It was nearly four years ago when I was first introduced to a quirky little show called The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family.  I started watching it after seeing the fourth episode, which my mother had put on while giving me a pedicure.  I was inspired to go back and watch the first three episodes when I met the two idiots you see above.  Chloe and Alek.  I loved their chemistry, their playful banter, and the simple fact that they were clearly perfect for each other even if they didn’t realize it themselves.  This became my first ever TV obsession, and Chloe and Alek (affectionately known as Chalek) was my first ship, even though I had no idea what shipping even was at the time.  TNLOCK was a fantastic little show that had so much potential, but it was unfortunately cut short after a mere ten episodes.  To make things worse, the tenth episode left viewers with three tantalizing cliffhangers that would seemingly go unanswered.  There was talk of a TV movie that would tie up all the loose ends, and there was even a script written, but nothing ever came of it and I went on with my life believing that I’d never receive any form of closure.  Ever.  Until today, that is.

I had begun to forget about TNLOCK as years passed since its cancellation and I became unaware of any news related to it.  As it turns out, the script for the TV movie was released as of September of last year and I had no clue.  Today one of my best friends informed me of where I could read the script and I spent the evening reading it.  I was not disappointed.  It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more and it tied up every loose end perfectly (well, except for one where I was a little confused, but I don’t even care because the rest was flawless).  I absolutely loved it and only wish that it had in fact been filmed.  Alas, that never happened and it never will happen, but I am no less grateful for the closure I received today.  There is nothing more painful than a TV series ending before it’s over, and a lot of fandoms don’t receive such a gift.  For this I will be forever grateful.

But more importantly, I am grateful that, in the end, Chalek was endgame.  They were the reason I began the show and were the reason I stayed till the painful end.  The final scene written in the movie script was practically a proclamation of love between the two and I couldn’t have asked for a better end for my very first ship.  This post is for Chalek.  A great ship whose story was cut short, yet it still managed to sail in the end.  It’s a ship that will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

What I hate about TV Networks

You cancel shows that are really wonderful on a cliffhanger and then don’t give us anything else. It is not the viewers fault that you don’t advertise your shows so don’t even try to blame us blame yourselves for not doing your jobs. If other shows can post trailers and promos on networks they don’t play on so can you. You all keep these stupid stupid shows rather than the good ones. Tag more if you think of any.

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I love reading, writing, drawing, and theater. I’m very into Studio Ghibli movies, Harry Potter, and other fantasy movies. My favourite novels are “The Giver”, “Of Poseidon”, and “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”. I’m always working on small projects and would love to have people with similar interests to talk about them with. I’m very into the dark and mysterious so anyone who is into the paranormal, supernatural, or just plain spooky is very welcome in my friend group! Message me and Let’s be friends!

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