Limitation is only in the mind. Did you feel it in deep sleep? You exist in sleep. You do not deny your existence then. The same Self is now and here, in the wakeful state. You are now saying that there are limitations. What has now happened is that there are these differences between the two states. The differences are due to the mind. There was no mind in sleep. whereas it is now active. The Self exists in the absence of the mind also.
It will be understood by and by, with meditation.
—  Ramana Maharshi


The FNDM is going to descend into maiden witch hunting where everyone is a possible candidate until proven otherwise.  This is just like what happened in the Attack on Titan fandom where everyone was possibly a shifter even if it made no sense and the “evidence” was non-existent.  As it has always been stated, Remnant is a big world full of different kinds of people; its more likely that we have only ever seen one maiden (Fall) and the other three will enter the story later, especially if Ozpin and Co. have been keeping tabs on the maidens this entire time.

like I kind of feel like a lot of non-jewish leftists don’t realize that there was a sizable jewish population in palestine before the state of israel was created, and that the goal of anti-zionism isn’t like driving the jews out of palestine but rather allowing the palestinians who have been expelled to return to their country and replacing the present colonialist regime with a government that represents the whole, primarily non-jewish, population. israel as a state literally only exists so that america can have a military foothold in the middle east but like it’s important not to conflate that fact with the actual jewish population of the region

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so... timeline for the zombie apocalypse au would be cool.,,

yooo here’s the au in case u missed it 

  • July 8, 2008: the largest outbreak recorded in South Korea occurs. A state of emergency is declared:  

    > V and Jumin Han escape the C&R building and abandon the city. 

    >Jaehee Kang abandons her café. 

    >Rika begins living with Yoosung Kim at his place of work (the CDC). 

  • July 12, 2008: FEDRA granted custody of the military and declared martial law. 

  • August 2008: the South Korean Bureaucracy is non-existent due to FEDRA’s state of power: 

    >Zen joins the military. 

  • October 2008: the Fireflies is formed:

    >12 days later: Saeran and Saeyoung Choi join the Fireflies as soldiers.

  • 2012: Jaehee stumbles upon two militants, and one of them turned out to be Zen. They then join forces. 

  • 2011: Zen shoots and kills a father and his young daughter after being ordered to do so. 

  • Mid-2013: Yoosung Kim and Rika are now the only remaining individuals at the CDC:

    >2 months later: Rika’s dog, Sally, is devoured by walkers. 

    >2 weeks later: Rika stages her suicide. Yoosung is now the only one residing in the facility. 

  • November 2013: Rika successfully establishes the town of Woodbury. 

  • Mid-2016: 

    >V and Jumin are ambushed by walkers, leading to the separation of the pair. 

    >1 day later: V wakes up in Woodbury, meets Vanderwood and Rika. 

    >1 month later: Jumin reunites with Jaehee and Zen. They form an alliance. 

    >1 month later: Jumin’s newfound group come across the CDC. Jaehee almost commits suicide with Yoosung, but is prevented from doing so by Zen. 

    >2 months later: Jumin’s group stumble upon Terminus, and are almost cannibalised by the inhabitants. 

  • January 2017: Jumin’s group come across Woodbury, and are reunited with V. 

    >1 week later: Jaehee discovers the truth about Rika, and informs Jumin and Zen. They then tell Vanderwood about this, and agree that they’ll take down Woodbury. 

    >2 week later: Rika carries out a massacre, and is shot dead by Vanderwood halfway through the ordeal. 

    >V tells Jumin of the walker bite he possesses, and how it’s over three weeks old. They all make the decision to make it to the Fireflies’ headquarters, and leave Woodbury in Vanderwood’s care.
  • February 2017: Jaehee is bit by a walker. Zen shoots her before she turns. 

  • July 2017: Jumin, Zen, and V finally make it to the Fireflies’ headquarters: 

    >V is reunited with Saeran and Saeyoung, and informs them of the brain surgery. 

    >1 week later: the Choi twins die during an emergency evacuation. 

    >1 day later: Zen’s body is found in his room, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. The surgeons provide greater details about the surgery to Jumin and V. 

    >3 days later: V is sedated for the operation. Jumin breaks in and carries V’s body to a car in the facility, and drives off to Woodbury. 

    >2 days later: V wakes up in Woodbury, and is told a major lie by Jumin. 
Understanding Brain Waves

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Whenever neurons within our brains communicate by electrical impulses, they create a wave-like pattern – the so-called brain waves - which can be measured via electroencephalography (EEG). Depending on the present state of consciousness, these patterns generate waves with unique frequencies of oscillation, ranging from 0.2 Hertz (cycles per second) to 38 Hertz, whereas even more has been measured in people during various transcendental experiences.
The bandwidth is subdivided into the five sections Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The following descriptions explain the characteristics that accompany the different brainwave sections, from total unconsciousness to high peak experiences.

Delta Waves (0.2 – 3 Hz)

Delta brain waves are the ones with the lowest frequency and the highest amplitude. They are primarily generated during deep and dreamless sleep (sleep stage 3 and 4) and in comatose states. The awareness of external stimuli is non-existent, and we are completely unconscious. Delta waves support healing and regeneration processes by releasing hormones such as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. Delta waves can also be found in states of deep meditation, when accessing the most hidden, unconscious world. Here Delta represents our intuition and empathy.

Theta Waves (3 – 8 Hz)
While Delta waves can be compared to our unconscious, Theta waves are our subconscious. Visible during REM sleep, meditation and extreme relaxation, Theta waves come along with information beyond our conscious awareness. Theta waves are the source of creative inspiration and spiritual intuition, and the keeper of subconscious desires and fears. As in Delta waves, our senses in Theta waves focus on the world within and are completely withdrawn from our surrounding. Since there is no connection to the waking mind, there is no memory of possible insights as long as Theta waves act alone. To become aware of our blurred subconscious, higher brain wave frequencies are necessary.

