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I’ll See You Again In 25 Years - My Visit To The “Twin Peaks” Set In 1990

I’ve unearthed these pics of me as a goofy 12-year-old visiting the set of “Twin Peaks” in 1990. My mom won a raffle at my LA elementary school where the prize was to visit the set - they were shooting the beginning of Season 2 at the time, and they had moved their location from the Pacific Northwest to sound stages in Burbank, CA, where they had re-created all of the iconic “Twin Peaks” locations. The most surreal thing was that often the sets were built side-by-side, so I was able to step directly from One Eyed Jacks into Benjamin Horne’s office into Laura Palmer’s living room. The locations seen here are: Harold the meals-on-wheels hermit’s house (with Donna, Maddy and Harold), me with Mike the One Armed Man, The Double R Diner, Laura Palmer’s living room, One Eyed Jacks, the sheriff department’s jail, the piano in Donna’s living room, Benjamin Horne’s desk, a booth at the Roadhouse, and Josie Packard’s living room. On the day I visited, they were shooting the scene of Harold scratching his face menacingly with the rake - it adds a bit of amusing context to know that while Harold was raking his face, this funny-lookin’ kid was watching from off-camera! - Michael Lucid

Kill your only queer character off?

Have them killed by a nazi?

Kill your only non villainous female character?

Have her killed by a bleeding out one armed man when episodes earlier she kicked 2 of their asses and killed one of them?

Have her killed because she was fighting with another woman and couldn’t deal with it?

Have her killed because an angel of the Lord didn’t know what was going on in the next room?

Have her killed because she ran off without telling anyone where she was going which she would never do?

Have her killed by a rapist who attacked a woman sexually earlier in the ep and wanted to have a “quickie” with her before ripping her eyes out?

Have her killed because she ran off with only a knife for protection when she knew she was in danger and she is an experienced hunter?

Kill her off for more manpain man guilt bro angst that nobody even gives a shit about anymore and wants to end?

This show has nosedived off a cliff and into a garbage dump of idiocy, misogyny, homophobia and irredeemably bad writing.

Twin Peaks is a fantastic show, and to be honest should be required watching for any person because it is better than any of your silly fandoms maybe. 

T H E  A C T U A L  T H I N G

All the episodes lead to hulu, so if you live out of the US, my friends, I suggest downloading this first so you can watch Twin peaks and any other things on Hulu. The movie is a putlocker link, dears.

season 1

season 2

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (watch it)

T I E - I N S  T O  T H E  S H O W