know what makes me cry?

in deathly hallows when harry and hermione go see james and lily’s gravestone and they see hundreds upon hundreds of messages scribbled on or around the grave that say “good luck harry!”, “here’s to the boy who lived” and others of the sort. 

they all knew harry would come to see his parents, and everyone knew that in that moment he would grieve, just like they all did. All of those hundreds of people visited james and lily’s grave, and each one of them wanted to tell harry that although he was an orphan, he was loved by so many. 

i also can’t help but think that the first message scribbled on there was “you are loved, harry” written by remus two nights after halloween. every visitor since has made their own addition over it, but if you look very closely near the bottom of the grave, you can see it. every full moon the message glows faintly. 

I was playing a halfling Druid named Hana in a homebrew campaign. My party was staying at an inn for the night and were all sharing a single room. In the middle of the night, we had a visitor.

DM: Hana in your half-awake state, you hear footsteps on the wooden floor.

Me: I open my eyes and immediately reach for my scimitar.

DM: You discover that your scimitar is gone. You have no other weapons on you and the footsteps you hear belong to an assassin who has come to kill your adventuring party. What do you do?

Me: I scream loudly to wake everyone up and then change into a draft horse to attack this guy.

(DM makes everyone else roll to see if their character wakes up. Everyone but the party’s rogue awakens. Then everyone starts attacking the intruder but he escapes out the window once he realizes that he’s outnumbered.)

Fighter: I jump out the window after him!

Wizard: I jump out the window too!

Cleric: I follow them, I guess.

DM (before I get to follow): At this moment, the innkeeper kicks open the door to see what all the commotion is. His eyes widen at the scene before him.

At this point, the innkeeper sees an overturned room that is empty except for our rogue who is passed out on the floor and a gigantic draft horse in the middle of the room.

DM: The innkeeper looks at the horse, looks at the small doorway, looks back at the horse, and then faints.

The party erupts in laughter and several people suggest that we do this again as some sort of ongoing prank.

Belong To Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 853 (almost not a drabble but it is so hush :P)

Warnings: Dean being an ass.

A/N: You voted for prompt, gif and character. Here are what I came up with for the winners.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You hated the fighting. This was the way it had always been and you knew it wasn’t going to stop for a long time. You and Dean had been friends for years before either of you had dared to let anything happen between one another. You loved him so much it hurt and you had no doubt in your mind he felt the same about you, even if he had never said the words. You also doubted he ever would, but that wasn’t why you had fought.

Dean tried to push you away, just like he always did. In the beginning he had flirted with other women, never once taken it beyond that but just enough to make your blood boil with jealousy. Once he had realized he was only hurting you and not chasing you off he had stopped. Then the bossy period had started. Him telling you what to do, which hunts you could go on and what your role would be. Again your blood boiled but those times with anger. A few screaming matches had occurred and you had run off to handle whatever monster problem you were having at the time on your own. After Dean had almost lost you on one of those hunts he had changed his tactics again. Those were the games he was playing at now. Shutting himself down, not letting you in. Not even when you knew he was hurting more than ever. His mom were back in your lives and that was a lot for him to deal with. A few months ago he would have told you about it, but not anymore. Now Dean told you it was none of your business, leaving you in tears to come home smelling like a brewery each night. Each time he left it got harder and harder to watch the door close between you, but you were determined in proving him wrong. Even if you could no longer fall asleep in his bed alone anymore. Even if you sat on the couch in one of Dean’s t-shirt with silent tears streaming down your face until you could no longer keep your eyes open and you fell asleep.

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Someone Talk To Me About This

Voltron Rant/Theory thing

Are we not going to talk about the families the paladins left behind? Back on Earth? Like we have a general understanding of what the paladins feel about Earth, but we don’t know anything about their families and friends they left behind, do we? And what about the Garrison? 

“Oh yeah we lost three students that night we had alien visitors and a weird, high tech blue lion flying around for a bit before engaging a big ass ship above our planet, but then they disappeared so….”

Like is that how the conversation went when the Garrison told Hunk, Pidge, and Lance’s families that their children just disappeared while alien war ships were flying around?

