Do you remember this?

Remember when this clip was released? The 15:15-01:01 clip from s3ep7. 

It’s the only time we have seen a clip of the future, and boy was it painful! 

It was released on a friday at 20:30, which meant, when we were done watching it, it wasn’t done happening. Not only did we see past hours, we also saw future hours! When we were done watching the clip, we knew things were still good. They were at the hotel enjoying each other. Eating burger, drinking champagne, having sex. But we also knew that hell would break loose within the next hours.

I remember that night, just watching the clock, knowing what would happen at that hotel. Those hours were so fucking painful. I was literally thinking, while laying in my bed, Isak is running around Oslo right now looking for Even. It was really upsetting to know what would happen before it happend!!

Oh god, I was so invested in season 3. I’ve never been more anxious or nervous about fictional characters before.

I couldn’t go to sleep before we got that text from Isak to Eskild.

A Trade

The stars were starting to peek above the treetops as you ran. That was your mistake. 1.) running, and 2.) running at night. Especially tonight. Rings warned you against going out after dark, and yet, here you are. You don’t disobey Rings, no matter how strange her advice may sound. She Knows things. The Gentry were especially active under the inky black of a moonless night for whatever reason, and you are ultimately screwed. Something is moving just behind you, shifting in the shadows and slithering along rooftops, always in the corner of your eye, always out of sight. You feel for the washer at your neck, the one you got your first day at Elsewhere U, and it’s gone. No cold, hard, iron to protect you. How foolish. The Gentry will find you an especially pleasing snack; no pesky protections to thwart. But you keep running, trying to stay ahead of the living shadow on your heels. Needless to say, you’re too slow. A tall, lanky creature steps across your path, wrapping long, cold fingers around your jaw. A twitch of a muscle, and your feet no longer rest on the ground, held aloft by the ice cold grip around much of your neck and head. A smile gleams from high above you, teeth shining too bright to be reflecting starlight. You didn’t run fast enough.

And yet…. there’s something else. Something more than just a fool and the Gentry who caught a snack, something else hiding in the shadows. It feels… stronger, more powerful, than any fairfolk you’ve ever seen. A chill runs up your spine at the thought. What could it be? 

He steps out from a little alcove in the side of the science wing building. 

The faint light from the stars plays through his hair, which looks more like down feathers than actual hair. His face is a galaxy of freckles and scars, and amidst the chaos, two glowing golden orbs where his eyes should be. Pointy ears poke out from his not-hair, and a handmade, pink and red striped turtleneck bunches around his neck. You’ve seen this boy before, on campus. He never gives a name, just lets others choose what to call him. You’ve heard him called Stripes, Specks, and Goldie, but the general name most have given him is Sparrow. Somehow, it suits his bird - like features.


A simple address, and yet, the Fae that still holds you up in the air keeps adjusting its fingers, almost like a naughty student squirming under the gaze of an angry teacher. 

“I see you’ve found a little trinket?”

The Fae hisses something at Sparrow in its tounge. He smiles.

“You wont get much meat from that one. You’ve scared them too much.”

The Fae grumbles. Or, the Fae equivalent of a grumble echoes into your bones.

“Take me instead.“ Not an offer, a command.  

"I could teach you things.”

At this, the fingers curled around your throat suddenly pulse with an intense heat. It almost purrs in response, a wary, yet eager sound.

“Put the mortal down, then we can negotiate.”

The fingers around your neck loosen, and the ground flies up to kiss your cheek. 

“I meant set them on the ground, not drop them. They can be damaged, you know.”

Another grumble.

“So, what do you say?” Even in the dim light, I could see the not-quite-human smile of the not-quite-human boy shining as if it were midday. A slight movement, an offering of a deal.

The Gentry swooped forward, extending its too-long fingers eagerly to grab the boy’s outstretched hand.

“Just you? Okay then, I assume we’ll be discussing details…..elsewhere…” another smile, this one at his own shitty pun.

He looks over at you, and motions with his other hand to carry on, as this no longer concerns you. The gold in his eyes swirls and throbs with a power you’ve never seen, nor want to see ever again. A vow is given in those eyes, one of silence, and protection.

The last thing you remember before waking up in your bed the next morning is an explosion of color and sound as a pair of massive, tawny sparrow’s wings enveloped both the boy and the Fae in a flurry of feathers and pure light, and a carefree, not-quite human laugh ringing through the courtyard.

You haven’t seen the not-boy recently, but you now wear a gold washer emblazoned with a feather around your neck. You don’t know how it got there, but the Gentry seem to respect that more than they ever respected your iron washer.

I guess you know why he’s called Sparrow, now.

((This is my first ever writing submission to anything, so I hope you enjoy the read! I used a character of mine that I just thought would fit really well into this universe, and also using a pre-imagined character makes writing a little easier, so I kinda used that as a crutch? Idk, this was fun, and I am now all the more sleep deprived for it!))