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I loved the "confessions of a deep sea diver" series and was wondering if you could suggest any more series? I already read the search and rescue ones. Thank you!

Confessions Of A Priest’s Daughter. It’s Not What You Think.

Grim Confessions Of A Small-Town Cop

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Y’all know me, it’s rare I turn down an opportunity for angst. But I’ve been stuck thinking about it since earlier, with Apath finally slowly manifesting a bit more as a Herald with using “Protect” and all (sorry to the cookie anon pfff I saw my chance and I took it).

At first my brain  was like “suffering and confusion about themself”

But how about “moderate confusion but being extremely proud of themself”

Apath being so happy for themself and being thrilled that they’re finally starting to display more as a Herald and being willing to throw themself into learning and figuring it all out so they can help their papa with everything. Apath openly and willingly acknowledging that their life just isn’t going to be the same but being totally okay with that fact. Apath fine with the fact they aren’t human anymore because they did walk into this with their eyes wide open.

Apath willing to do everything they can to be the best they can possibly be.

pets my bab bcuz i have made them suffer enough they can be happy now

discussing Australia Day (Jan 26) in the office the other day and the movement to change the date - its been in the news again as Fremantle will be holding their celebrations two days after the official date and have been told by state government they cannot hold their Citizenship Ceremonies on that day. 

It’s a movement that’s picking up momentum - for Aboriginal Australians it is considered a day of mourning, marking the invasion by Europe. 

The argument some people in the office tried to use was that we don’t change the date of our war memorial days just because people died why should we change the date of Australia Day because people died.

Trying to point out that national days of mourning in remembrance of all Australians that gave their lives in defense of the country is a little difference to celebrating the day we invaded and tried to wipe out indigenous Australian’s didn’t really get across to them.

I don’t see why its such a big deal anyway, most Australians just enjoy the public holiday we get out of it. Moving the date to a day that doesn’t an entire culture would be so easy - there are so many other dates suggested throughout Australia’s history as our National Day but so far nothing has changed 


Tenipuri Desktop Calendar 2017

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I’m invited to join an all-star cast of comics for a huge Office Christmas Party that’s just like attending one in real life. That’s not meant to be a compliment.

Office Christmas Party US Release Date: Out Now (cinemas)

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Bonus Outtake

Weird memories from kindergarten:

There was a giant dirt pile in the outside part once, I think it must’ve only been there a season because I can’t remember ever seeing it in the sun.

My friend eating a worm from said dirt pile.

My other friend breaking her arm, jumping from a windowsill because of a game we’d invented called Hveps (wasp). It consisted of jumping from the windowsill and nothing else. I have no idea why we called it wasp.

Everyone was convinced there’d been a fox in the yard, no one had /actually/ seen it, but everyone knew it had been there. The kindergarten is in the city.

The same spider, in the same place by the blackberries all the years I went there.

All the children believed that if you touched the sap from the birches you’d turn into a witch.

Police officers always using the bathroom there. They were asked to leave their weapons outside.

The fish tank breaking, possibly being broken with a hammer, I can’t remember if that was just a rumour. The fish from the tank spent their remaining lives in a black plastic bucket. They died quickly.

The last year and everyone had started school, except me and a boy I only kind of knew. We spent two months together in boiling weather doing absolutely nothing.