What do the families think? Were the paladins’ disappearances on the news, were they presumed dead? Do the families search the stars at night, hoping their kid will come home, hoping that they’re even still alive? What about Pidge’s mom?!?!? She has lost her entire family, as far as she knows. 

Why is no one talking about this? Seriously, can someone please theorize with me?????


Awendaw, SC / Oct. 2017 

A great horned owl has been a frequent late night visitor to the empty lot next to my house these past few months. Their preferred perch seems to be the radio antenna tower that sits out alongside the utility poles. 

I lucked into getting a few photos of them in silhouette during a full moon last month. Today is my birthday and in the early hours of the morning I gladly cashed in my birthday wish when I came home to the sound of two owls hoo-hooing. 

Breeze blown black cat shadows. Curious observers cut out in moonlight before a waxing gibbous. My late night visitor had made a friend. 

May all your mice be slow. Hoo-hoo!

World’s Best Dad (Part 8)

Originally posted by thejabberwock

Summary: The reader spends the day with Gracie before having an important conversation with Dean regarding their relationship…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,400ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I want a cuddly Dean…

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(sorry I keep posting this, trying to get around the arbitrary flagging system, this is the last time I’ll try it, I swear! )

Soppy dumb revival AU, in which some of Greedling’s blood spilled during the battle, or remnants of his Philosopher’s Stone survived in Father’s hideout, or some other macguffin, but something of Greed remains, and Somehow He Gets Better™. Regenerated in his old body. Mostly human. Sans-clothing. (Mustang was thrilled about that one) Though heavily questioned and studied, he actually gets a surprising amount of praise and gratitude for his part in the battle, and around Central Command his tattoo is a flag for his heroism instead of a mark of something inhuman and evil.

Eventually he makes his way to Xing with the Elric brothers, and after weeks of desert travel, has little patience for pleasantries, or protocol, or that it’s the middle of the night and the Emperor is indisposed for the evening. Give the brat a crown, and suddenly he’s too good for unsolicited late night visitors? Tough. So Greed pulls a Ling Yao special, sneaks off on his own, and climbs in through the window. Cue a teary reunion, and Ling’s snot all over his shirt. He doesn’t mind so much.

(If I was a more talented, more patient artist, there would be way more of a scuffle on the first page, considerably more gawking from Ling, better dialogue placement and better dialogue. Consider this an abridged version of this AU scenario!)

Energy Clearing And Infusing

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my Master Teacher over lunch and we had some rather nice discussions, most of which centered around spirit working and clearing of energy from spaces. She was telling me of how she was called to a business that was struggling with some spirit activity, and it was deemed necessary to have it cleansed. She told me how she found that there were some spirits being held under the abusive control of another spirit there, and she had to banish that entity and allow the other spirits to leave. Once that had been done, she said she sealed the area off to prevent the negative entity or any like it from entering while she purified the space from the held energy within the walls of the building. While she did this, she infused the area with a new energy, telling the space what energy it would now hold and resonate with. This was a step that I had not thought of in any of the cleansings I had done. Naturally, when she finished, I asked her about this step, because it intrigued me, and this is what she told me:

“The universe cannot stand voids. Where you banish an energy, especially a massive amount that has been held for so long, you have to put something back in there. You have to tell those walls, that space, what you want it to resonate with, or that energy you just banished will come right back in, or more like it can later on down the road. You have to give it a new memory and a new vibrational frequency to permanently seal off that area, otherwise you have a reoccurring need to continuously cleanse the area because it will always attract what it formerly had.”

That is a key point that I more or less overlooked, and in part because I thought it was an unnecessary step. I figured I had the shields and walls all around the spaces I have created, so why bother? Whereas that method does work as well, it gets tiring because I have to be the one to keep up that high level of maintenance. It leaves little energy left over for me to do my other energy workings, and that I find tiresome. In fact, later that same week I had to tell some spirits to leave because I was too tired to work with them. I had a wicked migraine setting in and just did not want to deal with any visitors that night. Around that time I figured I had nothing to lose in trying that method I had just learned from my teacher, so I did a heavy cleansing of my space, followed by the infusion ritual. In this, I lit an herb blend along with my candles, called in the cast of beings I wanted to host for this ceremony, and filled the space with the new energy I wanted the room to vibrate with, while sealing it off from what was unwanted. From time to time I will reinforce the herb energy infusion with another lighting of the blend, but for the most part, it maintains well! An oil based infusion of those herbs is also in the works, which will be great for multiple uses.

