ray Magazine: what do you do if you won 3 billions at lottery G-Dragon: I’ll give it to V.I. (Seungri) I believe he’ll start bussiness, gain much more profits, I’ll ask my money from him after that

GD] "I think I’ve met a good maknae. The maknae and leader compliment each other and balance each other out.”

130505 Seungri’s twitter update:

130512 Seungri’s Instagram Update

131221 Seungri singing Sorani Egaku Omoi to GD at Tokyo dome

like on day 2, Seungri changed the lyrics to GD again then GD hugged Seungri tightly and longer than he did the day before

how seungri talked gd into doing gwiyomi at ooak final day 1 

  • GD: I would do it if it’s cute when I’m doing it, but…
  • Seungri: you are. cutest in the world~
  • GD: Why should I be cute?
  • Seungri: Don’t you look at a mirror? You’re cute.
  •  translated by @huisuyoon

130630 Seungri’s twitter update

Korean: Hi oppa. Great job on this world tour, I love you
Japanese: you’ve worked hard, I love you
English: Good job GD! I love you so much you’re my hero!
Chinese: I love you!♥

  • Seungri on Ask in A Box (2013)
  • Q:If you had to take a Bigbang member with you to a desert island, who would you take?
  • Seungri:I will go alone. It’s too obvious if I take one, I’ll have to do everything for him.
  • GD on Mina Magazine (2010)
  • Q:If you could take just one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
  • GD:V.I (Seungri)! I would make him do everything while I would just sleep (laughs)

“I learned how to play hard to get (push and pull) from my teacher Kwon Jiyong.” —  Seungri, to reply a fan’s tweet “Why do you spend so much time in between each question & leave me hanging?” (trans by @bigbanggisvip)

(Seoul Final Concert) Seungri talks about GD so proudly. GD laughs.

RI “I’m saying these bc I like you, hyung.”

GD murmuring “I like you too”

RI “Then you should tweet about it.”

cr: @HuisuYoon

“Nyongtory is a popular couple.” —  Seungri (YG Family Power Tour - Tokyo Day 1 20140503)

31025 Seungri’s message to GD cut (on M-on TV Monthly Icon: G-Dragon)

Being a leader of Bigbang is very hard and difficult. I respect G-Dragon very much for making much effort. I think there is no one like him. It’s hard to work as much as he does, but he’s actually doing more than better. He always considers every details, not just the things that he sees in front of his eyes. He thinks more widely than that. He’s very talented in the field. For example, speaking of Bigbang, he composes music by considering everyone’s different individuality, V.I’s, Daesung’s and TOP’s, and balancing them out. How should I put it? He has a wide view.

Leader of Bigbang, G-Dragon. Yes, I suppose you’re watching this video right now. The busy man whom I can’t even see that often recently… I want to put my heart in this video to make it reach you properly, sending you my message. All other 4 members are always thankful to you. Please consider our hearts precious. Because there are us, your colleagues called “us”, please look back to us when you’re tired. We’re standing there, smiling very widely. 

G-Dragon, I know you’re tired having done various promotions this year. However, when I see you later, I, your brother V.I, the youngest one V.I, want to cook something for you, such as delicious rice or bulgogi, to give you some energy. So please, take care of yourself. He’s a man who often gets himself hurt. A leg, for example. There are times he gets hurt, so please be careful. Your fans will be worried about you. Okay, until now, this was V.I of Bigbang, your precious brother.

translated by @huisuyoon

suggestions for vi’s new program on sstv 120802 

G-Dragon: Install a camera in VI’s room to watch him 24/7 because it makes me worried when we’re apart. It’s to see his lifestyle in Japan….oh and install one in the toilet too. 

Seung-chan’s Diary: Seung-chan and Jiyong is Nyongtory (120818) [PHOTOS]

Shared by VIC on August 19, 2012  

Today is Big Bang’s leader GD’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

He has always been the center of Big Bang and he’s the one who created the Big Bang today.

I respect him a lot! I think I’m really lucky to be in the same group with him.

I want to send him energy now that he’s currently creating new music. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) Hyung! All the best for your solo album. Everyone is looking forward to it!

I feel nostalgic looking at these photos. We are close right? ^^ I miss him~

Seungri pulls out a heart folded from a 1000won note out of his wallet.

