Watch incredible moment motorway PC saves lives of mum and baby in out-of-control car

This is the incredible moment a Runcorn police officer used his patrol car to save the lives of a mum and baby in an out-of-control car.

Cool-headed Danny Pattison was on the M1 motorway when he saw the vehicle swerve in the road after its driver fell unconscious.

He used his BMW to force the car against a crash barrier to bring it to a dramatic stop.

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Even if there’s another intervening scene with Mickey and Ian, before the infamous “sunset ride” takes place, I don’t see how that will make this make sense. Like yeah, logistically for this episode maybe, maybe a scene where Mickey asks Ian, ‘hey do you wanna hit the road with me or stay here, if you do meet me at such and such a place’, etc. But that doesn’t explain why Ian would be willing to do that when a) he’s basically acted like he doesn’t give a shit about Mickey since the end of season five (apparently they’re going to gloss over that by having the police officer inform us that Ian has been visiting Mickey all along, somehow without Ian or anybody else ever letting on), b) he has a new boyfriend that he’s apparently “falling in love” with, c) he has spent considerable time getting himself into some semblance of stable mental health, and d) has created an entire career path that he seems to enjoy. It’s also a ridiculous decision for Mickey to make, and I very much doubt we’ll ever get anything more than a passing comment, if that, about either how he broke out of prison or why he would be led to make such a drastic step. It basically just seems like a super lazy way to tie up Ian’s story arc, while throwing a bone at the remaining #gallavich fans.

Either that, or this is to send Mickey off finally for good, and in 7x11 and 7x12, they show Ian realizing that life as a fugitive is not what he wants, and he bids goodbye to Mickey forever and returns to his new life with Trevor. Basically a completely unnecessary repeat of his journey of self discovery in 5x12. With Mickey’s life and future as the casualty for Ian’s story progress, but what else is new?

Apple developing iPhone 8 in Israel? - 29 September 2016

Apple reportedly is using an office in Herzliya, Israel, to develop what one anonymous employee termed the iPhone 8.
The employee also told Business Insider on Wednesday that Apple employees in Israel work on all the company’s new products.
The Herzliya office has approximately 800 employees, and Apple CEO Tim Cook has said it is the company’s second-largest research and development office in the world. There is another Apple headquarters in Haifa, which has about 200 employees, according to Business Insider.
The anonymous Apple staffer intimated that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 8, skipping the name iPhone 7s. The worker added that it will be significantly different from the last few previous iPhone models — Business Insider noted they have been criticized for their similarities.

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Heyy and what do u think about Seungri in bed?

Personally, I think he is super kinky. I feel that Seungri is probably the best at sex out off all of his group members (with maybe T.O.P being an exception). I think Seungri is super masculine when it comes to the bedroom and I believe he knows how to satisfy someone without trying. He might be a bit rough, but I think he gets off on the intensity of sex. Seungri likes his ego to be inflated so he’d probably love nothing more than to hear her moaning. I also think he’s the type to like roleplaying scenarios (like nurse, officer, using coconut oil for a massage, boss roleplay, and maybe even a schoolgirl/naughty student scenario) and leather or red, lacy lingerie.