You know one aspect of Tumblr I hate? No one is allowed to like villains anymore

Because if you like a character (a FICTIONAL character mind you) you automatically condone their actions.

Let’s say your favorite villain of all time is say… the Joker for instance. If you share this on Tumblr, the chances are someone is going to swoop down on you and ‘casually remind you’ that the Joker is a psychotic murderer and a manipulative abuser towards Harley Quinn and you should be ashamed if you like him.

You’re not allowed to enjoy a villain being a villain anymore… everything has to go back to politics and how if you like them, you support their actions. Steven Universe ESPECIALLY falls under this. NO ONE is allowed to like Jasper or even entertain the notion of her being redeemed without someone coming over to rain on your parade and drill it in that she’s ‘an abuser’ and ‘how dare you support literal trash, I can’t believe you’re in favor of her actions’

What blows my mind about this anti-villain mindset is that three years ago EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this site was bending over backwards and making incredible leaps and stretches to justify the actions of Loki and paint him as a misunderstood woobie. The wobbie who stole the throne twice, tried to kill his brother, invaded Earth and caused a lot of deaths, and so on

I don’t understand how he is different from any other villain (Actually I do, he’s played by Tom Hiddleston and for awhile everyone had a crush on him)

It’s not just Loki either, I also remember back in 2014 there was a WHOLE FANDOM dedicated to Randall from Monsters Inc. 

Randall, the kidnapper who tried to strap a child into a torture device to suck the scream out of her… EVERYONE was painting him as misunderstood and bullied because Monsters University was coming out. When the movie came out, we learn that he was ALWAYS sort of petty and his grudge against Sullivan started over a minor accident

Oh let’s not forget Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! Everyone was all over him too!

At some point after specifically 2014 we went from loving villains to HATING them. A good villain makes you hate them granted, I’ll give you that. But now we HATE the people who LIKE them!

We went from wanting to redeem every villain to immediately wanting to burn every single villain at the stake and anyone who likes them. What caused the change? What flipped? It’s a mystery that baffles me.. and it’s something I really hate

Why should we hate the people who like villains? It’s not fair at all. Let people like what they like, there are bigger problems in the world than someone liking someone or something you don’t like

If you want to be young and rebellious, be rebellious against things that are going to hurt you.

Be rebellious against the notion that you should be irritable all the time, that you should hate your job, that Mondays suck, that you need to work 50-80 hours a week and come home utterly spent in order to not be embarrassed for yourself at your laziness, that only the well-connected, the wealthy, and lucky have any real power to change things.

Be rebellious against the soul-crushing lie that you should take the safe major, the safe job, the safe career, that you should pick the partner that makes you feel good all the time instead of one that challenges you to be a better form of yourself,, that you need to have realistic dreams that someone else already carved out and achieved, that the best you can hope for is a life that screws you over in the gentlest way possible, that you should cower before life and seek to defend yourself against it by sacrificing the potential of the most fulfilling things offered to you in order to gain financial and emotional protection.

Be rebellious against the thought that you are the only protagonist and that the narrator is only reading from the events of your life.

Be rebellious against the thought that you have to be bitter, that you should hate the people who hate you, that you should have a desire for revenge.

Being rebellious in a healthy sense isn’t about being contrary, it’s about being free despite opposition.

lol I’m so sick of the current trend in fandom that has us hyper-masculinizing kylo ren. like, for months this character has been mocked and derided in internet forums for his blatant displays of emotion and apparent vulnerability - and don’t try to tell me this isn’t tied to notions of what constitutes a certain type of “weakness" that is usually attributed to female characters.

yes, kylo ren is tall and physically imposing - but I would argue that his physical strength isn’t where his true prowess lies. it’s in his mysterious tie to this, dark, mystical power that is far older than he is, connected to the universe itself. an energy, a current that flows not only through him, but through - and connecting - all life. historically, that sort of witch-y, nature-given magic - and make no mistake, that is what the force is - has been coded as feminine.

what makes kylo ren a force to be reckoned with and a truly terrifying enemy really has rather little to do with physicality - though he’s undoubtedly a beast of war as well. and to forget that is to do a great disservice to this character. a great many people can hold their own in a fight - how many can harness the very forces that power the universe?

hell, even kylo ren’s costuming - the fall of his robes, the soft curls of his hair - immediately smacks of androgyny. there’s something soft in his face, even with its prominent features and hard angles. and so honestly I’m a little baffled that suddenly, appreciating the (what appears to be) very purposeful androgynous nature of this character is considered taboo, when I find it to be a large part of what makes him so interesting.

​Harvesting the seeds of sustainability in the Brazilian amazon

We’ve known for decades how critical the rainforest is to sustaining life on Earth. And yet, the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has jumped up by 16% in 2015. The short-term financial rewards promised by deforestation, it seems, continue to challenge abstract notions of biodiversity and long-term sustainability. But an initiative based in the Brazilian state of Amazonas is hoping to change that. 

