Hillary supported military intervention policies that have and are killing thousands of thousands of innocent lives. She is fear mongering and provoking conflict with Russia. She supports militarized police, vast spying networks on the American public, and is a power hungry autocrat. Spare the bullshit that she is some hero. She is a criminal. If she wins and she will win, you will have to live with next four years of what you think is salvation from a man was never meant to win or going to win. In this game of politics, you the people always lose. 

they’re in the middle of a worldwide tour and they have another one next year and four is #1 on itunes without even being released yet WHO RUN THE WORLD

Lyanna Mormont: The Best Campaign Manager A Bastard Could Ask For.

“I’m trying to come back to work after a period of depression. I’ve battled it off-and-on my whole life, but two years ago the wheels just completely came off. I’d just had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my friends, and I went to sleep in a good mood, but then the next day I couldn’t get out of bed. I was still in bed four days later when my boss started calling. The next two years were a battle. I lost my job. I was hospitalized three times. I filled a giant binder with information about depression, where to find programs, and how to appeal your insurance company. I felt like I was fighting for my life. I’d call a hospital that specialized in a certain type of therapy, and they’d tell me they didn’t take my insurance. I’d say: ‘Please help me. I’m dying.’”

Between Two Mirrors
  • Between Two Mirrors
  • United Nations
  • The Next Four Years

I went to the Temple and God was in the ashes,
went to the ocean and God slept with the fishes,
went to the culture and God was in the songs,
so I sang along but I can’t sing that high.

So I entered the hallway with parallel wishes,
parallel mirrors make unparalleled images.
Infinite reflection. God is between two mirrors.

Is it nothing? Is it Everything?
It all seems so fucking clear in the mirrors cold gaze.
It’s a dollar sign or it’s your own face.
It’s a common sigh.
Realize. Wear it’s shame.
You can see forever in the same direction.
Or you can see yourself stretching endlessly…

Stretching out forever.
Endlessly stretching out into forever.
Emptily stretching out into forever.

Stole The Past
  • Stole The Past
  • United Nations
  • The Next Four Years

Define right, sold on the same lie.
Follow or call out, all that you see is a side of yourself. 
You stole the past when you said: It’s illegal. Illegal to be alive. 
Yellow sentence: “Just let me finish”

You decide when anyone is crossing the line. 

The medicine that you should take for yourself. 
The medicine that you left on the side of the road, you stole the past 
under the street lights 
The medicine that you took for you girl.
It’s illegal.
Say what you say, arrest me.

  • <p><b>interviewer:</b> so do you have any weird memories of pete?<p/><b>patrick:</b> one time when i was in my freshman year pete and i were watching a movie and the oven beeped. pete turned to me and looked me dead in the eyes and said, "this is the worst part." he then pulled out the pizza with his bare hands, rack and all, while screaming at the top of his lungs. i didn't go to his house for the next four years<p/></p>
Fun and Fangs

‘This was it’ Hiccup thought as he unloaded all of his possessions off his old beat up pick-up truck. He had finally arrived at Burgess University, a seventeen hour drive from home in Berk up North. He had arrived knowing full well this would be his home for the next four years and just prayed that his freshman year didn’t come with any problems. 

After a couple of hours dealing with housing on move in day, something he deemed was a complete and utter nightmare (and he had drank Astrid’s Yaknog), he had finally gotten his keys to his room in Guardian tower - the oldest housing block on campus. 

Hiccup brought his two carts filled with everything he pretty much owned onto the elevator and up to the 10th floor, room 10 and sighed. This was it - his new home away from home.


A really important message

Hey all,

You know who i am (i guess if you’re following me), but you may not know that i am a proud Armenian. You also may not know about the significance of today, April 24. 

April 24 is Armenian Genocide Remembrance day. One hundred years ago on this day, the Ottoman government (what is now Turkey) started the systematic elimination of my people. They took our land and 1.5 million of our lives over the next four years. My family is originally from Musa Dagh, one of the places least affected by the Genocide. This is where my ancestors stood against the Turkish armies bent on their extermination. 

I am immensely proud of my heritage. I am also incredibly ashamed of the United States and all other countries who refuse the historical facts of this time in history. I ask you to educate yourself on this topic, and see it for what it was. A good place to start would be Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story. These are the memoirs of the US ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the time of the genocide. Another source would be to read or watch Forty Days of Musa Dagh. This novel by Franz Werfel is based heavily in historical fact and shows what we have been through. 

If you’ve ever taken a road trip through the Pacific northwest, you’ve probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls.

Take a trip. Find it.  It’s out there somewhere in the woods. Waiting.

Well, it’s been a long ride, but the journey through Gravity Falls has come to a close, and although it’s over, Gravity Falls will have a special place in my heart for all eternity. 

Good-bye, Gravity Falls. I’ll never forget you

Last year I gave you my heart, and this year I’ll give it again.

Merry Christmas/holidays (and Happy new years) you guys! It’s been a great year with all of you! I hope to have an even better one next year! Thank you so much for all the kind words and for taking such good care of me! (you’re all so nice ;o;)