What effects has this had, you might ask? Good question! This has afforded me a better reserve of energy since I no longer have to expend as much of it cleansing and re-cleansing or continually having to re-fortify and affirm safeguard shields on the room, as the infusion takes the brunt of the work for me. I have a better mood because I do not feel as tired and drained, and when I do hit a mood slump, I have more of my own energy to put toward the needed work to correct the issue as it arises. More energy means more enthusiasm which is also why I am now able to write more, so I have been at my art more and keeping better track of my own progresses in my journals again. I also find I am getting better sleep and this is in part due to the infusion type I have chosen to use. The air of the room is far better, and that is owed to the fact that the room truly does resonate with that energy I requested of the herbs, and it is a marvelous thing. It has never been more relaxing and inviting, and even the entities I invite for the ceremonies seem to enjoy it more. I know I cannot keep my pets out of there, that’s for certain.

As with all things I write, take what resonates with you, leave the rest at the door. There is no right and wrong, there is just what works best for you, and what you feel most comfortable and at home with.

Bright blessings!

~Starlight Silver

*Note also: This was done with crystals and their energy as well as that of the elements/elementals and other spirits that were invoked during the initial process of cleansing and infusing. Many lent their energy to this process, so when you do this, use the energy of what/whoever you think will bring you the best result or the greatest harmony for your space. This is customizable, hence the lack of a list of things used. Use as many or as little as you want. Go on your own intuition, because what was intuitively right for me may not be what resonates best for you. Use your inner wisdom and guidance to find your right blends or specific processes. It is far better to decide for yourself, and far more personal when you do, and that tends to be more potent in my opinion than taking my word for it alone.

anonymous asked:

So i have this headcannon going on in which Nesta is actually a massive flirt and insanely charming when the situation calls for it,growing up with her parents always throwing parties and all she just had to

2. can you write the inner circle being in shock and Cassian not knowing if he should handle his boner or his jealousy first?

Not sure if this was meant to be one prompt that accidentally got split in my ask box, but I’m putting them both together! Hope you don’t mind!

Glasses clinked together in cheers at the long tables in the Day Court. Helion orchestrated the event and invited the inner circle of the Night Court to join in the festivities.

For the most part Rhysand, Feyre and their small group lingered together. A few Day Court fae met them near the entrance, which prompted formal greetings and laughs meant to ease any awkward tension.

Nesta remained silent during the conversations. Promptly looking about the open interior of the room with a critical eye.

Helion approached them and made his regular flirtatious remarks. Of course he couldn’t resist reminding Azriel, Cassian and Mor of his offer to which all three declined with politeness of their own degrees.

And then Helion noticed Nesta’s gaze straying to the tables filled with food and wine.

“Perhaps I could interest you in a drink?” Helion asked her.

He wasn’t expecting much with his innocent suggestion. Nesta was perhaps the only creature who ever turned away from his stunning looks with such disinterest. It surprised the High Lord of the Day Court, but then again it made him appreciate Nesta even more. To know that she was not swayed by attractive bodies…or at the very least would not be interested in any other fae when her eyes were set solely on the Illyrian Commander.

Nesta tilted her head toward Helion. Finally acknowledging his presence and gave him a warm smile that stunned everyone around her.

“A drink sounds lovely,” she answered. “In fact I wouldn’t mind a couple of glasses if that wine is from your famed vineyards. I believe it is called “Golden Ambrosia”?”

Helion blinked before recovering. “It is indeed. I’m glad that you are a woman of such fine tastes.” Helion held out his darkly toned arm for Nesta to take. With poise of years of training that her parents paid for before they fell to poverty, Nesta placed her hand on Helion’s elbow and walked through the parting crowd toward the beverages.

