know what makes me cry?

in deathly hallows when harry and hermione go see james and lily’s gravestone and they see hundreds upon hundreds of messages scribbled on or around the grave that say “good luck harry!”, “here’s to the boy who lived” and others of the sort. 

they all knew harry would come to see his parents, and everyone knew that in that moment he would grieve, just like they all did. All of those hundreds of people visited james and lily’s grave, and each one of them wanted to tell harry that although he was an orphan, he was loved by so many. 

i also can’t help but think that the first message scribbled on there was “you are loved, harry” written by remus two nights after halloween. every visitor since has made their own addition over it, but if you look very closely near the bottom of the grave, you can see it. every full moon the message glows faintly. 

Strex takes over Desert Bluffs: okay

Strex has bloody radio station: okay

Strex takes over Night Vale: crap but okay

Strex threatens Carlos: okay

Strex has sponsorship messages: okay

Strex takes Cecil’s leg off: wHAT





Are you achieving your fullest potential? Are you finding the right solutions for your challenges? Are you making the most of what you’re given? Do you believe in a smiling God?

Of course you do! We all do. We must!

Well, what if I told you the smiling God was smiling more than ever? What if the smiling God had a smile so wide that you could see yourself in its mirrored teeth? And what if I told you that your gauzy reflection looked perfect – just perfect?

You would like that. Of course! We all would. We must!

And what if I told you you’re perfect self hated your imperfect self? And as the smiling God smiled wider, you could see a tongue pressing through the teeth – thick, and pink, and gray, and wet.

And what if I told you you could see your imperfect self in the shining sheen of the bulging tongue? And in your reflection you were slack and sallow? And maybe bleeding. A lot.

Bleeding so much!

And what if I told you you could kill your imperfect self?

What if I told you you could achieve your fullest potential?

StrexCorp Synernists Inc. is a proud supporter of the greater Desert Bluff and Night Vale community.

StrexCorp. Believe in a smiling God.

Believe in your perfect self.




Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 43 - Visitor