I think I have to slow down now. The trickle was starting to flow a little faster, if I didn’t stop it now it’d become a creek, then a stream, a river, a full blown waterfall into an ocean that I’m not ready for. As much as it’s my favorite place, I am afraid of the ocean; I can’t see the bottom, if I drown there is nobody out there to save me, I don’t know what is out there or what it contains and like this with you I am scared. So I’d rather ignore the fact that I don’t drink, and drown myself in the bottle of tequila that’s been in the back of my car since I left home and get lost in a stranger than lose myself in the ocean that you are and never find my way out. I can’t help but realize that the way that I communicate can be misleading. It makes it seem like I’ve fallen further than the few feet off of the swing set I was on last night and more like the cliffs I jumped off of last weekend so I’m sorry.

It’s just that the sunsets I am in love with are calculable, a simple question into Google and there is my answer. 7:47 pm it will set and at 6:09 am we will once again be reunited. You are not that simple, knowing you is like trying to know my wormhole theory, incalculable until tested. Not able to be tested until the timing is right and everything is lined up. I’ve always been in love with a challenge and a chance for growth, but timing has never been on my side, I still can’t figure out if the time given for a sunrise is the time the sun will have fully risen, or just begun. So I have begun to induratize once again. That’s your word of the day, it is the manifestation of hardening one’s heart. It doesn’t mean I’ve chosen to numb myself to how I feel for you, it means I’m not sure how I feel. I am simply being protective and preventing a waterfall until you’re ready to take away the boulder I placed down to stop the trickle, and to finally let it flow.

—  Will you let it flow?

Luke: I need to be in the hospital in two hours.

Ocean: I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not sure if I want to woohoo with the guy who ate dirt.

Luke: But it granted me superpower! Superpower of being really dirty minded guy.

Ocean: Sounds like my favorite kind of guy; *teasingly * although it means Gavin has this superpower too, so-

Luke: Don’t even think about it; I ate way more dirt than Gavin!

chikaariko  asked:

im curious, which steven universe episode do you find the most aesthetic? love your blog btw!

I can’t pick just one. I love the shades of pink from Sworn to the Sword, Open Book and Rose’s Scabbard, the skies from Steven Floats and Ocean Gem and Amethyst’s room from Reformed. They’re all my favorites. ❤️

Ocean Eyes [Chapter 2]

Title: Ocean Eyes

Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou / Kozume Kenma

Chapter: [1] [x]

Word Count: 5,135 / 12,630

Rating: T (subject to change)

Summary: War has raged between the Karasuno kingdom and Fukurodani kingdom for decades and now there is a glimmer of hope that the war could come to an end, but that fate lies on the shoulders of an unlikely duo. Kuroo, a shifter with a deep hatred for witches and wizards, is familiar to Kenma, an abomination in the magic community due to his affinity for blood and fire magic. The two leave their comfortable lives in Karasuno to return to Fukurodani in hopes of helping an old friend out. The request they’re given not only includes keeping Fukurodani’s strongest wizard-familiar pair out of hostile hands, but also demands that their names are cleared, finding whoever actually started the war between the two kingdoms and hopefully ending the bloodshed. Easy. Right?

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