In no time it seemed as though Nesta fell into this role that neither Feyre nor Elain had ever seen before. Rhysand shot Feyre a questioning look as the eldest Archeron began to strike up conversations with complete strangers.

Cassian couldn’t take his eyes of the scene before him. Nesta in a pale grey gown that was sheer down most of her legs and sleeves. Beside Helion it was as though Nesta was the she the moon to his sun.

Clearly the High Lord of the Day Court was enjoying himself. Far too much for Cassian’s liking as he saw Helion place his hand on Nesta’s back.

But seeing Nesta smiling at these fae…it did something else to Cassian. She drank wine among the dark toned fae who greeted her with open arms. And Mother above – Nesta laughed at something one of those fae said. Her head tilted enough that her hair took on a dark golden sheen in the sunlight and her eyes were clear of stress.

Then Helion whispered something in Nesta’s ear.

Cassian could barely control himself as Nesta gave Helion a bright smile and nodded in agreement to whatever he offered.

At that moment Cassian stilled. What if the High Lord had openly requested that she join him in his bed?

In mere seconds Cassian’s question was answered. Helion took Nesta’s hand and they glided out to the dance floor.

The crowd hushed and waited in anticipation. Cassian held his breath.

The musicians, following some unspoken command, began playing a soft tune. It was music that none of the Night Court visitors had heard before nor were they familiar with the dance that Nesta and Helion were following the rhythm to.

Quickly the soft tune turned lively and immediately Nesta matched Helion’s quickened pace. Others followed suite and began around each other. Matching the moves of their High Lord and the Night Court’s human emissary.

Cassian kept a watchful eye on the duo in the midst of the dancing. To his relief most of the time the dance did not require much physical contact, but those brief moments where Nesta almost brushed against Helion set Cassian ablaze.

Nesta moved so effortlessly. He never imagined the stiff postured and strict female he knew could be so fluid in her movements. Cassian couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Each passing second Nesta twirled with that small smile on her face flamed a heat in Cassian.

Jealousy and desire warred against each other as he fought to restrain himself from going out on the floor and taking Nesta far away from the eyes that now watched her. Or better yet out of earshot since he wanted to hear Nesta laugh and make noises that would be reserved to a much more intimate space.

Too soon, or perhaps it couldn’t be soon enough, the musicians played the final trilling note. Signaling the finale as partygoers applauded the performance and the dancers promptly parted ways.

Nesta approached the Inner Circle as Helion went to greet new guests that had arrived near the entrance.

“What was that?” Feyre asked when Nesta reached them.

“Surely you know what dancing is,” Nesta replied. “When we were growing up Mother had us attend lessons. Though you and Elain were never quite fond of it as I recall.”

The Inner Circle looked at each other with varying ranges of confused glances.

“So you will take dancing lessons, but you won’t accept combat training from me?” Cassian questioned with crossed arms.

He tried to reign in his emotions of both envy and desire. He also made an effort to clear his minds of the thoughts that made his cock stir in his breeches. Cauldron boil him if Nesta ever found out he was turned on just by a mere dance that wasn’t even with him.

Nesta raised a lone brow. “Perhaps if you can keep up with the next dance then maybe I will consider your offer.”

Cassian blinked. “The next what?”

Nesta rolled her eyes. “If you can’t handle it then perhaps Helion would be more than happy for another round –”

Cassian stepped forward into Nesta’s space. Stopping her words with a smirk and hazel eyes igniting with a challenge.

“Trust me Nesta. By the end of tonight you won’t even be able to stand after we’re done.”

“Is that so?” Nesta ignored the hidden innuendo. But the gleam in her eyes made it clear she understood him. “Let’s see if you have the stamina to keep up Commander.”

As the band began striking the next tune, Cassian led Nesta out onto the floor. And so began a battle unlike any other before. One in which all eyes followed them as they spun and were wrapped in each other’s arms. Yet Cassian’s burning hazel eyes did not stray from the cool steel ones that focused on him. And Nesta’s fingers never stopped stroking the muscles that flexed underneath Cassian’s warm skin.

They were answering a song that rang deep in their bones. And no one, but them alone could hear it.

