Role of subjunctive in Urdu

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“Present subjunctive verb (maiñ karūñ, ham kareñ, tū kare, tum karo, āp kareñ, vo kare, vo kareñ) is a very common verb mood in Urdu-Hindi, much more so than in French, in which language it also exists. Basically it refers to a non-actualized state in the present—to something that may or may not happen. Specifically, some of the main meanings include:

1. A suggestion: ham nikleñ ab = Let’s go now.
2. A wish: vo jahannum meñ jā'e! = May s/he go to Hell!
3. A question: maiñ andar ā'ūñ? = Shall I come in?
4. Contingency: (agar/jo) vo gā'eñ (to) mujhe khushī hogī = If they sing, I will be happy.

Very often poets use the subjunctive to multiply meanings (although the subjunctive does not always work this way). So while reading and interpreting poetry, it’s important to know this and recognize when this ma'nī-āfirīnī (meaning-creation) via the subjunctive takes place.”

- Pasha Sahib

Limitation is only in the mind. Did you feel it in deep sleep? You exist in sleep. You do not deny your existence then. The same Self is now and here, in the wakeful state. You are now saying that there are limitations. What has now happened is that there are these differences between the two states. The differences are due to the mind. There was no mind in sleep. whereas it is now active. The Self exists in the absence of the mind also.
It will be understood by and by, with meditation.
—  Ramana Maharshi


The FNDM is going to descend into maiden witch hunting where everyone is a possible candidate until proven otherwise.  This is just like what happened in the Attack on Titan fandom where everyone was possibly a shifter even if it made no sense and the “evidence” was non-existent.  As it has always been stated, Remnant is a big world full of different kinds of people; its more likely that we have only ever seen one maiden (Fall) and the other three will enter the story later, especially if Ozpin and Co. have been keeping tabs on the maidens this entire time.

my favorite part about the Bleach Quincy Arc was how it completely and fundamentally destroyed Kisuke and Yoruichi’s relationship

like I kind of feel like a lot of non-jewish leftists don’t realize that there was a sizable jewish population in palestine before the state of israel was created, and that the goal of anti-zionism isn’t like driving the jews out of palestine but rather allowing the palestinians who have been expelled to return to their country and replacing the present colonialist regime with a government that represents the whole, primarily non-jewish, population. israel as a state literally only exists so that america can have a military foothold in the middle east but like it’s important not to conflate that fact with the actual jewish population of the region

Fictional Insignia For Fictitious Men

Above are a number of unit insignias designed for the fictitious units of the First United State Army Group - a non-existent Army Group created in 1943 as part of Operation Bodyguard, the deception plan to fool Germany into believing the invading Allied army would land in the Pas-de-Calais area, east of Normandy. 

General George S. Patton, an Allied general the Germans saw as extremely able, was appointed to command the Army Group to give the deception an air of credibility.  In reality Patton had been given command of the US 3rd Army, which would not deploy to France until August.

External image

Decoy Inflatable Sherman Tank - part of Operation Fortitude (source)

The First United State Army Group was part of a huge deception operation that had been in action for months before Operation Overlord began.  As part of Operations Fortitude and Bodyguard Allied intelligence services simulated troop concentrations with inflatable vehicles, set up fake camps, disseminated false information through dozens of double agents and generated hundreds of hours of fake radio traffic.  An on the eve of D-Day Operation Titanic hundreds of dummy paratroops were dropped to lure German forces away from the actual drop zones.  And the RAF and Royal Navy created false radar images of an invasion for in the channel.

In all, the operation was extremely successful leading the German High Command to believe that the Allied invasion ground would be much further east in the obvious Pas-de-Calais area. 

Image Source

Shibuya train station 😜 I get stupid excited spotting stuff like this since kpop ads are non-existent in the States. There’s a larger one I spotted first day but I was too tired to get my phone out.

Last semester I had a geography course where we talked a lot about racism, sexism, and queerphobia - and when we got onto the subject of representation, I told my teacher how sick I was of never seeing anyone of colour in sci fi, and dystopia and you know what he did?

