Lord dominator is basically the onceler:

  • destroys everything in the end
  • doesn’t stop for anybody
  • passifist orange furry humanoid(?) tries to stop them, but is proven wrong
  • gets villian song about fuckin shit up
  • dresses too fly (and too ‘10s) to be straight 
  • is all alone now (kind of a cautionary tale)
  • (don’t worry, shit grows back)
  • fuckin’…… theres truck loads of p0rn of them.

So, I would like to talk about a special bonding relationship on The Lorax and some stuff I noticed about it after watching the movie again. 

Pipsqueak and the Once-ler. 

Ok, so let’s begin my theory… 

If you take a look around the movie and on this picture, you can see there are Barbaloots puppies and their mothers. This appears a lot of times on the movie, with the mother either letting the puppy sleep over her, or carrying it around. 

But on the first scene of the movie where Pipsqueak appears, even with parents around, he is alone. 

That’s because Pipsqueak is an orphan.

Most of the times Pipsqueak is hanging around with Lou, the fat bear. But no mother. 

And, suddenly, this guy shows up… 

And not only he hugs Pipsqueak, he saves him. 

Just– look at Pipsqueak when he is saved. He is totally lost; After spending all his life trying to make things by himself, when he is in danger, there is actually someone to look out for him. 

And, right after it,– there’s this scene: 

The scene where he asks Once-ler to pick him up. Usually only a thing a mother would do to this baby, and Pipsqueak is asking for it. He sees Once-ler as a mother that could protect him. 

And, when Once-ler picks him up, he is sort of agreeing with the deal. 

Just… Look at him! He is so happy! His face is glowing compared with all the others, because Pipsqueak now see Once-ler as a mother. He finally found someone to take care of him!

He even tries to follow him when Once-ler says he is going to sleep…

But the Lorax stops him. 

You can even notice a small detail when they invade the Once-ler’s house:

There are a few babies sleeping next to their mothers around the scene. But, where is Pipsqueak?

Here. He is sleeping right next to Once-ler (and the Lorax; I assume Pipsqueak went for the book since the Lorax was already on the bed) 

And, not only helping his mother to do the chores…

Also, on the scene where the thneed turns out to be a success and they hear something outside, and so the animals ran out of the house–

Nobody know what’s happening. They are curious and afraid. With this, Pipsqueak holds Once-ler’s leg. He is scared and he wants to be safe. 

And, when all the people go down the hill, the animals get scared and ran away. But not Pipsqueak. He just hides himself behind Once-ler’s leg, because he trusts him and know that his mother will protect him. 

And then, comes the How ba-a-a-a-ad can I be part. Where he is used as a puppet. 

Pipsqueak is not only sad because he lost his home and food, but he also lost the person he trusted the most. He is heartbroken

And then, they have no choice but to go away… 

Even Melvin, Once-ler’s beloved mule that was always there for him, refused to even turn around to look at his face. 

But Pipsqueak does. He does and he just can’t believe what the person that one day meant the world to him did. 

That’s it. 

You can all cry now.