Gar, im getting so sick of people stopping me when im with Pod to tell me he’s too skinny. People raise their ‘concerns’ even while watching me feed him sausages for coming back! Before you demand he’s underweight; 

  1. Look at his muscle tone. He’s only just coming up to a year old and is a lanky teenager i know but look at his leg muscles! 
  2. You will be unable to avoid seeing how much energy he has. Do you think a half starved dog is going to be racing around like this? Is a malnourished dog really going to be hurtling around like a bat on speed?!
  3. Am i stood there with a bag full of treats? Because i probably am and saying i don’t feed him while i’m literally offering him cheese is just dumb.
  4. Is he otherwise healthy looking? Is there any reason to be concerned other than your opinion on his weight? Look at his shiny coat, bright eyes, his pearly white teeth and lovely pink gums (he never has his mouth shut, its very easy!). By now he’s probably trying to see whats in your pockets so it wont be hard to tell.
  5. Is there a possibility that the dog could be elderly, recovering from an illness, freshly rescued or indeed just a naturally thin breed like sighthounds?
  6. Lastly will you actually accomplish anything by going in all guns blazing accusing people of not feeding their dog?! Perhaps ask nicely if you are still concerned and if you really think they are malnourished go through the proper channels! Yelling at me on a park would not mean i suddenly have a change of heart and start feeding my dog roast chicken. 

Had the breeder vs adoption chat last night with C (hence needing the pug post.) He got a taste of how passionate I am about reputable breeders. Haha. Oops. Told him sorry not sorry. Welcome to me!
Tried to dispel the hybrid vigor myth with him. He’s not completely convinced. “The more diverse the gene pool the healthier the dog.” Well, yes. But also could be no. It depends on the health of the dogs breeding. With a shelter mutt, I tried to explain, you have absolutely no idea if the sire and dam of the dog you’re adopting had a diverse gene pool or not. You have no idea if either or both of them had genetic diseases or poor temperament that could get passed on. Just because it’s recessive doesn’t mean it can’t come out in the puppies, even if only one parent had it.

Oh well. He’s not a pure bred fan bc of the genetic issues they’re prone to and I haven’t quite worn him down to agreeing with me on reputable breeders and the good they do for the gene pool of pure breeds. We’ll get there.

stuffing your face as usual.I gotta HAVE a good mealPeacock. you fat cock. you are so big and fat.why are you so fatI eat, Ben. it’s what I do

it’s time to kick leduc of the tabledont do it peacock, that’s out pet dog leducyou’re going into orbit,  you stupid mutt THWCK P E EAA A ACCOOOOCK

time for a nap. I’m a cock who loves to snooze p e a c o c k  y o u  l a z y  c o c k I hate alram clocks I’m am hungry I want some elizayou’re eating us out of house and home, PEACLOCK  enough with TheChit Chat let’s get some grub goingGRUB


where Are the lab 8 orphans

  • I ate those food

where Are the medicis ?

  • I ate those food

where did all the annie go

  • *BRUP*

You’re such a bad child that’s it I’ve had it with you that does it I’m done that’s the last straw plecaock

d6rkness6ndch6os asked:

Instead of writing anything, th rather oblivious blonde feline decided it was smart to draw a curly mustache on his face, before trying to run. Yeah, she didn't think that out very well.

Grab a marker and write something on my muse! (Anywhere over my muse's body. )

 Within moments, the tiny hedgehog had ripped free of his hood and was chasing the lion mutt in his demon form.

 “You motherfucker!


Still Adoptable As Of 6/17/15

Ace The Siberian Husky / Samoyed Mix

Ace is a lively 2 year old who just wants to have fun. He loves to play with other dogs and is always ready to wrestle or race around the yard. He also loves being with people and his happy, vibrant personality will light up a room. He’s house-trained and well-mannered indoors. Ace is a high energy clown who will require a patient, experienced Northern-breed owner and a very playful canine companion in his forever home. If interested in adopting Ace, please submit an online adoption application. For more information, call Kirt at 505-967-6949. The adoption fee for Ace is $150.


Location:  Cedar Crest, NM 87112

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