Jonerys - Sleepover

Also on [AO3]

Jon stirred when he heard the door of the chamber open – one could never be too cautious at the Red Keep even with Unsullied patrolling – but relaxed when he heard soft steps and whispered words. Apparently, he and his wife would have some visitors that night.

Careful not to wake his Queen, Jon let go of her to seat on the bed and just as he figured, he found two culprits of waking him in the small hours of morning.

“What are you two doing up?” Jon asked, trying to sound stern and the children looked up to him with wide eyes to be get caught. Jaehaerys, the little boys of two, seemed to sigh in relief to have seen his father and, as fast as his small legs could carry him, ran towards the bed. Rhaena was older and hesitated to follow her little brother – she insisted she was no longer a little girl most of the time.

“Father!” Jaehaerys walked to Jon’s side of the bed and raised his arms to be picked up and Jon got up and he did just that with a sigh while Rhaena climbed up from the end of the bed to lie on Jon’s side of the bed. Jon nested Jaehaerys in his arms.

“What is wrong?” He kissed the top of his son’s mess of silver blonde curls. “Did you have a bad dream?” The little boy nodded and hid his face on the crook of Jon’s neck. “Did your sister tell you scary stories before you slept?” Jon eyed his oldest child, who was now hiding underneath the furs and pretending to be innocent while Jaehaerys nodded again.

Sighing, Jon caressed his son’s back. “Jae, you know Rhaena only does this to tease you. Everything is alright now.”

“Father!” Rhaena said from the bed in a loud whisper and Jon couldn’t shake the stirring in his heart whenever he looked at her. She looked like Daenerys probably did when at that age, big lilac eyes, silver curls and the most beautiful smile. “The Night King…”

“Is gone.” Daenerys said, turning on the bed to look at them and Jon flinched when he saw her huff while turning around slowly because of her growing stomach; she needed the rest. “You know that, darling.”

“I thought you were sleeping.” Jon told her.

“You and two children talking? Hard do sleep, my love.” Daenerys chuckled sleepily.

Rhaena snuggled close to her mother, careful not to put too much weight on her stomach – she had learned that from when Daenerys was pregnant with Jaehaerys and Rhaena was just three years old.

“Mama!” Jaehaerys raised his arms in the direction of the bed and Jon rolled his eyes good-heartedly, knowing he was old news now that their mother was awake.

“Come here, my little prince.” Even tired, Daenerys never turned any of the children away whenever they wanted her as Jon did as well – they were too precious to both of them.

Jon placed their son on the bed and with no finesse at all, like all toddlers, he moved to stay between his sister and his mother. “Jae, careful. Your mother can’t get hurt, remember?”

Jaehaerys didn’t answer but he became gentler and thanks the gods Rhaena let him get between her and their mother. Jon went to lie back down on the bed, knowing for sure neither children would return to the nursery for the night.

Rhaena turned to hug her father and let her brother enjoy their mother for the moment while Daenerys whispered assurances to their son on how they were safe from monster. Jon hugged the little Princess, their first-born and kissed her on the forehead. “What did I tell you about telling scary stories to your brother?”

“No to?” Rhaena smiled sweetly, like she always did when she knew she had done something she wasn’t supposed to.

“And why did you do it?” He asked.

“He was annoying me.” Rhaena pouted and Jon had to bite down a laugh. She was too adorable for her own good. His father was right, daughters were difficult.

“He’s a little more than a baby, princess.” Jon told her. “He wants to follow you around. You are his big sister, he loves you and wants to be like you.”

Rhaena’s pout because more prominent. “But-”

“Bigger sisters take care of their younger brothers.” He reprimanded her gently. “You shouldn’t tell scary stories to him especially when you were supposed to be sleeping.”

“Sorry, papa.” Rhaena always knew she melted his heart when she called him that.

“Alright, princess, time to sleep now since you seem to have come to stay.” Jon chuckled and Rhaena snuggled into his chest and when Jon looked at his wife and son, she saw the little boy already drifting to sleep, a hand over his mother’s stomach and Daenerys caressing his back while humming a song.

“We are spoiling them.” Jon said in a whisper, looking at the children between them, Rhaena’s eyes were closing. “We shouldn’t.”

