For quote of the day today, I bring you the very best, Chuck Bass. I know I’m not the only one that loved Chuck and Blair together… and got extremely emotional over the 6 seasons with everything that happened between these two. “If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.” Well Chuck did tell us… shut up I’m not crying, you are! 😭😍🙌🏼❤️

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Aphrodisiac Part 2 - (Negan x Female)

Thank you all so much for the feedback on Part 1. I wanted to wrap things up in Part 2 and I hope this is as satisfying at its predecessor. I don’t intend to write a Part 3 as of now, and instead want to start work on a slow burn fic. 

Warnings: Smut and a lil’ fluff. 

Synopsis: After a romantic Valentine’s Dinner, she has an answer to his proposal.

I woke up the next day feeling conflicted as ever.  I went through my morning routine and once again Negan invaded my thoughts. The beautiful dinner, the way his hand lingered on mine, and the kiss

That damn man knew exactly how to tear down my walls and make me his. I had melted in his arms like butter and if he had asked me again to marry him, I’d have said yes. Instead he had sent me to bed and left without another word. I was supposed to sleep on it. So I had.

Now I was glad he had cut things short. It was a new day and my head was much clearer than it had been. I couldn’t marry Negan.

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl focuses on a cast of rich young adults living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. In their world, the people living in Brooklyn are in poverty and they only associate with the elite upper class. Many episodes are located at events such as Balls, Galas and Fashion Shows. They’ve had fashion icons as guest stars, like Alexa Chung and Vera Wang. The show has a huge focus on designer clothing and inspired a generation of people watching the show to want to be able to afford these clothes and live the lifestyle of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf.


my favorite things meme: [5/?] favorite friendships  blair and serena

“Right now, I’m with exactly who I want to be with - my best friend. You are high school to me. All the boyfriends and mean girls and tests and teachers and our crazy mothers… We went through it together. We raised each other. You’re my sister.


@zukocrownprinceofthefirenation I can’t speak for certain on the show, but having read the book I can tell that I personally felt that the way mental illness was depicted and shown was really… I don’t want to say inaccurate. Because with a topic like this I can’t speak for everyone. Each situation is different. 

But in my experience, when it comes to the suicidal thoughts I’ve experienced and the depression I have and currently struggle with, and talking with other people who have been seriously depressed or suicidal, the story paints a very skewed picture. 

All of this is personal opinion, and like I said, I haven’t watched the show so I don’t know what was changed from the book. The points I’m about to make are not what everyone has gone through, but just what I, and every other person I’ve talked to about this, have experienced and agreed on. 

From what I remember of the book and what I’ve heard about the show, Hannah Baker is not portrayed as a depressed person. She has thirteen reasons why she kills herself, and she sends those reasons to the thirteen people she associates with why she killed herself. That is where my issue begins. When it comes to having depression and being suicidal, that is not the mindset people have. I’m not saying the events she went through weren’t awful, and weren’t enough to trigger some sort of depression. But the way she acted throughout the book before her suicide was nothing more than one or two ticks of ‘oh yes she’s depressed’ because she cut her hair. We don’t see her truly depressed. Mental illness and suicide are brought on by more than circumstance. 

But let’s say what happened to her really did hurt her enough for her to want to kill herself and go through with it. If that were the case, a real life Hannah Baker would not have recorded those tapes and sent them out. 

The awful thing about wanting to kill yourself, is that it is all internalized on you. A real Hannah Baker would not make the tapes and send them out because she wouldn’t blame the people who did those awful things to her. Her mind would twist everything and convince herself that she deserved what happened to her. By her making the tapes, by her calling people out on their actions, she shows a complete understanding that what happened to her was not her fault and that she was not to blame. And I don’t believe that someone who understood that would go through with killing themselves. Someone truly suicidal would believe that every awful thing that happened to them was because they deserved it. Every crappy thing that went down was their fault, and suicide is the only way to make it end. 

Glorification is not the right word to use in this situation, so I apologize for using that wording. I watched the video you linked, and holy crap. I’m crying right now, honestly, because that is insanely heavy. That is not glorification, you’re right. 

But my issue isn’t how the actual death is portrayed, it’s the events that led up to it (which I just talked about) and the culture it has spawned. (Also I think it may have not been the right call to include such a graphic suicide in the show, because I bet you a crap ton of suicidal people are going to be watching this and that’s… very triggering. However this is just my personal opinion and not a real gripe I have with the show.)

Here’s where my biggest issue comes in. If I knew people were watching this show and learning to be more tolerant and aware of mental illness and bullying, I would keep my opinion of a not so accurate depression to myself and be glad of the impact the show is making. But I’m not seeing this today. 

The show is being romanticized the fuck out of. I’ve seen people posting cutesy edits of the quote “‘you can’t love someone back to life’ ‘you can try’” and even have promposals that are 13 Reasons Why themed. I come to school and listen to girls in the bathroom talk about how they just watched episode three and are ‘really curious to know who really killed Hannah Baker’. This isn’t a ‘Who done it’ murder show. It’s suicide. There shouldn’t be this suspense and eagerness to see what happens next. I’ve listened to comments about how misunderstood Bryce the rapist is, and how Clay is such ‘boyfriend goals’. I’ve seen people who bullied me relentlessly throughout middle school make insanely fake posts about how ‘game changing’ the show is while begging for a season two about the school shooter. And then those same girls continue to not learn from their behavior, they continue to be cold and heartless. 

And that’s where my main issue lies. I do not believe that this was the author’s or show’s intention for this to happen. But I think that the resulting phenomenon that has resulted has had the opposite effect than what was meant to be, and I think a good bit of that can be attributed to what I said about how poorly Hannah’s depression is handled. 

I’ll end again saying that again, I have not watched the television show. I am only speaking from my knowledge of the book and what other people have told me about it. 

If I’m just flat out wrong about something I said about the portrayal in the show, please tell me. I’d love to be wrong about this. But this is an issue that’s very close to me and at the end of the day I hate having to go through my every day life watching people binge watch this show and talk about it like it’s the new ‘Gossip Girl’. 

New Yorker

To be more clear, honestly it’s not only about how long you lived here. That’s a big part but it’s also about your lifestyle here. You’re a New Yorker when you’ve lived here and you get to know the city and the people. When you learn about the other cultures. Don’t just think because you moved to Williamsburg and you go to hipster coffee shops that you know the city. New York isn’t about gossip girl, it’s not the organic markets that you go to, it’s not about Times Square or Rockefeller center. It’s about the people. There’s people from every country here, basically speaking every language here. Get to know the people, then you know the city. Then, maybe you’re a New Yorker.