In collaboration with @marriotttraveler

Has anyone ever claimed credit for inadvertently leaving that long conversation on your dial-a-song answering machine? 

I recently read or heard some review/interview in which one of you said that the message is even longer than what you released, and that ‘it only gets weirder’ (I think). Any chance of ever releasing the rest of the message/convo some day…? (Do you even still have it?)

JF: somewhere in some box of cassettes/books/floppy drives/burned CDs/dats there is the “Gloria” tape. I would never throw it away but have no notion where it is right now.

It goes on for 


We have no idea who she is, but she is from the 718/212 area code area.

But all of the police actions captured on video after the shooting contradict the notion that they were trying to “save” Kinsey as opposed to neutralize him. There are two big red flags here:

Flag 1: They handcuffed Kinsey.

Officer Rivera said: “Mr. Kinsey did everything right.” Then why did you handcuff him? You want me to believe that your guys accidentally shot a person they were trying to save from harm, and their immediate response afterwards was to handcuff the victim of their poor aim? That’s your actual story? DO I LOOK. LIKE. A BITCH?

Whatever idiot split-second reactions the officers had, the handcuffing of Kinsey shows who they viewed as the threat, and who they intended to neutralize.

Flag 2: Failure to render aid 

Alright, alright, the cops have now shot a man they were, allegedly, trying to save. They now realize that they were trying to save that man from a toy truck. And they’ve handcuffed their damsel who is now bleeding out of his leg onto the street.

COULD THEY GET THE BROTHER A GLASS OF WATER? Maybe some first aid? Remember, Kinsey can’t dress his own wound, HE’S IN HANDCUFFS.

The video shows them letting a handcuffed man bleed onto the street from a gunshot wound they’re saying was accidentally inflicted. Come on now. That’s not what you do in that situation. That’s not how any person reacts to that set of facts. That’s not how you “protect and serve.”


“I figured out I was black in kindergarten. I figured out I was queer in college. I figured out I was black AND queer when I met Shaun. He was the first person I could truly see myself inside. We of course embody blackness and queerness in many different ways, but the commonality is how unapologetically and confidentially we embody those notions. We love ourselves and we love each other and we love HARD. Finding the love has been a journey, a journey made easier with my BlaQ brother by my side.

I thank GAWD for bringing one of my best friends (in the photo above) into my life. She is a black queer woman and together we have grown to understand that we are a part of a long, powerful legacy of Black/Queer (BlaQ) folks that have truly impacted the world. My friend has taught me how to love myself for all that it encompasses. I AM IN LOVE WITH BEING BLACK AND WITH BEING QUEER. She has taught me that neither of the identities of queerness or blackness can be fully exalted at the expense of the other.

It is not the time to hide who you are from those who have the audacity to hate. Now more than ever is the time to rise. It’s taken awhile to feel like we do. To say the things that we say. To wear the things that we wear. But we have reached a point of realization and we have done so with each other. We are prepared to face whatever shall come next because we know that we do so not standing alone but with many by my side.”

Shakivla Todd & Shaun Richardson for #ColorMeEqual

The later writer’s guides […] described Waverly as being ‘faintly stuffy,’ Solo as 'an urbane swinger’ who always gets the girls, and Illya as 'slightly jealous of this.’

The Man from UNCLE Book: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Television Classic, by John Heitland, page 95

Presumably this is the same version of the writer’s guide we saw a snippet of in the DVD extras! Shame there doesn’t seem to be a more complete version readily available online – that intro snippet is just enough to make you curious.

I do have to take a moment here to boggle at the notion that anyone “pretty familiar with the show” could analyse “their complex and unique relationship” and conclude that Illya is jealous that Napoleon gets more girls than him. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this said about Illya (the bios from one of the old annuals actually have him say “Why they should prefer him to me I’ll never understand!”, but since the same bios say Napoleon’s hobbies include basketball and that Illya’s into surfing, we mostly figured the copy editor was making shit up to fill space) – but knowing it came direct from the official writer’s notes adds that special extra layer of “were we even watching the same show here?”

Obviously, Napoleon’s womanising does get to him sometimes. Illya gets bitchy, impatient, fed up with playing third wheel – probably anyone who’s tried to hang out with a friend with a new S.O. has been there at least once in their life – but jealous of all that feminine attention?

Yeah, right.

You’ve got to be pretty well dedicated to the idea that all men want to be Napoleon Solo to read even Illya’s reactions through that lens. I mean, this is the same Illya who’d been officially disallowed from chasing girls by executive order, right? This Illya? Heck, if anything, Napoleon’s the one who looks shocked and betrayed on the rare occasion when a girl goes for Illya instead of him. Who wrote those notes? (Napoleon? Oh come on, it would explain so much!)

