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Tell us about Sleipnir (is that how it's spelled?) the eight legged horse.


One of the most (in)famous of Loki’s shenanigans.

So. Shortly after the construction of Asgard, the gods were going about their business when a stranger arrived at their gates. He offered his services to construct a wall for them around Asgard, one that would never fall. He swore that he would do this in a mere three seasons, which seemed impossible, and as payment for his services he wanted the hand of Freyja, the beautiful, in marriage, as well as the sun and the moon.

The gods went into a huddle at this to discuss things.

“Fuck this guy.” Announced Freyja. “In the metaphorical sense, not the literal. I’m not marrying him.”

“Anyway, yeah, this is a scam.” Odin said. “I know a scam when I see a scam, and this is definitely a scam, and you know what we do to people who try to scam us.”


“What the fuck you two, Loki, shut the hell up, that isn’t what he…”

“Exactly, thank you Loki. We counter scam them. Here’s the plan.”

*Some time later*

“Fine. Fine. I’m in. But know that if he pulls it off, I will kill both of you. Slowly. And use your skulls as food dishes for my cats. And also kill him on the wedding night.”

“Noted, Freyja.”

So the gods returned to the craftsman and agreed, with a condition; he would only have one season to complete the work, and it must be done without any aid save that of his horse.

“Deal.” He agreed immediately. “But you’ve all gotta swear a binding oath that you will keep your word.”

The myth does not specify that he was, specifically, eyeballing Loki and Odin at that part, so I am forced to assume that he was.

The gods all do. The craftsman gets straight to work, and the wall begins going up at an impressive pace. As Freyja’s scowl deepened, it was noticed that the man’s mighty stallion, Svadilfari, was doing most of the work, hauling stones larger than any normal horse could shift and never seeming to tire.

“It’s fine!!!” A sweating Loki assures a glowering Freyja. “Just fine! The horse will tire, he won’t finish it!”

But winter wears on, the wall grows, and it’s soon clear that the horse will not tire, and the man will indeed complete his work. Freyja has taken to making throat-cutting gestures at both Odin and Loki whenever she sees them.

Three days from the end of winter, and only the final layer of stones for the gates need to be laid. I picture here Odin and Loki watching the mason pack up his tools and horse for the evening and ride off, secure in the knowledge that he will soon wed Freyja and take the sun and moon.

“He could do it.” Loki squints up at the wall.

“Yep.” Says Odin, sipping mead.

“He’s a frost giant, isn’t he?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Got this won, he has.” Loki nods, sipping his own mead.

“Oh, yes.”

“Freyja cornered me today and threatened to feed my balls to her cats.”

“She’s going to use my remaining eye as a necklace too, apparently.”

“She’d make it painful, too.”

“Yep.” Odin refills both their ale horns with mead. “Because, of course, there is no one in Asgard who would, in this situation…how did you put it the other day?”

“Cheat like a motherfucker.”

“Yes, that’s it. No one at all.”

“I’ve got a plan.”

A grin from the Old Bastard, a sort of half smirking wolfish grin. “I knew you would.”

They then clink mean horns and cackle like hyenas for a full minute and a half.

The next day, the mason arrives for his work and begins cutting more stones as his stallion grazes. As he works, a pretty young mare prances out of the woods, tossing her mane and tail and giving Svadilfari come-hither glances.

Svadilfari sniffs, decides in .000000003 seconds that a young mare in season is infinitely more interesting than hauling rocks, and takes off after her. The mare dashes ahead of him, staying juuuuuuust out of reach as the giant swore and cursed back by the sledge.

The mare, of course, is Loki. He leads Svadilfari a merry chase, but is still Loki, and allows herself to be caught eventually. Loki and Svadilfari proceed to have a grand few days in a nice clearing in the woods, far from Asgard and Svadilfari’s master.

Meanwhile, the three days come and go. The giant tries his hardest, but cannot finish the wall without Svadilfari. At last the sun sets on the end of the season, and the wall remains unfinished. He has not completed his task, and Freyja and the sun and moon are lost to him.