He went out and bought a dozen books for my school library that were all poc women in a sci fi setting



Self Enquiry

D: How is one to enquire: “Who am I?”

Ramana Maharshi: Actions such as ‘going’ and ‘coming’ belong only to the body. And so, when one says “I went, I came”, it amounts to saying that the body is “I”. But, can the body be said to be the consciousness “I”, since the body was not before it was born, is made up of the five elements, is non-existent in the state of deep sleep, and becomes a corpse when dead? Can this body which is inert like a log of wood be said to shine as “I” “I”?

Therefore, the “I” consciousness which at first arises in respect of the body is referred to variously as self-conceit (tarbodham), egoity (ahankara), nescience (avidya), maya, impurity (mala), and individual soul (jiva) . Can we remain without enquiring into this? Is it not for our redemption through enquiry that all the scriptures declare that the destruction of “self-conceit” is release (mukti)?

Therefore, making the corpse-body remain as a corpse, and not even uttering the word “I”, one should enquire keenly thus: “Now, what is it that rises as ‘I’”. Then, there would shine in the Heart a kind of wordless illumination of the form ‘I’ ‘I’. That is, there would shine of its own accord the pure consciousness which is unlimited and one, the limited and the many thoughts having disappeared. If one remains quiescent without abandoning that (experience), the egoity, the individual sense, of the form ‘I am the body’ will be totally destroyed, and at the end the final thought, viz. the ‘I’form also will be quenched like the fire that burns camphor.

The great sages and scriptures declare that this alone is release.

Everything you see is proof for the existence of a Creator, and the Creator is God.
Nothing can bring itself from the state of non-existence into existence all on its own; God is the Creator, and the only one with the power to do so.

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Cops Can Enforce Non-Existent Laws With Impunity by Wendy McElroy

Ignorance of the law is an excuse…if you are a cop. American police no longer need to know what the law says or to enforce it correctly. They can implement a non-existent law with impunity even if it results in the apparent violation of constitutional rights. This may have been apparent to many as a police practice but now it is now officially the law of the land. On December 15, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on Heien v. North Carolina

Facts of the Case

In 2009, Sergeant Matt Darisse made a clear “mistake of law” in conducting a traffic stop. He pulled over a car driven by Maynor Javier Vazquez and owned by Nicholas Heien who was sleeping in the back.  The legal pretext: the car had a broken brake light. But North Carolina law at the time only required there to be “a [singular] stop lamp” working. In short, a single brake light made the vehicle “street legal” and the officer had no lawful reason to make the stop. 

Darisse became suspicious when the two men offered somewhat different stories about their destination. Then Heien reportedly consented to a search his car with the words, “I don’t care.” A sandwich bag of cocaine was discovered and the two occupants were charged with drug trafficking.

At trial, Heien made a motion to suppress the evidence due to Fourth Amendment protection which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. Heien’s attorney argued that enforcing a non-existent law was unreasonable and so any evidence resulting from the enforcement could not be used in court. Again, at the time, the North Carolina Supreme Court maintained that the state constitution required the suppression of evidence when the Fourth Amendment was violated. Nevertheless, the trial court allowed the evidence. 

The Court of Appeals reversed the decision saying that “an officer’s mistaken belief that a defendant has committed a traffic violation is not an objectively reasonable justification for a traffic stop”. The Supreme Court of North Carolina determined the purpose of the Fourth Amendment was to ensure that police officers act reasonably. And police officers should be able to make traffic stops based on their reasonable interpretations of law even if that interpretation was in error.  

The case was the first one heard in SCOTUS’ current session. Attorney Jeffrey Fisher represented Heien and  argued, “The government should be presumed to know the laws….It would undercut public confidence in law enforcement and the common law rule upon which the criminal law is built to say the government doesn’t have to be presumed to know the law when it acted.” Fisher claimed that, if “ignorance of the law is no excuse” for average citizens, then the maxim should apply equally to police officers. To argue otherwise would take all incentive away from the police to familiarize themselves with the law or to abide by it. 