As a fangirl, of course, I am only too willing to argue that you can find evidence of another species of jealousy in Illya, when some pretty young thing is monopolising his partner’s attention. Lord knows whether the phrasing in the original writer’s guide left that kind of ambiguity – all we’ve got here are other people’s summaries. But that would be a whole other thing. ;)

Well, a neoliberal economic philosophy involves a kind of understanding that the notion of the public good is kind of undermined by a basic market logic that turns us all into entrepreneurs, where competition and rivalry define who we are, where the state’s principal function—right?—is to secure the efficient functioning of the economy and the defense, and creating the market conditions whereby you and I can pursue our own self-interest. And part of what that does, if we only read it as an economic philosophy and not understand it as a kind of political rationale producing particular kinds of subjects, who are selfish, who are self-interested, who are always in competition with one another, then we lose sight of how neoliberalism attacks the political imagination. So the interesting question that I ask of Hillary Clinton is that, will she fundamentally change the circumstances that are at the heart of the problem facing this country? In fact, I think she’s illustrative of the problem confronting the country.

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I have a silly thought, do you think that the leaving stunt is being pushed so hard, and constantly mention because they know that Zayn's followers are going to buy every magazine and dissect it. So they are reiterating that he left on his own accord, and kinda forcefully pushing down the notion that there was any behind the scenes disagreements? I just wanted to ask, because it weird to keep mentioning the same thing over and over. It's been over a year, and this is directed at this fandom.

I don’t think it’s for the fandom. His team (FAE/1DHQ) have proven they give NO SHITS about this fandom. Hence they pull this shit, variations of the same old shit, over and over.

I think they want any new fan (presuming there ARE any new fans) who don’t know anything about solo Zayn, to know he “quit” 1D and is singing non-1D (pop) music because he is now “free”. And he’s so grateful to his “gf” Gigi, without whom he’s incompetent (much like the variation of this same bullshit narrative being pushed with Sham where Liam was incapable of “going solo” without Cheryl).

They also don’t have anything new to talk about. It’s the same old shit from Fader that’s carried through to Beats 1/Paper/Interview/Elle UK/Vogue.

Of course, it name drops the same topics: weed/sex/Gigi/freedom from 1D/1D not being the music he wanted to sing, which results in more and more articles in the garbage press about these same topics. I’ve been bored with solo Zayn for a while. I appreciate the music and the photoshoots, bu NOT the promo of haute couture, the PR strolling/papping with Gigi, and the LACK of performances.

as an abuse survivor

any one here who wants to say lapis was the real abuser stay far far away from me.

unfollow me. 

don’t talk to me. 

jasper fans need to back tf away from survivors who hate jasper. i’m seeing so many ugly posts right now trying to say that fighting back against your abuser makes you just as bad as your abuser and that is easily one of the cruelest things you could say to a survivor. Standing up for yourself instead of taking beatings is so strong and so brave and to have that be morphed into “YOU BECAME THE ABUSER NOW LOOK AT YOU” is fucking vile. I was abused for years and i was treated with that mentality by my abuser when i finally fought back against him. He acted as though i was the real monster for standing up to him and that i was in the wrong. that is a guilt tactic abusers use as a last ditch effort to guilt their target into submission and it’s awful to see so many people implementing that notion just because they don’t want their uwuwu sinful trash big buff space gf to be seen as what they are- an abusive power hungry gem who’s not afraid to use and abuse people to get what she wants.

 any posts i see with that mentality im blocking immediately idc  


random-nexus said: Srsly, when Fraser did that undercover thing dressed as a woman, he kinda rocked it.  There is substance to this notion, m'friend. *enables like the pro she is* 

Like somebody pointed out that the reason why that episode works is that it avoided all the standard pratfalls of Dude In Dress?

Because Fraser could rock heels and pantyhose and make up and remain completely unflappable and he didn’t even really change his voice, just kind of spoke softer and so it’s like this lovely contralto and I’m wondering where and when the hell did Benton Fraser learn to do drag so well?

And I’m thinking of an imaginary Ru Paul’s Drag Race season that inexplicably includes my favorite Queens and IDK maybe in the interests of charity or something, Welsh sends his two favorite detectives to get prettied up and incidentally, because this is Fraser and Kowalski, they end up saving the Queens from some homophobic loon while looking fabulous at the same time?

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So wasn't Harry gonna come out with Nick a few years ago? Then Jeff? Don't forget Xander last year of course. Then he was with Fionn. Now he's been seen for one day with this Tom fellow and they're already serious enough they'll come out together even though he and Louis were, according to even your feb anons logic, together for five years previously and they never entertained the notion of coming out. Yup. Makes sense.

definitely, total sense 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Unwanted Love Poems

Probably it means nothing
That you do not want me.
You love me. But do not want
Me. It means nothing. I have
Hands and notions and oceans
Of feeling. But you would be
Happy to leave me be. I see.
A few moments in the light, then
The flight back into the darkness:
But, sure, it means nothing that
You swerved to avoid our joy, our
Possible joy. Oh, a few words my
Way, and we would have been all
And all and all. But it may have been
Nothing, may it not? Because you
Have always got darkness and loss
And loneliness and fear and death.
Why would you want me instead?