Barnard Receives Record-Breaking Number of Applications for Class of 2017.

An announcement from Barnard’s offices of Admissions and Media:

1. Following the upward trend in recent years, Barnard College received a record-breaking 5,609 applications for the Class of 2017.

2. This year’s number is a 3% increase from last year and notably, a 31% increase from just five years ago when 4,273 applications were received. 

3. The College also received a record number of early decision applications599, a 6.8% increase from last year when we received 561.  And a 53% increase from five years ago when we received 392.

4. Barnard maintains its standing as the most sought-after women’s college in the U.S.

5. To what do you attribute the overall increase?  From Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Fondiller “There are so many reasons we continue to attract more and more applicants—the College’s rising profile not only in the U.S. but internationally; our very hands-on and personal approach to recruiting which includes one-on-one interviews during a time when many schools have abandoned the practice; our hugely successful fly-in program that allows low income students to visit the campus; and of course, Barnard’s 124-year history of empowering young women poised to make their mark in New York and beyond.”    

morganbritton132  asked:

Alfie tried really hard to be as good of a student as Winnie but the stuff they were learning was either too easy or boring and he didn't listen as well as Winnie did.

“Mama,” he whined one day. “I’m not good at school.”

“Of course you are, baby,” she said, looking in the rear mirror at him. “You make good grades, you do so well.”

“But the teacher gets mad at me ‘cause I don’t pay attention all the time like Winnie.”

“Why not, Alf?”

“I already know my numbers,” he whined. “I know them all the way to forty-nine, that’s all the numbers I need.”

“Well, Alf,” Freddie said with a smile. “If you pay better attention at school, or if you just try for me, I’ll take you down to the bookstore, and we’ll get more books for you to read to me.”

She saw him brighten up in the backseat. “Magic Treehouse?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“’Kay, Mama. I’m gonna be even smarter than Win!”


Martha Stewart talks about her class at Barnard… Can’t wait to find out who the girls in my class are going to be someday!

camillekit  asked:

How hard is it to meet boys/date at Barnard? Do any girls have boyfriends, and is that a common thing?

This is a complicated question. It depends enormously on who you are and on what you and whoever you generally meet want.

The fact of the matter is that everyone at Columbia is busy—all the time. And “dating” is kind of inorganic, which makes it difficult. Most people don’t have time to get to know people. For example, I made a lot of my closest friends here not because I actively made an effort to get to know them, but more because over time they were just the people that I knew. Our worlds coincided and continue to coincide frequently enough that I just grew to know and love them.

It just so happens that at an all-girls school, you tend to have a lot more women in your life. It’s not that it’s hard to meet boys, but it’s hard to really get close to them because you sort of exist in the separate spheres of your own lives. This isn’t for lack of mutual interest or anything, this is just because no one really has time to get past those energy-consuming and awkward stages of “getting to know each other” in a way that isn’t natural.

While the vast majority of girls I know at Barnard are single, I do know a few that are in relationships. Most of these though tend to be with people outside of Columbia, or because they participated in very social (/incestuous) on-campus organizations, so that they were in each other’s lives frequently enough to get to know each other (the two I’m thinking of are TASA and CIRCA).

And of course there is somewhat of a strong “single” culture in New York City. You’re constantly meeting new people and NYC life is so customizable, that for you to be able to do everything you are interested in doing doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone, but probably means that you have to do it single. And to an extent, this is how it should be. College is a time to focus on yourself. Academic and professional focus is a given. But this time in your life is also about coming into yourself and becoming confident in who you are as a person independently. If you succeed in that, I think a relationship just gradually becomes something you don’t need as much.