“YOU CHEATED!!!” He presumably yelled, swelling to giant size and revealing himself as a frost giant at last.

“I didn’t do a single thing,” Says the Allfather, which to be fair is technically true. "Go from this place. You have lost.“

The enraged giant did not. Therefore, he was paid, instead of his wages, a blow of Thor’s hammer to the head, which shattered his skull and killed him on the spot.

Loki did not return for many months, though there were sightings in the forest of a pretty mare with an eight legged foal on occasion. Finally, Loki reappeared at the gates of Asgard with a weanling foal in tow. The foal had eight legs, and followed Loki as a young horse will its mother. The gods all, presumably, gave each other Significant Looks at this.

Loki took the foal before Odin, who also presumably raised an eyebrow.

“You know, you didn’t have to do it that way, but good job.”

“Hey I didn’t question the whole tie yourself to a tree thing, you don’t question my methods. Also, this is Sleipnir. Sleipnir, this is Uncle Odin. You stick with him and be a good boy, okay? Remember, mommy loves you and will come to visit but you’re a big boy now and I need to get back to my other interests.”

And that is how Odin obtained Sleipnir, the eight legged steed that carries him through the realms.

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hi! i noticed you reblog lots of mythology related stuff, so i'd like to ask you if you would recommend me some books on that subject so i could learn more? thank you!

{I also included literature in other languages}

 Greek & Roman mythology:

The Iliad (in different editions 1 2 3)

The Odyssey (1 2 3)

The Aeneid 



Antigone, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus At Colonus

The Oresteia

Medea and Other Plays


The Library of Greek Mythology

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton

Complete World of Greek Mythology by Richard Buxton

The Greek Myths by Robert Graves

The Sagas of Classical Antiquity by Gustav Schwab (in German)

Greek Mythology by Ludwig Preller (in German) 

Greek Mythology by Reiner Abenstein (in German)

The Oxford Classical Dictionary

 Germanic Mythology: 

The Poetic Edda

The Prose Edda

Völsunga Saga

Grettir’s Saga

The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok

The Song of Nibelungs

Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology: A Guide to Gods, Heroes, Rituals and Beliefs by John Lindow

The Sagas of Icelanders by Jane Smiley

 Slavic Mythology:

Tales from Slavic Myths by Ivan Hudec

Fairy Tales of the Russians and other Slavs

Polish Folklore and Myth by Joanne Asala

Russian Myths by Elizabeth Warner

Russian Fairy Tales by Aleksandr Afanasyev (the illustrations by Bilibin are so beautiful!)

Russian Fairy Tales by Gillian Avery

The Tale of the Firebird by Gennady Spirin

Russian Magic Tales from Pushkin to Platonov

The Tale of Igor’s Campaign ( RU EN )

Traditions, tales and myths of Western Slavs (RU)

The Religion of Eastern Slavs by Viljo Johannes Mansikka (in Russian, scientific and thourough, you can download it on the site)


Other Myths of the World:

Early Irish Myths and Sagas

The Kalevala

The Poems of Ossian

Celtic Heritage

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Myths from Mesopotamia

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Mahabharata



I’m so scared of not doing good on assignments and failing tests that it’s just not making college enjoyable at all. I just want to learn and enjoy it but I just can’t. All I’m doing is studying to pass tests and quizzes. Do people actually ever enjoy college or is that just a myth? 

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( @sometimesnightlights ) Daemillius: "Ah, zygarde cores. So much unused potential... say, when was the last time you were forced to gather all your cells? And did it actually solve the problem?"

“We’re kind of young,and there’s a bit of a blank in my memory at one point where all our Cells might have gathered, but I don’t think it solved the problem. Let me ask my sister.”

Vert-”There’s this weird ghost man thing here who might hurt us and he wants to know when the last time all our Cells were gathered, and if it solved the problem!!! Do you know?!!?!?”