.Seungri: “I got this from a very important person. guess who?”
Spiritual MC: “I can feel encouraging feeling when I touch it~ GD?”
the MC is right.

  • g-ri moments in one of a kind tour in nagoya 

    •  Day 1
    •  G-Ri dancing together during Bad Boy (cr @matreshkacats)
    •  Seungri sang Heartbreaker a bit “you’re my heartbreaker”
    • SR: GD is cute~ GD:(shy) SR: his ass is small GD: (very shy with smile) (cr @0518yukiko, @maloneone)
    •  The members all left saying goodbye but then Seungri pushed/dragged GD back with him while GD isn’t supposed to go to backstage yet. GD shook hands with him then threatened to hit him with towel lol (cr @bloocat)
    •  Day 2
    •  G-Ri dancing together again (cr @matreshkacats)
    •  GD smacked/spanked Seungri’s butt with towel (cr @rustystar26, @matreshkacats)
    •  Seungri said “GD san, you have to work well/hard! I love you!” and GD replied “me too~” (cr manachap)
    •  G-Ri had full body hug (cr @bloocat)

      131111 Seungri (seungriseyo) Instagram Update

      131127 Seungri’s Instagram Update


 BB Alpha concert in Seoul _Day1 #GRI

- SR: I’m GD’s fan!

GD: I’m seungri’s fan!

- Ri is imitating GD crayon then Bae imitated Ri gotta talk to u and Ri was giggling lololol

-SR : say when we will release a new album? GD? 
GD : when do you want us to release it? 
Fans : Tomorrow !!

GD : ah impossible


- Feeling, GD was running his hand down Seungri face 

- At the end G put his arm around ri’s shoulder and bow down together

(cr on pic, via: @ popoporing, angieangiek1, @ bloocat)


  • Seungri asked GD in Thai Language : GD jubjub noi,… GD confuse and Ri said it mean kiss me please Kyaa!!”
  •  when riri kept repeating “kiss me” to GD, GD start licking his lips and tried to pull him closer to kiss but riri avoided
  •   ri kept saying kiss me plez in thai to G. So G smash Ri’s butt
  • Riri: (in Thai) I love gd I love gd I love gd *repeating*
  • riri: "you’re a genius"
  • GD: "No I’m not….“
  • GD: he’s awesome, he’s my little brother ^^
  •  riri pointed at girl who is holding gri slogan and he says ’ i see you’”
  •  cr-@pandariko @pookiegoz @mystifize

130812 G-Dragon Twitter Update trans: “Seungri fighting!” (note: he’s referring to Seungri’s upcoming 2nd mini album)

SEUNGRI’s fan signing event:

“Because he doesn’t look as energetic as usual. I had my comeback during his promo so most of the staff took care of me instead … he must’ve felt so lonely. I deliberately went to go see him because I felt he must have been drained emotionally.” - G Dragon

“GD @ RI’s fan signing event: GD hugged RI like he’s a huge, mad fan of RI & GD kissed on RI’s hands.”

via: HuisuYoon

130908 GD’s instagram update at Seungri’s Fansigning!:

“I met SeungRi oppa and got an autographed CD. I cant sleep tonight @forvictori

130908 G-Ri Fanaccounts from Fansigning Event

  • GD went to Seungri’s sign event right after Inkigayo (even still wearing the same outfit) to surprise him
  • GD brought 2 albums and Seungri sign both 
  • Seungri: What’s your name? GD: Jiyongie. *after GD got RI’s autograph* GD: I will wait for you
  • GD hugged Seungri all of sudden so Seungri got away. GD pretended to go, but then hugged Seungri again. GD hugged Seungri like he’s a huge, mad fan of Seungri
  • So at the fansign even G-Ri hugged each other twice, the 2nd time GD hugged Seungri from the back
  • GD kissed Seungri’s hand
  • GD took a selca with Seungri
  • GD touched/patted Seungri’s cheek/face
  • GD tweeted about this and Seungri RT-ed it
  • translated by @huisuyoon and @ShrimpLJY

G-Dragon  shared a funny behind-the-scenes story of how he came to realize that Seungri is a genius after seeing the way he handled his solo album

“I’m very proud of Seungri. I worked over a year for my album, but one day YG told Seungri to make an album and he made one in just 2 weeks. Ah, maybe 3 weeks. He’s a true genius. I’m jealous of his propulsion.” — G-Dragon (on 131026 Guerilla Date, translated by @huisuyoon, @bigbanggisvip)

"Big Bang’s songs are usually produced by G-Dragon, and I had already learned a lot from listening to those songs. I think that’s why there is a connection between Big Bang and the type of pop music that I seek. We have a rule that whoever releases a solo album, one must not break the boundaries of Big Bang.

