Between Two Mirrors
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I went to the Temple and God was in the ashes,
went to the ocean and God slept with the fishes,
went to the culture and God was in the songs,
so I sang along but I can’t sing that high.

So I entered the hallway with parallel wishes,
parallel mirrors make unparalleled images.
Infinite reflection. God is between two mirrors.

Is it nothing? Is it Everything?
It all seems so fucking clear in the mirrors cold gaze.
It’s a dollar sign or it’s your own face.
It’s a common sigh.
Realize. Wear it’s shame.
You can see forever in the same direction.
Or you can see yourself stretching endlessly…

Stretching out forever.
Endlessly stretching out into forever.
Emptily stretching out into forever.

Stole The Past
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Define right, sold on the same lie.
Follow or call out, all that you see is a side of yourself. 
You stole the past when you said: It’s illegal. Illegal to be alive. 
Yellow sentence: “Just let me finish”

You decide when anyone is crossing the line. 

The medicine that you should take for yourself. 
The medicine that you left on the side of the road, you stole the past 
under the street lights 
The medicine that you took for you girl.
It’s illegal.
Say what you say, arrest me.

If you ever feel like you’re failing, remember that both Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps left their Olympic debuts without any medals. It wasn’t until four years later, at their next Olympics, when they started to achieve their success.

Sometimes it takes failure to reveal the greatest of champions.

POZ Review: United Nations: The Next Four Years

by Steve Ciccarelli, edited by Erik van Rheenen

The bombs begin to drop immediately. An act of war, through and through, “Serious Business” is indeed that. No punches are pulled, no caution at all, for that wouldn’t be the purest form of aggression. United Nations is back, and for the first time in their quasi-career, they have nothing to hide. Geoff Rickly’s guttural growl sits front and center, with the guitars doing something like an art-rock Orchid. A little over two minutes in, the doomy drums go into double-time while a descending chord progression feels like it’s dragging your ears down to some kind of hell where Lucifer grades stagedives like Joe Hardcore. It’s at once cathartic and slightly fun. Most importantly, though, The Next Four Years is interesting.
United Nations began life as little more than rumor of Rickly and Glassjaw’s Darryl Palumbo in the studio. Its first live incarnation brought in drummer Ben Koller of Converge, left Palumbo to a still-unreleased Head Automatica record and Rickly on guitar. For a subset of Thursday/Glassjaw/Converge/etc. fans, their first two releases were the perfect compliments to legendary bands like Four Hundred Years, Pg.99 and You & I. But where those bands dealt in guttural emotion, Rickly was more concerned with looking outward for what seemed like the first time in his career.
The Next Four Years, as a title, could be seen in two distinct ways—which is the point. January 2009 saw the debut performance of UN in Washington D.C. on the eve of President Obama’s inauguration, so it could justifiably be political. But the collection’s art, and name, both reference Black Flag’s The First Four Years. Double entendre is a perfect explanation for the mix of humor and frustration that United Nations represents. Their self-titled debut included  “The Shape of Punk That Never Came” which directly asked the singer of Refused, “Dennis, are you listening?” In any other hands it would be a goof, but the song itself is a Molotov cocktail of fury.

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“Serious Business” - United Nations

United Nations is still a thing, which is amusing in itself. The fact that they’re reemerging the relative “biggest” they’ve ever been is beyond fascinating. I remember buying Never Mind the Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures years ago and reading the brief diatribe about how the real UN made the new UN take down their website, or some such thing.

I never quite knew how seriously to take the band behind the presidential masks. They were another one of those bands always somewhere between thought-provoking and trolling, both more and less overt about it. That seems to hold to this day. You can’t call a song “Serious Business” without people seriously questioning just how serious you are. And really, I hope “Serious Business” as a title is a joke - otherwise it’d be way too… well, self-serious.

The band’s membership has always been something of an open secret, regadless of whether it was Glassjaw or Pianos Become the Teeth members who permeated it. They return now with the latter, along with an album called The Next Four Years that’s due July 15 from Temporary Residence Ltd. Judging by TRL’s description, the “Serious Business” title isn’t wholly in jest, what with phrases like ‘a furious homage to the pioneers of punk, and a scorching critique on the current state of “punk.”’ The mystique fades. The enigma emerges from its beloved shadows.

My own jesting aside, the song is fittingly ferocious and earns a fair amount of that smugness. That moment at 2:05 - mmhmm. I’ll certainly be listening, even as I make silent, smug asides of my own.

- Tyler Hanan

Cerise [Suga]

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Third time’s the charm, right?

Fluff. College AU. 2,162 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

There are a lot of unspoken rules to learn when you become a student at a new school. Gradually as you move up a grade and become the upperclassman, you begin to disregard the rules one by one. That was you as a high school senior.

But now, you’re back to being The Lowly Freshman.

And yes, that’s in caps because at least thirteen other people lounging around campus has dubbed your entire orientation group that the first time you stepped foot into your new home for the next four years. Well, excluding breaks and summer vacation.

But the following five unofficial rules you have so far learned are:

Number one: If you don’t chain your bicycle to a bike rack, it automatically becomes community property, and someone may borrow it and return it. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. And not always in good condition.

Number two: If you step on the school insignia that’s in the center of campus grounds, you have sixty seconds to sprint to the bronze statue of the school founder and kiss his foot or you won’t be able to graduate in four years.

Number three: Stepping on the school insignia also means everyone within a thirty feet radius will drop everything they’re doing and proceed to glare at you for committing such a disgrace.

Number four: Don’t hold up the line to get into the dining hall. No one has time for you to be indecisive between a banana or an apple. Someone angry and incredibly stressed might even try to helpfully speed up your decision. By throwing both fruits at you. Possibly aiming for places that hurt.

Number five: Don’t accidentally invite your RA into your dorm. He might think you’re inviting him for, let’s just say, not so innocent motives.

Guess which rule you just broke.

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It’s not enough for Clinton to win this election.

We need three things to happen:

1) She has to win in a landslide. The Republican party has to learn that running people like Trump is entirely unacceptable. If the election is close, they’re just going to try again.

2) We need 60 seats in the Senate. Between the Tea Partiers and the Trumpists, the Republicans have proven that they will watch this country crash and burn before the allow a Democrat to accomplish anything, and this is going to be especially true when it comes to the Supreme Court.

And I can’t stress enough how important a liberal leaning Supreme Court will be. It is not hyperbole to say that if Clinton accomplishes nothing else, it will have been worth it if she accomplishes this. A liberal president will effect the country for the next four years; a liberal Supreme Court could change the country for the next forty years!

3) We need the House. No House = no budget = no money for anything. And, as mentioned, Trumpists and Tea Partiers want this country to burn; if they can’t have it, no one can.

Assuming you people revert to normal patterns, if we accomplish this, we’ll have a two-year window in which we can actually accomplish things as a country again before the Republicans take back the House and start doing their level best to ruin everything like the nihilist crybabies they are. Which brings us to the final point…

4) You need to vote in 2018. Republicans always have big wins in the midterms because young people just don’t turn out for those elections. Change that.

So, to those of you thinking that you’re going to vote for a third party because you’re in a deep red/deep blue state because it doesn’t matter and you want to send a message, don’t. Your vote is too important to be thrown away.