#TheNeighbors S01E13 - “Dream Weavers”

When the Weavers and Bird-Kersees chaperone Amber and Reggie’s school dance, Marty, Debbie, Larry and Jackie find themselves in their own “high school” dramas. Debbie’s attempt to re-create a romantic moment from her courtship with Marty backfires, and, Jackie is so fascinated with how Marty and Debbie met in highschool, she believes the moment she met Larry was boring by comparison — so she tries to change history.

The episode was about the romanticising of soul mates. When Debbie/Marty decides to chaperone the School Dance, she tells Reggie and Jackie how they first met. Jackie wants her first meeting or at least her husband to acknowledge that they are soul mates, and have some kind of romantic gesture that he loves her. Whereas Reggie uses it as a way to try and let Amber that he likes her. 

At the dance, Debbie finds out that their first meeting wasn’t as romantic as first thought, but after hearing how Reggie burns out with Amber, she realises that no matter how they met, they have been each others soul mates the whole time. Reggie moves onto a new girl, which may or may not have amber jealous in some way, and of course, Larry caters to his wives whim and gives her a big romantic gesture.