Though the members seemed careless, they carefully supported him in many ways. Seungri showed a text. It was from G-Dragon, a leader that keeps on telling harsh truths to Seungri after monitoring his first comeback stage.

“Your first stage, the dances are too weird. I wish they would be a bit heavier. On a stage, you need something memorable. Because your ‘GG Be’ clothes seem like what you would ordinarily wear, let’s try to dress up a little bit more. Don’t try to look like a man, it doesn’t look cool. As I tell you always, you look too old when you do that. Things that people around you tell you, listen carefully to those words because they are all for your sake.” (G-Dragon)

Translated by @IBEUNJN
Source: Naver interview

“Thank you for giving much love though it’s been a while since my last album. Thank you artists who’re here today, VIP fans. Also today Seungri had his last stage and I’m really proud of his doing so well and thankful. Thank you.” — GD (when he won 130915 Inkigayo - translated by @huisuyoon)

131112 Seungri (seungriseyo) Instagram Update

130915 G-Ri Fanaccounts on Inkigayo

  • It wasn’t aired but at the LIVE scene, while GD was having encore stage Seungri said “I love you, G-Dragon.” (source @ForvictoGD translated by @huisuyoon)
  • Before they left the stage on Inkigayo, GD gave the mic to Seungri let him say something because it’s his goodbye stage today. Seungri took the mic and said “G-Dragon Forever!!” then GD just looked at him and smiled (source loistava translated by @wcynthiaaa
  • G-Ri asked someone to take picture of them together (after the MC moment). Hara was laughing while watching Seungri MC-ing. (via @mystifize)
  • When Seungri was performing Gotta Talk to U, GD sat near left side and did fanchants with the other fangirls. They were screaming because GD was so near and he just look at them like 'what?’ as if to say why are you guys screaming I’m here to watch the performance too LOL (source loistava translated by @mystifize

  • 13091When Seungri went for recording 
    GD gave VIPs vitamin water with stickers said ‘Hyung’s treat’
    And when GD went for recording 
    Ri gave VIPs fans said ‘Dongsaeng’s treat’
    from Seungri’s Instagram:


    GD: Talking to RI on the phone, is next thing to do. I’m thinking, should I really do this.

    called Ri
    RI: Hello~ *in a cute way* 
    GD: I suddenly feel tired. 
    RI: Oppa~ why did you call me now~
    RI: I’m in Japan now. 
    GD: I didn’t know! you were in Korea yesterday. 
    RI: heard there’s typoon today so I flew ytd.
    GD: I’m doing this thing you did. 
    RI: LINE? 
    GD: yes, this is hard. 
    RI: Fans will understand.
    GD:What’s GD to Seungri? 
    RI: Water! *singing WHITE LOVE
    GD:What’s fan to RI? 
    RI: razor? I cut mustache every morning. 
    GD: what? RI: I can’t be pretty without them.
    RI: Who did you talk to on the phone? 
    GD: I called YB. 
    RI: how about TOP? 
    GD: TOP is filiming a movie right now.
    RI laughing* 
    GD: Your laugh is so easy.
    GD: make sentences w/ first letter of Coup De’tat. Coup! 
    RI: Coup de’tat, what’s that? 
    GD: de’t 
    RI: De’t, what’s that? 
    GD: tat! 
    RI: dadada~ *singing Lovebox* 
    GD: you drunk? 
    RI: no!
    GD: You’re really busy. 
    RI: I must live busy. then I’ll follow you. I’ll be an awesome dongsang, hyung.

    RI: I will make sentences with the first letter of Kwon Jiyong. GD: Kwon! 

