This is my point! You guys got it soft, and cushy! This place is freaking awesome! The people are awesome! Your boss is nice! Everyone seems to get along! People are tolerant! People who… have jumped to conclusions can redeem themselves! Nobody is nobody’s bitch. I hope that this scared you. And from me, Prison Mike, to you, I just wanna thank you for listening to me. Letting me be a part of your life today. ‘Cause you got a good life! You got a good life. A good life.

“Before I was security officer, I used to work so many jobs! First in secondary school - I sell uniforms to students and help them photocopy stuff. Then I also work at food stall to sell mee-chiam-keuh, but still not enough! So I go around HDB selling supplements. What to do ah, got two young daughters, so have to work so many jobs to support them.”
“How’s the security job compared to them?”
“Very good! More stable. Boss nicer, send me for classes, even get me raise once ntuc bring new scheme next year. It’s not easy ah - sometimes have to work very late. But then can pay rent, pay water. Even got one of my daughters into university now! So it is enough for me. Aunty very happy.”

The Second Conversation

“You blocked me on Facebook!”

“Yup. I can not use my personal accounts for work related communication. You probably didn’t get my reply telling you such, so it was easier to just block you because there is no chance I would accept your friend request in the first place.”

“But what if I want to get ahold of you and it’s after hours?”

“Then you leave a message on my office’s voice mail.”

“But what if it can’t wait!”

“There is literally nothing I can do outside of work hours in the first place. You have my office number. Use that.”

“Well that’s fucking rude and anti-social of you!”

“No, that’s enforcing the boundaries between my employment and my private life as well as my privacy. Now, what can I help you with within the scope of my position here at [employment]?”

“Nothing now!” ~hangs up~


Morning everyone. Don’t freak out. I forbid anybody to freak out. Clearly, I have had a very serious accident, but I will recover, God willing. I just want to be treated normally today. Normal would actually be good, considering the trauma that I’ve been through.

Important PSA

Hi, guys. Guildmaster here.

I’m going to make this clear, because I don’t think it’s been stated before, and unfortunately, it needs to be.

<The Hidden Empire> and its attached pubside guild, <But We Had West>, is a safe space for LGBTQ- and PoC individuals. If you feel like your identity has been treated disrespectfully, or as though something offensive has been said by any of our members, including our officers, please let us know. Screencaps are especially helpful in this regard, of course, but we will do our best to address it. This goes for whether you’re a member or not.

We are human, and sometimes make mistakes. We are also adults, and do our best to fix any mistakes that have been made.

If one of our officers (including myself) is the offender, please take it to another one. We have a system in place for handling this in-guild.

SWTOR is an MMO, and as such, has a lot of offensive content floating around in the chat. If you happen to be looking for a safe place to hang your hat, we try to provide that for all of our members. Feel free to drop us a line.

Our current officer roster includes:

Of course, you’re always welcome to drop by my personal blog inbox, as well, at masterofbirds.

Additionally, any of our members can point you to an officer in-game at any time.

Thanks, and happy Star Wars’ing!