Cyan-”Goodbye, Mr. Daemillius, a pleasure meeting you….now I’ll just put you over here in the corner….have fun thinking of your past deeds…”


A Pretty Sight

Zyglavis x Reader

“Fuck,” Zyglavis groaned, rubbing his jaw. “What a pretty sight.” He sat back on his heels to admire his work. All the fingerprints from where he purposely pressed down too hard on your skin. The perfect crescent bite mark shapes on your collarbone and breasts. But most of all the ropes of his cum that lay on your stomach which claimed you as his. Your whole body was on fire, both from pain and pleasure. You reached out for him and beckoned him towards you, moaning out his name as your lips met. Collapsing down onto your sticky body, he growled into your mouth, tangling his fingers into your hair and giving it a tug. “You like that I’m rough, don’t you? You like it when it hurts.“

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Aigonorus , krioff, partheno and taux reaction when they find mc diary that contain smut stories, and love poems about them

He stayed the night at your place last night and had to go to work the next day, he was surprisingly still sleeping which is strange for a god but completely blushed thinking about your night with him last night. As you look back at him smiling and leaving the note on your pillow telling him you will be back after work. After closing the door his eyes snap open, seeing you not next to him he reads the note you have left for him and he smiles. Laying back down and putting his head back up against the pillow, he feels something hard on the back of his head. Confused he lifted the pillow and saw what looked like your diary, he though to himself he probably shouldn’t look at it but he had to know what you were thinking, so he began to read it. As he is reading he is smirking and blushing a bit realizing you do have a kinky dirty side to you as you wrote about the first date, to your first time and even the things you like what he does to you sexually.  
Later that evening you get home, as you walk into the bedroom excited to see your God sitting on your bed, you quickly look down at his hands seeing your diary and you began to blush deeply “Please tell me you didn’t read that..”

He smirks knowingly nodding,” I was curious about what you thought” he watches your face turn into a darker shade as he walks over to you standing in front of you, you began to walk backwards and before you knew it, he had you trapped between the wall and he cornered you in, as you look up you see the lust in his eyes “So you like when I lay on you bare? Using you as a Pillow? Last night wasn’t enough for me” he growls kissing you deeply. It was about to be another long night.

Blushing to himself he couldn’t deny to you that he read it, but he doesn’t regret reading it either. “You are so bold admitting it that you like it rough” he looks at you and you look away completely red as a cherry now. He walks over to you quickly scooping you up in his arms, “Krioff I-” before you could say anymore his mouth was crashed on yours, as you wrap your arms around his neck you both look into each other eyes after the kiss “So you are a poem writer to huh?” he says quietly and you look away “I said so many embarrassing things” he chuckles nibbling on your neck, causing you to squirm in his arms “now let me do all the things you like in bed” he blushes and you both get under the sheets

He smirks happy you feel the same way as he did and he quickly swoops you off your feet “You naughty girl, admitting you like the things I do with you and to you” he started kissing your neck, down to your collarbone. “P-Partheno” you breathe in trying to contain yourself as he smirks against your skin. “Tonight I will be taking care of you” he whispers in your ear before nibbling on it a bit. Holding him tighter you knew it was going to be another long night, as he lays you down against the sheets he starts saying a poem you have written and you blush looking up at him. He cups your face smiling “that’s one of my fave poems now” and he kisses you gently to start your night.

“Little lady who knew you were so passionate” he smirks knowing you are embarrassed, you quickly ran to the kitchen needing a drink to cool off, you knew you should have hidden it. Lost in thought you jump feeling hands sneak around your waist ‘do you want another night like last night” he growls in your ear and your face turns a tomato color, turning around in his arms to protest, he kisses you deeply before you could say anything and you surrender in his touch wrapping your arms around him, feeling him closer he smirks in the kiss, lifting you up he sits you on the kitchen counter. “After tonight you can write more in your diary about what is coming”. He carries you back into the bedroom turning the lights off.

Reading Mc Diary


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