Alright, so. I just want to set the record straight here.

I don’t really understand why the Once-ler fandom gets a lot of backlash and is just generally a huge joke.

It gets rather long under the cut but if you want it condensed I’m basically saying:

The Once-ler fandom isn’t any better or worse than other fandoms. There are a variety of people in this fandom that have different beliefs and personalities. This is true for any group of people. Please just let people be creative and have fun enjoying things they like. It’s not that hard.

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anonymous asked:

you had a comp het crush on the onceler or greedler

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I was
On the last legs of my “heterosexuality” when that movie came out
I was trying pretty hard to convince myself I could be a het girl and be into the same dudes as my friends

Pls Tell me you’ve been following me since 2011 and this isn’t something super obvious about my personality