Short practice animation of @waiting4codot / @drjonathancranemd audios.

5-6 hours on this one. Would have tried to do the full thing but honestly I wouldn’t have been able to do it in one day. Better finish it while my hype for ‘end of days’ still exists ya know, lmao

Original here.


My custom Miraculous Ladybug pendant is finally a reality, and it looks AMAZING :D I designed this way back in April or so but I only just ordered it about a week and a half ago. 

Huge thanks to @trinketgeek for doing such a great job with this! It’s also based partly off the Cat and Ladybug pendant from @thelastpilot‘s legendary Secret Santa fic, because it is legendary. 

Loubna Meron

Photo by Eric Bénier-Bürckel

Noir Berry™ Digital art by me @nubiansolis, share and support a black queen lol. thank you all for making nubiansolis a pleasure to create and grow…..


 Its sketchy but hey its finished. Shout out to that anon who sent me the link to this song,this is all because of you. I used a ton of references and screenshot redraws for this and I even copied some screenshots for this one panel ...I just love these kids so much