    RI: Kwon Jiyong~ 
    GD: Ji! 
    RI: Jiyong-ah~ 
    *GD hung up*
    after GD hung up. 
    GD: I’ll hear the last sentence starting w/ Yong, and I’ll tell you if it’s good. 
    *RI keeps calling back

    131122 GDragon winning Best Dance Performance Male Solo at MAMA 2013

  • GD mentioned Seungri “GD : I don’t know what to do to get this award, leaving SR who was nominated for this award too behind me. I will perform each stage harder” (cr @shrimpLJY)

  • Camera shows Seungri and he screamed “Jiyong oppa!”

–G-Dragon, on “If you could choose one person to be the next Big Bang’s leader, who would it be?” (140125 KBS Entertainment Weekly)

❝Seungri, because he wants to do it. He’s full of responsibility so I believe he will do well as a leader❞


“The power that brought me here is BIGBANG, so I want to be BIGBANG until the end. Rather than thinking I want to do something on my own, this is pretty much what I think, that I began with BIGBANG and want to end with it, too. I don’t know….as time passed I’m ridding myself of greed. When our fans were admiring us I wanted to do this or do that, I wanted to be more loved and get more attention… but now…. I’m just thankful for them.”— Seungri  (”What’s different to who you were 10 years ago?”) Big Bang 2015 Welcoming Collection (via orange-unnie)

❝Big Bang will be together forever. We never really fought. I think it’s because if we do challenge each other or try to at least bite at each other, someone stops us. I won’t say who that someone is but G-Dra… oh.❞–Seungri (140403 Angel Eyes Press Conference)

“Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.”  – Seungri

“With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things” – G-Dragon

140324 GD’s instagram update xxxibgdrgn 


(Thease photos and gif ’s are not mine)


You can ship them with whoever you’d like, anon, they’re fictional characters, so I don’t really mind. ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾

I’m in too deep with Saimumen as my personal canon for Demon!Verse, but I think Saigenos would be cute, too. In a “Genos is completely smitten and Saitama can’t take him seriously because he’s twelve” kind of way. (*´ω`*)

…Though he’s kind of a stubborn little thing, so Saitama might regret playing along in childish promises once he’s older and starts demanding that marriage. (๏д๏)

Rewatching Evillustrator

My tomato child just broke the fourth wall, like seriously dude, how powerful are you??? (Also I love that he made himself taller than Marinette omg he hates being smol that’s so cute)

HE’S SMILING. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY ADOPTED THIS CHILD THEN NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME (also it’s interesting how Nathanaël’s actually right-handed while his superhero/villain self is left-handed)

Well at least the poor tomato’s not sitting alone for once (how much do you wanna bet Rose was like “It’s his birthday and he looks lonely, Juleka go talk to him about emo stuff!”)


Also can we talk about Ms Mendeleiev’s heels

This child is like… such a good artist though??? He’s gonna be rich and famous someday, you’ll see

Ivan’s like “Awww no poor guy I know the feel” while Juleka’s like “loooooool”


This class’s reactions to everything will never not be funny to me. Chloé is entertained, Sabrina and Alix are surprised, and Mylène… idk she’s just smiling

(Also Alix has a plaster on her knee, like are you okay? Did you get injured? Why does everyone in this class trip over all the time?)

Only about one and a half minutes into the episode and our butterfly friend is already opening his window dramatically. He must be having such a good day. (So am I omg this episode is a goldmine)

Rose and Nino are friends, that’s really sweet! My adorable sunshine children

Seriously these drawings are great??? Also he did this in about 5 seconds??? I bet the rest of the class commissions him to draw them stuff all the time I mean look at this

Okay this isn’t even important but I just want to remind you that he drew a jetpack. An actual working jetpack that he flew away on. A JETPACK GUYS

Where did he get this boat from? Did he draw the entire thing? Did he steal it? I mean I know he’s pretty nice but he is a villain technically


I never liked your spinach puffs”

I’m reeeeaaallly loving these totally-not-suspicious HONEYCOMB designs on Chloé’s mirror :)))

They’re on the walls too, of course that’s not suspicious or anything

Chloé has all these cute dresses but we’ve never seen her wear them

This really dangerous spinning saw thing has Nath’s exclamation mark logo on it omg, the amount of detail that goes into this show I swear

This poor child… his birthday went so badly… also I hope Ladybug and Chat Noir didn’t just leave him there and run off, considering this is Chloé’s house so she’d probably wanna push the poor guy out of the window or something

Hawk Moth chill

There’s no way Adrien could have got there without her seeing… unless he was hiding in the locker :)))

A Hard Heart To Win

Tony stares down at his wrist. Ten minutes, thirty-two seconds.

