We were midway in our hitchhiking journey across the states.  In the city of El Paso, we stood on the side of the street in a bit of a conundrum. We really wanted to reach Mexico, yet at the same time we wanted to see the white sand dunes. The truth of the matter was we didn’t have time for both, so we opted to go towards the sand dunes. Thumbs in the air and our WEST sign showing a car eventually stopped. Inside the car appeared a man of Mexican decent in his lower twenties. As most people do, he asked where exactly we were heading. Our reply: west. We keep things rather simple in the beginning to get a better feeling of a person. Anyways, conversation was easy with this fellow. We soon learned his name was Jesus and that he was actually younger than us, making him only 19 years old. I couldn’t stop thinking about hitchhiking to Mexico, so I proceeded to ask him if he ever went to Mexico. And he responded that he does frequently because he has family there. With that answer I asked if he wanted to go to Mexico now. Laughter occurred, as we were all in a wave of happiness about how spontaneous this trip to Mexico was going to be.

We entered into Mexico and made a pit stop at his home and then ate some delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. We drove around and even stopped at a place where there was a random giraffe. It was really one random day trip. Anyways, we bonded quite well with Jesus. He was extremely open and had a great sense of adventure himself. We all later decided to continue our day and head to the white sand dunes. We picked up Jesus’s friend Jesus and road-tripped on out there.

We made it in perfect timing as the sun was setting. Sadly, we were not able to camp in the white sand dunes, as originally planned because it closes at dark. We made the quick decision of sleeping in the car on the side of the road. With this decision we had several cop visits, but they were all just checking up on us. Anyways, it was one successful hitchhike from Texas to Mexico to New Mexico. Thank you Jesus and Jesus.

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This is not for gossip, but have you seen Seb's new pap? Just one think: THE FUCKING VEINS OF HIS ARMS!

Yeah I saw them and like frankly I’m distraught every time i see or think about his arms and hands.


New York-based artist Ben Rubin has turned his morning commute on NYC subway trains into an awesome art project. For his ongoing Subway Doodle series Rubin uses his iPad to photograph fellow travelers on the subway platforms and inside the cars. Then, still using his iPad, he enhances the photos by drawing all sorts of blue monsters and other fantastic creatures interacting with the people and locations in the photos.

“I started sketching on my iPad during my commute just to pass the time. One day I took a picture with my iPad on the train and drew over the picture,” he explained to Odyssey. “It was fun so I did another. And another. Then it just kind of continued from there.”

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[via My Modern Met]