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Imagine that at the end of the school year, the class gets to spend a whole day at an amusement park. When they arrive, they split into groups, and the 4 kiddos decide to spend the day together. Alya & Nino suggest to go to one of those Love-Tunnels, y'know, *just for fun* and then leave Adrien and poor Mari, (who's about to faint) alone at the attraction. But In the middle of the ride, and Akuma is about to attack and both of them realize that their Kwami's suddenly disappeared...

Tikki and Plagg went off in the Tunnel of Love hmm how convenient (for both the kids and the kwamis)


Gonna be kind of pushing this now. 

I got to thinking that some of my OCs aren’t really connected to each other save for Marie and CG. So I’m going to be building upon some connections to one another as well. And this is one I’ve been thinking of for quite a while now. 

Pretty much, Krsha is a rival to Cora in that she wants to beat Cora in an attempt to better the name of sharks since in her world, shark people face quite a lot of prejudice. 

Only problem is, while she is her rival, she also likes Cora.

Like, she liiiiiike liiiiiiiiikes Cora. 

So she’s hoping to she’ll have a win over Cora in another way since Cora is a Marine Biologist after all. 

Odd Sloth Name Poll

What should this odd Fighting-type sloth be named?  Here are your options:

  1. Slommux
  2. Launchermit
  3. Mystichi
  4. Bradyagi
  5. Sensloth
  6. Folivaura
  7. Slothermit
  8. Slowmoe
  9. Introveil
  10. Mossimian
  11. Slommobile
  12. Sleoth
  13. Puguru
  14. Lazyogi
  15. Metape
  16. Meditary
  17. Kunesei
  18. Kiruloth
  19. Faultiuru
  20. Munkey
  21. Oranguru
  22. Taoloth
  23. Hermystic
  24. Guaura
  25. Slowth
  26. Nirvuru
  27. Auraloth
  28. Zentree
  29. Sloki
  30. Hermoth
  31. Masloth

You get one vote!  Which name do you think fits best?

I didn’t take my meds today and as a result I have been craving cookies, cupcakes, icing (just pure icing), danishes, croissants, muffins, scones, cake (bigger than cupcakes), pizza, french fries, oohhh mmm mozzarella sticks ugh I didn’t even think of that one, nachos, chips, and poutine.

Basically, all your sugar and carbs (which turn into blood sugar) that you can think of. I wound up eating marshmallows straight out of the bag even though I don’t like eating straight up sweets lol. Also lots of orange juice.

Anyway, now I really understand that my cravings aren’t my fault, but it also makes me want to take my meds every day from now on. Surprisingly, I don’t actually enjoy food that much when I’m not hungry. It’s kind of gross? It’s kind of gross, and yet. :) Hehe. No but really; it’s nice when I can really (finally) believe myself in these situations. Contrast is a powerful tool.
Jihad Rehab Program To Get Second Participant

“A 20-year-old Eagan, Minn., man could become the second person to enter the country’s only jihadi rehab program.

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to provide material support to the Islamic State, and while he awaits sentencing, three sources familiar with the case tell NPR that he is likely to join a defendant named Abdullahi Yusuf in the emerging de-radicalization program in the Twin Cities.

Until recently, U.S. counterterrorism officials had seen building a curriculum to defuse extremist ideology as unnecessary — there weren’t enough young men and women seeking to join terrorist organizations to make rehabilitation a priority. Instead, incarceration seemed like enough of an answer.”

Apparently these are…essentially reeducation efforts, and there are programs like this worldwide.


i guess it’s the thought that counts


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