It’s… nerve-wracking. His soulmate is so close, yet so far away. As a child, he would wonder what they’d be like, tall or short, male, or female, soft-spoken or loud and carrying.

Father-Howard, always told Tony to stop his daydreaming, to focus. No one would want an idiot as a soulmate, no one would want a kid with his head in the clouds that can’t even make simple designs better, much less talk about stupid ideas that won’t work.

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Camilla & Kiragi Headcanons Part: 1

I ship Camilla/Takumi for my own nefarious purposes, but when I discovered Kiragi is the cutest and most pure child ever, I couldn’t help but think of some fluff. The Children’s Day convos were just too cute- He has a bit of Camilla in him too. Had to write some down before I forgot. As of now not going to do anything with it, so if you want to roll off of it go ahead. ୧꒰*´꒳`*꒱૭✧ (Sorry my blog text is small Ctrl + ’+’)

-Kiragi often sees Camilla brushing Takumi’s hair. Wanting to bond with his dad too, he offers to brush Takumi’s hair one day. Kiragi notes that his hair smells like roses, and Takumi slightly embarrassed begrudgingly states that it’s something Camilla uses (though he’d rather she not use it on him). With childlike jealousy, Kiragi wishes his mother would use rose oil on his hair.

-One morning, he asks Camilla to use rose oil on his hair. Happily, she obliges, and he’s happy with the scent. He goes out hunting for the day and comes back smelling like wet fur and sweat (though he can’t really smell himself) much to Camilla’s chagrin.

-As this trend continues, Camilla (as tactful, regretful, and sympathetic as she can) says that whenever he goes into the woods, the rose scent is covered by animal musk. Kiragi takes the hint, but feels guilty for wasting his mom’s perfume. He thinks on a way to make it up to her.

-Though he feels a bit nervous in town, he goes to the vendor he knows his mother buys the oil from, and asks how many roses it takes to make the oil. The vendor states it takes about fifty of a certain type. That week, he makes it his objective in the forest to cultivate fifty roses to substitute for a bottle of the oil. He brings the roses back to the vendor, who is surprised he’d actually gone to get fifty roses in exchange for oil. He mentions that beyond the roses, there would be a price for creating it. Kiragi offers him the head of a bear he hunted along the way, but the vendor refuses it and says he’ll do it for free.

-After a few days, the vendor makes the oil for Kiragi which he gives to his mother. She dotes on him endlessly. ♡٭*(ृ ‘꒳’ ृ)


Leeroy chuckled at the sight of the child playing in the paint, finding it both amusing and endearing. He was glad of his glasses - there was just too much cuteness he’d have missed with his vision blurry. He beamed at them when they waved back, glad to see he hadn’t scared them - he’d learned relatively early on that his appearance sometimes spooked others.

Approaching, he sat down near the puddle and the child, reaching towards the paint with one hand to dip his fingers in the cool liquid. Warbling softly, he smeared an attempt at a cat face onto the ground, before noticing that the other seemed a tad uncomfortable. Did they not want to talk to him? Or, perhaps, they couldn’t? He sometimes couldn’t speak, when his anxiety got the better of him - perhaps this child might feel more comfortable if he showed them he understood, at least a little?

Holding his index fingers and thumbs as though he was framing a picture with them, he brought them apart as a transparent purple interface panel appeared between them, before tapping on it a few times. It vanished, and words began to appear over his head.

[Is your name Frisk?]

[You can just nod or shake your head, if you’d rather.]

Frisk sat in the paint, watching Leeroy. He looked like Sans -their dad- just a bit different. So they weren’t really scared of him, since their dad was the best dad there was! At least for them, but they had a big family, so they had all of the best parents!

Seeing his hand gestures, they watched curiously. The sudden screen startled them a little, but they watched intently seeing the words on the screen. They wondered why he didn’t continue to talk, he was able to after all. Maybe their silence made him silent too?

