Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths: Lords of the Earth and Sky, Scarab God Khepera, and Lady of Slaughter

For Ancient Egypt, in the beginning there was no land, only a vast watery chaos. The gods changed this with their infinite powers, but there is no single creation myth for Ancient Egypt as each region owed allegiance to a different god. Guest Author Ted Loukes breaks down many Egyptian deities and their role in the creation of the universe.

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they thought they killed me when they /
case me out but I am /
so alive and I /
have been crushing hearts for /
centuries, laughing at their /
names and stomping /
on their graves and I eat /
and eat and eat /
and play the angel and /
they’re dirt dirt dirt and /
I will never die I will never die
True Crime on the Dark Web

Deep Web vs Dark Web

The Deep Web is part of the interned that cannot be found by traditional search engines.

The Dark Web is a subset of the deep web. The dark web consists of networks (sometimes called darknets) that can only be accessed with specific software, like Tor or I2P.

Illicit Activity on the Dark Web

  • Drug Trafficking
    • Up until 2013, a site known as the Silk Road was the top site for all illicit drugs and unlicensed pharmaceuticals until they were shut down by the FBI. The current forerunner is AlphaBay.
  • Fraud
    • Scammers hack into merchant websites in order to steal and launder credit card, bank account and personal information. Once they have the necessary information, they sell it for cash.
  • Arms Trafficking
    • One of the higher risk crimes, most arms trafficking forums aren’t even open to Western buyers. However the right buyer in Eastern Europe may have access  to everything from C4 to tanks.
  • Child Porn
    • Easily the darkest, and most vile network in the dark web, it is, unfortunately, also the most trafficked network. Fortunately though, even if you do access the dark web, this won’t be something you just stumble across.

Illicit activity you are not likely find on the Dark Web

While the dark web does have its corrupt side, there are also a ton of urban legends about crimes on the dark web.

  • Contract Killers
    • There have been websites in the past such as Assassination Market (which was a giant scam), but none of them have proven to be legit.
  • Torture
    • While there is a popular belief that there are websites on the dark web specifically dedicated to watching and participating in live torture (referred to as a Red Room), so far no legitimate sites of this nature have been discovered.
  • Human Trafficking
    • A very real problem we have here in the world, but they don’t need the underground industry of the dark web to stay in business, sadly.
  • Revenge Porn
    • Again, a very real thing, but not something you need to go through the dark web to publish or to look up. You could just Google it.

We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. But in the fake Hollywood adaptation, “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day,” it’s probably built over the course of a short montage set to peppy music, where it feels like it’s built in 20 minutes.

That’s one of the subtle lies movies and TV imprint on our minds- that monumental things can be achieved in relatively short periods of time or with relatively little effort. Doc Brown hits his head and comes up with the idea for a time machine, and the hardest part is sourcing plutonium from a crew of gullible Libyan terrorists. This myth of invention affects how we look at history too. In our minds, Thomas Edison is a guy who just pulled the idea for the light bulb out of thin air (or from about 3 inches above his head, right after he thought of it), but he’s just the guy who happened to invent the best one.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked’s Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Alex Schmidt to talk about this invention myth, why we mistakenly think the President controls the economy, how we assume that there are real-life criminals like movie criminals and why a bomb with a timer on it is the stupidest idea in the world.

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Pop Culture Myths That Have Reprogrammed Your Brain

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M Y T H S: Eleos

The personification of pity or mercy, had an altar in the agora at Athens. “The Athenians,” says Pausanias (i. 17. § 1), “are the only ones among the Hellenes that worship this divine being, and among all the gods this is the most useful to human life in all its vicissitudes.” Those who implored the assistance of the Athenians, such as Adrastus and the Heracleidae, approached as suppliants the altar of Eleos. (Apollod. ii. 8. § 1, iii. 7. § 1; Schol ad Soph. Oed. Col. 258) [x]


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Broken Bones in Silken Windhounds

Every now and then I see some mention of the supposed fragility of the breed. Detractors will say that there have been 40 Silkens with bone breaks.  For a rare breed with a small population, this certainly seems significant.  I want to put some context to the numbers 

The Parent Club for Silken Windhounds, ISWS, surveyed owners and received reports on approximately 1000 silkens.  Of these, there were 40 affirmative responses pertaining to broken bones, not just legs, in Silkens. This included being kicked by livestock, hit by cars, stepping in deep holes, pups stepped on in the whelping box, and jumping from high (10ft+) points. 

I don’t want to say these numbers are insignificant.  For the owner of any of these dogs, 1 broken bone is too many.

Please just understand when someone is speaking up about one of the negatives of the breed being their propensity for bone breaks, that they are exploiting the tragedies of car accidents, livestock attacks, and other such traumatic injuries that are so wildly outside of the scope of a reasonable definition of ‘fragile’ to make it absurd.

calypsomuse  asked:

Hi Scorpio! *hands over a basket to him, inside lies rabbit cut apples dipped in honey and a love confession note as she quickly kisses his cheeks* Bye! *runs away*

“Who gave you permission to kiss my cheek? And how many times do I have to mention, God’s don’t eat?”

*opens and reads the note* “I knew how you felt from your kiss….but its not so bad receiving a note that I can keep close to me either.”

again, please forgive any inconsistencies with characters. I am occasionally helping out with the other admins gods when they get super busy with RL -Dimplez