The Official Preppy Handbook (not a book review)

I’m no prep/preppy but I found this Lisa Birnbach book lying around and I can’t resist.

The Official Preppy Handbook:

The illustrations are just way too interesting to miss.

PREP PERSONA No. 1:  “The rights of the birthright”

They start young.

PREP PERSONA No. 2: “The root of all prep”

Young adults

The Preface slash Disclaimer:

Content snippets:

Interesting. Right, Bif?

Revisiting an out of print classic, The Official Preppy Handbook (1980). A satirical jab at the New England WASP, this book was also partially responsible for the huge wave of collegiate preppy style that took over in the early 80’s (and the rise of the yuppie). Both a cool piece of cultural anthropology and a source of some solid design inspiration. 🐊