Allah is the One who brings things from the state of non-existence into existence. Allah is the only One who creates with this meaning of creating.

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Sice/Seven - Midnight Sleepiness
(Just somethinng tiny for Seven’s birthday! :D … I tried my best to write something short, but my life has been so busy, my writing comes really short. Hm, still need to figure out something there. Buuut I definitey didn’t want to miss my child’s birthday! Soo .. happy birthday, Seven, here for another year.)
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Seven purred. The hand that glided through her fine silver strands was oh-too-distracting from the flickering light of the TV in front of her, letting her tired eyes slowly fall close. Her sight was getting blurry and it was hard to see what was actually going on – not that she really cared much what the movie was about.

With Sice sitting right beside her on the sofa, her attention on anything else was almost non-existing – especially in this tired state. Cuddled close to Sice with her head lying on her shoulder, she could only focus on the slow breath she felt against herself, how it tickled on her skin and moved her hair. 

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[character writing meme] Thanks for the ask!

1. Haruto. The thing with writing Kaito is, the existence or non-existence of Haruto and, if he exists, his state of wellbeing, make a huge difference. Take, for example, a happy AU where Haruto is fine and grew up in a normal happy life with Kaito, then Kaito himself with be a lot less unapproachable than his two canon selves. Likewise, a lot of the differences between ZEXAL!anime, ZEXAL!manga and ARC-V Kaito come from the presence/absence of Haruto. So, if I write Kaito, I first ask myself “what is Haruto doing in this fic?” (even when Haruto doesn’t appear whatsoever).

2. Calmness. This is kind of important in character interactions because most of what I write I write is kairyo, but also for Kaito in general. While Kaito tends to be rather aggressive in Haruto-related things, he’s far less impulsive otherwise. So, in a non-Haruto-related situation, using the other character as a standard for calmness, Kaito should be the calmer one unless it’s V/Astral he’s talking to. (In case of Astral, it’s obvious why; in case of V, it kind of depends on V’s situation)

3. He’s kind of a loner. I think this goes without saying given the canon, but, yeah, he is a loner so if I try to include him in anything social, I can’t have him all excited over it. (Tends to be motivated by others, mostly Yooms & Haruto)

Although malaria is practically non-existent in the United States today, this 1943 question-and-answer booklet would still be quite informative!

It offers scientifically-sound advice on your to protect and prevent against malaria in your community. 

United States. Public Health Service. (1943). Malaria quiz for young Americans. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.

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Bard of Heart please? Also, can you analyse only the powers of this title?

Mod CC: Can do!

Bard of Heart is defined as one who “invites the destruction of Heart/invites destruction with Heart”. An un-godtiered mid-crisis Bard of Heart would have powers more so following the “invites destruction through Heart” part of the description. There are multiple possibilities depending on the person, which include: a complete tidal wave of emotions that breaks friendships and maybe a few bones, strong feelings of personality and interests to the point of absolute obsession, and a love or affinity for someone so strong that they would do anything to be with said person. Basically they have the power of being dangerously reckless, impulsive, and biased. A god tiered post-crisis Bard of Heart may have some powers similar to Dirks, though not as intense. Like, they would probably have several splinters of themselves but it’s very unlikely said splinters would ever pass beyond the state of non-tangential, and would just exist in people’s minds like Brain Ghost Dirk. They would probably be surprisingly efficient manipulators, convincing others to do the Bard’s bidding by claiming its “in [the person being manipulated’s] best interest”. They influence others to be reckless and impulsive by being reckless and impulsive themselves. But as soon as they find a weak spot, that Mind kicks in and gives the Bard the advantage while the enemy is still being clumsy and panicked. So basically, a god tiered Bard of Heart would be a very good manipulator of people’s impulses and morals, destroying the feelings or Heart that were once in their opponents bodies and replacing them with the Bard’s. I see these guys as potentially being quite cunning indeed.

Hope this helped!