They nodded though and smiled at him. Their name was Frisk! Frisk Serif technically, though they hadn’t been really adopted yet, as far as they knew. But they would love to!

could you imagine having twins with mike though. like he’d freak out so much because ‘babe I am barely ready to be the father of one child let alone two’ but he’d also be so excited and he’d want to decorate the nursery and find matching clothes and get cute little onesies that said ‘daddy’s little girl’ and ‘guitarists make the best dads’ (just weird stuff like that like honestly you cannot tell me that Michael would not want his child to wear something like that). and you two would have two perfect baby girls and you know mike was immediately wrapped around their tiny little fingers. You would wake up in the middle of the night and realize he wasn’t in bed with you, and you’d find him in the nursery staring at his babies and singing soft little lullabies even though they’re already asleep oh my god. he’d be so excited about ‘dad things’ too, like he’d want to change diapers and dress them and feed them and he’d get so excited about it I am so sad this is so :(


I’d seen book collections of doujin multiple times when scrolling through particular series on CDJapan, but I’d never picked one up before. When I made a recent purchase, though, I decided to add this to it since it wasn’t too expensive and the shipping wouldn’t change.

The title of this book is Neko to Fukuro, and it’s basically around 170 pages of shorts featuring the Haikyuu!! characters from Fukurodani and Nekoma high schools. Each short also included a mini intro page from the artist and a link to their website or pixiv (the above Akaashi with a tart is so cute!)

The shorts themselves varied in content, but tended to be general with a light BL slant, particularly toward Bokuaka and Kuroken, though others (such as Bokukuro and YakuLev) were present.

One of the shorts involved the Fukurodani third years hosting a maid café.

Of course, Kuroo had to show up.

There’s also one that involves Kuroo turning into a child.

Kenma dropping him is my favourite scene in this entire book.

I’m not going to share the whole thing, but altogether, I was very pleased with the book, and would definitely buy another one. (there are a significant variety available for Haikyuu!!, but you can find them for other fandoms too). If you’re interested in picking a copy of this one up, you can find it here.

anonymous asked:

at the hospital, byakuya's reaction when he hears his baby's first cry, when he realises that yes his baby has just been born ??

I could cry this is so adorable omg

Byakuya stood alongside his wife, holding her hand in his with the same monotonous expression he always wore. Even while his wife was practically breaking the bones in his hand with each painful squeeze, he kept watching her and making sure something wasn’t wrong. Though, soon enough the doctors pulled the child from her body, and his mood change. His mind zoned in on the cries that could be heard, the sweet little child in the doctors arms. His eyes were only slightly wide, but he felt something wet rolling down his cheeks; he was crying. He was actually crying over the small child the doctor was handing too him. Holding the little one in his arms, he smiled; he was a father. A father of all things. He couldn’t believe it. He had the perfect family. He held the baby close to him, listening to it calm down slowly and start to fall asleep.

anonymous asked:

I swear that these YOI skaters have got to be the craziest, their exciment is the best! The triplets though, they got to be my favorite child-characters, they're just too hilarious and their passion runs wild! Yurio is such a ball of rage, a lovable ball of rage! I really hope they give more of a background story for him, well for the main characters overall, it would be really cool! Yuri and Viktor interactions melt my heart and give me second hand embarrassment like no other! <3 <3

These three children are so, so evil. I love them. So goes for Yurio - his pure rage is so cute! And how everyone is just “Awn good luck <3” despite his palpable “I’m going to kill all of you and enjoy it” its so great. And, oh!, I’m actually very interested in everyone background story, because Yurio’s one can be very interesting, but Viktor’s? Did he have some sort of family? And talking about Yuri there is one thing I’m very curious (without a reason probably, but you know when something bugs you? That’s it) what did he study? I know, it’s a lame question, but he often think the whole “this is my last season” and … after that? In the first episode he had just graduated college, and what is his backup plan? He want to work at the onsen like his sister? Damn it, I need this genre of pointless informations.

Viktor and Yuri interaction make me squeal! I don’t watch a lot of subbed stuff (not time~ ), but this series and them are wort it. Okay maybe sometimes I have to stop the video because - duh embarrassment, but, ehi!, who cares?