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I wanted to tell you that I adore Ted and Carl so much. They're like the wacky uncles I've always wanted.

Ted the Animator: “Wow, we’re getting a lot of fanmail these days….”

Carl the Animator: “That’s just ‘cause we’re so brilliant in every conceivable way.”

Ted the Animator: “One person described us as ‘the wacky uncles they always wanted.’”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, I’m cool with that… y’know, long as we’re not expected to come to their dance recitals and stuff.”

Ted the Animator: “…are uncles expected to do that?”

Carl the Animator: “Never can tell with nieces and nephews these days.”

Ted the Animator: “Couple people wondering why there’s no fanart of us y–”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, yeah, why don’t we have fanart?! What gives, eh?”

Ted the Animator: “…dude, Carl, chill, nobody’s seen a picture of us. Ever.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh. Yeah, that just might slow the ‘drawing us’ process down a tad.”

Ted the Animator: “We could always take a photo, and see if Hanna-Barbera is willing to send it around.”

Carl the Animator: “Would that require me to brush my hair?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, I imagine HB would prefer that.”

Carl the Animator: “No dice.”

Ted the Animator: “What’s wrong with looking presentable?”

Carl the Animator: “Nothin’, I just lost my comb behind the refrigerator a little while ago.”

Ted the Animator: “…how long is a little while ag– wait, is that why you’ve always looked that way as long as I’ve known you?”

Carl the Animator: “Two years ago, and probably.”

Ted the Animator: “Also, some people apparently ‘ship us.”

Carl the Animator: “Ha, that’s awesome! How many?”

Ted the Animator: “…a lot.”

Carl the Animator: “Like, a lot lot, or a lot lot?”

Ted the Animator: “I think that qualifies as a lot lot.

Carl the Animator: “Makes sense when you think about it.”

Ted the Animator: “…so, how do we handle thi–”

Carl the Animator: “We do sorta have a The Odd Couple dynamic going… y’know, that ‘70s TV show where the two bachelors have to live together, and have super different personalities, and all kinds of wackiness ensues!”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, Carl, I know what The Odd Couple is. I also know that it was actually a play first, premiering on Broadway in 1965, and–”

Carl the Animator: “Wait, stop! Stop being such a nerd for a second! I’ve got it figured out!”

Ted the Animator: “…figured out what?”

Carl the Animator: “How we handle all the ‘shipping!”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?”

Carl the Animator: “We’ve gotta do the sitcom thing.”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, when you find the two characters that half the audience really wants to be together… never say if they’re actually an item or not… keep that will-they-won’t-they tension going until the dawn of time… and boom! Audience has to keep watching forever!”

Ted the Animator: “You’re an evil genius, Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “You know it.”

Ted the Animator: “…if I go along with your nefarious scheme, will you go find the dang comb behind the refrigerator, so I don’t have to be embarrassed every time we have a visitor in the studio?”

Carl the Animator: “…deal.”

Ted the Animator: “Thanks, Oscar.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re welcome, Felix.”


Overwatch Characters drawn by the creator of Fairly Odd Parents

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FIGHTING! (Hariyama is by fave)

i love fighting types!!! what a good choice hariyama is so cool!!

- my favorite pokemon of that type

my forever kid!!!! i love him.

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

im a big fan of the hitmon family i love them all!!

- the cutest pokemon of that type

very cute!!! very large!! i love them!!!!

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type

this little guy and the other three horse-esque musketeer guys? the designs were like really boring to me and the unification was like…nonexistent rip