“They had a nightmare.” Daenerys told her husband and kissed the top of Jaehaerys’ head. “Besides, we should spoil them and give them what we didn’t have while growing up.”

Much as Jon nodded; even though Ned Stark loved him and always thought of him as any of his true born children, but Jon never could climb into bed with him when he had a nightmare, not with Lady Stark next to him. Meanwhile Daenerys never had someone to hold her and protect her against monsters while growing up. And there had been a number of monsters after her.

His children would grow up differently, they would grow up knowing their parents loved them with all they had in them even if it meant waking them up in the middle of the night to climb in bed with them.

“Perhaps this next one will be more considerate and not climb on bed with us?” Jon stretched his arm to touch Daenerys’ stomach and the Queen chuckled.

“I don’t think so. I am pretty sure this one is a Stark and you Starks can be very stubborn.” She teased him.

“Oh yes, that’s just a Stark trait, Dragon Queen.” Jon chuckled when she hit her shoulder playfully and kissed his wife, careful not to wake the little prince and princess. “Sleep, my Queen. In no time the little ones will be up and bringing havoc.”

Daenerys groaned. “Don’t remind me.” She chuckled and after giving Rhaena a kiss, she held on to Jae tighter and closed her eyes.

Jon took a few minutes to look at his family before he tried to fall asleep again. That was a perfect moment he could have in his memory forever.

~Protection During Sleep~

This spell is for protecting yourself from harmful and/or negative energies or spirits in one of your most vulnerable states; sleep. If you feel in danger of psychic attacks, unwanted Night visitors, or reoccurring nightmares (induced by an outside force or not), this works especially well. I did this spell right after banishing a spirit that gave off a terrible vibe. It would not communicate with me, and I believe it was trying to disguise itself. I wouldn’t sleep in my own bed, I was so frightened. I had did a spell to exorcise it, and cleansed my room with the smoke of white sage, too. But that isn’t really part of this, and now I’m just rambling.

Things you will need:

- White or ivory coloured candle. The colour white has properties of purification, peace, spirituality, healing, and protection. Ivory has properties of Balance, and keeping one safe from harm. (And something to light it with!)

- A small fabric pouch that closes. Sewing one yourself is an extra benefit because it really puts your energy into it. Plus you can choose associative colours of fabric.

- Agrimony: Helps build psychic/energy shield, banishes negative spirits and energies, ensures peaceful sleep, and provides protection.

- Mugwort: Encourages prophetic dreams (as well as astral projection, and lucid dreaming), and provides protection.

- Lavender: Protection, aids in sleep, purification, happiness, and love.

- Jasmine: Love, encourages prophetic dreams, induces sleep.

- Red clover: Provides protection from evil spirits.

- Amethyst: Protection, influences or clears the mind, encourages dreams. Small pieces or chips of amethyst work well for this, but you can use any size, really.

- Tigers eye: Protection and grounding. I would also recommend it to be at least somewhat of a triangular shape. (Though it doesn’t need to be!) The three points of the triangle represent mind, body, and spirit.

- Small piece of paper and a writing utensil.

If you’d like (and I do), first meditate and/or clear your mind. Imagine your aura and mind open, your body a vessel for the natural energies. Light the candle. Take Time to soak in it’s energy. Imagine the energy radiation from the flame. Put the agrimony, mugwort, lavender, jasmine, red clover, amethyst, and tigers eye in your small fabric pouch. Let yourself feel the properties of each component. I like to internally thank each plant for its aid. Next, on your paper write the following;

“In wake and close of slumber,
Banish all energies that lurk under.
And while my head shall lay to rest,
Keep all evil far from thee
In my sleep when I cannot see.”

You can really write any chant you want. This is just one that I wrote, and found worked well. Don’t be afraid to be creative and personal!

Recite the lines aloud, then fold the paper, and place it in the pouch. Close tightly so none of the contents will fall out, and place under your mattress, pillow, or near you when you go to sleep. I prefer to have it directly under my pillow. You could also sew the pouch into a pillow, or just put everything in one. Make sure to blow out your candle! (Maybe the most important step. Safety, yeah!)