Alpha Waves (8 – 12 Hz)
To build a bridge between our conscious and subconscious and thereby to remember content of dreams, creative and meditative states, we need the higher Alpha brain waves. The characterization of Alpha waves is a wakeful, but relaxed and peaceful state, which we experience while falling asleep, waking up, when daydreaming and upon self-introspection. Closing one’s eyes immediately stimulates alpha waves, for visual imagination is activated. Even though Alpha waves are not directly the source of creativity, they are the tool to get access to it. Alpha waves keep us in the present, in the Now, therefore it is no surprise that meditators show a strongly increased alpha activity.

Beta Waves (12 – 38 Hz)
Beta brain waves are the brain waves of our normal, waking state of consciousness. Beta waves are connected to mental activity, such as concentration, logical and analytical thinking, attentiveness and the focus on cognitive tasks. Since our waking state is so extensive with different forms of activity, the Beta range has been divided into three further sections. People with low Beta waves (Beta1 with 12 – 15 Hz) report a lack of energy and the inability to concentrate, hence their risk of depression and disorientation is increased. Beta waves in the middle section (Beta 2 with 15 – 22 Hz) create a clear focus with a harmonic energy level, whereas Beta waves with a high frequency (Beta 3 with 22 – 38 Hz) generate high excitement, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety or even panic.

Gamma Waves (38 – 42 Hz)
Beyond all fear, brain waves with the highest frequency and the lowest amplitude can be measured. Gamma waves are a mystery, since their frequency is above the possibility of neuronal activity. What characterizes Gamma waves is not the individual neuronal firing, but a neural synchrony throughout the brain, through which we can activate more power than theoretically possible. This synchronization of different brain areas is needed for the creation of ideas and language and to construct perception by modulating the information of our senses. Gamma waves relate to peak performances, lucid dreaming and expanded consciousness, present during mystical, spiritual and transpersonal experiences. Universal love, altruism, non-duality, self-awareness and cosmic unity are a few of the profound characteristics of Gamma brain waves.

Brain waves are not only a symphony of our thoughts and emotions which can be passively apprehended, but also a piece of work that we can actively modify. By brainwave entrainment (via acoustic and/or visual stimuli), we can stimulate different brain wave frequencies to energize different states of consciousness. Binaural beats and isochronic tones are effective ways to alter brain waves and thus support our sleep, study sessions or meditation practice.

Everything you see is proof for the existence of a Creator, and the Creator is God.
Nothing can bring itself from the state of non-existence into existence all on its own; God is the Creator, and the only one with the power to do so.

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Cops Can Enforce Non-Existent Laws With Impunity by Wendy McElroy

Ignorance of the law is an excuse…if you are a cop. American police no longer need to know what the law says or to enforce it correctly. They can implement a non-existent law with impunity even if it results in the apparent violation of constitutional rights. This may have been apparent to many as a police practice but now it is now officially the law of the land. On December 15, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on Heien v. North Carolina

Facts of the Case

In 2009, Sergeant Matt Darisse made a clear “mistake of law” in conducting a traffic stop. He pulled over a car driven by Maynor Javier Vazquez and owned by Nicholas Heien who was sleeping in the back.  The legal pretext: the car had a broken brake light. But North Carolina law at the time only required there to be “a [singular] stop lamp” working. In short, a single brake light made the vehicle “street legal” and the officer had no lawful reason to make the stop. 

Darisse became suspicious when the two men offered somewhat different stories about their destination. Then Heien reportedly consented to a search his car with the words, “I don’t care.” A sandwich bag of cocaine was discovered and the two occupants were charged with drug trafficking.

At trial, Heien made a motion to suppress the evidence due to Fourth Amendment protection which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. Heien’s attorney argued that enforcing a non-existent law was unreasonable and so any evidence resulting from the enforcement could not be used in court. Again, at the time, the North Carolina Supreme Court maintained that the state constitution required the suppression of evidence when the Fourth Amendment was violated. Nevertheless, the trial court allowed the evidence. 

The Court of Appeals reversed the decision saying that “an officer’s mistaken belief that a defendant has committed a traffic violation is not an objectively reasonable justification for a traffic stop”. The Supreme Court of North Carolina determined the purpose of the Fourth Amendment was to ensure that police officers act reasonably. And police officers should be able to make traffic stops based on their reasonable interpretations of law even if that interpretation was in error.  

The case was the first one heard in SCOTUS’ current session. Attorney Jeffrey Fisher represented Heien and  argued, “The government should be presumed to know the laws….It would undercut public confidence in law enforcement and the common law rule upon which the criminal law is built to say the government doesn’t have to be presumed to know the law when it acted.” Fisher claimed that, if “ignorance of the law is no excuse” for average citizens, then the maxim should apply equally to police officers. To argue otherwise would take all incentive away from the police to familiarize themselves with the law or to abide by it. 

Allah is the One who brings things from the state of non-existence into existence. Allah is the only One who creates with this meaning of creating.

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it’s perhaps worthwhile to describe a benevolent state that exists to non-aggressively and selflessly defend and serve its people precisely for the sake of demonstrating its basically oxymoronic nature & thereby strengthening the case for statelessness.

sort of like just advocate for it & bait people into exposing the flaws in those arguments and use that to introduce the idea of not having states at all.

kind of stumbled on this when i had to write a 600-word opinion paper and couldn’t convincingly get to “burn everything and start over” from nothing within the word count, but it’s interesting nonetheless.